Lost and Found

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I was thinking of spending time in the hilly part of Georgia for the hunting. My home was in north western Maine and I had no intention of giving that up but I thought having a camp where I could do some quail shooting would be good. So I rented a new Airstream on a plot of land I leased for ten years and set up a nice camp with a BBQ and a gas powered outdoor oven.

I had a screened outdoor sitting area constructed so I could sit at night without being bothered by the skeeters. Running water, electricity and a cesspit finished it off.

For two weeks I just relaxed learning how to use all my new toys. Nine days into this I was sitting on the stoop having a smoke and drinking some Old Forester when an absolutely glorious young girl came walking up to me. She looked to be a high school student, tall and slim with what seemed like a flat chest but she had the face of an angel and wearing flip flops showing the prettiest feet and toes . Her legs were tubes sticking out of her cutoffs and the shirt she wore was tied at the waist leaving her flat tummy and navel in plain view. She was a dirty blond with her hair cut above the shoulders and dramatic gray eyes. The girl was beautiful.

“I’m Amy. Do you need any help, like washing the dishes or cleaning the house?” she said.

“My name is Matt.” I said. “There isn’t much to do here but I could use someone to keep an eye on the place when I’m gone. Come inside and look around.” She stepped out of her flip flops as she went into the camper. Of course everything was brand new so there was damned little to do except the laundry or cleaning the bathroom and the dinner dishes. I had her sit at the dining table and gave her a Coke as I refreshed my drink.

“How old are you, Amy?” I asked.

“I’m eighteen. I graduated from high school last month.” she said

“If you decide to work here I would like you to spend time here, just hanging out. You can watch the tv, use the bathroom, raid the fridge, anything you want. The company of a pretty Girl would be appreciated. Do you have a driver’s license?” she nodded. “Good, then you could do errands.

“Can you cook?”

I’m not much of a cook.” she said.

“That’s ok.” I said. “I’m an excellent cook but mostly I cook food men like, you know like

steaks, roasts, stews. But we could make adjustments as time goes on. Now tell me about

yourself. Do you live with your family? Are you married or do you have a boyfriend? Where do

you live and do you have a cute younger sister?” That made her laugh. I could tell that she

already liked me.

At 26 years of age I was 6′ 6″, slim and naturally muscular with blond hair and blue eyes. Girls had never been a problem for me although there never seemed to be enough of them. The

more time I spent with Amy the better she looked. She had the body type I like above all others.

I was turned off by big tits and super curvaceous bodies. I liked them tall and lean.

“Why don’t we try it for two weeks?” I said. What were you thinking in terms of money?” I asked.

“I don’t know, like maybe five dollars if I come to clean the place.” she said.

“No, No.” I said. You haven’t been listening. I want you to spend your day here whenever

possible and sometimes into the evening. If you stay late into the evening, that would be ok.

We could have dinner together. As I said, I would like the company of a pretty girl. Let’s say

$80/day, as many days as you want to work. And if you spend an entire day into the evening

we could make it $100.” She was shocked.

“That’s more than my father makes.” she said.

“It would all be cash. Nothing to the government. No paper work” I said. “When can you start?”

“Now.” she said.

“Good.” I said. It was only nine in the morning so I said, “Let’s drive into town. We’re going

to need some more stuff. You should get some clothes you can keep here. There’s actually a

room, a very small room, that you can use when you want to change or take a nap. I don’t expect you to stand at attention all day. What I want is for you to enjoy your time here.”

So we spent the day together. At my insistance she bought quite a lot of clothes and footwear,

sneakers and casual shoes and boots for bushwacking. We bought extra towels, bathrobes

and slippers. She was embarrassed when I helped her pick out underwear and socks. “No bra.” I said. “You have to give me something to look at. Amy was beginning to get the jist of what was happening and gave me a smile.

I casino şirketleri had her buy jeans and a jean jacket along with

skimpy halter tops and T shirts.

We had lunch at Olive Garden. To Amy this was living the high life. Then we went back. She

put her things in the room that was designated as her’s while I prepared the chicken I had bought for roasting. After rinsing out the cavity I put in some commercial stuffing loosely along with a sprig of cilantro and some salt and pepper before sewing the cavity shut with cooking cord. Then I rubbed the entire bird down with butter before setting it aside.

Amy watched my HDTV as I planned our simple dinner. Roast chicken with boiled potatos and canned kernel corn. I made a fresh bread. Being a competent cook none of this was difficult. We sat outside in the screened area eating our meal. The girl could eat. She loved the chicken, roasted until the skin was crispy and the interior juicy and tender.

There was a little left over that I placed on the table in the camper covering it for later.

“What did you think of the meal?” I asked.

“I’ve never had chicken that good.” she said. “Momma always cooks it until it’s tough and

it’s always fried in oil.” I let her watch a soap as I smoked and had some Old Forester outside. I never smoked in the camper. Finally Amy came out and said she should go home.

It wasn’t far so I walked her to her house. “Quite a day huh?” I said.

