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# # #

I know what people would think if they only knew…

Foremost, that it was my fault, and that I corrupted an innocent woman… the woman in question being my sister.

Second, that my sister Isn’t to blame for what happened: she just fell in with my evil influences, and didn’t know because no one else was there to tell her sex with her own brother was wrong, immoral and against the law.

The truth is – and God help me, it IS the truth! – I’m no more to blame than the Man-in-the-Moon for what happened. I swear! Okay… you want to be convinced? Fine, I’ll start back at the beginning…


Jenna is my baby sister. Born five years after I was, she wasn’t exactly expected since Mom had Dad get a vasectomy so they couldn’t have any more kids. Trouble is, the operation wasn’t completely on the ball. So when I was four-and-a-half, Mom announced that I was going to have a little sister to look after in nine months.

Trust me on this, we weren’t callous about her arrival… in fact, you never saw such love heaped on a single child ever before, when the cute little red-haired bundle of joy that was my sister arrived on the scene. Mom and Dad had to struggle for a bit – considering they didn’t have nearly all the finances needed to raise two kids (even though they were only 28 and 32, respectively, and had both jobs to work) – but, somehow they made it work out for the best.

Jenna and I never lacked for food or clothing or generally anything. Okay, so maybe we didn’t have all the latest toys, or got to go out to eat all the time, but we made do.

So, now back to Jenna… She’s twenty-two now, but all of this could be traced right back to when she was a lot younger. Now, granted I’m no pedophile (thank God!), but to understand why stuff came to pass, you have to know what my baby sister was like in those early years.

Mom often made the comment that because Jenna was conceived during a rather rambunctious round of sex between her and Dad, that’s why Jenna had some odd quirks as a child.

Odd, you ask?

For starters, Jenna had no sense of personal shame or modesty. From the time she was potty trained on, if she could get away without wearing any clothing, that’s what she did. And it didn’t matter that the family had guests or anyone over for a visit, either! The folks could have been entertaining the local Vicar and his wife, and then HOWDY… there she comes with nothing on but bright red curls and a smile, walking out into the middle of everyone and everything.

Embarrassing to be sure, but that’s not the half of it.

Jenna’s also one of those people that loves to show her affections openly. If she likes you, she’ll hug you like you need to have the wax shot out of your ears… and watch out if you’re sitting down! That’s an invitation for her to hop onto your lap and give you the modified version of her bear hug.

You can only imagine what the Vicar was thinking after one appearance from Jenna, sans clothing.

The thing of it is, Jenna is completely indifferent to the fact that society frowns on public nudity. As far as my little sister is concerned, the rest of the world can go jump off a bridge. She loves being naked, and it will be a cold day in Hades before she’ll change… well, that’s not entirely true. After one too many ‘naked time’ visits with unsuspecting guests, Mom and Dad finally convinced her that she could still do her thing. For the sake of future guests, they told her she needed to at least put on a nightie or something, when company came calling!

That’s the state of things that followed: Jenna still continued to stay naked at home, only wearing clothes to go to school, or out of the house in general. As she got older, Mom and Dad gave up completely on trying to keep her covered. They figured it was like trying to teach a fish to breath out of water… it just wasn’t going to work!

So, that’s the way it’s been for my family, living with a certified, dyed-in-the-wool nudist at home.

So where do I fit in on this?

In all honesty, I grew up pretty much normal – well, as normal as any boy could with a sister living with him in a more-or-less constant state of nakedness – and through my teenage years developed a regular, normal sex life. In all the time I lived with Jenna while she was growing up, I never once though of her in any sort of sexual way (again, reinforcing my earlier statement on pedophilia!). To me, having my baby sister walk around naked wasn’t any big deal.

Personally, I wished at the time I had her moxie to do that, but as a child I was pretty shy about even being seen in my underwear, much less naked.

So, life for my family marched on. Eventually, when I turned eighteen, I left home to go to college, and struck out to get a degree in computers. It was rough to leave the comforts of home, but I soon adapted to college life, and did quite well in my studies. I got my Bachelor’s, and decided to go for a Master’s, and ended up extending my college casino şirketleri life another three years to do it.

During this time, I continued to date and have a social life. I met many girls and had a great time with them – even sex – but for the most part I stayed single and unattached.

Which eventually brought me to the point I know you’ve been waiting for. And believe me, the one most shocked about what happened was me!

