Deep in the Heart of Texas Ch. 03

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I was in a wicked rut. I’d been working 11-hour days for weeks. Although I was no longer working weekends, I wasn’t feeling refreshed on Sunday nights. I wanted something new, something fun and different. And God knew I wanted to get laid. I was wound as tightly as a coil and I needed some release. So I started planning. I picked a weekend in mid-May and bought tickets to the Rangers slumber party.

I didn’t know if it would be a better idea to ask him in advance or wait till the last minute. There was always a chance that if I waited, he’d be scheduled to work, but Nathan never committed to anything in the future. I went back and forth, an inner battle with myself, until the Wednesday before, when some higher power intervened.

I was driving home from my mother’s house; we’d just finished dinner. My car made a high-pitched squealing noise followed by a grinding that set my teeth on edge, and then smoke started seeping out of the hood. Miraculously my car kept moving, and I pulled into the nearest garage. I walked inside and there he was. I was so surprised I couldn’t speak, but not so surprised I didn’t observe he couldn’t either.

Another man entered the little lobby and tossed a set of keys on the counter. “Done,” he said, and then turned to me. “How can we help you?” he asked, failing to take notice of Nathan.

“I, um, my car…” I started, pointing stupidly behind me.

When he smiled, he looked just like Nathan, and I took this to be his brother. “Want me to take a look?”

I smiled back, my nerves settling. “Yes, please.” I handed him my keys. “The silver Rogue,” I informed him.

He jingled my keys and disappeared. I looked at Nathan, keen to make him know this was not on purpose. But he was smiling now, and I breathed easier. “Welcome to my shop,” he said, and gestured around the small room. His eyes traveled down my legs and immediately heat flooded my body and I was thankful for the short denim shorts I was wearing despite my mom’s hatred for them. “You look good,” he added.

I cocked my head at him. “Thank you. It’s been a while.”

There wasn’t preamble with us; never a need. He came around the counter finally, and I hugged him. “It’s good to see you,” I whispered. When his hands ran down my spine, I shivered, and when they settled on my ass, I flushed all over.

“Likewise,” he breathed into my ear.

He backed away just as his brother came back inside. “Your oil is completely out,” he said. “When was the last time you had it changed?”

I blushed. “A while ago,” I answered, glancing embarrassedly at Nathan.

“I’ll take care of it. Shouldn’t take long. A half hour maybe?”

I looked at Nathan again. “Fine,” I said.

Suddenly his brother smirked. “I’m sure it is,” he said. “There’s water in the fridge if you want some. Nate, take care of our guest, okay?”

Nathan smiled. “Sure, bro.”

When his brother had gone back outside, I turned to Nathan. “How exactly do you plan to halkalı ucuz escort do that?” I asked coyly.

“I can think of a few ways,” he replied.

Despite his words, he simply offered me a water from the small fridge on top of the counter. I accepted it and asked to see the rest of the shop. There wasn’t much to it, but the desk tucked away in its own little room seemed to be begging to be christened. When I saw it, I tilted my head back until I was looking at the ceiling, took a deep breath, and stared at the fan for a minute. “Is it crazy that I want to fuck you on that desk?” I finally asked, unable to look at him.

I was met with silence, and for a long minute I believed he’d left the room. But then he had his hands on my hips. “I just think it’s crazy that you want to fuck me. Location has nothing to do with it.”

I was struck by the vulnerability of his words, and I was at a loss whether to kiss him or to tell him why I enjoyed him so much. But it became clear that the way to tell him was to kiss him, and I killed two birds with one stone. He didn’t immediately relent, which was so hot it made me squirm, but soon his lips parted and his tongue met mine.

His hands were the first to move, and he slid his fingers along my thighs, under the hem of my shorts. They were so short I felt his fingers nearing my pussy within seconds, and I moaned immediately. He responded by biting my lip. “Quiet,” he instructed. “We don’t want the guys to hear.”

I moaned again, though quieter. “Don’t we?” I asked, and then I felt for his belt buckle. I caressed the small mound there and undid his pants. Then slowly I pushed him backward, until he was flush with the desk chair. “Sit,” I said. He did, and I kneeled in front of him, unconscious of the dirty floor. I scooted behind the desk, just in case someone did walk in; public sex being hot aside, I didn’t want him to get fired.

His boxers were straining, but not nearly as much as I wanted them to be. Leaving his jeans around his hips, I v-ed them open as much as I could. Without exposing his dick, I kneaded him, massaged the flesh until he was almost prone in the chair, his head thrown back, his eyes closed. His hips were on the edge of the seat, and I nipped at his stomach, licked a line along his waistband. He elicited a low moan of his own and fire seeped through my veins. When I looked again, the lump in his shorts had grown considerably, and I eagerly extracted his hard cock.

Again I licked him, this time from his head down his shaft, and tenderly used my mouth to bring his balls out of his fly as well. When he was fully exposed, I went to work sucking. His moans were unhindered now, and I was proud of him; it was always about being quiet with us. I wanted this time to be different.

I heard the door before Nate did, and I backed under the desk and rolled the chair closer to me. His head came up, but he didn’t move otherwise. Silently, I continued halkalı üniversiteli escort blowing him. “Nate?” someone said from the front lobby.

