Creampies and Skiing do Mix!

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This story contains graphic depictions of male bi-sexuality. If this bothers you, don’t read it and remember that this is only a story.

John and I grew up best friends in a medium sized town in California. We used to hang out together and through the years shared many an experience together, but none were like the ones we experienced last ski season with our wives.

You see, growing up, we went to the same high school and ran with the same crowd, same sports, etc. So naturally, there was always some competition between us with women, too. We even dated the same woman on occasion. Either he asked her out first or the other way around.

This led to some extremely interesting comparisons later on after a few drinks.

I always loved to eat pussy and so did John. He claimed that the girls always said that he was the best at it, but most of all he would brag about the size of his cock.

I knew he was wrong about being the best pussy eater but the size of his cock was something left for others to decide. I knew I could eat a well kept pussy for hours.

Well, we finally found out who was really the best, as if there was any question.

I married a few years after college. Her name was Courtney. She was two years my junior. I fell in love with her the first time we met. \

Unfortunately, she was dating John at the time. She’s was a blond, (I’m partial to them) about 135lbs. with 32b tits and a great ass.

They dated for about a month before they split up. Neither of them ever seemed too interested in each other and so they broke up.

A few months later I asked John, if it would hurt our friendship if I asked her out.

He simply replied, “Go for it!”

I never asked him if he ever put the meat to her and he never brought it up either. If he had, I hoped I could still measure up with my tongue as my cock was average sized at six inches.

So I took my time courting her and finally was able to get her to bed. I believe it was our ninth or tenth date and we were at my place when I finally had success. Well sort of.

We had been out at a club together and both of us had been drinking and dancing and having a good time. She looked smoking hot that night wearing a micro-mini skirt and a skin tight top.

It was extremely hot inside. Even though she was glistening with perspiration, she looked even sexier. So I decided to see if she wanted to go back to my place and see if I could get a little action there. She agreed to leave, so we left.

As we watched T.V. and cooled off a little, I contemplated my next move. I began kissing her and she kissed me back. The necking got intense and she got scared.

“We need to slow down,” she said and lied back to stretch out.

“What’s wrong, don’t you like me?” I asked her.

Sensing my frustration she offered up a compromise and said, “Will you rub my feet for me, maybe it will help me relax. They’re sore from all that dancing tonight.”

She put them in my lap. Her shoes were open toed with high heels. No wonder they hurt her.

“Sure,” I responded, still a little disappointed.

“Unless you don’t want too,” she replied.

Not wanting to give her a chance to change her mind and ruin the moment, I slipped off her shoes and put her feet back in my lap. I never really noticed them before.

“They’re sexy,” I told her.

“You think? I’m glad you like them, now rub them,” she said.

I told her they were definitely hot and then looked at her face and saw she had closed her eyes and now had a smile on her face. I guess I flattered her.

I reached down to get one and looked at her toes. You could tell she took very good care of them. They were painted deep red and tanned from the sun.

I began to work on one with my hands and she groaned in appreciation. I never considered myself a foot man until now but hearing her groan made my dick hard.

I decided to make my feelings known. I moved her other foot on top of my cock.

She opened her eyes. I expected her to move her foot away but instead she took it and rubbed my cock through my pants with the sole of her foot.

“Does that feel good?” she asked but surely knew the answer judging from the smile on my face.

“Oh fuck, does that ever feel good,” I said.

She said, “What a bad boy you are and such a potty mouth to boot. I should put a bar of soap in there.”

I decided to up the ante and said, “Why not put something better in there.”

“Oh yeah, like what?” she replied with a sexy little grin.

I had this urge to kiss her feet to see where it might take me. So I took the foot I had in my hands and brought it up to my face.

“What are you doing? Why are you smelling my feet? Oh my gosh, do they stink? If they do, I’m sorry,” she said.

“Relax, on the contraire, they smell as sweet as rose petals,” I said as I then buried my nose in the sole of her foot.

She giggled.

“I’m sure they do,” she said sarcastically.

“They’re all sweaty and nasty so stop it,” she said.

I just continued and said, “I still want casino şirketleri to make up for my bad language and also keep myself from saying anymore bad words.”

“How are you going to do that? She asked with a look of intrigue.