# # #

It happened just after the end of Spring Semester that second year I was in college. I was all of 22, and Finals had just ended. I was looking forward to heading home for a three-month break before starting classes again that fall. I’d skipped Spring Break and any vacation time just after Christmas the last year, just so I could concentrate on my studies and earn the best marks that I could get. So, after my last test was over, I packed up and headed back home.

When I got there after a two-day trip on the road, I noticed that my parent’s car wasn’t there. I wasn’t too worried about this. Usually the folks went out on errands or such several times during the week. Pulling up into the driveway, I did happen to see a small compact convertible – must be Jenna’s, I thought – and parked behind it. Without much thought to anything else, I grabbed my overnight bag, leaving the rest of my luggage in the car, and headed inside the house.

Once inside, I trooped into the kitchen and dropped my overnight bag on the counter. It was there I spied the note propped up against the bread box. Mom and Dad had left it for Jenna – obviously – telling her they were going into town and wouldn’t be back until later that night. They also left a reminder to look out for my arrival… which little sister wasn’t paying attention to, I noticed.

Now, normally I’d have called out to let everyone know I was home. Normally.

Instead, feeling the need to get clean, I headed upstairs and snagged a towel out of the linen closet, and headed for the main bathroom to take a shower. I did this with little pause; stripping down, turning on the water and jumping in without any sign of Jenna coming around to see who was using the bathroom, at all.

Believe me, even though I only took ten minutes it was the BEST ten minutes I ever spent… I really felt grungy after spending all that time couped up in my car.

Finishing my shower, I dried off and headed across the hall to what was my former bedroom. I guess the folks still consider it mine, since they never transformed it into a guest room or anything else. I found a spare pair of cotton briefs and pulled them on, draping the damp towel over my shoulders so I could attack my unruly hair. While doing this, I stepped out into the hallway so I could go back downstairs to get the spare change of street clothes in my overnighter…

I’d just shut the door to my room, when I heard it… the faint sound of music, drifting down the hall.

Now, the only room occupied upstairs was, of course, Jenna’s room. My parents had their master bedroom downstairs, you see. Curious as to why she’d have the music down so low, I turned on my heel and walked down to her doorway. Jenna, true to form, had left the door wide open, so I peered inside…

… and got the shock of my life!

Jenna was there, in the middle of the big, multi-colored rug that dominated most of the floor between her full-sized bed and the walls, dancing all alone with nothing but her hair in a thick braid and a pair of wireless headphones cupped over her ears. She was off in her own little world, her eighteen-year old body swaying and bopping to the tunes pumped in from her stereo in the corner.

Not so shocking, you say? Did I mention that all she had on was a pair of underpants? MEN’S, cotton underpants? Not only that, but they were an old pair that belonged to Your’s Truly!

Needless to say, I forgot I was in as much a state of undress, and I stepped into her room and called out, “Hey! What in Sam’s Hill are you doing?”

My voice was loud enough to break through the music, causing Jenna to stop in the middle of a twirl, making her face towards her doorway. Her baby-blue eyes widened slightly when she caught sight of me, then she got this big grin on her face. “Hey!” she exclaimed, pulling the headphones down off of her ears. “When did you get in, Big Brother?”

I blinked, but got ahold of myself quick. “I just got in, but that’s not important,” I griped. “What are you doing in MY underwear?”

Jenna looked down over her shoulder at her backside, grinning. “Why not?”

“Why not?!?” I was flabbergasted. “Jenna, those belong to me, your brother! You need to be wearing your own clothes, damn it!”

Jenna turned around to face me, planting her hands on her hips saucily. “Those are for my regular time outside, Bro… besides, your briefs are much more comfy!” She rubbed her right butt cheek with one hand, her smile deepening as she stared at me. “Mmm, much better than my regular undies. So soft… casino firmaları and they’re nice against my heiny!”

I growled, “Jenna!”

“Oh, hush,” she chuckled good-naturedly. “Why are you getting all bent over this? Can’t stand the sight of your sister wearing your clothes?”

I muttered, “That’s not it, and you know it, Jenna… besides you’re not just wearing something like one of my old shirts! It’s… just not right for a sister to wear her brother’s… well, intimate stuff!”

