Dark Dreams

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Digital Sin

Zara heard her room curtains flapping about. She was warm asleep in her bed until she felt the icy breeze rake over her back giving her the chills. She pulled her blanket over her head and tried to dose off again, but a small nagging voice reminded her she had shut her window firmly before going to bed.

With a start she leapt out of bed and slowly walked to her window. She drew the curtains open hesitantly and saw nothing but the old elm tree framed by pale moonlight. Relieved, she shut the window and turned around. Her eyes immediately caught the shadowy outline of a man.

Her heart pounding in fear, she tried to scream but was frozen in place. Within a fraction of a second the shape moved lithely towards her and grabbed her arms. She was panicking as she tried to strike out. Half a scream got out before a strong hand covered her mouth. He, the thing, pushed her against the wall, his hands everywhere on her body.

He pushed her sleep shirt up and his eerily warm hand held her lower back as his torso pushed hard against her. She felt his strong warm body against her pushing insistently.

She knew she should be fighting him, disgusted and panicked, but instead her body defied her will. Feverishly limp in the strangers arms. There was a haze surrounding her, pushing her to submit. Their bodies pressed together felt so right. As her body arched to draw closer to this creature, and her breathing became heavier and strained, she knew that she was surely lost…

Beep beep.

The alarm went off waking Zara up. Her head pounding, she struggled to make sense of her surroundings. And then she remembered. The stranger. Her eyes opened in panic, but she quickly calmed herself. A dream, That’s all it was. As she sat up she felt the familiar moisture between her legs.

It was the same dream she had three nights ago. The sixth time she dreamt it. There were always different circumstances, but the same end. The same otherworldly man. She sighed as she slowly slid her hand down her taut stomach to her wet folds. She could feel his hard body pinning her hips against that wall. The dreams seemed to be getting more vivid.

She rubbed herself sensually feeling the swell of her breasts toped by her hard nipples. Relief came as the pleasure radiated through her. She got up and showered readying herself for work. She picked a well tailored navy suit and coiffed her rich, thick dark hair into shape. A touch of eye make up accentuated her light brown eyes and she was done. She locked her apartment and got in her car and left.

Zara was an apprentice in the graduate program of a well-known investment bank. She had graduated from university achieving her postgraduate honours in finance with distinction. Despite that, she knew she was lucky to have made it into the banks program. They were extremely selective. In the end she got picked as one of the 15 from 18000 applicants by lots of determination, courage and a fair amount of luck.

As she walked into the modern building that the bank occupied she nearly knocked into something solid and tall wearing an Armani suit. She picked up his scent before she looked up to see who it was. Dean. Dean Trescott was her best friend since freshman year at university.

“Green!” He exclaimed in his low, attractive voice. He gave her a devilish smile while rubbing his arm in false pain. “If you are trying to knock me out of the program, physical violence won’t work,” he joked.

“Please, I won’t have to resort to that to kick your ass,” Zara joked back. She surveyed his mussed dark blone hair and the slightly disheveled way his suit hung on his muscular frame. “What happened to you last night Trescott? Did Ashleigh finally kick you out?”

“No actually you’re pretty close though. She found out about Rene…”

“Ouch!” Dean had been staying with his latest girlfriend Ashleigh for the past month. They had the most dysfunctional relationship that I had ever known. Dean frequently had sexual encounters with other women, but so did Ashleigh. With other men and women. In spite of the frequent infidelities, they were hooked on each other. ” So she got upset and threw you out and that’s why you look so.. crumpled?”

“Well she did throw me out. But that’s not why I look like this.”

“No?” I questioned.

“It was actually the make up sex. It was amazing. All 3 times. “

I laughed and shook my head.

“Do you wanna know what’s the weird part? She made me describe to her in detail what Rene did. And her body in detail. That got her really wound up. She wants to drop in on me to meet Rene in person. It’s going to be interesting…”

“To say halkalı bdsm escort the least,” I retorted. “I can see why you need the espresso,” I remarked of the cup he held in his hands. We approached our offices now. Or rather cubicles. Hey were modern and spaced out but we were all on the open planned floor to encourage team work and interaction.

Zara mused over Ashleigh. She was a stunning blonde that she and Dean met together at a party a few months ago. She came to talk to her and Zara found herself liking her a lot. She was incredibly sexy with a personality that was warm and open. Zara introduced her to Dean that night and the two of them fast became addicted to each other. Dean was irresistibly handsome and to add to that, wickedly charming.

Dean and Zara though, had only ever been friends. Since the first time they met challenging each other at poker on the main hall at university, there existed a steady friendship and playful camaraderie between them. It was the competition but also the unfailing support that Dean gave her that got her through University and into the program. She had a few boyfriends through campus and many unwanted admirers that Dean helped her to fend off. He depended on her equally for advice and a stability they both lacked.

Zara’s parents were separated and barely registered she existed these days. Since her teen years they were caught up in a war against each other that seemed to diminish the world around them. They were unconcerned about anything else except to the extent and manner it could be used as ammunition against the other. Dean’s mother had died when he was three, and his father thought that throwing money at him was all there was to parenting.

