His Best Friend’s Secret

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“Hey Craig, you down there?” Matt Nelson called out as he started down the basement staircase.

“I’m in back, Matt,” called out a strong masculine voice from the bottom of the stairs. “Come on down.”

Quickly, the five-foot-eight eighteen year old made his way down the stairs leading to the basement of the Longwood house. The room at the foot of the steps had been converted to a small apartment, complete with kitchenette and bath. It was exactly the kind of place Matt wished he had in his own house. It was the first time he had been down here. Previously Craig’s parents had rented out the small room, but turned it over to Craig two weeks ago as a post graduation present. He was still in the process of moving in.

“I’m in here, Matt,” came the voice from the outer room.

As Matt stepped through the doorway, he could see that this half of the basement was much more like the one in his own house: rough, bare cement walls, exposed pipes, ceiling beams. Part of the basement had been converted to storage bins. The boiler and water heater took up another third. All the way in the back, near the outer door, were a weight bench and several rows of barbells. It was on that bench that he found his friend.

“I’ll be with you in a few minutes.”

Craig puffed as he lifted the heavy barbell as high as he could.

“I only have a few more sets and I’m done.”

“No problem,” Matt replied as he looked down on the muscular youth on the bench. “I guess I’m a little early, anyway.”

Craig Harris was a year older than Matt, having repeated a year back in grade school due to an injury. He was also five inches taller and about twenty pounds heavier. Clad only in a thin pair of blue gym trunks, most of his tanned body was exposed to view. More than half the girls in their graduating class would’ve been willing to drop their pants in a minute if they were standing in Matt’s place.

The younger teen took a moment to add up the weights on the barbell Craig was using, quickly deciding that it was far more than he could ever lift. It wasn’t that the blond-haired young man wasn’t in good shape. In fact, he had been on the high school’s baseball team. Matt had more of a lean, athletic build, while Craig had been working out with weights since his early teens and had played football for that long as well.

He watched his friend complete a few more sets and realized with a small shock that he was staring at the steams of sweat running down his well-developed chest and arms.

“Why don’t I take a look at the computer while you finish up here?” Matt said as he began to turn away.

“Good idea,” Craig said, as he paused for a moment with the heavy weight again fully extended at arm’s length. “All the stuff my uncle sent over is piled up on my desk.”

Back in the small apartment, Matt sat down on the computer, which had been set up on the desk and hit the on switch. It wasn’t long before the screen came to life and filled with the old familiar windows 3.1 setup. The computer had been given to Craig by his uncle when he got a newer system. The computer wasn’t the top of the line model that you’d find if you walked into any store today, but it was more than Craig needed. Matt was a firm believer that no one really needed all of that crap that was stuffed into computers nowadays – at least not for home use. He picked up the spec sheet and quickly ran it down: 33 MHz cpu, 8 Megs RAM, 540M hard drive. It was still a good machine, no matter what anyone said. It fact, the only reason Craig’s uncle had gotten a new one was that the older machine had a problem with a lot of the new upgrades that he wanted to hook up. It was cheaper in the long run to just buy a new one.

The one upgrade that the young man was glad to see was the 28.8 bps modem that Craig’s uncle had put in. The spec sheet said that it had originally come with a 2400 bps modem. Matt cringed at the thought of showing his friend how to get online at that speed. He quickly brought up the File Manager and checked what was in the hard drive.

“Over 300 Megs available,” Matt thought, then smiled. “They did a good job of cleaning up the drive.”

The last time he had volunteered to help a friend set up an old computer, the drive had been so crammed full of junk that it had taken him hours just to delete all of it. Since the main thing that Craig was interested in was getting online, Matt brought up the copy of Netscape that had been left. The account information in its memory still belonged to Craig’s uncle, so Matt deleted it and entered the info for his own online account. Once Craig learned how to get around online, he’d call up TIAC and get his friend his own account.

“Now where did he put those notes?” he asked himself as he searched a desk filled with manuals and printed sheets. “Craig could learn a few things about organization.”

Finally he spotted the folder he was looking for on the far edge of the desk. He reached out for it, but bumped the pile of papers and the folder bahis firmaları fell behind the dresser, next to the desk.

