Blast From The Past

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Cathy Spencer could hardly believe her eyes. First last night at the party and now today at her front door. Unbelievable. Terrifying actually.

It had only been about 16 hours since she had laid eyes on him for the first time in almost four and a half years. He was only 18 back then, just on his way to university and away from home for the first time, a good looking young man sure to break the hearts of his fair share of freshman girls. The captain of the high school wrestling team, his body was lean and toned and easy to notice with his tight fitting t-shirts clinging to his sculpted physique. His combination of boyish good looks, with his messy brown hair, and classic handsomeness, thanks to his piercing blue eyes and full sexy lips, coupled with his obvious physical attributes, would have made it easy for him to charm just about any woman he wanted.

Of course, the thing was that the woman he had wanted back then was Cathy. And of course, just like all those other women, she too found herself unable to resist the gorgeous young man. Oh, she tried at first to shun his flirtations; after all there were so many logical reasons why nothing should ever happen between them. First, she was over twice his age, 23 years his senior to be exact. Secondly, she had been happily married for over 21 years and had a daughter who was actually older than he was. And finally, she just happened to be good friends with his mother, who lived a mere four doors down the street. But of course, despite all of these sound and sensible reasons for why nothing should ever happen between them, eventually her resolved waned and she could no longer resist the young man’s advances.

Their affair was fairly brief, lasting about six weeks, but for what it lacked in duration it more than made up for in passion. They had virtually nothing in common outside of their lustful desires and the pleasure they drew from one another’s bodies. The sex was earth-shattering and seemingly non-stop. Some days they would fuck all day, all over her house, in almost every room, and in almost every hole she had.

The guilt Cathy felt over her adulterous trysts with her young lover had been immense. She loved her husband, but she was weak, and often felt unsatisfied in his bed. Some nights, she found herself in bed battling with emotions and feelings, quietly crying herself to sleep, wanting someone to understand and satisfy her needs. Her passionate affair both fulfilled her and tore her apart. When her young stud left to go away to school half way across the country, it was with a mix of both sadness and relief on her end that the affair came to an end.

And now, almost four and a half years since she had last seen him, since she had last felt his touch, he was back.

Last night was supposed to be a special evening for Cathy and her husband Jim. They were celebrating 25 years of wedded bliss with friends and family at a Thursday night drop-in open house at their place. The hostess was glowing, and at 46 years of age, still as striking as she had ever been. Dressed in a figure-hugging cobalt blue off-the-shoulder sequin top and a pair of tight black jeans, her body did not look a day over 35. Soft, flowing golden blonde curls fell in subtle layers to just below her shoulders, tickling her bare flesh and framing her mature, yet intoxicatingly striking face.

The couple celebrated with their two children, Matt, 18, and Christina, 24, as well as their extended family, and of course some of their closest friends. Naturally, that included some of their beloved neighbours with whom the family had bonded with over the 15 plus years they had lived on the quiet suburban street. Cathy felt blessed to have so many close friends near her and her excitement peaked with each of her dear neighbours arrivals. It was with the arrival of one of those dear friends that her excitement quickly turned to disbelief and panic.

She had greeted her close friend and neighbour Janet with the same genuine gratitude and affection as she had everyone else. A warm embrace with her friend and a hug and kiss on the cheek to her husband George. It was when she realized who was following them that complete shock flooded over Cathy. She could barely sense her own movements as she repeated the same hug and kiss motions with the young man as she had just done with his father. What she could sense was the electricity she felt as her body pressed up against his and his lips brushed against her cheek as they greeted one another.

“You look as beautiful as ever.” He whispered as they pulled away from their brief embrace.

Stunned, Cathy was unable to speak and could barely motivate her body to back away from the young man.

“Hope you don’t mind Ben coming along tonight,” George finally said, breaking the silence that was on the verge of turning awkward. “He just showed up in town tonight for an unexpected visit, so we thought why not bring him along?”

Before she could offer a verbal response to the explanation for the appearance casino şirketleri of her former lover, Cathy’s husband jumped in.

“Great! The more the merrier.” Jim exclaimed as he took the young man’s hand. “My God Cath, how long’s it been since we’ve seen this young fella?”