I looked at her foot in my hands again and said, “Well, I guess I opened my mouth before and now it’s time to insert a foot!”

I leaned forward and sucked her big toe into my mouth.

She reacted as I expected. Her eyes got wide and she yelled, “Stop that, I told you, they’re not clean. Eww, yuck. Do I have to remind you again that we were just out dancing? Besides it tickles, too. You made your point.”

So I pulled her toe from my mouth and did as she asked and just massaged them for her for a while. As I did, I savored the sweet, saltiness of her skin as it lingered in my mouth.

I couldn’t help myself any longer and risking her wrath, I kissed just the arch on the bottom of one foot.

“Oh, that does feel good. What the fuck. If you don’t care where my feet have been, why should I,” she said.

Now that I knew she was turned on by this, I graduated from kissing it to licking it again. When I got to her toes, I looked up at her face and her eyes were wide open as she watched me.

“You’re such a perv, this is so gross,” she said with a sexy little grin.

I stared into her eyes and then I heard her mumble something.

“What?” I asked.

“Please suck them for me,’ she said, sounding a little embarrassed.

“What did you say?” I made her repeat it.

She put her big toe to my lips and pushed it roughly inside and said, “You heard me, suck it.”

I knew right then and there I had her. I sucked her toes like they were candy canes. When I finished her left one she gave me her right one to do.

“I don’t know how any man could get off on licking a woman’s foot, let alone mine. But I have to tell you that it feels really good.”

“With your feet it’s easy,” I said.

“I’m glad you like them so much because I’m going to ask for tongue massages more often. I’ve never heard of this before and I know none of my girlfriends ever had their feet licked.”

“You’d probably be surprised if you asked them and are you volunteering me for the job?” I asked.

“Shut up and keep licking. You know you look like a dog my friend had. He used to lick my feet too. Good boy, if you clean my toes real good, I’ll give you a treat,” she said, obviously have a good time with this now.

As I licked between her toes she leaned forward and patted my head and said, “Good boy.”

I kept it up and then silently reached out with my hand and slid it under her skirt. As my fingers touched the front of her panties, they were immediately greeted by her wetness.

She yanked her feet down and pulled her skirt down. The problem was, my hand was now trapped on top of her pussy and it was evidently on fire.

“That’s not fair. You know that I’m not ready for that. I’m letting you kiss my feet tonight and that’s all I’m doing!”

I said, “You feel ready.”

“Well I’m not, okay. How do I know that you and John aren’t comparing notes on me,” she said.

“Is that it? You don’t trust me? I’ll make you a deal. You know that I’m crazy about you and I’ll wait until you are ready. I promise,” I said.

“How do I know that,” she said.

“Hello, I just sucked your toes in my mouth for the last twenty minutes. Don’t you think I like you?” I fired back.

“Okay, I guess you do. Then what’s the deal and what do I have to do? Let me guess, I have to blow you, right? You guys are all alike, selfish!” she said.

She had me. I had to think quickly, before I blew it with her. That’s a good idea, blow her! I’ll turn the tables on her.

“No, you don’t have to blow me; you could say that I’ll kind of blow you. Kissing your feet has me wanting to kiss you some more. Somewhere much more private,” I said.

Her head tilted slightly as her mind raced with all kind of thoughts. Then, it seems, she found the answer to this puzzle.

“Do you mean where I think you mean?” she said unsure but excited.

“Yep,” I responded.

“Really, and that’s all you want from me?” she said.


“You won’t pressure me for anything more because it will do you no good. That’s all you’re getting tonight from me tonight, I swear.”


“Really?” she asked me one last time still in a state of disbelief.

As the realization set in that I was going to eat her pussy tonight set in for me, it also was setting in for her. I also knew that there was no way that I wouldn’t want more from her.

I opened my mouth to try to bargain for more but she sensed the turmoil my bargain was causing me and cut me off. You could see she was just thrilled with my proposition.

“I accept your proposition and I hope you’re good at it! This is my lucky night!”

She hurriedly sat back up and scooted her sexy ass to the edge of the couch.

First she removed her mini-skirt and then she raised her hips up and with her thumbs, grabbed both sides casino firmaları of her panties and slid them down her legs and onto the floor.

