Hearts and Flowers

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Hearts & Flowers and All That Sappy Shit!

It’s here, another Valentines Day and another day to remind us single people how undesirable we are. Do I sound a little ticked off with Valentines Day, hell yeah. I am so sick of seeing red hearts all over everything. Red roses, fancy lingerie, sappy “I love you cards and many reminders of romance. Let’s just say YUCK.

So what about those of us who are alone? Do we need all of these reminders that we have no partner? No, we feel bad enough already. It’s so depressing for me and was once fun is now just a day to get drunk and forget about it.

I must have been thinking this aloud one day while waiting for the bus to take me to work. I was staring at a store display full of all of this Valentines Day stuff, a fat little cupid looking stupid in his diaper pointing his arrow out at the crowd. I am sure I was frowning too and thinking all of these really horrible things I wanted to do to cupid. ‘Does he really need those wings? I would love to rip the things off the little bastard.’ I thought, then I heard a snort of laughter behind me. Turning I saw a younger man about twenty or so.

He was dressed in jeans and an army style jacket. His hair looked like it needed cut and he had a little scruff of a beard on his chin. All of these things together gave him a casual but handsome appearance, perfect for his age. When I turned to look at him he leaned close and said, “We think the same, I think it’s dumb too.” It was then I realized I had spoken aloud. I was embarrassed; I was old enough to know better than to do that.

“Ummm, Yeah.” I grumbled my face as red as those damn Valentines hearts.

The bus came and I hurried onboard and sat down. I was looking out the window kicking my ass for being so stupid earlier. I felt someone sit in the seat beside me. I turned to see the young man who had laughed earlier. “My name is Jordan. Nobody else heard what you said.” He said with a smile on his face.

“Hello Jordan. Thanks I feel pretty stupid right now. I have a few bad memories of Valentines, made me bitter I suppose.” I said to him trying to explain what I had mistakenly said aloud.

“No problem. Just wanted to tell you nobody else heard you. Here’s my stop, bye.” He rose and walked to the door. I watched his ass as he walked away ‘hmm not bad, too young though.’ I thought. He turned before he got off the bus and waved. I waved back hoping he did not feel my eyes on his backside as he walked away.

All day long the same old dull job kept me occupied. “I’m in a rut.’ I thought. I need something new to excite me.’ The day finally ended and I trudged out to the bus stop, the bus was a bit early so I ran to the stop only to slip on the ice twisting my ankle and falling right on my ass. As I got to my feet the bus pulled away. “Shit!” I was almost ready to cry, my ankle was throbbing and starting to swell. I hobbled over to the bus stop bench and sat on it. It was cold but I could not stand and wait thirty minutes for the next one.

The tears started to fall; this was one of the worst days of my life. I mean I was really gonna start bawling, and I very seldom cry. I was slumped over, my shoulders shaking with my sobs. I felt a hand upon my shoulder and a hand came into my blurred vision with a Kleenex in it. Great now someone feels sorry for me! I took it and wiped my eyes then I looked up to see Jordan there.

“I’m sorry I forgot your name, but it looks like you need this. I saw you slip, is your ankle ok?”

“I never gave my name Jordan, and no I think I sprained it. I’ll be ok, the next bus comes in thirty minutes.”

“Ummm, that was the last bus. Can I buy you a cup of coffee and then get you a cab? I can’t let you sit alone here in the dark.” I know he was basically a stranger to me, but instinct told me he would not hurt me, so I took a chance and went with him.

“Ok, thanks Jordan.” I said and I stood on my one good foot and tested my weight on the injured one. Pain raced up my leg; it must have showed on my face because Jordan took my arm and placed it around his neck.

“Let’s go my new friend. I still don’t know your name.” He said with a chuckle.

We hobbled across the street to the diner, an old style Mom n Pop place with red vinyl booths and those red round stools at the counter. The place was right out of the fifties; worn looking, but clean and warm. We hobbled over to a booth and I sat down with relief. Jordan picked my injured leg up and sat it up on the other seat, his hand lingering a little on my leg, then sat beside my foot.

“Just what is your name anyway? Or do I have to give you one?”

I could not help myself, I laughed, something I had not done in a long time. “Hope.”

“Hope what?” he asked me.

