Lusty days

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I met “wife” when she was 18. She was shy girl with strict parents. She lived 30 miles from my place so it was not easy to meet her. When she turned 19 I moved to a rental house that was only 10 miles from her. I asked to move in with me, but she refused, but since she had left her home she could start dating. She was tall and pretty in her own country girl way. We went to movies, cooked together, we went for long walks, swimming like good friends do but for some reason I couldn’t talk to her about everything. She also had two good friends she spoke on phone quite often. One day she was with her friend in another town and she was a bit red each time I spoke to her. When I asked what she was up to she was just quiet. I was certain that something had happened, but I never knew what. She was a great tease. She had average tits and she liked to wear tight tops. She liked to be held and hugged, but we had never talked about having sex.

One night she went to her parent’s house to feed the dog, while her parents were away. She told me that her friend was on holiday and she was going to pick some strawberries for him. I had never seen him, but I could imagine someone skinny nerd with thick glasses, old Honda and pilot jacket. I don’t exactly know what was going on between them but she was smiling a lot while she was on phone with him and they could talk an hour easily. She told his friend would meet her at her parent’s place. I had been there once or twice but I was a bit worried her parents would hate me. I had never been there while her parents were home too. Anyway she took a bus home and I called her in the evening. She told me they were eating wild rabbit and strawberries as a dessert. I overheard her friend saying something like “Do you want to be my plate”. I asked if she would need a ride, but she told me they had a car for this evening. She told me she would call me as soon as they were back in town just in case I was there too.

When the phone rang I was just outside the town. She said she would meet me at bus station and I drove my car there. I was waiting to see her come, but I never saw the kind of car I was expecting. When she sat next to me I asked what car she came with and she pointed a white shiny Toyota SUV that was just leaving the parking lot. I asked if that was her friend’s car, but she told me it wasn’t. I was smiling in my mind as she said her friend had a brand new sports car coming in a month or so, but until then he had to borrow a car. I wanted to know if it was some sort of GTI, but she told me it was such car that it wasn’t approved for US market. She told me it would beat Porsche 928. I was quiet, but I felt I wanted to shout. We sat there in silence and I started to make a move on her. She didn’t mind me kissing and holding her, but once I started getting my hand under her shirt, she asked I my place would be free tonight.

There was something strange bahis firmaları in her as we walked away from the elevator. She was waving her ass and her sound was softer than usual. I let her in with my key and we soon sat on my couch. She didn’t resist having my hands on her tits like yesterday and the days before. She took her shirt of in few minutes and I could take of her bra too. In another few minutes her pants were down as well as mine, but that night didn’t end up the in passionate sex. I fall asleep quite early, but I was awake as I heard her on the phone again. She was complaining to her friend of my sleepiness, she said no you old pervert and then she said something you really got him to make the first move.

I slept and the next day I spend thinking what she had just said. I got the conclusion she wanted me to be more active. All the time we had been dating, she had been the teacher; she had been the one to make the first move. I thought that was the way she wanted, but I was wrong. When she came to my place next time I was bolder and more active. She let me take of her panties and we had sex for first time. I entered her in missionary position and she was willing and wet. I came quite soon, but in few minutes I was back on top of her. She didn’t make any noise unlike the women I had seen in the Internet and porn movies. I think I took her cherry, but I didn’t feel like exploring something no one had tried before. In fact I think she had slept with someone, but didn’t want to tell me. We used condom on our first time together and every time afterwards. She didn’t want to have babies yet or go on pill.

– Why did you wait so long? She asked me.

– I thought you didn’t want to have sex yet

– Where did you get that idea

– You just didn’t seem to want anything serious

– We have known for more than two years. Past year I have been here if you haven’t been to my place with me or with your friends, parents or work.

– I mean you haven made a move on me, or let me touch you that way

– Why did you want me to me the first move?

– That was the way we have come to this point.

– What made you change your mind

– You did.

– Do you think I am dumb? The biggest change in you happened when you saw me with another man. Ever since you have been all over me.

– I never meant it that way.

– Are you happy now since we finally made it?

– If you take a look under blanket you will see the answer.

Next day I didn’t see her. I think she was a bit sore, but she called me and told she would spend this night alone. Day later she came to my place and we made love at least twice. She didn’t want to have it doggy style, but she was happy to be under or top on her side or under me. She seemed to enjoy, but after few days she was feeling different than before. She was more tense or something. When we had kaçak iddaa just had sex she asked if I could last longer than 2 minutes. I didn’t know the answer because I hadn’t been with another woman. She said she would prefer a bit longer session rather than two fast and furious with 5 minute break in between. I could last a bit longer but she was hot, wet and once her lust was high I got exited before I got the condom on. Maybe I could have lasted longer with less foreplay but she didn’t let me close to her pussy before it was wet enough. I think she was one of the girls who really liked to have sex. She wanted to have 3-6 days break while she had her periods, but after the break she was hotter than usual.