As she was undressing, she began telling me, “On most dates, the girl winds up on her knees. Tonight, we’re changing history, mister.”

There was no way she was going to let me change my mind now but she really never needed to worry.

She reached out to me with her hand and pulled me up and in front of her. Then she pulled it downward and I found myself on my knees and staring at her beautiful pussy.

She was completely shaved except for a small patch above her clit. She ran her finger between the lips and I could see how wet she was already. Then she pulled it out and pushed into my mouth.

“You like? I’m still all sweaty but you don’t care, do you?” she asked.

“Oh fuck no,” I replied.

One taste of her nectar and knew I would do anything for more, even if it meant a cold shower tonight.

I pulled out her finger and pushed her thighs apart and leaned in.

I was first greeted with her bouquet, which can only be described as simply: that of a twenty three year old girl’s pussy. It smelled of lavender soap, perspiration and her arousal. Then I felt its heat radiating outward beckoning me in.

I looked back up at her. I couldn’t believe my good fortune. She was looking down at me with her blue eyes just sparkling with their excitement. She pulled off her top and exposed her bra. Then she removed it too. Her breasts swung free. They were nice, not too big nor too small.

She rubbed her nipples with one hand and placed the other behind my head. This woman knew an opportunity when it presented itself to her and she was going to take full advantage of it.

“What are you waiting for, an invitation? Go ahead and eat it, baby.”

She pulled me close and I extended my tongue out. It touched her pussy lips and then forced its way between them. I was seeking out her nectar, like a humming bird does from a flower.

“Oh that feels so good. It’s been so long, go deeper,” she whispered.

I was glad to know she was over due an orgasm, so I dug deeper and deeper, until my tongue could go no further. Then slowly I began alternating between lapping at her pussy and fucking it with my tongue.

She tasted magical. She was salty at first and then sweet and tangy.

She took her hands and pulled her legs wider, giving me deeper access to her exquisite feminine charms.

“You’re very good at this. A girl could get used to this,” she moaned in appreciation.

That’s when I found her clit with my lips and tongue. She jumped, as if she was shocked by some static electricity. Then as she settled back down, I resumed my sucking and slowly inserted my index finger deep into her honey pot.

“Aghh, you’re gonna make me cum soon,” she groaned.

Instead of answering her, I increased the suction and tongue action across her clit.

I felt her change gears. Her hips began churning and her legs stiffened along side of my head, as if locking it in place.

“Keep using your finger. That’s it, fuck me with it.”

I sucked at her for all I was worth. I made sure not to be too rough and just read her body language, giving her only what she needed.

“Oh, oh, fuck yeah. Don’t, fucking stop, oh shit, that’s it, you’re gonna, oh fuck….” she mumbled again.

I felt it beginning deep inside of her. Her pussy began clenching down on my finger like I hoped it would on my dick real soon.

Her hips began thrusting up and down as she now was fucking my face. In fact, it was getting down right hard to breathe. But, if I could pick a way to die, this was gonna be mine.

“Oh fuck, rub my clit and suck my hole!!!!” she yelled as she grabbed my head with both hands. Her clit was hard now and quite engorged.

The entrance to her pussy was literally dripping with her cum now. I sucked harder and licked faster then thrust my tongue inside her again.

Her ass came up suddenly as she cried out with pleasure. She held my head to her crotch like it was in a vise. I too held on. I gripped the cheeks of her ass as she exploded.

“Yesssss………..I’m cumming………….suck me… your fucking mouth……nghh… ohhhh!!!!!!!!!”

The walls of her pussy clenched my tongue with each contraction. Her juices flooded my mouth and face.

I drank all she had until her orgasm finally ceased. I knew she was very sensitive now, so I held still and waited for her body to relax.

Soon, all was still. I didn’t dare move until her breathing was normal once again.

“Don’t move an inch,” she pleaded.

I couldn’t believe she wanted more but she said not to move. So I waited silently and then began gently sucking just her pussy lips.

“That’s not what I meant,” she said with a laugh.

However, when I continued, she didn’t stop me. I’m sure if I would have touched her clit she would have ended it, so I avoided it.

I felt her hips begin to move again and I knew I was back at it for another round.

“That’s güvenilir casino feeling good again. I want to cum again but I don’t know if I can so soon,” she cooed.