“Oh, really?” Jenna cocked her head, crossing her arms over her naked chest. “Is it because you don’t really like seeing me in your shorts?” She dropped her eyes, smirking softly. “Or… could it be…”

“What?” I started, following her gaze down. I froze in shock, because what I saw wasn’t… shouldn’t… I couldn’t believe what I was seeing!

“My, my,” Jenna cooed. “Big Brother has a hard-on!”

Truth be told, I wouldn’t just call it a hard-on… not by a long shot. My dick was tenting out the front panel of my briefs like I’d hidden a kielbasa sausage in there! Granted, I’m nowhere near ‘pornstar’ dimensions, but I had a respectable seven-and-one half inch cock. And, right then, it felt hard enough that a cat couldn’t scratch it.

I stammered, unsure what to say… how was I getting turned on like this?

Jenna smiled, giving me a wink. “Now, what could you be thinking about, hm? Something hot, from the size of that,” she observed. “Could it be something like… seeing your sister? Wearing your underpants?”

I swallowed thickly. I didn’t know what was making me hot… at least, not anything I had to say openly. As much as I didn’t want to admit it, seeing my baby sister dancing in my old cotton briefs was a turn-on. She looked cuter than any thing I’d seen before… the white fabric contrasting with the light tan on her skin, making a contrast that seemed to make the blood rush faster to my cock.

When I didn’t answer, Jenna reached up and slipped the headphones completely off, letting them fall to the carpeted floor before she took a few steps towards me. “What’s wrong? Cat got your tongue, Big Brother?” she asked, giggling when she saw my crotch pulse under the cotton. “Mm, I think this kitten has caught something else… and it’s trapped inside those delicious shorts of yours!” Before I could reply, move or do anything else, Jenna spun around and backed herself against me, planting that cute butt of hers right on my crotch.

“Ooh!” I gasped, unsure what I should do at that point. Even though there was a tiny voice of reason in my head which was screaming at me to push her away!

“mmmm, that feels nice,” Jenna cooed, rubbing her butt against my turgid dick. “You have a nice, sized cock, Bro! I’ll bet you drive the girls wild with it, hm?”

I didn’t answer. The sensations of her cotton-clad backside creating friction against my own covered crotch were electric; making my blood boil with each stroke. Clasping my fist, I tried not to show any more reaction to this teasing Jenna was doing. It wasn’t easy, because Jenna didn’t stop talking!

“Mmm, so nice and hard… I’ll bet you’re horny has anything,” she said, looking over her shoulder to smile sexily at me. “That cock of yours is aching to be let go, huh? Set free from that cotton prison… so you can take care of it, hm?”

I hissed, “Jenna… why… why are you… doing this?”

Jenna giggled softly. “Because I like it, Bro,” she admitted. “It’s fun to see you so turned on!” She turned around to face me, placing both hands on my bare chest, rubbing in small, soft circles. “It’s like all those times before…”

“What?” I asked. “What times before?”

She ducked her head, blushing a bit as she explained, “Well… I admit I’ve seen your cock before. You used to keep your door locked, but… there were a few times you, well, weren’t so careful.” She traced a fingertip around my left nipple, sending a ripple of arousal through me. “You looked so hot, lying on your bed while you stroked it. It always got me wet and bothered… until I had to play with myself, too!”

I gasped at this revelation. Jenna, was turned on my watching me masturbate? Unbelievable!

Jenna looked back up at me, her shy smile melting into a heated grin. “C’mon… fess up! Knowing that I watched you touch yourself turns you on, doesn’t it?”

I gritted my teeth, trying to push my arousal down.

Jenna saw right through me, though. “I think it does… You also like seeing your hot little sister like this. Almost naked… save for your underwear.” She winked up at me, dropping one hand to slide gently over my crotch. Her slim fingers curled around the bulge in my briefs, tugging slightly as she felt its weight and heat.

I couldn’t help the moan that seeped between my clenched lips. Damn it, this wasn’t supposed to happen. I shouldn’t get all horned up over my baby sis! Yet, there wasn’t any denying it… at least, not when she had my blue-steel dick cupped in her palm.

“Mmmm,” güvenilir casino she hummed, giving my dick a squeeze. “Seems to be a shame you have this thick dick, and nothing to do with it, or anyone to do it with,” she grinned.

