Connor’s Fingers

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Big Dicks

Author’s Note: All characters engaging in any sexual acts are over the age of 18 years.

Edited by: WAA01

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Laura rushed to answer the doorbell. Connor, her brother, was supposed to arrive two hours ago but his flight had gotten delayed. She couldn’t hold in her excitement as she fiercely hugged him.

“Hey, Sis!” Connor called out as he scooped his big sister into a bear hug.

“I missed you!” She replied laughing and giggling happily, wrapping her arms around his neck.

Connor returned her enthusiasm with equal force. He chuckled as he lifted her up in his arms, “I missed you more!”

“Not possible in a million years,” she snorted and ruffled his hair playfully.

He shrugged in defeat as he gently set her back on the floor before he brought in his luggage. It was only a single bag.

“That’s it?” Laura peeked out in the hallway. She added when she couldn’t find anything else, “Where’s the rest of it?”

“Um… it’s all I have.”


“I figured buying stuff would be more in line with my abstemious lifestyle.” He said with a shrug.

“Abstemious is it?” Laura snorted at him, “Look at you with the fancy words.”

“Of course, now that my big sister’s a hotshot executive at her law firm, how can I afford to not learn some “fancy” words?” Connor smirked.

She rolled her eyes as if she was unimpressed by his flattery while inwardly her heart soared at his indirect praise, “If you keep this up, you will be a big hit at the weekend.”

“Weekend?” He asked her, a look of intrigue in his eyes.

She feigned nonchalance, “A little something, I set up,” she tried hard to be calm as she continued, “You know… since you’ve moved here and all.”

“Ah… really?”

“Nothing too big… just some of my friends, and,” she paused for effect. She observed him with the corner of her eyes and then added with a smile when he looked like he was getting impatient, “…Maggie.”

“I love you!” Connor embraced her and pecked her cheeks while shouting, “You’re the best sister ever!”

She flicked her locks behind her head and with a smug smile commented, “Of course, I am.” Still held tight in his arms, she mused, “Hmmm… Did you call Mom yet?”

“Oh, Shit!” Connor spouted out.

Laura had to shake her head at her brother’s carelessness. Their mother must be hyperventilating by now. Even if her fear of airplanes was irrational, it didn’t hurt to tell her when he landed.

“I guess he’s cute that way…”

She stared at his figure. His face had matured a bit since she last saw him a few months ago. He didn’t exactly have a baby-face but he looked a lot younger than his age of twenty-three. With his six-foot-tall and athletic frame as well as the sharpening features on his square face, definitely, he was handsome, she thought.

“The job hunt had him worried… The hair is also back to the natural black.”

Laura ran her fingers through his hair as she passed him on the way to the kitchen. “I didn’t like the bleached hair look anyway.”

“Get changed, I’m preparing dinner,” she knew it would be a while before he got off the phone. Their mother’s “love” wasn’t to be underestimated in these kinds of situations.

“It’s hard being the only man in the family, having to constantly deal with suffocating affectation of all the women,” She sighed and turned away from his pitiful eyes. She had long become immune to his begging looks. It would be madness to try to make an excuse for him now when their mother was going ballistic.


Connor tiptoed behind her to catch her off guard. She was focused on her work and didn’t seem to notice his presence, or that was what he thought.

“Stop being a creep and help me,” Laura commented without turning back.

“Oh, you knew?” He replied drily, unamused by his apparent failure.

“Of course I would know if someone’s ogling at my ass!” she spoke teasingly and twerked her hypnotic butt as she felt his receding gaze.

“You wish,” Connor scoffed, unperturbed by the obvious provocation. He pecked her head from behind and then mumbled, “So…”

“Just dice them in small pieces and then you can go back to being a creep who checks out his own sister,” she giggled by the end of her words.

Connor was shaken this time around and defended himself, “I- I wasn’t really-“

“Haha… I know Baby!”

She gave him a soft kiss on his cheek and said in an apologetic tone, “I was messing with you,” with a twinkle in her eye and her lips pouted, she added, “Sorry!”

“You know I don’t like it when you do that, right?” He commented in her direction in an annoyed tone, but only after a few seconds of uncomfortable silence.