She had moaned that it had been a long time for her before and I was going to make up for that.

I stopped and said, “Take as long as you need.”

She relaxed when I said that and began to slowly roll her hips again.

“Why are you so good to me,” she moaned.

I just gently caressed her pussy lips with my tongue as my reply.

As expected, her second orgasm that evening did come, and it definitely took much longer than the first (almost twenty minutes) as well.

If the first one was like a dynamite blast, the second was like a pot of water that was slowly heated to a boil. Speaking of heat, if she was sweaty leaving the club then you should have seen her now.

After her orgasm, she pushed me away and whispered, “No more.”

My cock was fit to be tied. But I made a deal with her and it seemed she was holding me to it.

I knew this, because I watched with great disappointment as she sat up and reached for her clothes.

As she gathered them up, she smiled at me and winked. I got up and sat next to her on the couch.

“Thank you for not pressuring me. That felt wonderful. Nobody’s ever treated me so good but don’t read into this. I’m still not ready to go any further. I’m sorry.”

So in a bid to show her how unselfish I was and prove how much I cared for her, I spoke these words.

“I told you before, making you feel good is all that I care about and I don’t care about waiting. You see, I’m really not waiting at all. Your pleasure is my pleasure too.”

“You mean the deal you made with me before extends beyond tonight? Are you really sure you are okay with just that and nothing else and how long do I have to make up my mind?”

I said, “It’s okay with me for now and for the rest of my life. I don’t know why I love giving oral so much.”

I still wanted to fuck her so bad.

She looked at me strangely.

“I don’t understand?” she said, trying to comprehend me.

I said, “I’ll tell you one more time. I’ll eat you for as long as you like and whenever you like, expecting nothing in return. I love eating your pussy above all else. You’re so beautiful and believe me, if I were granted just one wish by a Genie and could only use it for just one kind of sex act with you for the rest of my life, I would choose going down on you.”

“You’re every girls dream come true and every guy’s nightmare. I never came twice in my life from oral before. Most guys are way too selfish. Thank you not being like that. But will you take me home now?” she asked.

I nodded.

“I have something for you,” she said.

I looked down and she handed me her panties.

“You can have these. I’m sure you are all worked up.”

I stuffed them in my pocket for later and that’s how it went for quite a while.

I saw her every day after that. Then on weekends, even when we had separate commitments from each other, she stopped by for a quick suck job before she went to the beach with her girlfriends.

For a girl that was always so busy before, she sure had a lot of time for me now.

Once, she even called me up and asked me to do it to her while her girlfriends waited on the couch for her.

She was showing me off to them and they sure looked envious of her. She must have said something to them. It seemed she wasn’t in any hurry to change things up.

I told her that I couldn’t come by on Sunday. But then, decided to surprise her and showed up at her door in the morning. Courtney opened the door in a robe and as she opened it, I heard her say the name John.

I asked who John was and she said, “You know, John. He picked up the last of his stuff.”

“What are you doing here? I thought you couldn’t come by today?” she asked.

I told her I couldn’t stay long but I did have enough time for breakfast.

“I need to go to the store then,” she said.

I told her not for what I wanted to eat.

“You know I like to be clean for you, I can’t right now. I wasn’t expecting you,” she said.

“Well I can’t see you later, remember? That’s why I surprised you this morning. Won’t you miss me today?” I said.

“Yes, but I’m not clean. I haven’t showered,” she said.

“I don’t care. Please?” I begged.

“Well alright, if you insist but leave the lights off,” she said.

We went to her room and she took off her robe and lied back on the bed. I took my usual place between her legs and as I began to lick her, I noticed she tasted different today.

Luckily, some light was managing to get past her blinds. I looked at her crotch and her pussy lips were very puffy and they were parted open which was not their usual appearance. I wondered if she had been masturbating or something.

“Anything wrong?” she asked.

“Nope, you taste delicious today,” I said.

“Are you sure you like it, you can stop if you want to,” she said.

I went back down on her.

“I guess you’re sure,” she said.

As I dug into her crotch, I discovered that she had a little discharge at first. She was also exceptionally horny. In fact she came so quickly that morning that it almost seemed as if she was already primed to cum before I got to the house.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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