Curse of the Trickster God

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Part One: God of Travelers

From the tip to the bottom of the shaft, the cock was at least four feet tall. “Evidence for the argument,” I said to Theo, “that size does matter.”

Theo laughed, shaking crumbs off the blanket where we’d had our picnic. “Pop quiz, Cass. What’s the Greek term for the big weiner there?”

Of course I knew the term for it, I’d just spent the last three weeks of Summer Break studying ancient stonework along the coast of Greece with a chosen few from my junior year Mythology and Architecture class. But I spent a little time pretending to think hard. I bit my lip, jutted my hip, and with one hand absentmindedly stroked the head of the stone penis. “Hm… hm…” I twirled a finger around the head, then moved my hand down the shaft. I was pleased to see Theo’s eyes on my hand. I stepped behind the stone phallus and rocked my hips as if thinking harder. “Oh gosh, let’s see if I can remember…”

All around us the green hills rolled off towards the coastline. We’d set our picnic in the shade of a broad-branched tree, and something about the warm sun and the cool coastal air had added spice to our simple lunch of bread, cheese and wine. Stone cocks ran in a line along the hills like fence-posts, some worn down to smooth stubs; others, like this one, still showing finely-carved details of curves and veins. I looked at Theo, and the blush spreading across his neck and cheeks. As the Teaching Assistant to Professor Dartien, he had always relied on me for quick answers to tricky problems. In truth I’d always found him ridiculously handsome, with his smooth nutty skin and glossy black hair.

I flicked my dark mane of hair back, drawing Theo’s attention to my bare shoulders above a blue strapless dress. I was barefoot, no jewelry, no gloves or socks or hat, and I knew the dress complimented my fair skin and black hair. I put a finger to my lip, keeping up the illusion of deep thought, and licked the tip. With the other hand, I kept rubbing the head of the large stone dick. “Why should I even answer the question?” I teased Theo. “It’s summer, I’m volunteering here, so I can’t even earn a good grade.”

Theo smiled back. He’d finished packing up our picnic into his backpack, and he stood and placed his hands on his hips. The breeze pressed his simple long-sleeved shirt against his body, showing off the lithe muscles of someone who digs for artifacts all day, but spends the night reading ancient poetry. “Well, maybe I can make it worth your while…”

“What’ll you give me?” I asked. I leaned my head down to the stone dick and pursed my lips. “A kiss if I’m right?” I turned around and pressed my ass to the cock. “And what if I’m wrong?”

Theo didn’t reply. I looked back over my shoulder. He was still blushing, though smiling widely, struck mute by my obvious display. “Cassy,” he said, “we already talked about this. I can’t date a student.”

I rolled my eyes and straightened my dress. I walked around the stone phallus and stepped closer to Theo. I said, “I’m not a student right now. I am a volunteer.” I placed a hand on his arm.

Theo reached up to brush off my hand, but instead placed his own large hand over it. “Cass,” he breathed. I moved closer, lifting my chin for kiss.

But Theo turned away.

“If we start dating now, and the school year starts, I could get in a lot of trouble with my graduate program. Vistra- er, Professor Dartien would be very disappointed. I’m relying on her for my research.” Theo took a step away, and kept his eyes on the white-capped ocean. As he shifted, I heard a little clatter from below. Rolling over a few times in the grass was a long stone object, maybe ten inches long. I bent down to examine it.

“Look Theo,” I said, picking up the object. “It’s a smaller version of the herma.”

Theo laughed and turned around. “So you did know the name of it!”

I rolled my eyes. “Of course! And for bonus points, Mr. Teaching Assistant, I’ll tell you what it’s for. The herma marked the border of different territories, like ranches or towns.”

“And who was it named for?” Theo asked. The academic topic had somewhat calmed him, and he took the stone object from my hands.

“Hermes, of course. Well actually, Hermes was probably named after the term herma, which means a pile of stones. He was, after all, a fertility god, as well as the god of borders, merchants, and travelers.”

Theo gave me an approving look. He pointed the stone object at me- a carved stone penis, much like the herma behind us. “This seems to be a smaller version of it. I wonder how old it is.”

I replied, “I wonder how we didn’t notice we were sitting on it the whole time! It was right beneath the blanket!”

“Must have been the wine.”

“Must have been the company.”

I took the smaller stone cock from Theo’s hand. It did look old, though marvelously well-preserved. I lowered it to my own crotch and pointed it at Theo. “Is this what it’s like having a boner?”