“I casino oyna know… but I hadn’t seen you for so long so…” Laura’s lips curved in a sly, almost evil smile as she swirled the ladle stirring the contents of the pot.

He was amazed at her words. It was the first time that he had heard someone say something so nonsensical. He often wondered about that, about why she liked to make him cringe. He knew a lot of other siblings that were close but Laura was too unique in how she acted with him.

He started to chop the veggies with a knife and asked her, “So how would it work?”

“What? Work what?”

“You know… should we take the same car or…”

“Oh, so you want to ride with me?” She turned to look at him, a sensuous smile on her lips, “Or…”

“Don’t Laura-” Connor was already shaking his head at what was about to come next.

“Or ride me?” She burst in giggles, her eyes locked on to her brother’s steely gaze.


“Fine… Fine… It was the last time.” She relented as she thought about all the time she would have now that her brother was going to stay with her.

“I promise,” she insisted under his glare.

“And yes we will go together…Unless you have other ideas?”

“I don’t know. I’m a little nervous to work under you-” He planted his face in his palm as he realized what he’d just said.

“Oh yeah?” Laura was chewing her lips in order to not make a quip. She kept stirring the curry to hold back from laughing.

He, though, ignored her, “It’s my first serious job and it’s… you’ll be kind of my safety blanket but-” He stopped midway as she thrust a spoon in his mouth.

“How’s it?”


Her eyes lit up at the praise. Connor smiled at her inwardly and then continued, “But it’s also a little awkward? Don’t you think it will be awkward?”

“Why?” She sprinkled some seasoning before she turned to face him, “A lot of families work together in the same place. Why would it be awkward?”

“But you are different!” He added in the same vein, “You are too crazy and embarrassing.”

She was stunned for a second before she raged and twisted his ear, “You little shit!”

“I get you a wonderful job, let you stay at my place, and you…you are embarrassed by me?”

“Sorry! Sorry!” Connor realized that his attempt at a joke might have sounded a tad too rude and that apologizing was the best option to placate Laura.

“You can forget about the party that I had planned for the weekend and definitely forget about-” She started to say but was interrupted by Conner’s antics.

He had already put the knife to the side when she twisted his ear so he was able to quickly turn around and clasp his hands to beg for mercy. He knew that she was very different when in public, that she seemed to reserve this act only for his eyes, yet he was afraid of the possibility of her reverting back to her past self. He shuddered inwardly at the ominous thought. He didn’t want to be the butt of the joke at his new job — he knew there’d be some of the ‘newbie’ ribbing but he didn’t want to give them too much ammo — especially when Laura seemed to take quite a lot of pleasure when embarrassing him.

Laura flicked his forehead and hummed good-naturedly, “You’ll see how it is when you start next week.”

“Now be quick,” she shooed him, “I’m famished.”

“Fine,” He sighed as he picked up the knife. A thin smile came upon his face as he watched her pretend to be sulking.

“Oh shit!” Connor yelped, suddenly.

“What?” Laura responded to his shout and jumped up from the dining table.

“I cut myself,” He showed her his bloody finger.

Her eyes widened incredulously. She jumped up to him and pulled him towards the sink. Gently, she washed his finger under the cold flow of water. Connor smiled at her panicked state. It wasn’t anything big, in his opinion, and he found her overt reaction cute. In under a minute, he felt better, almost, as good as ever. But not Laura, she panicked when a tiny drop of blood oozed out from the barely visible cut.

“Why isn’t the blood stopping?” She glanced around to find something when suddenly she halted. Her expression changed to one of realization as she brought his finger to her mouth and sucked it in.

“What are you doing?!” He chuckled at her childish act. She often did this; “saliva therapy” was what she called it.

Laura glared at him as if warning him to be quiet. She couldn’t find any bandage and it was the only thing that came to mind at the time. She snorted at him for taking her care lightly. If he wasn’t her brother, she wouldn’t suck his finger just because of a little cut even if the sky was falling around them.

He rolled his eyes. He prayed in his mind that she would let him off sooner rather than later. It was uncomfortable to stand still with his finger in her mouth, and not only because of the tickling sensation. His gaze stayed at his sister in the quiet room.

