It Started on New Year’s Eve Ch. 02

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At school the next morning, I heard Cole and Robyn arguing in the hall.

“What are you saying Cole? Are you breaking up with me?!”

“Robyn, you slept with Brad –“

“That was forever ago, Cole. We’re over that now, right? Put it in our past. We need to move on.”

“Maybe I can’t move on, Robyn. You’ve slept with, what, five other guys?”

“Two of them weren’t even when we were together!”

“But we were!’t officially broken up, Robyn. Apparently, you don’t care about me, just yourself.”

“Cole, of course I care about you, silly.”

“It doesn’t seem like it. Why would you sleep with five other guys?”

Robyn turned away, putting on a hurt face. “They were mistakes. Nothing more.”

“Well, you’re certainly clumsy, then.”

Another charged silence. Cole’s eyes flickered to me, standing at my locker, watching the scene. His eyes hardened and turned back to Robyn.

“Robyn. It’s over. For good.”

“Cole –“

“I have to get to class, Robyn.”

I grabbed my books and turned away, glorying in Robyn’s pouty expression. He had just broken up with one of the most popular girls in school. For me! This had only happened in my fantasies. I pinched myself, for fear that it was.

Cole caught me in the hall next period. I smiled despite myself.

“Nat, I broke up with Robyn. As you saw,” he chuckled.

“Yeah. Cole, it was very sweet of you to break up with her to be with me.”

“I don’t mind. She was a manipulative bitch anyway.” He looked me in the eyes, like he was searching for something. “You helped me see that.”

He touched my arm, pulling me closer almost my magnetism. I took a deep breath. Probably shouldn’t show any PDA in the halls.

“Nat, I wanna take you to this party on Saturday. As a couple.”

“Oh. Okay.” I was reluctant; Robyn would probably be there. What the hell.

The party was smaller than the New Year’s Eve one. It was calm, for a party. Everybody was lounging in the basement, sipping some beer. Some people were gyrating to a dance song in one corner. I had on my slinkiest pants and my favorite top. And of course, I was on Cole’s arm.

Robyn was there, face plastered all over another guy. Upon seeing Cole and me walk down the stairs, she promptly peeled herself away, and tried to look pouty. It just made her look spoiled.

I stayed by Cole’s side and she realized why I was there.

“You bitch!” she shrieked, stomping over to me in her absurdly high heels. She was still shorter than me, even though I was wearing Converse. She was quite a short girl.

“Excuse me?”

“So you’re the bitch who stole my boyfriend. In case you’ve been living under a rock this whole time, Cole’s mine.” She shoved me, hard.

“Hey, hey, hey,” Cole protested, trying to mediate. Both of us ignored him.

“Hey, Cole asked me here. You guys broke up, remember?”

“Oh, he always comes back. You can’t compete.”

“Wanna bet? He’s finally wised up to the fact that you’re a manipulative, cheating bitch.” The band of semi-drunk teens “ooo”-ed at my jab.

“You fucking bitch!” she shrieked and lunged at me. She tore at me clothes, taking me by surprise and shoving me to the floor. She tried to get a good slap or punch in, but she wasn’t a very good fighter. Plus, I had more than a few inches and pounds on her.

She finally managed to punch me in the face and that did it, no mercy. I kicked her off of me and gave a good shot to the nose, sending her pretty little face reeling.

She wimped out and stumbled off of me, holding her nose and shrieking, “Butch broke my nose! Fucking bitch!”

I stood up and brushed myself off. “Check her nose,” I said calmly. “Don’t think I broke it. Didn’t hit it hard enough. Come on, Cole, I think we’d better go.”

We left the party, and he checked me using his car’s lights. He had a little first aid kit that he got out and used to baby me.

“Are you okay?”

“Cole, I’m fine. Robyn doesn’t have anything on me.”

He grinned, “I like a girl who can hold her own.”

He kissed me, wrapping me closer, into his arms. I ran my fingers through his close-cropped hair, savoring the feel. I shifted, straddling his lap. I felt our tongues reach together and intertwine in a dance, finally without any cautions or forbiddens. Finally, I could kiss him without the thought of Robyn Knight breathing down my neck.

The kissing became more insistent. His fingers trailed beneath my shirt, pulling it slowly up. The freedom was intoxicating. I knew that it was soon, but Cole broke up with his longtime girlfriend for me. He escaped her manipulative clutches, for me. My dream guy was sitting there, wanting me.

