Cathy Made Me Do It

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I would do anything for Cathy.

Meandering around my early thirties, I had lucked out when we found each other on a dating app. She was a vivacious 22 year old, with dark features. Short and curvy, she was 155lbs of pure energy, and I was not only attracted to her, but flattered that such a young and sexy girl would ever have the time of day for me. We had dated for a month before any of our clothes came off, and fell madly in love with her as she totally transformed my sex life.

On particular evening, I had been riled up and raring to go – but she stopped me before diving into bed.

“Take off your clothes,” She directed me, nodding to the end of the bed. I unbuttoned my shirt, letting it fall to the floor, pushing my sweatpants and underwear down in a single motion. I stood straight, looking at her for my next instruction. She got off the bed and walked behind me. Her hands going to my hips.

“I can tell you’re not happy with this,” She caressed my sides, and fondled my chest. “Have a look,” Cathy turned my body to the full length mirror leaning against the wall. I scanned the reflection, and saw a doughy, hairy body with a 5″ limp dick. I was 5’9″ and hovering around 190lbs at the time, and with work as busy and stressful as it was – I dunno, I had just gotten… sloppy. But she was right, I was secretly self conscious with my body, and despite falling into the comforts of my relationship with this beautiful girl, was not entirely happy. Cathy’s hands were all over my body, as she narrated my discontent.

“I got you a month with a personal trainer, promise me you’ll go,”

I nodded my head, and swore to her I would, as she massaged my cock in her hands.

I would do anything for Cathy.

* * * * * *

My personal trainer’s name was John, and he was an intense 42 year old with muscle upon muscle. He was 6’5″ with a shaven head and a hairy set of pectorals. His hands were huge, like dinner plates – and from the minute I stepped into his gym, I knew I had surrendered to him.

John worked me hard, putting me through my paces – Cathy was helping on the other end of things, keeping healthier food around the apartment and cooking right. At the end of the month with John, I felt better, but still wanted to make more progress, so I signed up for more sessions with him. He was tough, but thats what I needed.

My sex life with Cathy became more intense, as I lost weight and gained more energy. We had gotten more experimental, bringing toys into the bedroom – using them on both of us- and during pillow talk, discussed going to one of those sex clubs that had bondage equipment at.

Then one night, I had gotten into the gym late, apologizing to John profusely, who put me to work. By the time we were done, the place had emptied out save for us and the cleaning staff. I showered, and stood beside my locker drying off when John approached.

“Good work today man, you’re really showing some gains,” I thanked him, standing there naked, completely unafraid to show myself off in the locker room. “Now, I’ve got one more order for ya,” John reached down and took my cock in his hand, all the while looking me in the eye. I was shocked, though only mildly. I had grown used to John putting his hands all over my body, though this was new territory. I stared back at him blankly, as he pulled at my cock.

“You go home now, and you blow off some steam giving your pretty little girl the fucking of a lifetime now, got it?” The blood that drained from my face began to fill my cock, and I felt myself getting hard in another man’s hand. I gulped before responding.


With that, John clapped me on the shoulder with his giant hand, and walked away chuckling to himself.

Weirdly enough, casino şirketleri as I stood there naked and hard in the locker room, I didn’t feel ashamed or homophobic, or guilty. I felt… empowered. I dressed, shoving my hard cock into my pants and setting out for home. I was still hard by the time I put my key in the lock – I had my orders after all.

I was greeted by Cathy as I stalked down the hall, and instead of pleasantries I used my body to push her up against the wall, kissing her hard, and pushing my tongue in her mouth. She got the message, and wrapped her arms around my neck as I thrust the hard on in my pants against her. She helped strip her shirt off, and I tore into her caramel coloured double-d titties, removing my hands only to push down her shorts and haul out my turgid cock. I found her pussy and shoved myself in, she cursed and wrapped her legs around my waist. I fucked her against the wall, until the neighbours started banging back. I moved our entangled bodies to the bed, and hammered away at her until she pushed me off and told me to get naked. I removed my clothes and stood at the end of the bed for a moment, replaying the moment months ago where I was in the same position.