I laughed again “my name is Hope, isn’t that ironic? I don’t have any hope left anymore.” My bitterness was surfacing once more. I had been hurt very badly about a year ago, in fact last Valentines Day. I had been dating a man for three years; we were just talking about moving in together casino şirketleri things had gotten that serious between us. It had been going so well, till Valentines Day. I saw him buying a big vase of red roses and a smaller bunch of three roses. I had thought he had bought his secretary the three roses, and I was so happy all day. That night we were going out for a late dinner and when he arrived, he gave me the three roses. I was crushed, but I didn’t say anything. I was quiet all evening.

We went back home and had one drink, and then he told me he had to go, an early meeting he said. He left and I could not sleep so I went down to the corner coffee shop. I sat inside with my coffee and thoughts when I saw him walk by with the vase of roses. I was in shock, I was also angry with him, so I followed him, he went right to my best friends home and rang the bell. She answered in a slinky dress and he gave her the roses. She kissed him on the mouth; a deep kiss letting me know it was not a friendship kiss but a sexual one.

I called his cell phone and saw him answer. “You asshole! Look across the street.” I yelled into the phone. When he turned and saw me; both of them turned white. I turned and went home, never to speak with either of them again. I was still hurting a full year later. The memories still fresh in my mind.

“Hope, are you ok?” The question pulling me out of my dark thoughts.

“Huh? O yeah, sorry was daydreaming I guess.”

“What can I get you two?” the waitress asked, she looked like she had been here since the fifties too.

“Coffee, black for me.” I said

“Make it two.” Jordan said.

“Gotcha. Be back in jiff.” The waitress said. ‘She really is a hoot.’ I thought.

“So Hope, you work around here? I just moved in and do not know many people yet.”

“Yeah, I work down the block. Job is boring but pays well. Sorry I have been having a rough time lately, I am not good company.” I said ‘that’s the understatement of the year.’ I thought wryly.

The coffee arrived and our waitress said, “Enjoy your date!” and winked. We both laughed, ‘why had I never came here before? It’s fun.’

“Will you?” he asked

“Will I what?”

“Go out with me?” Jordan asked. “As a friend, I don’t know anyone.”

“Jordan how old are you?”

“Twenty. Does it matter?”

“If it’s just as friends no, but if you were asking more, then yes it does matter! But you asked as friend, so sure after my foot feels better.” I told him. ‘What the hell, maybe I can have some fun for a change.’ I thought.

“Ok, you asked how old I was, turnaround, how old are you?”

“Jordan, I am old and it’s not nice to ask a lady her age.” Now I was teasing him, I could not help it, he made me laugh and I really needed to laugh now. He had the funniest look on his face and I started to laugh again. He looked upset now, I think he thought I was making fun of him, but I was not. “I’m sorry Jordan, I was teasing you, the look on your face was priceless. I am thirty-nine.”

“Awwww that’s not old and you know it. It’s a hot age for a woman. At least I can talk to you and you don’t act silly like a lot of young women do. I just don’t understand them.”

“Thanks, I think. Where do you work Jordan?”

“I don’t. Well not yet I am looking for a job. Any openings around, can I be your assistant?” he asked and grinned a huge grin. The conversation continued on and the coffee was gone, I was having so much fun with Jordan I did not notice the time. The waitress shut off a few lights and I looked at my watch.

“O my god! It’s late, I have to get home I have work tomorrow!”

We grabbed a cab because there was no way I could walk home on that ankle. Jordan helped me up the stairs to my door. “Hope, about that date, I was serious, can we go out and have some fun?”

He was nice, he was fun and my life sucked. Maybe Jordan was the excitement I needed in my life; tonight had been a lot of fun. “Ok, we can go out, it might be fun, got a paper and pen? I’ll give you my number and you call me ok?” I gave him the number thinking I would never hear from him again. I went inside and pulled off my shoe and stocking. My ankle was swollen and purple. I put an ice pack on it and went to bed.

Friday afternoon my phone rang “Hey Hope, how’s the ankle? Wanna go out?”

I did know who it was right away and it took me a few minutes to figure out who was calling me. I had forgotten that Jordan had asked me out, I thought he was joking anyway. “The ankle is better thanks. Umm, are you sure you want to go out with me Jordan? I mean people will stare at us.”

“Let em look, they will all be jealous about my good looking friend! Yeah I wanna go out with you, we had a lot of fun the other night and that was just coffee.”

He was right, we did have fun, I should go and the hell with other people thought. “Ok we can go out, what time?” ‘Was I crazy going out with a twenty year old? Probably.’ I thought.

“Pick you up? Or meet at a club?”

