Debbie Ch. 03

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New Year’s day came and went without any contact from Deb. I was going back to college for my final semester in two weeks and was curious as to whether the golfing vacation Deb and the other wives had given their husbands for Christmas would happen during those weeks. I couldn’t take the chance of calling Deb so I had to come up with another plan.

I called the softball captain Gary just to let him know that I was uncertain on where I would get a job and to not necessarily count on me this year. We got around to talking about Christmas and he mentioned the golfing vacation. I learned that they were leaving on Friday the 15th in the morning and would be back on Wednesday the 20th. This was perfect as I was heading back to College on Monday the 18th.

Friday the 15th came with no call from Deb. I guess that she had changed her mind so I knew I would have to come up with back up plan. I thought she got home from work around five so at 5:15 I called her. She was surprised to learn that I knew Rick was gone but she could not see me as the wives had committed to going to the local Disco to celebrate.

Now, the backup plan. I called my friend Lisa from high school. Lisa was a ten and would later become a model. Unfortunately for all men, she played for the other team. Still, she loved to dance and get free drinks. We also knew that women would be more attracted to me if they saw me with someone more beautiful than they are.

We didn’t arrive at the Disco until a little after eight as I wanted Deb and the ladies to have a few drinks first. We entered separately so as no one would know we were together. I bought a beer at the bar and sent a rum and coke over to Lisa. I spotted the wives at a table near the dance floor and when their waitress came by me, I sent another round to the table.

The drinks arrived and the waitress pointed at me. I waved and Gary’s wife Mandy waved me over. Deb was trying not to look excited but she was overdoing it. Mandy asked me to join them so I told them I would for a short time so that I didn’t ruin their evening or my chance to pick up someone hanging out with beautiful married women. That got a good laugh and right on cue Lisa came off the dance floor.

She came up to me and acted like it had been years since we had last seen each other. Gave me a big hug which she held halkalı eve gelen escort long for effect. We chatted for a minute and she grabbed my hand and said “Dance with me.” She then looked at the women and said “You don’t mind if I steal him for a few dances, do you?

They laughed, waved their wedding rings and told us to enjoy. I did not look to see how Deb reacted but was pretty sure it had worked. I am a pretty good dancer as is Lisa and we had a good time out on the floor. I then returned to the table just to thank them for their company when the other two wives (don’t remember their names) asked if I could teach them some dance moves. That was fun as I was able to dance with attractive women without putting any attention on Deb.

I noticed that Mandy was dancing with someone else so I left the other two wives to practice their new moves and sat down next to Deb. “Lisa is gorgeous,” she said. “You should date her.”

“Not tonight,” I replied. “Tonight, I am going to satisfy any sexual desire that you have ever had. Turn the back light on when you get home. I will be there.” Before she could say anything, I got up and left without looking back.

I danced with Lisa one more time and then she joined me at the table with the wives to give them the impression that we were leaving together. I thanked them for their hospitality and received hugs goodbye from everybody. Mandy was last and she surprised me by saying “You didn’t dance with me. Lisa, can you spare him for just one dance?” Lisa laughed and said to go ahead but not be too long.

As we reached the floor the next song was a slow one. “Perfect” said Mandy and guided me to the back of the floor behind a lot of dancers. We started to dance and she smiled at me and said “You look like you are going to have some fun tonight.”

“I definitely am,” I replied knowing that she had no idea that my fun was going to be with her friend.

She then put both arms around my neck and looked directly into my eyes. “You know, if you have any energy left after tonight Gary won’t be back until Wednesday. I know you have my number.” At the thought of that I sprang to attention immediately and she noticed. “Feels like you have energy right now,” she whispered. The rest of the dance was spent with her grinding halkalı grup yapan escort into me and as the song was coming to an end some deep throating out of sight of the table.

(Note: This is a story about my affair with Deb so I will have to write another one about my one day with Mandy.)

I dropped Lisa off and immediately stopped by the pharmacy for a box of condoms. Next stop was the visitor section of their apartments where I could see the back door. No light on and since it was January, I was going to have to wait in a cold car again for her. Twenty minutes went by and the light came on. I walked slowly to the backdoor with my hood up and entered their apartment kitchen.

“What are you doing?” she asked. I just started at her.

“I changed my mind which is why I didn’t tell you when Rick was going or where we were going tonight. I really wish you hadn’t come tonight,” she said without making eye contact.

I walked towards her with a smile on my face. “You could have left the light off and the door locked but you let me in. I am here to give you what you wanted all along,” I calmly stated.

Her hands went to her hips, “What do I want?” she nervously asked.

I looked into her beautiful eyes. “You want me to fuck you senseless tonight and then leave you alone after that so you can get back to your married life. Right?”

She just stared at me and nodded without speaking.

I turned off the light and then kissed her hard as I had been wanting to do all night. “Take off your pants,” I ordered as I ran my cold hands under warm water in the sink. We started kissing hard and she began removing my belt and pants. I was so excited that I hoped that I could last as she placed the condom on. I grabbed her with both hands on her ass, lifted her up and backed her into the frig. I already knew how much she loved to be fucked standing up and as I lowered her onto my rock-hard cock she gasped. A few minutes of pounding her moist pussy and she had her first orgasm followed shortly after that with mine.

Since I was only 21, I recovered quickly. Round two started with me sitting in Ricks chair as Deb slowly removed her shirt to reveal her exquisite tits. She smiled seductively and wrapped those beautiful tits around my hardening dick. halkalı masöz escort She started titty fucking me and I have to say this was my first time doing that and I loved it. I think she sensed that she had brought me to the brink and slowed her pace. She stood up and spoke for the first time, “Not yet. I need you inside me again.”

She efficiently placed the next condom on my pulsing cock and with her back to me placed my member into her pussy that was so wet that when she started to ride me, I could hear her juices flowing like I was using a plunger. I reached around her and started playing with her clit which caused her to rapidly increase the pace of her bouncing on my dick. I rubbed faster and it was not long before I could feel her muscles contracting on me and milking me for everything that I was worth.

With a chorus of “Oh my god’s” we orgasmed almost simultaneously. As we came down from our highs, I gently leaned her back into me and exhausted from the intensity of the sex, within a few minutes we were both asleep.

I woke up within an hour and started gently sucking on her tits while caressing her pussy lips. She groaned as she was pulled out of her slumber. “Oh god, I need to get some sleep. I am having breakfast with my mom tomorrow.”

“One more time and I will let you sleep,” I whispered as I slid two fingers into her moist pussy. She moistened immediately and it was not long before she was begging me to fuck her.

I had a plan. I picked her up to carry her to her bed.

She quickly guessed what I was doing. “What are you doing? she asked. She struggled. “I will not fuck you in my bed,” she adamantly stated.

I could see that her mind was made up so I put her down, bent her over the back of the couch and plunged into her bareback from behind. From there I began pounding her as hard as I could. Usually the third time I could last the longest and this time was no exception. Alternately spanking her lightly and driving my throbbing member into her married pussy I brought her to multiple orgasms. There were multiple “Oh shits” and “oh my gods” as the thirty-minute mark went by.

Finally, I hit my breaking point and could feel the pressure mounting. As I was about to blow, I pulled out and shot my load all over her back and ass. Much to my surprise she dropped to her knees and began cleaning me up, sucking every last ounce of cum out of me.

As I got dressed to go, she gave me a long hug. “We are done, right? I need to get back to my marriage and I can’t have you stopping by”.

I assured her that I would honor her wishes and walked out the back door knowing that at some time in the future we would be fucking again.

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