The day wore on rapidly. It was the usual pattern of training and work that she had come to expect. It was challenging but monotonous. She couldn’t wait to be done with training and on to starting her own project. There was a lot of talk about the takeover happening soon. The famous Alexander Cristo and his European conglomerate were buying a controlling interest in them. It was going to provide them with countless opportunities for expanding into new markets as well as exposure and financing they couldn’t have dreamed of. She was rather excited to meet Mr. Cristo in person. He seemed to be a powerhouse of note. But extremely reclusive. He hardly ever made public appearances and information about him was rare which in this age of overexposure was altogether strange.

At the end of the day she had agreed to have dinner with Dean and Ashleigh so she went to look for him. He wasn’t at his desk. She had waited for him until the offices were nearly empty. She looked around and walked to get a file on a client to examine from the client resource library. The room was dimly lit as the assistant in charge of the room had left. She found the file and signed it out with her card. She heard noises. From further in the room.

A woman’s moan coupled with the rhythmic shaking of a shelf. She rounded the last shelf to find Dean thrusting into Tessa, the new HR trainee. They hadn’t noticed her and she watched his cock slide into her wet pussy. The red head’s skirt was pulled up to her waist and a lacy thong laid discarded a meter away. He had hoisted her naked butt onto the third shelf. Her legs were wrapped firmly around him and her shirt was opened with her bra cups lowered to expose snowy small but pert breasts capped with erect pink nipples, one of which Dean had in his mouth. Tessa bit her lips hard as Dean’s thrusting came harder and faster. She was moaning loudly now.

Zara’s eyes were glued to the scene as she found herself overcome with uncontrollable lust. She restrained the urge to touch herself and walked away forcibly. What was she turning into? Lately everything seemed to be making her lustful. She felt the moisture pool between her thighs as she heard Tessa emit a high pitched moan that she knew meant the secretary had cum. She bit her own lips thinking about how it would be to experience that. She was still a virgin at 22. It was a joke she thought. But she refused to let any man near her besides Dean, let alone have sex with one. After what her father had done to her mother, she decided to trust no man. She didn’t want a relationship. She couldn’t just have sex with strange men either. Maybe that’s why she had been having the dreams she mused. Boy was she messed up, she thought to herself.

She packed up her things and left her desk deciding to leave Dean to his philandering. As she got into her car, he caught up to her. He got into the passenger seat. His Porsche was being used by halkalı elit escort Ashleigh today so he was supposed to get a ride with her. He was buttoning his shirt, his handsome face contorted into a wicked grin.

“Someone’s a peeping tom,” he said. He had just cum harder than he had in a long time. Zara had no idea how she turned him on. Just thinking about her watching him fuck Tessa made him stiffen again.

“Next time you want to rendezvous with a girl, please don’t make plans with me and keep me waiting,” she said archly.

He chuckled good naturedly. She joined him.

“So, was it good?” she asked saucily. “I never knew she had such great breasts.” This was banter they often shared. Zara appreciated the feminine form and would join in the usual guy talk about hot girls and their bodies. Dean once again imagined his favorite fantasy of Zara and Ashleigh together. His hot blonde girlfriend and his sexy, breathtaking brunette friend.

“Yeah she was.” He decided to add something risky. “They aren’t nearly as great as yours though.”

She stiffened a little. Her eyes meeting his. He felt like taking it back. The truth was he was mad about Zara from the first time they met. She blew him away. She had a stunning body that was comparable to any of the Sports Illustrated magazines he coveted. But more than that her personality was addictive. She knew so much about any topic he could bring up. She was intelligent. Not just worldly but deeply insightful. She seemed to be on another plane completely than the normal world. And no matter how much they shared and he learnt about her, he still felt like it was just the part of the iceberg that was above water. The 80% of her that was submerged intrigued him.

He sensed untold wonders that he wished he could unlock within her. He worked hard to get this close to her. It was why he never confessed his feelings about her. He had watched countless guys who expressed a romantic interest in her crash and burn and he knew to gain her trust and know her, he would have to hide his feelings. It was worth it now. Her friendship was invaluable. And just having this proximity to her was something he couldn’t lose because he couldn’t live without it.

‘Trescott, when have you seen them?” she demanded. Jokingly but he detected the slight edge.

He sighed inwardly. When hadn’t he noticed them. The woman was fucking gorgeous. He caught glimpses of her tits when she wore tight fitting tops, which was rare. He savored the rare glimpses he got. She had at least C cups. On her lean frame they looked incredible. It was tragic he thought bitterly. Dean Trescott had everything. He could have any woman he wanted. He knew that. It was easy. But this woman… the one he wanted more than anything. He pushed the dark mood away and responded pleasantly with a joke about how it would be easier to see a nuns rack than hers.