I pulled my shirt off, exposing my bra. I let my hair fall in a curtain around our faces. It was just us in the world, no one else.

We climbed into the back seat, hands all over each other. Soon Cole had his shirt off and my hands were flying over his skin, feeling every sinewy muscle. He leaned over me, and pulled off my pants. My breathing came faster. casino şirketleri It felt like the time. He grabbed a condom.


“What?” he said breathlessly, looking at me with lust in his eyes.

“I’m a virgin.”

He stared at me for a moment, and put the condom down. He zipped up his pants and put his shirt back on.

“What are you doing?”

“Natalie, I can’t.”

“Can’t what? It seemed like you could before.”

“I can’t take your virginity. Not here, not now. It’s not right.”

I had to admit, he had a point. I had always imagined candles and roses when I was younger, but lately I had a more cynical view of my first time. Maybe candles and roses was possible.

“Robyn and I lost our virginity together, like this.”

I realized what his hang up was. That damned Robyn. Popping up even after I thought I had dealt with her.

“Oh.” I sat there, in my underwear. I felt exposed and cold, so I put on my clothes. I felt rejected, spurned, even though my mind told me I shouldn’t, that it wasn’t me.

“So what happens next?” I asked softly. I felt my nose prickle with tears not yet shed.

Cole sighed. “I drive you home. And we kiss on the doorstep, like any other kiss. And then, we go on a real date tomorrow.” He held my hand, a simple gesture, and yet it said so much.

“Okay,” I whispered, barely able to speak through the haze of emotions swirling through my body. Sadness, anger, rejection, embarrassment, compassion, disappointment, and funnily enough, relief.

After Cole dropped me off and kissed me, just like he said, my dad noticed the band-aid on my cheek and I made an excuse about tripping over a stair and hurried up to my room. I put on bittersweet music and wallowed in my mixed up feelings.

The next day, Cole took me to a movie and out for ice cream. As we sat in the sunlit ice cream parlor, we talked about everything, the movie, the weather, school, swimming; everything except the night before in his car.

When a silence stretched between us, as we ate our ice cream, I finally mustered up my courage and brang up the topic.

“So. Last night.”

“Yeah. I’m sorry.”

A long silence grew between us, filling the air with tension almost tangible.

“When I um, was with Robyn, that time, I don’t think I felt the way I should have, afterward.”

“It wasn’t the right time and it was rushed and awkward. And..” He coughed awkwardly and looked nervous. “I don’t think you deserve that. You deserve candles and roses and an actual bed and all that romantic shit.” He smiled his easy smile and I melted, as always.

“Okay. I forgive you for spurning me.”

He grinned.

“Not so fast!” I teased. “Only if you promise candles and roses and romantic shit, next time. ‘Kay?”

He leaned across the table and kissed me softly. “‘Kay.”

I blushed despite myself. Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months. We never revisited the topic of my virginity again, until we celebrated our six month anniversary when we were alone in my house with a little sparkling wine left in my fridge.

We toasted and sipped our wine, cuddling together on the couch.

“Wow, I can’t believe it’s been six months already, baby.” I loved it when he called me “baby”.

“Me too. You’re just so awesome,” I grinned and kissed him.

“I love you,” he whispered into my ear, taking me by surprise. I clutched his arm. I felt myself balk; why should I? Didn’t I love him? He wrapped me in his arms, and stroked my hair, a habit he had gotten into.

I realized that yes, I did love him. I loved the way he finally turned away the manipulative Robyn Knight to be with me, the way he had little pet names for me and knew my favorite coffee; the way he stroked my hair and knew when I needed a bowl of ice cream to cheer me up even before I did; the way his eyes glinted when he laughed and how he texted me every night before bed, wishing me sweet dreams.

I loved every bit of him, even the things like how he bit his nails or how he still looked at Robyn Knight sometimes. But I could tell there’s nothing there. There was nothing missing when he looked at me, when he kissed me. He loved me, and that made me love him all the more.

“I love you too. I love you, I love you,” I whispered to him, feeling the words on my tongue. I whispered them over and over again, softly. Cole strokes my hair more, holding me close. I breathed in his scent, the smell of whatever laundry detergent his mother used and the smell of wood.

“Cole. I love you.”

“I know. You said that.” We both laughed.

“I want to make love to you.”

He was silent. I looked up at him and couldn’t read his expression.

“Cole, I love you and you love me and I want to show you, to express it. I want to give you something I can only give once. You’re my first love and always will be. Let me give you this.”