“In here,” he managed to say in somewhat a normal voice.

“Where’d your friend go?” the voice asked, closer now.

“She’ll be back,” he said shortly.

I imagined him nodding, a sly look on his face. Excited, I scraped my teeth along Nate’s dick, and as I’d hoped, he inhaled sharply.

“You all right?” the voice said.

“Great,” Nate replied. “Everything okay with her car?”

“You hitting that?” he asked, instead of answering.

I smiled around Nate’s dick and rolled my eyes back to see his face. He was glaring at his brother. “None of your business,” he said. I used my teeth again, a bit harder, and he said, “Yes,” in a small voice. “We’ve hooked up.”

I licked gently, kissed the head, and deep-throated him, rising up on my knees under the desk. I felt his abs tighten and he asked again if everything was all right with the car.

“Yeah, dude, she just needs an alignment too. I wanted to ask if she wanted to take care of it all now.”

“I’ll ask,” Nate said and grabbed for his phone. He laid it in his lap, and under the pretense of texting, stroked my hair. I backed off slowly, sucking him like a lollipop, hard and deep. I smiled at him and nodded. Nate waited a beat and then said, “Yeah, do it now. She says thanks.”

I grinned hard this time, and then went in again. His brother must have left because he let a moan escape that was loud enough for the guys in the shop to hear. Finally, I thought. I felt his body tense when he was close to coming, and I looked up at his face to verify. I was surprised to see a fine line of sweat along his hair, and his lips were pressed tightly together. I didn’t know if he’d notice if I stopped completely, but I knew that would be cruel. I gently rolled the chair back again and crawled out from underneath the desk. He’d opened his eyes but didn’t move. I put a hand on his dick and squeezed, feeling slightly mean. His sharp intake of breath was rewarding though, and I leaned close to his head and whispered, “Hang tight for one second.” I kissed his ear and went to close the office door. There was no lock.

I unbuttoned my shorts as I approached him again, and kicked them aside before joining him in the chair. It couldn’t have been more fit for sex if I’d designed it myself; no arms made it easy for me to straddle him without complication. I pushed my panties to the side, too eager for him to even remove them completely. His cock was hard as a rock and it slid inside me easily, I was so wet from sucking him. I kissed him before I started moving, drinking from his mouth as I enjoyed the full feeling of his dick inside me. I rocked slowly at first, building a rhythm that soon had us both crying out in ecstasy. Surprisingly, I came first, loudly and thoroughly. I clambered off of him haramidere escort and laid down on the desk, my meaning clear.

He took the bait and climbed on top of me, taking control of our rhythm, setting the pace much more quickly and sending me flying again as soon as he reached one hand between us and touched my clit as he pumped. I had no idea where he’d come up with that idea, but it was a good one. I was thrilled to have come once, much less twice. In an instant it became about him, and I took advantage of the fact that he was still hard and gently pushed at him to lay down in my place. It was a balancing act for a moment, but then I was on top, and I bent down to kiss his neck as I rode him, biting at his collarbone.

His skin darkened immediately, and I sucked a little harder, perversely wanting to mark him. I rocked my pelvis forward, driving him in as deep as he’d go, and he yelped, his head thrown back. A couple more rocks and one deep lick along his neck and he came loudly, his cum spilling in multiple pumps. I propped myself up on my elbows, kissing his hairline as he caught his breath, his dick seeming to breathe on its own as well.

I swung my legs off of the desk and bent down to lick him clean. In happy awe, I stroked his cock, looking spent but no less beautiful. This is mine, I thought possessively. I kissed the soft tip, licked the cum off the head, gave the balls one last stroke, and stood up. Without saying a word, I fetched my shorts and slipped my panties back into place. He stood up just as I was stepping into my shorts, and before I pulled them up, he was behind me, hugging me, his fingers placed right where it counted. I flooded again instantly as he kissed my neck, his fingers pushing under my panties. He touched my clit again, my juices making it an easy journey. I arched against him and tried to push his hand in deeper. I turned around to face him and we made out while his fingers explored. It was exquisite and if we could have kept on all night, I’m sure I would have. But I knew my car would be ready soon, and I had a dog waiting for me at home.

For one more minute, I pushed everything else out of my mind, and I gave him what he wanted. I didn’t try to control my passion, and the noises coming from me were earth-shattering. My body was shuddering as he bent to pull up my shorts for me. With violently shaking hands, I pulled him against me. “Come out with me this weekend,” I whispered against his face.

“Okay,” he whispered back.

I was thrilled; there was none of the usual where or when or with who? I attributed it to his sex-brain, but I wasn’t going to look a gift horse in the mouth. “I have tickets,” I told him, though I didn’t elaborate.

“I work Friday night,” he said.

“Saturday works perfectly. I’ll pick you up at four.”

I kissed him again, long and slow and lingering. I wanted to stay here forever, drink him in for eternity, but I buttoned my shorts and opened the office door. Nate’s brother and another young guy were coming into the lobby at the exact same time. His brother smiled at me. “You’re back,” he said laughingly. “Nice timing. Your car’s ready.”

I looked back at Nathan, who was self-consciously smoothing his hair down. “Thanks,” I said, turning back to his brother. “I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.”

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