After two moths of lusty nights our pace went on low activity. I don’t know what I was doing wrong, but I am certain it wasn’t lack of sex. She was alone for a week or two. Then we met once or twice and she was again unhappy for a week or two. We had less sex than before and also the quality was not as good as before. I tried to ask what was wrong, but she never told me. I know she didn’t have another man in her bed, or she didn’t meet boys or girls that way. She was just tired of me and no matter how much I tried our breaks seemed to last for weeks. In December 2002 she said it was over. She returned my key and took her spare key back. She said she wanted me to keep away and to make sure she wouldn’t see me she took a job 600 miles away from me. The disappointment was huge. I had lost the pretty tall blonde with D 80 tits. I miss her in many ways, but above all I miss her wet pussy, I miss her lips on mine. I miss her cold toes. I wish I knew what did wrong. If I could turn back time, I would go back to my first mistake and do everything right.

I don’t know what she thinks of me.

Second opinion. How the woman was feeling it.

I am soon 21. Two men are competing to have me. My boy friend who makes me horny and another man who can make me feel good. The situation has been funny from the very beginning. Because of my strict father a boy friend has been just a dream until I moved to own apartment. My two good friends are boys, but the older one is something special. I don’t know how much she actually cares for me, but I think he has loved me for long time. The other boy was with me, and my best girlfriend wherever we went but now he is studying in university. My best girl friend found a 30-year old man almost 2 years ago. She told me the man is shy and gentle, but he also has big fat cock that scared her in the beginning of dating. She has no time for me anymore. My boy friend was good looking, but shy. He didn’t tell his parents she had a woman in his life. He told me they used too much alcohol. I never met them and he never met mine. I invited him many times, but he didn’t want to meet them. My friend who is still trying to make a move on me is not tall or handsome. kaçak bahis He use to wear jeans or jogging pants every time we met. When I saw him last time there was something different. His clothing, shoes, pants, socks and his deodorant were different than before. He was the though. He said he had bought me presents for Christmas. Last year he bought me a fake cock and condoms, the year before I got a Leatherman. This year I was certain there was something naughty in his packet. First he gave me socks because I was going to go to a cold place. Then he handed me a packet that I was afraid of. It looked like a 0ne foot tall fake cock with balls. I said no thank you. Then he gave me a box shaped packet and another fake cock shaped packet. I said I could never take them where my parents could see them. He then told me to choose the packet she would like to open somewhere else. I chose the foot tall cock. I gave him scissors and he opened the packet. There were two cables in the packet, but the old pervert had used a lot of tape to get the right shape. I didn’t open the other packets until Christmas. The box had actually two books:

Deceiving looks and Deserts and love. The last packet had two spoons, forks, knifes and can opener sets for outdoor use. He had really chosen those presents for me. I was prepared for another “spare boy friend” or Kama sutra. He was with me for few hours that night, but he didn’t kiss or hug me the way he used to. I think he has said he wont mess up with dating girls. That night I would have rather been alone in my own misery, but he chose to drive 60 miles on a very slippery road just to bring my presents. How can I say no to a gentleman like that. I believe he had also other things in his mind, no mater if I dated or not. He knew how poorly my relationship was going on at the moment. He talked and joked, but not as dirty as usual. He also said that I was living like old married woman with very unhappy marriage. He was right, except I was about to get a “divorce” soon. Now I am away from both of my men. I am in a place I thought I had a new start. I feel alone, it is dark outside and I feel depressed in my loneliness.

My friend is a strange man. I wish he would find someone local so he wouldn’t think of me any more. Actually he asked me to marry him 31.12.1999. There would have been a priest, church and a holiday for both of us, but it was mainly a joke. Now he is joking how happy we would be if I would have said yes to his proposal. When he bought his car, he asked what kind of car I would like to drive for next 4 years. I wish I could read his mind. He is easy to talk to. He is honest, good dancer, gentle and a bit kinky and he no girl friend at the moment. He is not fat, ugly or liar. In fact he is an ideal man for me except he is shorter than me and I am not sexually attracted to him. I don’t know if he is great lover too, but if I get too bored being alone his door is always open for me unless there is another woman in his bed. I don’t think he would mind having two girls or more in his bed. He has told me he would do it if he got a chance. If he does, that is another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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