He still said nothing. I felt tears prick my nose. Was he going to say no again? I basically just poured my heart out and he said nothing?

“Cole? casino firmaları Say something, dammit!”

He paused. “I love you Noa. I would be honored to be your first.”

I felt relief wash over me and laughed, lightly smacking his arm. “God dammit, Cole, you scared me!”


He wrapped me tighter in his arms and we planned the date and time. We talked about it until the clock signaled my parents’ imminent return and Cole’s departure.

When he left, I ran up to my room and flopped on my bed giddily. It was no doubt one of the happiest moments of my life.

I had a friend cover for me, say I was sleeping over at her house. Cole’s parents were out of town for the weekend and the house was free. My mother had put me on the pill when I turned sixteen, “just in case”, as she put it. I also managed to get some condoms from the drugstore near my school, without anyone noticing.

The days seemed to grow longer, the way they do before Christmas, before something exciting. Finally the day came, and the minutes seemed to taunt me, to become the longest they possibly could. I forced myself to pack my duffel bag calmly, slowly. I packed everything I needed and put on my sexiest bra and panty set, which actually wasn’t much. They were black lace I had bought to wear on special occasions.

This was a special occasion.

I threw on a black tee and some shorts. I stared at the clock, watching the minutes tick away. I double checked to make sure that I had the condoms in my bag. Check. I brushed my teeth for the third time. And then I checked for the condoms again. They were still there.

When six thirty finally rolled around, I sprung into action, running down the stairs and into my car. It wasn’t much, just an old Honda Accord. But today, it was my golden carriage.

When I rang the doorbell, I had to stop myself from squeaking in excitement. The time was finally here. Cole opened the door, grinning ear to ear. He wrapped me up in his arms, kissing me like I was a feast for a starving man.

“I couldn’t stop thinking about you all day,” he said between kisses.

“Me either.”

We entered the house and had some pizza he ordered. The pizza was from a nice Italian place. We spent the entire time cuddling and being gushy. I thought of what was to come and I could hardly eat, I was so excited and anxious.

“So, have you had enough to eat?” I asked.

“Well, I’ve had enough pizza, but I think I’ll be eating more than that tonight,” he grinned. I blushed immediately. I felt my face flush with heat.

He got up and I followed him to his room. It had candles and roses everywhere. I almost cried, it was so sweet.

“See, I keep my promises,” he said and pulled me close to his side.

“How did you get all this?” I asked softly.

“I have my ways.”

He led me to the bed and we sat down. My heart thrummed in my chest from anticipation. His hands roamed over my body; nothing we hadn’t done before. I pulled myself closer to him, hands kneading his shoulders lightly.

He gently unzipped my jacket and pulled my tank off. I could hardly breathe, the air was so thick with tension. I pulled his shirt off and ran my hands over his body, feeling his lungs expand and contract, feeling his skin burn. We stripped off our remaining clothes, down to our underwear. This was the moment it all became new.

He pulled my body close to his. The heat burning on our skin mixed, creating a larger and larger flame. I pressed my hips closer to his, almost subconsciously. My hands pressed into his back, my fingertips tracing each line of muscle and sinew. His palms gripped my waist, trying to pull me closer than I already was. He leaned over me on the bed, and reached around to unclasp my bra. I pulled the straps over my shoulders and let the bra fall away, letting him, anyone, see my exposed breasts for the first time.

“Oh my god, Natalie… you’re more beautiful than I imagined.”

I blushed. He moved his hands from my hips to my breasts, letting his fingers roam ever so lightly, teasing me. His fingertips brushed my nipples, making them erect and hard. He took one into his mouth, sucking and flicking with his tongue. I moaned in wonder at how good it felt. He lifted his mouth off and pinched my nipple with his fingers, and I squeaked in surprise. He grinned mischievously at me and returned to his ministrations.

He slipped off my panties and threw them aside. I felt really exposed now, completely naked before this boy I so longed to please. He cupped my aching mound, and I groaned. He kissed me, sliding his tongue into my mouth in that oh so familiar dance.

His fingers tickled the soft hairs on my outer lips. I kept them trim and the edges shaved, so nothing peeked out of my swimsuit during practice. His middle finger felt different than my own, exploring down there. The finger slipped in, closer to my entrance.

“So you’re already wet,” he whispered huskily. I’d never heard him talk like that before.

“All for you,” I returned. I don’t güvenilir casino know where it came from. I couldn’t believe the words coming out of my own mouth.