“If you let go,” I murmured thickly, “I can go… take care of myself…”

“What, go jerk yourself off?” Jenna shook her head, laughing softly. “That sounds like fun for you… but, I think I know something else that will relieve you, and allow me to have some fun myself!” Before I could ask what she had in mind, Jenna dropped to her knees in front of me, pushing her face right against my hard prick.

“Jenna, wha-? No! Don’t do…” My protest dwindled into a moan, as my sister started nuzzling my crotch with her face. Her lips, cheeks and nose rubbed along the covered flesh, sending more bolts of electricity racing along my already-frazzled nerves. She wasn’t trying to suck me… it felt like she was making love to my dick, through my underwear!

“Mm, it smells hot… and delicious,” Jenna murmured, parting her lips so she could let her pink tongue slip out to lick the textured front of my briefs. As she continued, her saliva made the cotton turn wet and partially see-through; letting my red flesh appear to her smoldering gaze. With a tilt of her head, she nipped with her teeth, making me hiss at the pleasure-pain inflicted by her playful bites.

“Jen-na…” I moaned, now louder as she continued to orally assault me.

Pulling back from my now-sticky crotch, she winked at me. “Aw, is my brother loving his sister’s technique?” She slid her mouth along my length, swiping with her tongue in flicking licks as she reached the tip. “I know I’m loving your taste,” she said softly, placing a loving smooch on the crown.

Oh, god, she had to ask if I was loving this? Duh! What male wouldn’t relish the sight of a hot girl on her knees, giving him unending pleasure with her hot little mouth?

Reaching up, Jenna took hold of my dick around the base, pulling the wet cotton tight over the length of it. With a sighing moan, she slipped her mouth over the fat tip, swirling her tongue around it before she slid down towards the base. A ripple of pleasure rocketed up my spine from my crotch, as she sucked hard and slow on my flesh.

Unable to stop myself, I lifted my hands and threaded them through her red curls, trying to keep some control of her sucking. Jenna hummed her approval of this, and for what felt like forever, she and I stayed like this, while she continued to make steamy, hot love to my cock.

Eventually, she pulled off me with a moist smack of her lips, tipping her head back to eye her handiwork. “Wow… you’re such a sticky boy, Bro,” she breathed huskily.

I couldn’t deny it, of course. The entire front of my briefs were soaked through, leaving my glowing, red prick throbbing and bobbing against the damp cotton. “Well, you did a lot of… work, to make it… that way,” I panted.

Giggling throatily, Jenna slowly rose up in front of me, throwing her arms around my chest as she left a trail of kisses on my trembling body. “Well, we’re in the same boat, I guess,” she admitted.

“Oh?” At the time, I had to wonder what she meant… I mean, was she admitting…

“Yeah… seems I’m a little, hmmm… sticky myself.” Jenna stepped back, glancing down at herself.

Looking down, I blinked at her cotton-covered crotch; it was soaked through, dark with the evidence that all of this hot talk and action was making her horny as well! “Jenna… my God!”

Jenna flashed me a smoldering look, as she rubbed the flat of her hands between her legs. “Mmmm, very sticky! I can’t help myself,” she cooed. “It’s when I get like this, I can only think of one thing I’d like to do…”

I blinked, my chest heaving with desire. “What’s that?”

Jenna stepped in close again, reaching for the front of my briefs. With little, contented humming sounds, she fished her fingers around the flaps of the fly, until she made contact with the burning skin of my cock. Curling around the stalk, she slipped it free of the sticky cotton, leaving it bobbin in mid-air.


Jenna chuckled at the tone of my voice. “Patience, Bro… it’s better I show you what I have in mind,” she said sweetly. Before I could do anything, she turned around to face the corner of her bed. With a look over her shoulder that could set the air between us ablaze, she hooked both of her thumbs under the waistband of the briefs she wore and tugged them down over her hips. Shimmying a little to get the wet crotch free from between her legs, she let my old underwear drop to her ankles before slipping one foot out of them so she could place it out to the side.

“Holy… Geez!” I gasped, utterly blown away at the sight before me. With her legs spread, Jenna had bent over to place her hands on the corner of her bed. This exposed her entire backside to me… which included a view of her puss, peeking between her thighs. What was the icing on this scrumptious ‘cake’, was the fact Jenna hadn’t allowed herself the luxury of an all-over tan; the cheeks of her backside were as white as cream, which contrasted lusciously with the light, sweet pink of her vagina.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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