“Shit,” he muttered as he got up out of the chair to retrieve it.

Matt had to pull the bureau out a little to reach down and behind it. He spotted the folder resting next to a pile of magazines that must have fallen down there earlier on.

“Craig really has to learn how to pick up,” Matt laughed, as he grabbed both the folder and the books, pulling them up.

Dropping the four magazines onto the nearby bed, the red-shirted young man was about to turn his attention back to the computer when the title of one periodical caught his eye.

“Fuck!” he exclaimed loudly, before he could check himself. He quickly looked over his shoulder to see whether his friend had heard him.

After a few seconds Matt turned his attention back to the magazine. The banner on the top read “Hombre.” Underneath it was a picture of a well-developed Hispanic man wearing only a pair of cut-off jeans. Flipping through the pages of the book, Matt saw that it was filled with similar pictures of men. Only they weren’t wearing any jeans. They weren’t wearing anything else, for that matter.

“Damn,” he whispered to himself, ever conscious of his friend’s presence in the outer room.

Matt quickly picked up the second book. It was called “Ebony and Ivory.” Unlike the first magazine, this one had much more than nude shots. The men in this book were black and white and they were engaged in various sexual activities. He stopped on one page in particular that showed a young man kneeling in front of a muscular black man in his forties. The young man had his mouth wrapped firmly around the older man’s cock.

Fueled by curiosity, he turned to another publication called “Young Men In Lust.” Unlike the other two books, this had no articles. It was filled, instead, with glossy pictures of young men having sex with each other. Many of them looked his and Craig’s age. In fact, there was a picture of a young man taking a cock up his ass that Matt thought looked a little like him. So much, in fact, that the picture, following all the others, had given him a hard-on. He was about to see what the last book was about when he heard steps behind him.

“How are you making out, buddy?” Craig asked as he stepped into the room, drying his face with a small towel. “Got it all ready to …”

The tall, dark-haired athlete stopped in mid-word as he looked at his friend sitting on the bed and spotted the magazine spread open to a two-page centerfold. The picture was of two guys in a tight embrace, sharing a hard kiss while at the same time playing with each other’s cock.

“Where did you get those…?” Craig asked in a slow, hesitant voice.

“I found them behind the dresser,” Matt explained, a little ashamed to have been found looking at them. “One of the folders fell behind there and I had to move it to pick it up.”

The color seemed to fade from Craig’s face, despite the tan he had been working on since the beginning of the summer. The look on his face was one few people had ever seen, one of utter devastation. In one brief catastrophic moment, his entire aura of self-confidence was gone.

“I suppose you’re wondering what I’m doing with magazines like that?” he asked in a defeated voice.

“What you’re doing…?” Matt repeated. “You mean, these are yours?”

“Whose did you think they were?” Craig asked in return, cursing himself for not thinking. He might’ve be able to explain them away if he hadn’t said anything.

“I thought they might’ve belonged to the guy who was renting this place from your parents. The way they were wedged in against the wall, I figured he’d dropped them there and forgot them when he moved out.”

“Oh shit, shit, shit,” Craig muttered as he realized that Matt hadn’t made what he thought was the obvious connection – that the books were his.

“Are you really into stuff like this?” Matt finally asked.

Craig took a few deep breaths. Deep down, he knew that some day it might come out. But not, he had hoped, for a long, long time. How were people going to react when they found out that Craig Harris, high school jock, rumored to have screwed half the girls on the cheerleader squad, was instead a cock-sucking queer?

“Matt, I don’t really know how to explain this,” he began. “I guess maybe I should’ve told you, but I …”

“Craig.” His younger friend cut him off. “It’s okay.”

Craig just looked at him in confusion.

“Hey pal, you’re my friend,” Matt said with a smile. “Nothings going to change that.”

“Shit, Matt. You don’t know how glad it makes me feel to hear you say that!” the taller teen said.

“Have you ever really done any of this stuff?” Matt asked as he motioned to the magazines spread out on the bed.

“Some,” Craig said, the relief in his voice now more evident. “I’ve been with a few guys.”