He slipped his finger in. I was wet and loose, and it slid in easily. He felt around, curling and wriggling his finger, sending shivers down my spine.

“Cole, that feels really good…”

“It’s just going to get better.”

He continued to finger me, and used his thumb to rub my clitoris. I whimpered. It felt so good, but the thought occurred to me that I didn’t want to come too soon. I didn’t want to be too far behind him when the main event came.

I pushed him off of me. He looked at me quizzically.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong; you were doing great. But it’s my turn now…” I grinned and we switched places, me leaning over him, feeling the heat on his skin. Heat that burned for me.

I let my fingers flit over his shoulders, down his chest, and lightly over his nipples. He moaned and I grinned. So he likes that… I paid more attention to his nipples, brushing them and teasing them. I flicked one and then the other with my tongue, eliciting groans of pleasure. I smiled and left the nipples, kissing down his chest and his firm abs.

I bit my lip and pulled off his boxers. His cock sprang up, almost touching his pelvis. I had no idea what made up big or small in a man, but as far as I could tell, Cole was not small. I touched it tentatively, wrapping my hand around the shaft. I stroked it slowly, watching his expression carefully. I so wanted to please him, to be a good lover. He had experience where I had none, and I wanted to be one to remember.

“Tell me what feels good,” I murmured softly, shyly.

“Whatever you’re doing now… ah, god.”

I stroked him, feeling the velvety texture slide through my hand. I saw a drop of pre-cum on the top and I licked it off, causing growls of lust. I wrapped my lips around the head, careful not to touch it with my teeth. I slid up and down slowly, little by little lower my head more. I used my tongue to swirl around the bottom of his cock, lubricating as I went.

“That feels amazing, Nat. Here, put your hands on my balls.”

I touched them lightly. I knew they were sensitive, and tried to take special care not to hurt them. I rolled them in my palm, playing with them gently. I’m pretty sure I was doing the right thing, because his growls grew louder. I brushed a little seam-like ridge in the middle of his sac, and rubbed that, experimenting.

“That feels amazing Natalie. I have no idea what you’re doing, but — oh god, it feels awesome.”

He tensed, and I braced myself for his orgasm. He growled as he came, ropes of hot cum spurting into my mouth. It was a new experience. Hs cum tasted salty and musky, and I think slightly… nutty? I swallowed it and smiled shyly up at him.

“That was really amazing Natalie. Especially because it was your first time.”

“Thanks. Did I really do that good?”

“Yes, I promise.”

His hands roamed aimlessly over my body, searching for a purpose.

“There’s some condoms in my duffel bag.”

“It’s okay, I got some right here.”

Cole leaned over and grabbed a little foil packet off of his nightstand. His ripped it open and rolled the condom onto his cock.

I bit my lip as he leaned over me. I was nervous and excited and anxious. I wanted it, and yet I was still scared.

He noticed and looked at me, worried. “You still sure about this? We can keep talking about it, if you want. It’s okay. You can say no.”

“No, no, I’m just…” I smiled. “I can’t help it. It’s just really new and I’m worried that it will hurt.”

He held my hand tightly. “I’m right here. Tell me if it hurt too much and I’ll stop.”

He pressed his latex-sheathed cock to my opening and rubbed it a little, to get it lubricated. I was still dripping wet. Giving him a blow job had turned me on so bad. He slid the head in easily, and waited. I felt stretched a little, nothing I couldn’t handle.

“Keep going. I’m doing great. But – do it fast, like a band-aid.”

He slid his cock in quickly, piercing me straight to my core. The funny thing was, I think my hymen wasn’t even substantial. The combination of tampon use and my rigorous training probably tore most of it away long ago.

It was easy, and didn’t hurt a bit. I looked up at him, surprised.

“That didn’t hurt at all,” I murmured.

“Good,” he grinned and began slowly stroking in and out of my pussy, making me groan in pleasure. It was agonizingly slow, but oh so beautiful.

“You can go faster, you know,” I told him.

He picked up speed, pumping into me harder, faster. I wrapped my legs around his hips, pulling him closer. I clutched his back, palms pressing into the broad expanse of skin.

We were so close, I could feel his breath. I could feel each one as his lungs expanded and contracted. I could almost feel the waves of pleasure that raced along his skin, or maybe I was confusing that with myself. In any case, being that close to him made me that much hotter for him. I cried out for more and he rutted deeper into me, driving us farther together, combining us into one.

Our heads rested side by side. I panted into his ear, “I’m close, really close.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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