“It was wonderful. I can hardly believe it.” she said. “Thank you so much.” she walked into me and kissed me on the cheek. I held her and kissed her on the lips, making it last, then I said goodnight. Unless she was dense there was no doubt that she knew where we were going with this. On the way back to the camper I continued to smell her breath. Funny how every girl is different. All day long she looked better and better to me.

The next morning she came early, actually waking me up. I gave her a key of her own and urinated with the door open as she busied herself in the kitchen, glacing at my morning half hard cock. She watched me shave and gave me privacy when I stripped to shower, the door still open. I know she looked, checking me out.

We had pancakes and coddled eggs with coffee. She looked wonderful. I was fascinated by her lovely feet and toes. Some girls have a big toe that sticks up which ruins the effect. Amy’s toes remained flat, her toes long and straight. I wanted to suck each one and I could only look

forward to the smell of her sex.

She cleaned up the breakfast dishes and then worked on tidying up the yard. I gave her the keys to the car and had her go find a leg of lamb, some cloves of garlic, rosemary and a bag of potatos. She returned about 90 minutes later.

For lunch we had canned crabmeat on rolls with lettuce, mayo and Coke Zero. Since I had begun to live alone I baked everyday; bread, rolls and pies. On this day I made us a custard pie to eat with our evening meal.

After lunch I lay on my bed to take a nap as Amy did the same. I couldn’t very well jump her bones even though that’s what I wanted to do.

She loved the HDTV and watched it as I cooked the leg of lamb, pricking the meat with a sharp knife and putting slivers of garlic into the flesh. Then I sprinkled rosemary over it and put it in the oven. I made boiled potatos again along with asparagus drizzled with melted butter. Once again she loved the food.

As we ate in the screened off area a hound dog walked up and looked at us.

“That’s Lost.” she said. “He don’t belong to nobody but he seems to get along ok. Everyone

calls him Lost.”

“We could use a good dog here. What do you say we keep him, we can call him Found.” I said. “We’ll have to clean him up before we let him inside. That’s something else you can do.

Bring him to a vet and get him shots and a good wash. Whatever is needed.”

So far I had not made any move towards her except for that one kiss but I knew she was thinking about it. “How are we going to do the laundry?” she asked, the first time intimating that we were a team.

“There must be someone locally who can do that, just pay them to do it a couple of times a

week.” I said. I gave her some cash to do these errands. Suddenly Amy was living large with a

nice car and new clothes and money in her pocket.

That evening she stayed late, watching the tv. Instead of going home she disappeared into her room. Later, when I lay down she got into bed beside me wearing a bathrobe and nothing else. When casino firmaları I kissed her she drew away.

“Between the cigarettes and the whiskey you’re a hard man to kiss.” she said.

I already had her bathrobe open and kissed her aggressive nipples and shallow tits. I couldn’t

wait to smell her sex, going down quickly as she bent her knees and spread her legs for me. I

knew nothing of her sexual history but it would soon become apparent if she was experienced. For all I knew she might not even masturbate.

I kissed her closed labia before cupping her asscheeks in my palms and opening her sex with my thumbs. She was pungent with sweat, urine and secretions. I licked her pink anus smelling the remnants of her last stool as she moaned, then probed her vaginal orifice licking her from anus to her clitoris.

When my tongue made contact with her clit it was like an electric shock as Amy tensed up and made a little cry as she held my head.

I much preferred oral sex to copulation so I did not hesitate to make her cum with my tongue. Her release came quickly as she held her breath while her spasms racked her body before falling back and sobbing from the relief. An excellent orgasm. I licked away the corona of gray vaginal debris she had pushed out before going up to kiss her. I wasn’t quite done, going down to kiss her feet and toes before I lay beside her.

“You’re very beautiful.” I said.

“No one ever did that, you know, with their tongue. I got crazy excited. I’ve never done it

before, I wanted to but the boys are such losers so I always say no.” she said.

“I see, so you’re still a virgin.” I said. She nodded.

“You can remain a virgin if you want. I’m happy with the oral sex.” I said.

“No, I want to do it. It’s like this big thing that everyone talks about. Momma says not to do it all the time, but I want to do it. I want to know what’s it’s like to be fucked. All the other girls have done it. It makes me kinda weird if you know what I mean.” she said. “The boys all

avoid me because the other girls do it with them all time. I feel like a freak.”

“Well you are not a freak. You’re beautiful and have a lovely body and your sex smells like

heaven and your orgasm was stupendous.” I said. We kissed for a few minutes. Kissing is not my favorite thing but sometimes you just have to. I knew it was something she needed.

I smelled her underarms detecting the odor of sweat as I licked both sides. She didn’t shave.I

went back down to lick her sex and anus before coming up to her.

“I need to cum, sweetheart. Help me.” I whispered. It was all new to Amy as she felt my cock and scrotum, going down to smell and kiss my sex. She was clumsy, obviously learning as she

went, but her tongue felt wet and warm. She took my glans into her mouth and caressed it with her tongue. I was more than ready, feeling my sex tighten as I began to ejaculate into her mouth after she had barely begun to stroke me.

Amy pulled her mouth away as she tried to deal with the pulsing jets of cum. It doesn’t last long but the resulting mess of semen on my sheets made it plain to Amy that this was not how someone had oral sex.

