Models of ‘Perfuction’! Ch. 04

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I rolled off Laura’s belly and lay upon my back my organ still fully erect and aching with need to cum.

“Ooooh!” she questioned fondling my penis with her eager hands. “You didn’t cum after all that fucking?”

“I can tell you want lots of hard cock my love, and I’m here to give it to you sweetheart.”

“YUM!” she laughed happily, lowering her face to my penis, dragging her tongue up its full length and savoring the taste of her juices coating my shaft. In a moment her delightfully lovely mouth was engaged with my cock in licking, sucking, and caressing its rigidly quaking head.

Contentedly I lay against the pillows gazing down at these delights that she had awakened in me with her extraordinary beauty and sensuousness nature. Her naked little body moved through one gorgeous contortion after the other as she rewarded me for the fuck I had just given her and my mind turned to the next episode of our affair.

“Tell me dear how do you feel about going down on Mae’s pussy with your mouth?”

“No problem Mister. She’s really cute and sexy and I like her a lot,” Laura laughed up at me.

“How do you think Mae would feel about doing it to you?”

“She can handle it,” Laura returned meaningfully.

“What makes you think so?” I asked.

“Well I got acquainted with her right after I met you like Jack wanted me to. The day you and I first met I came home all sexed up from you fingering me and went into the house while he was parking the car in the garage.

When I looked out the kitchen window he was talking to Mae. She was lying on a blanket sunbathing with nothing on but her bikini bottom and he was ogling her bare boobs. That’s when I decided to let him know I could see them and I grabbed cans of pop and went out to meet her.

‘Hi. My name is Laura and I see you have already met my husband. It’s so hot how about a Pepsi?’ I said popping a can and when I handed it to her she lifted her arm and her boob flopped up at us. ‘Oh you’re really stacked,’ I laughed as the pop squirted and splashed on her breast and then I grabbed her towel, wiped her boob dry and touched her nipple.

She just stared at us for a minute, mumbled that her name was ‘Mae’, sat up and wrapped the towel over her breasts while Jack got his eyes full and I invited her over for coffee in the morning to get acquainted.

But the next morning I saw her go over to your house Mister wearing nothing but a robe. She didn’t stay long enough to be posing for you so when she returned I asked her in for coffee, and she accepted.

We had a brief chat but she had to leave for school so then I asked her in for dinner that evening and to my surprise she said ‘okay’. But now I know Mister that you had asked her to do a threesome pose with Jack and I, so she was just checking us out.

Well that evening when she arrived Jack was ecstatic. That’s when he took her picture out of our bedroom and hung it in the dining room where we all could see it. When she saw it she blushed and clasped her hands over her face in shock, but then I just hugged her and told her how beautiful she is, and how much we both loved the painting and that settled her down.

I had set the table with Mae across from Jack and her picture behind her so he could study her face and her beautiful bare butt, and then I told her you wanted me to pose in the nude for you too, and she told us about the first time she had ever done anything like that and how shy she was at first but then how she got used to it, and how you had put her in lots of different poses till you got the one you wanted. By then we were all laughing and relaxed and giggling over your sexy paintings, Mister, but then when dinner was over Jack dragged out his collection of porno movies for us to watch together.

I didn’t know how she would react to that at first, she looks so innocent and she’s such a sweetie but we’d been looking at that painting of her masturbating all evening.

We settled down on the love-seat with Jack between us. There was hardly room for the three of us and he had his arms spread behind us. She was huddled over next to the arm away from him while he cuddled me. The movie was just a soft-porn flick but I could tell that she was fascinated by what she was seeing.

Jack had his arm around my shoulders and he began feeling my tits like he always does when we watch porn. I couldn’t see what he was doing to Mae at first but when I took a peek he had his arm around her shoulders too, cuddling her up to him.

She glanced at me and saw him feeling my tits, so I just lifted my boobs into his hand and smiled at her, and that’s when Jack let his hand drape down from her shoulder to her tit.

Her mouth dropped open but she didn’t resist, and then he found her nipple and when he gave it a little squeeze I chuckled like I knew what that was like, so she knew I didn’t mind if he played with her tits. By then he had my blouse open and both my tits bare and he had his hand inside her open top when the movie bahis firmaları ended.