Now I was trim, and muscled, an obscene erection jutting out, and an immediately purpose. Cathy kneeled at the end of the bed and kissed me deeply, before directing me onto my back. I watched as her stout little body climbed on top of me, breasts dangling over my face as she slid my cock back into her pussy, and sat crudely atop my groin. She planted a hand on my chest to steady herself as she began bucking about. I gripped her fleshy hips and felt her contract around cock. After a short while, Cathy stopped and turned, riding me backwards and giving me a view of that full and gorgeous ass. I licked my thumb and jammed it in her, eliciting a yelp. I loved watching her body move while we fucked, every line, every curve, every ripple. I held out long enough to watch her shudder, and moan, cumming loudly enough for the neighbours to start banging on the wall again.

Catching my momentary distraction, she spun off me and landed between my legs, staring up at me still hungry. She popped my cock into her mouth, still wet with her own juices, and began to work my shaft with her lips. Now it was my turn to moan. She stopped momentarily to lick her fingers, finding my puckered anus, and prying it open. By the time she was knuckle deep in my ass, i could feel my cock start to sputter out copious amounts of pre-cum. I could barely contain myself any longer, and I roared as I shot into Cathy’s mouth repeatedly. She drained me, cleaned me and sprung forward onto my chest as I caught my breath. She kissed me with my own cum on her lips, and I held her tightly in my arms.

I would do anything for Cathy.

* * * * * *

My workouts continued to intensify as did my sexual exploration with Cathy. Every week we found something new and different to try out. One week we got into the shower to wash up, and took turns licking each others ass. I had grown accustomed to her playing with my backdoor -but the tongue lashing I got from her that night was incredible.

I did develop a habit though, in that whenever I finished my shower at the gym, I would get hard while drying off. Surprisingly though, even when there were other guys around, I wasn’t embarrassed or tried to hide my dick. I just let it hang out in the open, just another part of me. Some guys looked away, others seemed to be trying to sneak a peak. One particular time, John happened by, looked down and clapped that big old hand on my shoulder while smiling and walking away. It was all good. Of course, every time I brought my hard on back from the gym, I would give Cathy a casino firmaları solid pounding.

Then one night, as I was shoving my cock into my pants and preparing to head home, John came by.

“Hey bud, I forgot to mention, your girl gave me a call and asked me over for dinner tonight, so I figured I would just follow you in my car, cool?”

His question seemed more like a statement, and I was a bit befuddled that Cathy would make dinner plans without telling me in advance. Despite my cock steaming in my pants, expecting immediate reward, I shrugged it off and grabbed my gear. John turned out the lights in the gym, and we headed back to my place.

John and I made small talk as we walked down the hall to the apartment. It felt strange seeing him outside of the gym, but I still knew him pretty well so it wasn’t too awkward. I unlocked the door and pushed inside calling out to Cathy. Just as I dropped my gym bag, John pushed me up against the wall, catching me entirely by surprise. I looked across his thick forearm to see his eyes dancing wildly, his other hand went down to grope my crotch. Cathy came around the corner ,and I glanced over to see her wearing nothing but a pair of black lace panties, holding a glass of red wine.


John suddenly planted his mouth on mine, and I felt his five o’clock shadow against my chin. I felt my pants loosen and fall as he worked the bulge in my briefs. Any hesitance I had melted away the moment I felt a mouth on my cock. Cathy must have moved in on the scene, I thought. I felt a warmth around my shaft as my pants and underwear were worked off my body entirely, John had taken my wrists in his huge hands, and had pinned them against the wall. There was a fear and an excitement in me that I had never experienced before. My dick bobbed out of Cathy’s mouth, as she seemed to be shifting her attention to removing John’s pants. Still lip-locked with him, I couldn’t tell if she was sucking him too, but I found myself curious as to what his penis looked like. Parting faces with John, his hand moved to my neck, and I found myself being maneuvered down the hall and into the bedroom, completely naked from the waist down.

I nearly tripped coming into the room, Cathy had moved onto the bed and removed her panties – her legs were spread open wide, hand working over her trimmed mound, and a furiously lustful look in her eyes. John pushed me over onto the bed, bent over with my ass exposed. I heard some movement behind me, before I felt his tongue lapping away between my cheeks. Cathy reached over my back to the bottom of my shirt, and pulled it off me, leaving me completely naked now. My cock rubbed against the bedspread as I felt John lick, and finger and pry my ass open. I could only imagine how my face must have looked to Cathy, screwed up and contorted in sheer pleasure. She still lay spread open playing with her pussy as I moaned like a little bitch at John’s handiwork. I felt him removing his tongue, anticipating what was next.