Zara blushed a little at his comment. She was determined not to be taken as a sexual object. She had huge dreams and plans to be built on her business acumen and her work. Not her body or sex. She was just uncomfortable about showing herself off in that way. The unbelievable thing to Dean was that she didn’t seem to notice the attention she got or be aware of her beauty. It was frustrating. Particularly now that they weren’t at school anymore. It was the real world. He perceived that it could be used against her. He vowed to protect the vulnerable 17 year old he met. He worked extra hard to get into the prestigious grad program she was headed for. Of course his father helped a bit. He also felt that by not exploring her sexuality, she was holding herself back. He believed that if she found the confidence in herself that she hid along with her body, she would be unstoppable. And way out of his league he reminded himself bitterly.

They reached the sumptuous loft style apartment he shared with Ashleigh and they had a splendid dinner. Zara and Ashleigh shared intense conversations about many different things. Ashleigh had studied art in Paris and their conversation ranged from impressionism to Polynesian cuisine. He was content watching them. His girlfriend, like him, was smitten by Zara. Their mutual passion for her was one of the things that cemented their relationships. He imagined how horny Ashleigh would be tonight. They would fantasize about a threesome with Zara and then fuck like rabbits. He couldn’t wait.


That night she dreamt again. The dreams however were not the usual lustful dreams she had. halkalı escort This dream was tinged with trepidation. The stranger was there, she could sense him. He was talking to someone, or something that filled her with crawling fear. She sensed the evil beings displeasure. The Stranger from her dream then said, “I will get her. Soon.” That seemed to appease the evil shadow. The dream faded and she woke up.

She showered and dressed a little more carefully than usual. Today Alexander Cristo would be visiting. In their large firm, she knew she wouldn’t meet him. But she might see him. That made her unexplainably excited. She settled on slim fitting pants with a jade green fitted blouse. Over that she added a similar green coat. She brushed her dark mass of hair and left it open to pool down her shoulders and upper back.

As she walked to her desk, she was vaguely aware of getting more than a few stares. She rarely wore any color except navy and black and attributed it to that. At her desk Dean came over and whistled as she removed her coat and checked her mail.

“Greene wearing green,” He joked. “I think the last time I saw you in color was the summer of May 06.” She swatted him away and laughed. Something was changing within her. He could sense it and she could feel it.

After lunch they went into the company’s presentation theatre. That was to be their first look at Mr. Cristo. She sat in the middle of the theatre. When he came in she felt all the women in the room breathe in collectively. Alexander Cristo was beautiful. She felt stunned. He had dark hair. A face that was exquisitely chiseled. A muscular, broad shouldered body sheathed in an impeccable suit. He was unearthly. He had dark blue eyes that glittered. She barely heard his speech but could tell it was quite stirring and impressive. He kept it short and made a good natured joke when leaving for the office he would occupy occasionally in their building. As he left she could swear they made eye contact and he held her gaze for about a second. And then he was gone. She probably imagined it, she thought.

It was late already. She shuffled her papers together and packed her laptop away. She was working on a complicated model that she knew would be a perfect pitch for one of the biggest clients they would ever get if they landed it. She put her coat on and walked through the deserted passage to the lifts. As she rounded a corner she saw him. If he was beautiful from far when she had seen him earlier, up close he was devastating. He was walking the opposite way and as he saw her he locked her gaze. She knew he was beautiful, but that wasn’t what drew her in. It was something else. In that moment she felt as if the life she knew before him was crumbling away and her future was inexplicably entwined in his. He was now inside her. His essence now pumped through her, scorching her as it delved deeper and deeper into her.

Her senses delayed, she realized she had dropped her file and bag. She knelt down to pick it up and he knelt down to help her. As her fingers enclosed over the file on the floor, his did at the same time. Their fingers touched and she pulled away as if burnt. It was electric. For a few seconds they were frozen. Suddenly he grabbed her arms and hoisted her up. Not harshly but firmly. He held her against the wall with his firm body pressed against her. His scent was what hit her first. It was heady. She realized she was looking at his chest. He had on a stark white shirt with a designer tie.

He put his hand under her chin and gently lifted her eyes to meet his. Her body felt like it was alight. She needed him. It was simple. Unearthly desire coursed through her. Her coat had fallen open, and through her thin blouse and lace bra, her nipples stood erect. Her hips pressed against his shifted, conscious of their proximity to the only thing that could satisfy her. His hand was on her lower back, lifting her blouse to meet her skin. She felt as if she would melt in his arms. He moved his perfect lips closer to her soft, full red ones. She wanted this now. And then suddenly he pulled away.

He deftly picked up her file touching her hands lightly as he placed it within them. Her disappointment was clearly etched in her face. He gave her a mystifying yet wicked smile as he turned and walked fluidly away…

She was frustrated when she got home. Why didn’t he just kiss her? But more than that, how could any man have that effect on her. She could have fought him, turned away, ran. But then she would know inexplicably, that she couldn’t have done anything. That just left her with scorching desire and the question of why didn’t he just kiss her.

That night she dreamt of the stranger again. At her house. Against the wall. This time a strong gust of wind came in and blew the curtains open, letting in a sliver of moonlight. It illuminated the strangers face. She gasped both in her dream and out. She awoke with a shock. It was the face of Alexander Cristo…

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