She stood up looking flustered and said she had to go home. So I started buttoning her blouse and said, ‘How about coming over for snacks tomorrow night, Mae?’ and gave her a nice hug as she went out the door. She just looked at me and left.

But when I called her the next day and invited her for snacks and another movie she said that you had offered to pay her rent so she could come to the barbecue and would be happy to come for snacks. When I told Jack what you had done he was thrilled and said I should get ready to pose for you.

When Mae arrived that evening she looked fabulous, bright eyed and excited, and she was wearing this loose sleeveless V-neck top and floppy cotton shorts that teased you with her shapes. She slid onto the couch and I sat down next to her while Jack popped a real porno flick into the player, and then he sat down next to Mae so she was sandwiched between us.

When I saw the flick start I had to laugh cause we had watched it so many times. It was about this woman seducing a young girl into a threesome with her husband.

It’s a really sexy movie and the actors are all terrifically gorgeous, but I was wondering if Mae could deal with it under the circumstances. I kept glancing at her and I could see she that she had gotten the point right away. She glanced at me with this awed expression but then she looked back at the movie again.

By then Jack had his arm stretched behind her head and he was stroking my hair with his hand, so I just moved closer like I wanted him to caress me. He was settling into her on one side and I was getting closer on the other until we had her cuddled between us.

She had her bare feet stretched out on the floor and her bare arm was next to my hand so after a while I just slid my hand over onto her arm and said, “I think this is just about the sexiest movie I’ve ever seen, don’t you Mae?” She glanced at me real quick and nodded shyly, so I moved my hand down her arm and took her hand in mine to comfort her and I felt her relax a little.

The seduction scenes were really underway in the film and I could see she was totally absorbed in what was happening between the woman, the girl, and the guy. I decided to make my move and I slid my hand over hers stroking her hand, and then I let my fingers curl underneath hers into her lap until I could feel her belly.

She was wearing thin floppy flannel shorts and I could feel the shape of her belly very nicely through them and that’s when Jack let his arm slid off the couch-back onto her shoulders snuggling her even closer to him. She glanced at me but I just patted her tummy, smiled at her and she gave me this rather wide-eyed look and then looked back at the TV.

By then the man and the woman were into seducing the girl and he was feeling her tits. That’s when Jack left off stroking my hair and began to stroke Mae’s curls. Her hair was long, loose, draped over her breasts on each side and he let his fingers curl down over her boob and stroke it. She flinched and gave me this startled look.

“Feels good, doesn’t it Mae? I know he’s feeling your tits sweetie. It’s all right dear. I don’t mind.” I said squeezing her hand and then I lifted her hair from her other breast and stroked it up over her boob till I could feel her nipple. It was as hard as a plum pit and I knew she wasn’t wearing anything under her top.

Mae just slumped back against Jack then and he fondled her tit while I played with the other one. I laughed and we went back to watching the movie while we both fondled her boobs.

Now the actors were really into sucking and fucking. They had the girl on the guy’s lap with his cock up her cunt and the woman was lapping the girl’s clit and kissing her pussy and licking his cock sliding in and out of the girl’s vagina. And then the woman raised up and slid her tongue into the girl’s mouth.

Mae’s face was flushed and she was breathing hard from what she was seeing and feeling. By then I was feeling pretty sexed up myself what with the movie and the whole situation, and I sure knew what Jack wanted, so I wasn’t surprised when he began to gather her top in his fingers and draw it up over her breast until her naked nipple was right in front of my mouth. I leaned down, kissed her breast, and drew her nipple into my mouth.

She groaned and slid her hand behind my head while I nursed her nipple, and Jack tweaked the other one with his fingers. And then he squeezed her breast offering it to my mouth and I leaned over to suck that nipple too. When I glanced up into her face she was starring wide-eyed at the flick and cuddling my face to her breasts.

I sucked, and licked, and kissed until she was squirming with excitement under me, and without looking I knew what was happening in the flick. The girl and the woman were taking turns sucking the guy’s cock.

So I just reached down, unzipped Jack’s fly and his cock popped out of his pants. I looked kaçak iddaa over up her and she was starring at me in disbelief. I thought for a minute she was going to get out there but she didn’t. I pushed my hair away from my face, bent over his penis and started sucking him off.