“Pick me up, nine ok?”

“You casino firmaları got it Hope! See ya later!”

He sounded so happy on the phone. I think we were going to have fun, I had not been this happy for a long time. I was really looking forward to tonight. He mentioned a club; I had not been to one of those in years. I was nervous about this, but excited also. The day dragged on and finally ended. I decided to walk past a few stores on my way home, I could use something a little wild to wear. Most of my wardrobe looked like a thirty-nine year old woman’s, mostly because I was a thirty-nine year old woman. I could us something a little trendier for tonight.

I walked past a shoe store, there were all of those damned hearts in the window, but they did not seem to bother me as much anymore. I looked beyond them and saw a pair of leopard print stilettos, ‘Whoa! Now those are cool! Did people even say cool anymore?’ No matter, I went inside and tried them on, they fit perfectly and made my legs look a mile long. I bought them. Shoes like that need a very short skirt I thought. I went into the next store and ended up buying a short black shirt, a black silk camisole and leopard print silk scarf. I could wear my leather jacket. I had my outfit, if people are going to stare at me I might as well make it worth their while.

I went home made myself something to eat and jumped into the shower. The water felt so nice trailing down my body, warm, soft and slightly erotic all on it’s own. I shampooed my hair the smell of Pantene shampoo filling the bathroom, fingers massaging my head gently. I rinsed and then added the conditioner to my long hair which hand been pinned up for so long I did not realize just how long it had really gotten. I shaved what needed to be shaved rinsed my hair and got out of the shower. I dried off and slathered some strawberry scented body butter on my legs to give them some shine. I painted my toenails fire engine red; then towel dried my long hair. It has a slight curl to it so I do not have to spend hours on it, just let it dry and the wildest waves appear. ‘Very appropriate for clubbing and leopard print stilettos.’ I thought and grinned to myself.

I went over to the mirror and put on my make-up, black eyeliner, gold shadow, black mascara, red lipstick and a shimmer on my cheeks. ‘I don’t look like myself at all’ I thought. ‘Maybe that’s a good thing, change might be what I need.’

I dressed in my new outfit and sprayed on my favorite perfume. The scent of Red Door wafted through the room, it was a strong scent but it had always smelled so good on me. I had just put on the stilettos when the doorbell rang. “Be right there.” I yelled.

I hurried to the door, flinging it open without looking, not something I usually do, only to see my ex standing there. I frowned “What do you want?” and stood so he could not enter my apartment without pushing me over.

“Wow! You look good! Can we talk? I really need to talk to you.”

“No. I have a date, you have to leave, and I do not ever want to talk to you again.” I said frostily. I tried to close the door but he held it open.

“Please Hope?” he was almost begging.

“No, please leave.” ‘What had I ever seen in this jackass?’ I did manage to get the door closed this time.

The doorbell rang again a few minutes later; I was so frustrated I yelled, “What do you want?”

“It’s Jordan.”

Now I felt really dumb again. I opened the door to see my ex still in hall his eyes almost popping out of his head. I pulled Jordan inside and quickly closed the door again. “That man in the hall is my ex. He came here about five minutes ago begging to talk to me; I will never speak to him again. Why is he still out there? He was staring because I said I had a date, I was trying to get him to leave.” I said.

“It’s ok Hope, and you do have a date. With me. What do you want to do?”

“Let’s go out anyway ok? I need to have some fun. I will call a cab and when it gets here we will rush down to it and get in it. He can’t follow us that way.”

“Great idea!”

I called the cab and we waited. We decided which club to go to just talked about things in general. We found we liked the same type of music and some of the same type of hobbies. The cab finally arrived and we rushed past my ex in the hall down the stairs to the awaiting cab. We jumped inside seeing my ex in the back window as we drove away, both of us started to laugh. It was rather funny seeing his red and angry face.

We got to the club and went inside, the music was loud and pounding, and the place was about two-thirds full, by midnight it would be packed. We grabbed a booth and ordered drinks. The waitress looked at us strangely and took our orders. “Jordan, I think she thought I was your Mom!” and then I started to giggle.

“Really? No way you’re too hot to be my Mom.” Then he winked at me, which made me laugh again, he was so much fun and so easy to be with.

I blushed slightly, our drinks came and they tasted pretty good, soon we were güvenilir casino on the second drink. Jordan grabbed my hand “Let’s dance!”