A finger slathered in a cold cream wiped around my perineum and over my taint. More cream was added to the finger before it penetrated me. It was pulled out, and I felt my hole opened wide, allowing lube to be inserted directly inside of me. I had only ever had Cathy insert three fingers in me, and an anal toy we bought. I had no idea how big John was, or how this was going to feel. The tip of his head sunk into me, letting me taste a little bit of the sting. He pulled out, and I felt my hole close. His next gentle thrust put about an inch in, and I started to feel the discomfort. By the time I taken a couple inches I was crying and stomping my feet on the floor, trying to cope with the pain. John would pull out and my ass would contract, giving güvenilir casino me a moment before pushing in again, each successive time, the pain would lessen. Despite the fury we had begun with, our rhythm had thankfully slowed, replaced by the intensity of the experience.

I looked up with glassy eyes at Cathy, who was panting and locked in a daze as she watched me being sodomized by my trainer – the trainer she had hired for me. I wondered how long she had planned this out, and why as John began to build up a pace. Cathy scooted forward presenting me with her soaking wet pussy, I arched my neck to taste her, and she pushed forward, giving me full access. My hands clenched the bedsheets as I licked at her puffy gash. Her hands grabbed my hair, and I sped my assault as John began to pound my ass.

The sensation at my rear had begun to change, the pain was intermittent now, but I had begun to feel some pleasure. There was the jolt of electricity through my lower half, every time John would hit my prostate – but there was also this other feeling that seemed to wash over me.

It was having another man, an older, stronger, manlier man grabbing me by the hips, taking control of my body, and filling me with his cock. The sensation of being the object instead of the aggressor, of being made to experience a different sense of pleasure than I ever had before. The thrill of the newness, of exploration, combined with the reality of being taken in front of my beautiful, dangerously sensual girlfriend – it was overwhelming. We had begun a journey of sexual experimentation that danced along the razors edge of deviancy – and I was finally there, getting fucked by a man, doing it with her… for her.

My body warmed with a variety of sensations as I drowned in Cathy’s juices, my ass bouncing on John’s rigid member. Cathy started those familiar sharp panting noises, and I tried to retain my focus on her. She jammed her hand atop her clit, rubbing away madly as I lost my tongue in her hole. I felt her quiver before I tasted what was to come. It started with a single gush of fluid, before she let loose a spray that painted my face. I had only ever made her squirt once, with my hand – having such a close up of the experience was intense. I felt dirty and humiliated and proud. I was so lost in the moment that I forgot about John, until I felt him pull his dick from my ass- pull off his condom and spray cum across my back.

I was empty, and broken in, and covered in juice and quim and cum.

John clapped a hand on my back. “Good work today,” Before moving into the bathroom and turning on the shower. I looked up at Cathy’s face, a half smile waiting for my full reaction. I moved onto the bed beside her, trying to figure out where everyone had finished on my body. I was still short of breath when she spoke.

“Are you mad at me?”

I was at odds trying to process what had happened, I loved sex, especially with Cathy. And the kinkier and crazier the better. But this entire experience had caught me off guard. Sure, it may have been a bunch of stuff that we had talked about over time, but I was never asked explicitly for consent. At the same time… I had always fantasized about being taken and used. Cathy had known that. We had spent a lot of time talking about our nastiest, dirtiest, most dangerous fantasies – and she knew what boundaries I was most afraid to cross. This experience with her and John. It was hot, and I had dreamt about something like that for ages.

Looking into her face as she waited for a response, those deep brown eyes – I was warmed. I had never been so intimate with a person in my life, and over and over again, I had given myself to her, entrusting her with my life. And every time she came through and made me better. I loved getting fucked. I loved eating her pussy while getting fucked. I loved shucking the bullshit male bravado, and just…feeling everything.

I grinned, and kissed her on the lips before speaking.

“I would do anything for you Cathy.”

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