Theo raised an eyebrow. “I guess eve gelen escort so!” he laughed.

While holding the phallus with one hand, I started lightly stroking it with the fingertips of the other. “Is yours this big, or bigger?”


“What? I’m a curious girl! It comes with being an amateur historian!”

Theo took a step back and crossed his arms. “Cassidy, I’m serious. I can’t date a student.”

I stepped closer. I pressed the stone phallus into Theo’s chest, as if poking him with my finger. “I know that, Theo. I wouldn’t want to put your research at risk. As a matter of fact, I don’t want to date you.”

Theo’s eyes nearly popped from his head. “What?”

I lowered the phallus down to Theo’s jeans and gently pressed it between his legs. “I just want to see your herma.”

Giving Theo time to consider this, I sat back down into the soft, tall grass. For miles around, I saw not another soul. Just lonely dirt roads winding over the coastal hills between lush green trees. Our own bikes leaned against the nearby tree trunk. Seabirds wheeled above us, letting out their harsh, lonesome calls.

Theo took a deep breath. He looked down at me, then out at the sea, then back at me.

I knew I had him.

I ran the stone phallus over my bare leg, enjoying the feel of the cool rock, drawing it from my ankle along my supple calf, up to my thigh. When it reached the edge of my dress, I let out a soft coo.

“Look Theo, I’m not much of a relationship girl,” I explained, “it’s just that all school year I’ve thought you were cute. And this summer I pretty much volunteered to help Professor Dartien just to spend a few beautiful weeks digging through the dirt and organizing artifacts on the coast of Greece to be close to you! I think you’re totally hot, and I think you are attracted to me too!”

All the while I’d been slowly drawing the stone phallus up my bare thigh, dragging the hem of my dress with it. I knew from where he was standing, Theo would be able to see glimpses of my light pink panties.

But I just continued to stare him in the eye. “So we can stand around here on this fucking beautiful hill overlooking the fucking beautiful ocean and talk about Hermes, god of borders, or you can unzip your pants and I can give you an amazing blowjob. Then when we get back to the states, it’s like nothing ever happened!”

By now I’d drawn the stone dick all the way to my panties. I had it pressed against my crotch, and I could feel its coolness against the heat of my vagina. Theo’s eyes kept darting back between my gaze and the show I was putting on for him below.

Theo took one last glance towards the herma by the tree. Something seemed to pass over his face, and tension left his shoulders. A smile broke out across his face, and he leapt down at me. I shrieked in surprise, though my mouth was soon covered by his. We kissed longingly, deeply, his tongue against mine, his hand on the back of my neck.

I immediately wrapped my legs around Theo’s waist and pulled my hips against his. I could feel through his jeans that Theo was already hard. My little show had done its magic.

Theo kissed down my neck and over my shoulders. With one hand he reached down and squeezed my ass, lifting my pelvis to grind against his raging erection. I reached up and slid his shirt from his chest, admiring the muscles beneath his dark skin.

Panting, I pushed Theo away for a moment. “Sit back against the tree,” I said. Smiling mutely, he did so.

As Theo settled down, I stood and slid my panties from beneath my dress. Already the panties were wet. I could smell my sex emanating from them. I tossed the panties to Theo. “Hold onto these for me.”

I kneeled down in front of Theo and unlooped his belt, unzipped his pants, and reached my hand in to free his cock. It was nearly as big as the stone phallus I’d found, at least eight inches and thick as well.

“Jesus, Theo, I didn’t know you had a herma here the whole time!”

Theo laughed, but his laugh stopped short as I slid my lips over the head of his cock. “Ah- Cassy!” he sighed.

I kept my lips wrapped just around the head of Theo’s cock, and started licking circles around the tip of it. Theo’s hips jutted uncontrollably. Jesus, the guy was really turned on! I was worried he was going to cum too soon, so I lifted my head and grabbed hold of his shaft.

Theo really had a beautiful penis, big and thick and the same dusky color of the rest of his body. I loved the feel of it in my hand, that strength and girth of it. I wiggled it around, my eyes wide.

“What’s it like, having a penis? Do you love it?” I asked.

Theo chuckled. “What do you mean?”

“Do you love your penis?” I repeated. “I’m serious, I really want to know. It’s such an important part of you. I mean right now I’ve got you totally in my control just because my hands are wrapped around your cock.”

Theo started to sit up. “You don’t have me in total fatih escort contr-“

I immediately sunk his cock into my mouth and started bobbing my head, sucking and licking hard.