“Noooo, I am a horrible dancer.” But it did sound fun. So I let him pull me onto the dance floor. His hand was warm in mine and soon we were dancing like crazy. My hips moved with a beat of their own, I could feel Jordan’s hands on them; the music was weaving a spell around us. He was slowly pulling me closer to him; our bodies were bumping against one another now. His hands slid around my waist and he pulled me against him, still moving he looked into my eyes. I looked back, our eyes locked together now. No way in hell were we going to be ‘just friends’ and we both knew it.

Our bodies were locked together and both of us were getting very aroused when I felt a hand that was not Jordan’s on me. I was pulled around and up against a tall blonde haired man who was slightly drunk. “My turn! Dance with me sexy lady.” He slurred. ‘Ughh a horny drunk.’ I thought.

“One dance, then I must go.” I told him. “Jordan grab us a drink and I’ll join you at the table ok?” I danced with the drunk and then pushed him off me to see him grab another unsuspecting woman and force her to dance with him. I walked to our booth and slid in beside Jordan. He was quiet, not like him at all. “What’s wrong?”

“How can you flirt with another man when you are out with me?” He was jealous and perhaps a little angry.

“I was not flirting with him, I was avoiding a fight with a drunk. Are you jealous?” I asked him teasingly.

“Damn straight! You are my hot date, I don’t like when others flirt with you.”

“Awwww Jordan, we are just friends remember?”

“I want more. I knew it the minute we danced. I saw you dance with the drunk it was different than with me.” He said.

I was shocked. Ok maybe I did find him attractive when we danced, ok maybe I really wanted to jump his bones right then, but it was all sexual. “Jordan, I don’t know if I could date you, you are nineteen years younger than me.”

“So what? I like you, I want you. Tell the rest of them to piss off.”

“Let’s just see what happens ok? I wanna have some fun.”

“Ok.” He said and sat close to me our legs touching in the shadowy booth. I looked up at him and he was looking at me with passion filled eyes. It just happened he kissed me on the mouth. It was a passion filled kiss; hard and hot upon my mouth, his hand holding my head; his fingers entwined in my hair. His lips were both hard and soft on mine, demanding but tender. My insides were melting with his kiss; he pulled away “I don’t think either of us will be able to stop what we feel.”

I did not reply, because I did not know what to say, my feelings were in turmoil. I knew he was right, but was it right to be with someone so much younger? The confusion must have shown on my face for he took my hand and kissed it “We’ll let nature decide for us ok?”

“Ok.” Maybe it was the booze or the fact that my body was screaming for his touch. My treacherous body was betraying me in the sweetest way. I knew I wanted him in my life, in my bed and deep inside of me. I held his hand tightly and pulled him closer to me, I whispered into his ear, “let’s go back to my place.” He did not answer but kissed me again, hard, his passion clear and he placed my hand upon his cock.

His cock was hard as his kiss had been. “Hope, look what you do to me. I would love to go to your place, but are we ready for that? I want to, but do you? Honestly?” His voice husky

“Yes Jordan, I want to.” I took his hand and slid it up my skirt letting him feel how wet I had become. “If we do not go soon we will be kicked out for being lewd in a public place.”

We left the club in a hurry, our hands touching each other everywhere. Making out in the cab ride back to my apartment. Oblivious to the stares people gave us, we just didn’t care anymore. We rushed upstairs hardly making it inside; Jordan pushed me up against the wall and kissed me again sliding his hand beneath my skirt. He pulled my red lace thong aside and shoved his fingers inside me. It was rough but we were so aroused that it felt just right. I came right away flooding his hand with my juices and watched as he pulled from me and brought it to his lips inhaling my fragrance.

When he did this my juices ran down my legs to the floor. Jordan saw this and groaned, he picked me up in his arms and carried me into my bedroom and threw me onto the bed, falling on top of me. Our hands everywhere undoing zippers, buttons and other various clasps until both of us were naked as the day we were born. Only then did we slow down, mostly to explore and appreciate each other touching, kissing, licking and sucking each other.

Jordan pushed me down “I can’t wait any more.” And shoved his hard cock deep within me. I shuddered and came again, flooding his cock with my cum. He grew very rigid and shuddered and came deeply. I wanted more from him and he was young so I knew I could easily get what I wanted from him. I clenched the muscles of my pussy around his cock before it went soft and squeezed. His eyes flew open in surprise and his cock did not soften, slowly I released him and squeezed again. I could see he was becoming aroused again so I let him go this time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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