Mother in Law in Need Ch. 03

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Presented before me were a pair of the most perfect tanned ass cheeks I had ever beheld. My wife was one of the most beautiful women I had ever met, but her genetics were from the woman who possessed the ass I was currently staring at. Jackie, my wife, had persuaded me to have sex with her horny mother, so that we could keep it in the family rather than having her mother Maddie get off with some stranger.

At first I was a little weirded out by it, but Jackie had shown me how it would help her Mom, and allow me a taste of what I had always craved. The ability to shove my long fat cock into an ass that could take it all.

That ass belonged to the amazonian beauty currently stretched out on the king sized bed, her knees under her, her hands holding her cheeks apart so that I can impale her easily. Fishnet stockings encasing her long powerful legs and high heels that hung off the bed, I reached to her pussy and came back with a palm-ful of girl cum.

“John, fuck my ass John. You know you want to fuck it… I’ve wanted that big dick in my ass since the first day I laid eyes on it at the pool.” She writhed on the bed, her asshole puckered and inviting.

I took the bottle of baby oil off the dresser next to the bed, poured some into my hand and put the bottle down. She moaned as I rubbed my hands together, licking her lips. I took one slick hand and rolled it around the large purple esenyurt otele gelen escort knob at the end of my schlong, my other hand sliding two slick oiled fingers across her ass. She almost jumped a foot, moaning. Thankfully, my wife had left with the kids already and the house was locked and alarmed. I got the head of my dick all slick and slippery, the fingers of my other hand beginning to tease her ass open.

“Aye Si, that’s it. Slip them in me… give me some!” she breathed between clenched teeth, my two fingers sliding easily into her ass. I added a third and moved up behind her. The light from the moon through the window sparkled off her oiled asshole and my coated dick.

She whined pitifully as I teased her asshole with the head of my cock. I ran the head around it, her hips trying to shoot back and capture it, but I didn’t let it happen. I ran my long thick cock over her slippery butthole, my balls resting on her ass cheeks.

“John, if you don’t fuck me soon, I’m gonna die baby” I looked at the lust and longing in her face and was captured. I slid my hands over her beautiful hips, seating the head of my prick at her asshole. I pushed the large head into her, her breath hissing out of her clenched teeth in a sibilant “Yesssssssss” which turned to a loud moan when it finally popped inside her.

“Jesus Christo, esenyurt rus escort chico, you gotta big cock-head, ‘mano. Give me more baby… Ohhh yeah, just like that” she moaned as I shoved in an inch at a time, never moving back. When half of it was buried in her, she pushed herself up off the bed, the angle of her body changing and allowing her to shove herself down on me.

“I got a big cock for you Maddie… Gonna shove the whole fuckin thing in you even if it kills you” I said, thrusting hard with each word. My hands went around in front of her, pawing her huge tits. She was moaning loudly, thrusting with her hips, but otherwise totally limp.

I watched as the last two inches disappeared inside her buttery ass hole, my mouth open in surprise and awe. I had never met a woman who could take the whole thing in her cunt, much less her asshole. I was riding a wave of pleasure that rose even higher when she started to move. Her small hip motions turned to slight thrusts, turning to larger longer harder thrusts until…

“Ohhh YEAH!” she screamed, riding the length of my cock, my shaft disappearing inside her tight ass. I watched her cheeks flex each time she ground herself down onto me, my hands full of hard nipples and supple titflesh.

“Oh god this feels good, no one’s ever been…” I gasped, my orgasm coming on like a freight esenyurt türbanlı escort train run wild on a track.

“This can’t be it chico! Aye dios mio! You have to fuck me baby! Jackie’s gonna have to ooh oh! share this big dick! Oh god I am so full oh… oh… Oh my god… Aye Faster Faster!” she screamed, angling her ass in a different position. I had hit something in her because she started wailing, “Cum in ME” and went rigid around me. I pistoned two or three times in her ass before I exploded inside her, filling her ass with my hot sticky seed.

I was beginning to come down when she slid quickly off of me, practically threw me on the bed, and shoved my sloppy messy cock inside her. Her cunt was hotter than anything I had ever felt and she shoved herself up and down onto me like an animal in heat. Her face was crazed as her cunt clutched and milked me until I found my nuts revving up once more, itching with a cum. I grabbed her ass cheeks hard and practically threw her up and down my cock, her voice now gone in incoherent babble as she came again and again. I blew up inside her, my hips continuing to thrust until I slipped out of her spent, and she collapsed beside me.

Breathing heavily for several minutes, I finally caught my breath and gazed over at her. She was watching me with a strange expression on her face.

“You don’t want to let me go, do you” I said without modesty.

She shook her head and grinned wickedly. “I know I have to, and I will, just not right now. Lets get a shower, I have some other things to show you…” She stood up and held her hand out to me, inviting me off the bed. I stood, gathering her in my arms, kissing her passionately. We broke out laughing as my cock began to rise between her legs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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