In a minute I had his cock in full erection with my mouth and when I pulled back to catch my breath and glance up at Mae she had this awed look on her face as she stared down at his penis and then at my mouth, and that’s when I kissed her.

You can tell everything about a person in that first kiss. She didn’t pull away from me at all, her mouth was soft and open and then I felt her lips respond gently on mine. “You are such a darling little sweetheart” I whispered at her as I kissed her again and this time I slid my tongue into her mouth so she could taste Jack’s cock on it, and then I went back to sucking him off again.

He had her really cuddled up to him and his hand was up under her top tweaking her nipples. Her cute little belly was bare all the way up to her boobs by then so when I lifted my mouth off Jack’s cock I started kissing up her belly to her boobs that Jack was cradling in his hands so her nipples were poking out at me.

I put my mouth on a nipple and gave it good suck and then I went down to Jack’s cock and sucked that for a while, and then went up to her other nipple and sucked that one. And then I went back and forth between her nipples and his cock.

Her nipples were all puckered and hard and I could see that she loved the sensations. She was starring at me like she couldn’t believe what was happening, but when I kissed her on the mouth again she kissed me back with feeling.

So then I began working my hand up and down Jack’s cock and really pumping it into my mouth, and that’s when he came. I pulled back and let him shoot his stuff all over my mouth and my face so she could see him cum on me. When he finished he took his finger and began wiping his cum into my mouth and over my tongue. Then he took a big gob of it and offered it to her.

She just stared at it for a minute so he pushed it into her mouth. Her eyes got real squinty and watery and she puckered up her lips but he got his finger in her mouth and made her lick it off, and I thought it was the first time she had ever tasted cum, and that’s why he was teasing her tonight about cum tasting like wine.

Jack’s cock was going soft by then and the flick was finished. That’s when I decided that our little party was over before Jack got his second wind and got to fuck Mae before I got to fuck you Mister. So I pulled her top down over her boobs, gave her a nice little kiss on the mouth, and told her I couldn’t wait for the barbecue tomorrow night. She looked pretty dazed, flustered and excited when she left for her apartment.

So I can tell you Mister that little sweetheart is up for a foursome with me, and you, and Jack anytime we want it. I could tell she was a hot little ticket and now we know she goes for girls too,” Laura laughed knowingly


“Yes my Love,” I whispered kissing her mouth softly, “I could have told you that Mae was in to cunt loving after those modeling sessions with her sister. I did a series of paintings with Mae and her sister in a whole variety of lesbian poses. At first they both thought it was just a huge giggle but Sis was the most adventurous of the two and one day when I had them in a sixty-nine, Mae’s sister decided to lick her tongue over Mae’s clit.

They both giggled and Mae slapped Sis’s butt poised just above her mouth, but she stopped laughing and her hips lifted her puss up when Sis began to use her finger on Mae’s clit. In a minute or two Mae’s clit all swollen and hard popped out of her labia and Sis sucked it into her mouth. That’s when I got one of the sexiest poses from those two girls as Sis brought Mae to orgasm by sucking her clit.

I never saw Mae return the favor but I would guess that now she’s ready for lesbian sex,” I laughed. “As for blow jobs, her sister jacked me off in our last modeling session together and fed Mae my cum for her first taste of semen. And after that Mae and I finished every posing session with a blow job and a cunnilingus.”

“Well now she’s had a good dose of Jack’s cum too!” Laura exclaimed with a giggle. “After Mae went home that night Jack and I talked about my posing for you, and that you would want to fuck me, and that I was all for it. After our little petting session I knew that Mae would most likely go for a real fuck and Jack would get to take her cherry, and then we could play out all our girl-on-girl fantasies while you guys fucked us.

When Mae showed up tonight at the barbecue wearing that sexy little sun-suit with nothing under it except that cute little bod of hers I knew that our fuck-fest was on. Jack was ecstatic but he didn’t dare show it for fear the neighbors would catch on to what we had in mind, so I spent a lot of time chatting with her and she stayed to help me clean up after the party kaçak bahis was over.

Then when Jack showed you my pussy I knew the deal was on for sure and I told Mae what he had in mind. At first I didn’t think she would go for it, but we talked it over and when I came back to you guys she came with me and you know all the rest, Mister” she laughed with a little slap on my chest and then she continued.