Laura canlı casino looked a lot better than the last time he had seen her at home. It wasn’t a terrible breakup, she simply got cold feet and backed out of the marriage, luckily way before the scheduled date, but she did look a bit down and exhausted because of it. But now with the promotion and everything she was back to her best. Her brown eyes looked sharp, yet gentle, and her dark hair, she had let it grow out longer than ever, reached down to her waist. And with the ideal figure of 36C-26-36 on her 5’6″ athletic frame, calling her a beauty would be a gross understatement. Even when she was dressed in simple jeans and a tee, she looked impossibly hot.

He tilted a little to breathe in her scent. “Musky,” he commented to himself with a smile on his face. The tingling in his finger gave rise to a shiver in his spine as her tongue licked the underside of it. Unconsciously, he narrowed the distance, close enough to be able to hear her heartbeat. She was focused on the “healing” and thus didn’t notice when he had started to fixedly stare at her. He grew aware of the proximity and also of the impure urges that had started to surface with each slow lick.

Laura glanced up to see him peeking but this time she didn’t break out in a teasing smile or an ill-timed quip. Their eyes met and she became stiff to her soul. His gaze was blazing hot and her heart skipped a beat. She felt herself heating up but her eyes never left his gaze. Then it happened, and it rocked her to her core. He was gentle but there was no doubt that he had meant it when he pushed his finger further inside and pulled it back only to thrust it back.

“Ooh!” She cooed and swallowed the excess saliva, to keep it from drooling from the corners of her mouth.

Connor felt a thrill like never before. He traced her full red lips with his thumb and it made him gulp when he saw that her fair cheeks had reddened, as had her neck. He couldn’t believe what was happening between them, as if it was all a lie, as if it was an alternate reality, but he liked it, and he liked it a lot.

Laura, too shocked to move and stunned by his action, was passive as he thrust in his finger and her grip on his hand loosened. With each passing thrust of his finger, she felt more and more as if her legs would give in. Then she did it, she was passive no more. She flicked her tongue and sucked in his thick finger. The noise produced due to the crazy suction drove her wild. She glanced down to see a tent had formed in his shorts and she lost herself at the sight.

“Ooh!” she cooed again, this time lost to her carnal urges.

His thumb pressed her lips against her teeth to elicit a growl from her. Her wild eyes, filled with lust made his dick hard. It was like a connection had formed between his finger and his cock. And when she glanced down to his crotch he almost came at her convulsing reaction.

Laura panted crazily while his finger played with her tongue. Her mouth was wet and her saliva dripped to the floor. Her eyes remain fixed on his jumping dick as if she could pierce the thin cloth. His thick finger rubbed across the inside of her cheeks and over the tiny bumps within.

It was hot and moist. It felt as if his finger was on fire. He kept thrusting it in and out, and his dick kept pulsing up and down. She boldly sucked it. Her head made round motions and her lips circled around it. She was still looking down at his cock when suddenly she spotted a wet circle starting to form around the tip of his erect dick.


She moaned dreamily. Her head tilted back and she shut her eyes. It was too much for her and for Connor who was taken by surprise to see her shaking body. He almost shot his load in his shorts when she slobbered over his finger like she was taking his cock inside her throat.

He gazed down at her pointed nipples, dark and puffy they looked to him, from what he could make out under the thin white t-shirt. He wanted to put his hands to them but the round, screw-like motion of Laura’s head took his breath away.

She sought out his flesh like a hungry tigress. Her lips had encased his fingers in them; too firm to let even a bit of air inside, yet gentle enough to not scrape them for even a bit. He felt his blood rush to his extremities just as it had to his cock. Throbbing, the tips of his fingers as well as his dick, they were throbbing in impatience.

No thoughts, legal or moral, other than the one about how hot she looked and how sexy she was at the moment came to his mind. He didn’t worry about anything because…he couldn’t, as was the lure of the woman sucking his fingers, such was the charm of Laura, his sister.

It was hypnotizing, the jiggling of her tits. “There’s no bra,” he had thought when he had embraced her earlier, and now he knew for sure. He ogled them, caressed them in his mind until the loud slurping sounds distracted him from it. Their gazes met once more and their kaçak casino lust overflowed.