“I, ummm…” she stammered still in disbelief.

“Must be at least four years or so.” Ben interrupted, his eyes locking with hers.

Luckily for Cathy, the awkwardness of the moment was cut short as more people arrived, necessitating their new guests to move into the party, and thankfully, away from her.

For the rest of the evening, she did her best to avoid her former bed-mate, which unfortunately also meant ignoring one of her good friends. But the tactic was unavoidable. She just did not know how to act around the handsome young man. Every time she caught a glimpse of him she felt a stab of lust run through her, quickly followed by a familiar pang of regret. Her emotions were running amok on her, but she was determined not to let them get the better of her. She knew there was no way she could live through the guilt again.

The evening ended without any further interaction between the former lovers, leaving Cathy with a sense of relief, though one laced with the question of possibilities for what might have been. The party had been a tremendous success, but as she went to bed with her loving husband that night, she could not stop her mind from focusing on Ben. She wondered if it really was just a serendipitous coincidence that had brought him there that night. Was there more to it or had he really just happened to pop in on his parents on the very night they were coming over to her place? But the questioned that weighed in her thoughts even more heavily was this – did she want there to be more?

Cathy had spent most of Friday morning straightening up the house after the party. Jim had headed off to work at his usual time and since neither of their children still lived at home, it was left to her to finish tidying up after the previous evening’s festivities. Not that she minded, the privacy gave her time to ponder the feelings that had been awoken in her the night before.

She knew she loved her husband dearly. The guilt that accompanied the torrid affair she had with Ben had been almost unbearable. On numerous occasions she had almost confessed to her husband, but each time she ultimately could not bring herself to tell him. As sorry she was for cheating on Jim, and as much as she hoped, and deep down believed that he could somehow forgive her for straying outside of their marriage, there was no way she could believe that her husband, or anyone else for that matter, would forgive her for doing so with Ben. He was half her age! Her own daughter was two years older than him for God’s sake! She was practically best friends with his mother! All the same facts that she had tried to use to convince herself back then not to do it. And now, over four years later, she found herself having to tell herself all over again why she had to get the young man out of her mind.

It was just after one in the afternoon when Cathy finished cleaning up the house. She felt a slight headache coming on thanks to pairing of household cleaners and her racing mind. Sighing heavily, she made her way into the front living room and was just about to plop herself down on the couch for a rest when a knock on the door interrupted.

Slowly walking to the front entrance, she was too tired to even glance out the window to see who it was. Shaking her head, oblivious to who it could be, she proceeded to open the door.

“Ben!” She yelped, the same disbelief and panic from the previous night washing over her as her hand covered her mouth in astonishment.

“Hello Cathy.” He replied as he walked in nonchalantly.

Pushing the door shut slowly, she turned to face him in complete astonishment. She found herself staring at him, into his enchanting blue eyes, and immediately remembering all those times. Their times of extreme pleasure and passion… of hot and wild sex.

“What… what are you doing here?” she questioned, feeling weak.

“I felt bad about just showing up here last night,” he replied, a sly grin appearing at the corner of his sexy mouth. “That wasn’t fair to you.”

“Okay, thanks for stopping by. No worries.” She rushed the words, hoping he would leave without saying another word. But her eyes were not quite as persuading as her words.

He did not move. She watched as Ben’s sensual eyes travelled up and down her body, and she cursed herself for feeling a sense of regret for not wearing something more flattering.

Cathy was dressed comfortably, wearing what she would any given day spent doing some chores around the house, and though she was not dressed to the nines so-to-speak, she still looked good. She wore a comfy off-white v-neck top, cut low enough to show the tops of her braless breasts, and a matching pair of form-fitting yoga stretch pants that nicely casino firmaları clung to her still youthful looking ass and shapely legs. Her luscious flaxen curls were pinned atop her head in a neat bun, with a couple of wavy tendrils cascading down on either side of her face.

“Actually,” he finally spoke, breaking the silence that had accompanied his evaluation of her appearance. “I had to come by… I couldn’t stop thinking about…”

“You should go,” she cut-in, not wanting the conversation to go any further for fear of where it, and her emotions, might lead her.