“Mae told me that night that she’s smitten with this popular jock who does gang-bangs with the girls at her high-school. She knows he wants to make out with her and she wants to make it good for him, so she’s willing to go for whatever Jack and I want.

You wouldn’t mind fucking her yourself would you Mister? And I can tell you one thing for sure, she’s not a virgin now,” Laura laughed wryly. “I’ll bet I could set up a threesome between you and me and her whenever you want it after her cunt heals up from Jack fucking it tonight. Just think about it you could have the two of us sucking your cock and trading our pussies and everything else we’ve got for that fantastic erection of yours.” Laura giggled.

“I’ll think about it,” I said drawing her mouth to mine for a long sexy kiss.

“For how long? Two seconds?” she laughed, her mouth eager on mine.

“One second,” I admitted slipping my tongue into her willing mouth and she began nursing it.

“Done!” she sighed reaching for my cock with her hand and stroking its full length into full erection again.

“You are such a fantastic woman,” I marveled.

“I know,” she laughed bending her beautiful face to my cock to take it into her mouth once more and nurse it into what she had in mind for it now. When she had it wet and quivering with need she rose over me, lifted a lovely leg and straddling my loins directed my penis into the opening of her vagina. With a gasp of need she settled herself upon its length and commenced fucking it with all her energy.

A dozen strokes later she stopped for breath, rose to her knees so that my erection slipped from her vagina, directed it back to the entry of her anus and forced its head within her pucker. Slowly and sensuously she eased its length up within her and then began a series of surges upon its bulk.

As I lay watching her I marveled at the pleasure she was obviously feeling from this experience. Her eyes closed, her mouth gaping with need she raised the tempo of her surges until it was clear to me that she was in the midst of another orgasm that lasted through a series of mounting climaxes, until finally exhausted, breathless, and awash in sweat she collapsed upon my chest and I pulsed the full measure of my cum up into the depths of her rectum with my own orgasm.

Limp at last we cuddled in our mutual afterglow, our mouths mingling in soft caresses until sleep overcame us together.


The morning arrived before dawn heralded by a slap on Laura’s bare butt from Jack that awoke us both. He and Mae stood beside our bed sharing their nakedness with us. Her girlish nudity was enfolded in his arms, her sundress clutched in her hands, her delectable little body offering its charms to Laura and I in the light of the lamp beside us, the girl’s long light tresses in wild disarray over her shoulders and back, her luscious little breasts embraced by his forearm.

For a moment I thought our first foursome was about to begin but the utter satiation of both my cock and his argued otherwise. Clearly these gorgeous girls had fucked us both into total submission, and by the time our energies had returned daylight would be upon us.

“Time to get dressed and go home ‘Cum-Twat’ before the neighbors wake up,” he laughed. His nickname for Laura would soon become familiar to Mae and I. With a sigh Laura lifted herself from my bosom and sat up in the bed, feeling for her tresses and trying to bring some order to them as she gazed at Mae.

“Did you have a good night, darling?” she smiled.

“Yes!” the girl giggled with a glance up at Jack. “It was very …satisfying.”

“Great!. Would you say Mae that this might be the first of many such nights to cum?”, Laura’s emphasis on the last word an unmistakable pun for orgasm.

“I’m willing if you are,” Mae laughed.

“How about it guys,” Laura sighed lifting herself to her knees and stretching her gorgeous figure before us, “where shall we do it?”

“How about right here” I offered.

“Sure. Looks like you’ve got the beds for it, and we party over here all the time anyhow,” Jack agreed.

“I think a King-size bed would be better than Mister’s studio couch don’t you Mae?” Laura smiled at her.

“I guess it could be…” the girl smiled back.

“Are we all up for a party tonight?” Laura asked slipping out of bed and reaching for Jack’s limp penis.

With a giggle Mae slithered out of his grasp so Laura could fondle his organ, and then Laura reached back for mine. Her hands slid knowingly over our shafts bringing both Jack and I only to the thresholds of our erections again.

“Looks like these guys aren’t quite ready for both of us now darling,” Laura laughed meaningfully at the girl and I caught the widening of Mae’s eyes as she grasped the implications of the remark.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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