Laura hadn’t felt this way before, the taboo situation fanned her flames and the only thing she knew at the moment was to suck. And suck she did, with all her heart and soul. It was just so… Liberating, that was the feeling that ran through her. She had forgotten how it had started, how she had gone from relieving his discomfort to sucking him, and how she had been reduced to this state. But all these things didn’t matter to her, and neither did the fact that it was her brother who had stoked her fire so. He wanted her, she could see it in his eyes, in his being, and that was enough.

“Ooh fuck!” Connor growled as he fed her his fingers, there were two of them inside her mouth. The pleasure and the exhilarating feeling of seeing this hot woman hanging on his digits was something else, and it was all the more intensified because it was his sister. No words were enough to define how he felt to see her fuck him with her eyes, to see her go wild. Her hair was frizzy and her lips were red. The heat of her body and the scent of her skin, and the locks of her hair pasted over her forehead due to the beads of sweat, they all made her look… divine.

“A vision,” he murmured.

He felt it then, like his cock would tear through his shorts. The wet spot was well and truly visible and the thin smell of pre-cum permeated the air between them. He felt himself losing control; like the walls would crumble if he held back any longer; it was as if his dick was getting sucked and not his fingers. The veins on his cock bulged with each flick of her tongue on his nails like they would burst open if any more blood flowed into them. He raised his other hand to clutch her long, beautiful, hair and pull her down…


The phone ringing broke their trance. With a jerk, they separated. Too ashamed to look each other in eyes, they gazed at the damn phone.

“It’s Mom.”

“You should take it.”

“Yes I should,” She whispered and moved to take the phone without a further glance.


Connor silently watched Laura as she moved through the house doing the last minute adjustments before the party. It had been a few days since that day. Things had been awkward and tough. They hadn’t talked about it or talked in general. He had been debating whether he should follow her lead and pretend that it had never happened or say something about it.

After all, they were a phone call away from fucking each other’s brains out. And no sane siblings would do that, should do that. A lot of time he just wanted to run away, even going back to his mother’s seemed a better idea but he really needed the job, or that’s what he kept telling himself. It wasn’t like he couldn’t find another job, maybe even one that paid better, still, he held on. He didn’t want to give any impression to his mother that something untoward had happened between him and Laura, or that’s what he kept telling himself.

The truth was… he was scared. He was scared that he hadn’t had a good night’s sleep. He didn’t know if there was ever a way to repair their relationship after that evening or if Laura would ever go back to being herself, but he knew that whatever tiny chance there was that she would ever forgive him, it would go poof if he stepped away from her. So he soldiered on and counted the days till he too started work. And the little “shindig” seemed heaven-sent to him, Laura loved these types of things and he prayed that somehow it would help thaw the ice.

The awkwardness and the constant excuses to dodge each other had been taking its toll on Connor. Though he had always acted as if he disliked her “witty” come-backs and free-spirited behavior, the truth was that he didn’t mind it very much but was too ashamed to tell her. He didn’t mind it when Laura would lean into him on the sofa, when suddenly sometimes she would caress his cheeks, when she would embrace him softly as soon as she laid eyes on him at the end of a busy evening; in fact, he enjoyed it all; he enjoyed it immensely whenever she spoiled him. But he found it embarrassing to admit it to her.

Now this tension was killing him. It made him want to disappear. So he tried to silently recede to the far end of the room hoping to fade into the background, away from her gaze. But to his sorrow, he seemed to end up getting in her way again and again.

Finally, Laura had had enough of it and glared at him menacingly with her hands on her waist. Her nose flared up as she yelled, “What the fuck?!”

“I-I just…”

“Why don’t you try to help? It’s all for you, you know?!”

“… Yes, I’ll help. Of course, I will!” Connor said, happily. It was like an oasis in the middle of the desert. He had never been so glad to help anyone in his life.

“Stick this,” She handed him a colorful streamer which read “WELCOME” and pointed to the wall, “…there.” He did as told. And for the next hour, he followed behind her like a puppy, obediently listening to all her commands. It wasn’t anything exhausting and he liked it that they were talking to each other again, even if only short sentences.

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