Ignoring her suggestion, he slowly sauntered deeper into the house, casually looking around as he walked through the dining room and stepped into the kitchen.

“Ben, please…” she continued.

Again, he paid no attention to her words, instead glancing around the room.

“We had some good times in this house,” he commented, finally turning his gaze to her as she joined him in the kitchen.

“That was a long time ago,” she replied meekly, trying to avoid eye contact.

“I think we did it in just about every room in this house Cathy.” He answered, his matter-of-fact tone taking her aback and leaving her almost speechless.

“I, umm…” she tried to find the words.

“God, the way we used to make love to each other all afternoon…” he continued, his confidence rising.

“No.” She shot back firmly. “We never made love. We fucked. That’s it.”

Whether it was guilt or her own sense of pride, she knew she had to voice her opinion on the difference.

“Wow,” he replied with a smirk. “Cathy I never heard you talk like that. It’s kinda sexy.”

“You should go,” she quickly countered, realizing that her words of defiance were actually a turn on for him as she stared into his eyes and saw an all too familiar look. She swallowed hard and turned away from him, steadying herself against the kitchen counter. “Ben, please…”

“Last night I couldn’t stop thinking about all the times we… fucked.” Again he ignored her request for him to leave. “How we used to fuck for hours on end… how you used to beg me to fuck you.”

She squeezed her eyes tightly shut, almost as if they would block out the sound of his words.

“Tell me you weren’t thinking about it Cathy,” he continued, moving closer to her. “Tell me you didn’t lie in bed remembering how good we were together.”

“Please… don’t…” she whimpered, trying to combat her emotions.

“Tell me it doesn’t turn you on thinking about fucking me. Thinking about how much you loved fucking me.”

She felt him move in behind her, his body pressed tight against hers.

“Ben…” she began to plead, but could not find the words.

Slowly his hands reached up to her head and slowly slid the pins out of her hair, her mane cascading freely down to her shoulders in silky, golden waves. He gently ruffled her hair a little, her blonde curls bouncing to life. She could feel his rigid cock pressing against her ass and his warm breath through her hair and onto her neck. A tingle ran through her entire body.

“Tell me it doesn’t excite you Cathy.” He whispered, his nose pressed into her soft curls.

She stared down at her expensive wedding ring, feeling the rush of tears brimming around her eyes. He was right – she was excited.

Without warning, his hands quickly moved around her body and came to rest atop her chest, his fingers brushing firmly against her erect nipples. As a surge of excitement sped through her body she cursed herself for not having a bra on.

“You are excited aren’t you?” He breathed in her ear. “Your nipples are so hard baby.”

She could feel her body betraying her with each second that passed as his body remained pressed tightly against hers. Squeezing her eyes tightly shut, she tried to convince herself that she did not want it. As his hands slowly slid down off of her tits she let out a small sigh of relief, but it was a reprieve that would not last. Quickly, she realized exactly where his hands were travelling to.

“Just how excited are we?” He growled as his left hand slid under the elastic waistband of her stretchy yoga pants.

Knowing full well what he would find should his inquisitive hand move any further south, she grabbed his wrist in an attempt to stop him from discovering just how excited he had made her.

“Ben… please…” she whimpered as she struggled against him, both physically and emotionally. But she was losing both battles. He was too strong and her own feelings were sabotaging her defences. Half of her wanted to have mad, red hot sex with him but the other half was warning her, reminding her of that guilt she had to live with and how much she loved her husband.

Unable to mount much resistance, she felt his hand moving deeper under her pants and his fingers slide into her thin panties. She let out a gasp as his index finger found its way onto her dripping wet pussy lips.

“Oh my,” he declared, feigning surprise. “What have güvenilir casino we here Cathy?”

She could not even find words to protest as another finger moved onto her damp mound and began gliding up and down. The only response she found herself capable of was a low moan as she felt his hips slowly begin to gyrate behind her, his stiff manhood grinding into her ass in rhythm with his fingers against her cunt. She knew she was getting wetter by the second.