“Oh god…” Theo moaned.

I grabbed his shaft in two hands and stroked as my head bobbed up and down. Finally I pulled off of the cock, thick saliva dribbling from my mouth all over the swollen head.

“I love your cock,” I said, wiping my lips. “I mean, I just love cocks in general. Their size, their shape, the way they feel in my mouth, in my vagina, in my… well, everywhere!” I bit my lip and gave Theo a dirty look. “Sometimes I wish I had one just so I could feel it whenever I wanted.”

“Really?” Theo asked. “What would you do with it?”

“This!” I said. I stroked his dick up and down the entire length, rolling my wet fingers over the head each time. Theo gave out a satisfying moan. “And this.” With my other hand I grabbed Theo’s balls and gave the lightest squeeze. “Doesn’t that hurt? Why’s it feel so good?”

Theo panted, “If I weren’t so turned on it would hurt. But god you’ve got me ready to explode at any moment. Everything feels good right now.”

“If I had a cock,” I said, continuing to stroke, “I think I’d find a guy and fuck him in the ass. Or have him blow me. I’d like to feel some lips around my cock, a tongue licking it like a popsicle.”

And to demonstrate, I ran my tongue from Theo’s balls to the tip of his penis. I drew a circle with the tip of my tongue around his head, then licked back down his shaft. I did this a few more times, feeling the pleasure my tongue brought Theo, then again took the head and a few inches into my mouth. I tightened my lips and brought my head up, popping the head out of my mouth with an audible pop.

“Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to deep throat a guy?” I asked Theo.

He shook his head. “No, not really.”

“Well just imagine doing this,” I said. I took Theo’s cock in my mouth and lowered my head until I could feel it pressing against the back of my throat. I relaxed, took a deep breath, and pressed deeper. I kept my eyes on Theo’s, and I could see the lust reflected back. Slowly, slowly, I took more and more of Theo’s cock into my throat. Each time I took another quarter of a inch, I stopped, breathed, relaxed, and pushed deeper. Thinking of Theo’s cock filling my throat turned me on so much! I could feel my pussy pulsating, dripping with wetness. More and more, I let Theo’s cock slide into my throat, until finally my nose was pressed against his taut belly.

Okay, I’ll admit, I was practiced at this. I hadn’t lied to Theo when I said I wasn’t a relationship girl. College is the perfect time to experiment, and I had in fact experimented. A lot. I couldn’t really keep track of how many guys I’d fucked at this point, but I’d always been safe and it always felt good. During freshman year, my roommate Piri and I had a competition to see who could give the most blowjobs in three weeks. I think we were both trying out new college personalities, and it turns out we were both really competitive.

Two days before the end of the competition, I was behind five blowjobs. Piri had given a stunning fifteen blowjobs in less than twenty days. I’d given ten- a pretty good number, if I do say so myself. I was getting used to ending first dates by blowing the guy in his car. I was getting used to random hook-ups with cute guys in the library. And I’ll admit, I was liking it. I liked the idea of being desired, of making guys hard, of being so fucking sexy that guys blew their loads down my throat. I was even starting to like the taste of cum.

So I decided to challenge myself the weekend before our competition ended. I’d been invited to a party at which about two dozen “freshman ambassadors” from other colleges had been invited. Knowing they wouldn’t be around for long, I’d singled out each ambassador- this one from Stanford, this one from Texas A&M, and identified the six most attractive men. One by one I invited them to a back room of the house, and gave each a blowjob. On each cock, I tried to go deeper, just to see how far I could push myself. On the first cock, I gagged as soon as the head of the penis hit the back of my throat. By the third cock, I could swallow it down for a few seconds. By the sixth cock I was a deep-throating master.

I won the competition.

And now I had Theo’s cock eight-inches deep down my throat and I wasn’t letting go. I held Theo’s gaze in my own and let him just marvel at the beauty of an amazing blowjob. I took deep breaths through my nose and felt his dick pulsing in my throat, swelling against me. Finally, finally, I lifted my head, gasping for air.

“So what do you think?” I asked.

“I don’t think I could ever do that,” Theo admitted. “But it felt fucking amazing.”

“You’re goddamn right it did,” I said. “I am so turned on, Theo. God, your cock felt so good down my throat.”

I started stroking Theo’s cock, big halkalı anal yapan escort long strokes, my hand sliding over the wetness I’d left behind. Every time I ran my hand over the swollen head of his dick, Theo let out a little moan.