“I’m sorry.” she said.

“It’s ok, you’ll learn. Some girls take it into their mouth and then spit it out but eventually

most of them swallow it. Once it’s in your mouth and you realise that’s it’s not so bad, well most girl eventually swallow it.”

We both got in the shower, crowded but pleasant to feel slippery skin. We dried off and

changed the bedding on my bed. Amy now had her own toothbrush so she used it and used mouthwash. Now our relationship had undergone a seachange. I sat in my bathrobe outdoors having a cigarette and a drink. What a relief it had been to cum. The pressure had been building up until I knew I would have to masturbate

Found sat next to me, having already enjoyed the lamb bone rich with rare lamb flesh that I

had given him. Looking at him closely, he wasn’t completely infested with ticks. I rubbed his

head and behind his ears as he sat by me. I made a note to buy meat and bones he could enjoy. It was obvious he wasn’t going to wander off. He had found his place in the world.

So I had my new home, a dog and a squeeze. Things were looking up for me.

The next day Amy had her period and stayed in bed most of the day. I had to go out and buy her maxi pads and mini pads. The Airstream had a small tub that she used to wash herself. She did it three times.

By the evening güvenilir casino she felt much better and watched tv as I served a three cheese and spinach cassarole. I roasted 2 meaty beef ribs on the BBQ that I gave to Found.

When I sat with Amy she said, “I feel sexy when I have my period. Is that normal?”

“I wouldn’t know about that but I feel sexy thinking about what you would taste like. Towards the end it’s kind of gross, but that first day it’s like rare, prime beef.” I said.

She looked at me. “You really want to taste it?” she asked.

“It’s ok, do what feels good to you, Amy. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.” I said.

The next thing I knew she had her legs spread as I pulled her labia apart. There was little to

see at first but as I probed her vaginal opening with my tongue some red blood presented, and the more I licked her the more came out. However I switched to her clitoris and quickly brought her to orgasm which resulted in a stream of blood running down her asscrack.

After, she took my glans into her mouth and stroked my shaft, making me cum in her mouth.

She went to the sink and half spit half swallowed my cum. Then she gagged.

After a few minutes she said, You’re right, once it’s in your mouth you might as well swallow it.”

She was still on the rag the next day so we stayed close to home, taking a walk so I could look over the country behind my plot of land. We got along well, stopping in an old orchard to

kiss. Already Amy was kissing like a lover, displaying a certain intimacy that’s hard to define, something you never experience on a date.

Found worked like a hunting dog in front of us

and put up several quail. I should have brought the shotgun. When we got back she soaked

in the tub as I sat with Found next to me. I knew I drank too much but I liked it, the smokes too.

I put a smoked shoulder in the outdoor oven for dinner and peeled potatos. Having come from Maine, a meal without potatos was a mistake. The outdoor gas oven was my idea. Cooking meat in the oven in the camper was a sure way to corrupt it with smoke and a fatty film of grime. Outside none of that mattered.

While the meat cooked Amy fell asleep on her

bunk in the tiny room she was using. I looked at a baseball game.

That evening before we ate Amy said. “It’s so nice staying here. At home it’s hard to wash

when I have my period. Here I can wash whenever I like.

“Don’t wash too much the rest of the time.” I said. “I like to smell you.”

“I know.” she said.

The smoked shoulder provided a lot of fat and pigskin and several slices of meat that I put

away for breakfast. We ate the rest of the ham as we watched a football game on the tv I kept

outside. The rest I gave to Found. He might die of heart failure at an early age but he would die happy. That night Amy slept with me with no funny business. She wasn’t even going home anymore. This might present a problem, like maybe she thought this would last forever.

It was the next afternoon that I fucked her. We began exploring our bodies until I judged Amy to be ready. With lube on my cock I slipped into her until she winced with pain. As she began to say something I drove into her all the way to her cervix as she cried out. She cried abit and complained about the pain as I waited for the excitement to die down. Then, ever so slowly, I began to fuck her with short strokes until she began to respond. After a few minutes I fucked her hard and deep as she met my strokes.

She became frantic with her growing excitement until she became vocal. “Yes, Matt. Yes. It’s

good.” she said until she wrapped her legs around mine and rode her first vaginal orgasm as I

flooded her sex with semen. We lay there, spent for a moment, before I slowly pulled out of

her, going down to lick away the blood and semen from her sex and thighs.

“You know how you can squirt out your menstrual fluid? I asked. She nodded. “Do it now in my mouth.” I said. After eating all she had to offer I fell back beside her.

“You’ll be sore tomorrow.” I said, but you were lucky to cum. Many girls don’t the first time.” I said.

“It was great.” she said. “But when you do it with your tongue it’s more intense.” Already an

expert. She went back into the tub as I washed my face at the sink before putting on some shorts and sitting outside to smoke and drink. It was good, but I knew that some new girl was bound to get my attention. It had always been that way with me.

Amy did better than most, staying with me for four months before I settled up with her, giving

her enough to start in business school. A sexy waitress at an Arby’s caught my eye and she liked skeet shooting.

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