All of a sudden another jolt of excitement shot through her as she felt his fingers slip fully into her hungry pussy. Slowly and methodically he began to slide them in and out, his pace increasing gradually with each cycle. Another moan escaped from her lips as she began to lose herself in his touch. She even found her own hips beginning to move in turn with his, matching the grinding of his pelvis against her ass. It did not take long for their movements to take on more of a thrusting motion, driving his hard dick into her and, in turn, her pussy into his skilled fingers.

“That’s it,” Ben encouraged, “fuck my fingers.”

Practically incapable of any resistance at this point, she did as he said. Together, they thrust their hips forward and backwards, sending his fingers deeper and deeper into her cunt with each push. Her body shivered as she felt his lips against her neck as the two of them masturbated her pussy.

“Fuck…” she groaned, an orgasm quickly growing between her legs.

“Is that what you want Cathy?” He asked, his mouth barely moving away from the flesh of her neck.

Increasing the speed at which his fingers were darting in and out of her sopping wet hole, he moved his lips up to her ear as she grunted an incomprehensible response.

“Do you want me to fuck you?”

“Yes! Oh God, yes. Fuck me!”

Admitting her lust, her cunt exploded in orgasm, her juices covering his busy hand as she let out a long, loud moan.

Ben spun her around sharply, his strong hands securely on her arms, staring at her with wild eyes. His lips went to hers, his tongue plunging into her mouth, and they both groaned deeply. Quickly, his hands moved onto her waist, tugging at her pants somewhat impatiently as his rock hard erection rubbing against her belly through his blue jeans. Finally he succeeded in disposing of her pants, harshly forcing them down to the floor. He abruptly picked her up in his arms and commenced on rushing up the stairs and towards the bedroom.

Moving into the bedroom, he dropped her rather brusquely on the red silk sheets of the bed, and then slowly backed away. Cathy lay on the bed, waiting lustfully as she watched him begin to take off his clothes.

He undid the button of his jeans, not taking his eyes off her the whole time. Kicking off his shoes, he slid the jeans down, stepping out of them as his erection struggled against his boxer shorts. He pulled his t-shirt off over his head and chucked it aside. His body was lean and hard, just as she had remembered it.

Grinning curtly, his hands moved to the waistband of his boxers and he slid them down – slow at first, then faster, his dick smacking against his taut stomach as it sprang free. He stepped out of them and stood totally naked in front of her, all the while her eyes locked on his impressive cock. Moving to her on the bed, he dragged her body up so she was in a sitting position and easily ripped off her top, her full bouncy breasts exposed.

“God I missed that sexy body.” He proclaimed hoarsely as his hands went to cup her tits.

As his hands rubbed over her aching boobs, she took in his scent, the familiar aroma filling her nostrils, just as enticing and tempting as it had been years ago. Ben’s warm and strong hands roamed over her bosom, pinching at her slightly swollen nipples, making them even more puckered and red then they already were. Kneeling before her, he bent to suck heavily on her nipples, moving from breast to breast, the suction so hard that she let out a yelp of pleasure.

Gently, he lay her down on the bed and quickly began to trail his tongue across her face, down her chin and onto her neck. Cathy shut her eyes and moaned, his hand roaming over her smooth body, down her belly. He kissed her with a fiery passion as his hand slipped lower, over her hips and onto her wet panties. Stopping there, he let out a low, animalistic groan as he brutally tore her underwear from her body.

Her heart raced as he grasped her wrists in a vice-like grip and pulled her arms above her head, restraining her with one hand as he licked her heaving tits and the valley in between them. Releasing his hold on her wrists, he lifted her legs, placed one on each of his shoulders, grasped her hips, and roughly pulled her to him. Their eyes locked as he plummeted into her.

“Oh, Ben…” she purred, closing her eyes as he began to fuck her hot, yearning pussy recklessly.

Burying his hips into her, he thrust back and forth with vigour, taking her close to the brink of a second orgasm again and again. Whenever he sensed she was going to come, he slowed down, and then when her release waited patiently in the background he fucked her speedily. His game soon became too much for her, forcing Cathy to take control.

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