“Tell me Theo, did you ever touch yourself while thinking about me?”


“Oh come on, you must have. I know you had the hots for me in class. You kept calling on me, looking for my raised hand. I know that you jerked it thinking about me doing just this.” I lowered my head and licked under the tip of Theo’s dick, that sensitive spot right below the head. Meanwhile, I kept stroking his shaft. Theo gasped.

“If I had a dick,” I continued, “I think I’d just be stroking it all the time. I wouldn’t be able to help myself.”

I kept licking that special spot on the underside of the head, then running my tongue and lips back over the head, repeating it while stroking with my hand. With my other hand I’d reached between my legs and started furiously rubbing my swollen clit. My fingers were instantly drenched with my own juices. Hell, I could smell how turned on I was.

“Theo, have you ever tasted your own cum?”

Theo answered between gulps of air. I could tell he was close. “N-no!”

“If I had a dick, a big hard dick like yours, I would cum all over myself and lick it up.” I was bucking my hips against my own hand, sliding three fingers into my vagina, then rubbing my clit, all while stroking and sucking Theo’s cock. I felt myself close to climax.

“Theo, grab my head and use me like you fantasized all year. Cum down my throat. Give it to me!”

Theo grabbed the back of my head, his dark fingers vanishing into my darker hair. I felt my wet panties still clutched in one of his fists. Theo held my head in place while bucking his hips, fucking my mouth. I felt his big swollen head run over my tongue and down the back of my throat. I kept flicking my fingers over my clit, harder and harder, until finally I felt myself shaking and releasing, climaxing as Theo fucked my mouth and throat. He let out a loud groan, and I could taste warm cum pouring into my mouth.

I reached up and milked Theo’s cock for every drop of cum. I sucked and licked and lapped his cock, drawing my hands over the shaft, squeezing and rubbing as Theo’s hips shook and the last little droplets of cum squirted out.

I swallowed, and licked my lips.

“I dedicate this sacrifice to Hermes!” I cried.

Theo laughed.

We lay for a while beneath that tree, enjoying the feeling of the ocean breeze on our exposed genitals. I traced a finger through the dark curly hairs on Theo’s chest.

Theo sighed into my hair. “Listen, Cassy, maybe when we get back to the school we can see each other sometime?”

I looked up into Theo’s brown eyes. “Are you serious? After all that talk?”


“It’s just the blowjob speaking, buddy. I loved sucking you off, but as I said before, that’s all I’m after. I don’t want a relationship, I don’t want to cross that border.”

“Oh, okay.”

“Sorry, Theo. You’re a really great guy, and you are smoking hot. But I’m just not ready to commit.”

The conversation had cooled our passion, so we tucked ourselves in and got ready to bike back to town. As I buckled on my helmet, I saw Theo searching the grass.

“Have you seen that little stone phallus? I think Vistra- er, Professor Datrien would be interested in it.”

“Would she now?” I teased. “You haven’t shown her your phallus, have you?”

Theo blushed once again. “Never!” he said. “To be honest, I don’t think she’s interested in men.”

“No hermas for her then,” I joked. “Let me help you search.”

Though we looked through the tall grass for a good half an hour, the smaller stone phallus was nowhere to be found. We agreed that the ancient god Hermes had taken it back, and looking one last time with fondness on the stone herma by the tree on the hillside above the ocean, we rode back to town.

Part Two: God of Fertility

Before I knew it, my senior year had begun. I started with a full course load, balancing classes in archaeology, geology, ancient history, and romantic languages. As my course load increased, my dating life dropped away. I would see Theo helping a few professors in class, but we kept our relationship strictly student-teacher. Though occasionally memories of the coastal hillside came back to me, and I felt a continued fondness in my heart for my handsome teaching assistant.

Then I found the paper slipped into my notebook.

As I unpacked my backpack in my bedroom, the folded sheet of lined paper fell to the floor. Inside was a letter from Theo. It was the end of a long day of study, so I changed into a baby-doll t-shirt and pajama shorts before settling into bed and opening the note.

Dear Cassidy,

I think we need to talk. I’ve been trying to keep the past in the past, but Hermes is the god of travelers and my mind keeps traveling back to Greece. I remember the sun on your shoulders, and your lips on mine. I remember how good- well, let’s just say I remember a lot. I don’t know how you feel, but I’m ready to commit. I’m ready to face Professor Dartien and let her know we are in a relationship. Are you ready to travel with me?


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