He paused for a moment and added, “You know what’s strange? It was kaçak iddaa harder to admit that just now than it was to actually get the nerve to do it in the first place.”

“You know, I can understand that,” Matt replied, as he flipped through a few pages of the glossy book. “Even though we’ve been friends like forever, this isn’t something you’ve really told anyone, is it?”

“No, it’s not,” Craig said, realizing just how lucky he was to have a friend like Matt.

“You ever done anything like this?” Matt asked as he stopped at one large full-page picture.

Craig leaned over to look and saw that it was the photo that had so interested Matt earlier – the one in which the guy that was being fucked resembled Matt a little.

“I’ve … I’ve fucked two guys,” he answered, again hesitantly.

“Is it bothering you that I’m asking these questions?” Matt asked. “Should I just shut the fuck up?”

By this time, Craig was sitting on a stool only a foot away from Matt. He thought about the question and said, “You know, it’s still a little hard to answer questions like that. But, it feels better to have finally told someone. A chance to be honest for a change.”

Matt suddenly turned away from Craig and got up from the bed. He stared at the computer for a few seconds, lost in thought. Craig took his move to be a sudden reconsideration of Matt’s acceptance of what he’d told him.

“Matt..?” he asked. “You okay?”

Matt took a few more moments before he turned around. Then he looked at Craig with a shamed look on his face.

“Matt?” Craig repeated.

“I’m all right,” he answered. “I was just thinking about what you said, about being able to be honest for a change.”

“I don’t understand,” Craig said.

“I was thinking that I should be as honest with you as you’ve been with me the last ten minutes.”

“I still don’t understand,” Craig repeated.

“Well, let’s just say that if we were in my house instead of here and using my computer instead of yours,” Matt began, “you’d find about one hundred megs of pictures on the hard drive that were a lot like the ones in that book.”

Now it was Craig Harris that stood dumbfounded. It took a few seconds for him to realize what his friend had just told him.

“Matt? You’re gay?” he finally asked.

“I don’t know,” Matt answered, quickly. “I mean, I’ve never done anything… But I’ve been thinking about it for years. I’ve always been attracted to guys.”

The two friends just looked at each other for what seemed like an eternity. Then, almost simultaneously, they began talking. For the next hour they compared notes, about feelings they had felt growing up and the frustration they’d encountered in being unable to share those emotions with anyone.

Matt listened in fascination as Craig told him about his own voyage of discovery and how it had culminated on a trip to Fort Lauderdale over Spring break. He’d had another experience with one of the players on the visitor’s team during the all-state championships.

“I think the worst part of it all was gym class, especially the showers,” Matt said as he took another drink from the can of beer that Craig had produced from the refrigerator during their talk. “All those naked bodies and all. I kept worrying that I was going to get a hard-on and someone would notice.”

“Yeah, I sometimes thought that way, too,” Craig agreed as he took a swig of his own beer.

“Even so,” Matt went on. “I still liked to sneak a look at the other guys when I could. It was the only chance I got to really see someone else’s cock.”

Craig nodded his head, acknowledging that he’d grabbed his own share of shower glances.

“You know what’s funny?” Matt said as he finished off the beer. “I think I snuck more looks at you than anyone else in any of my classes.” Craig smiled at the admission and took the time to finish off his own beer. He still didn’t say anything as he stood up and deposited both beer cans into the small blue recycling bin in the kitchenette.

“You know, I usually take a shower after a workout,” Craig said, his back to Matt. “You’re welcome to join me if you want to get more than just a peek,” he added as he turned.

The offer took Matt by surprise. As many times as he had stolen looks at Craig, as many times as he had masturbated to erotic fantasies involving him, Matt never imaged that any of those flights of fancy could ever become real.

“What do you think?” Craig asked again.

Matt wasn’t thinking. He was acting on instinct. He crossed the gap between him and Craig in a heartbeat and before the significance of what he was doing could really sink in, he kissed his long-time friend.

The feel of Craig’s lips against his own brought on a sense of euphoria, coupled with a rising passion. He felt an electric spark when Craig’s tongue pressed against his lips and he opened to receive it. If this was going to be his first time, he couldn’t have imagined a better partner than Craig.

“I take kaçak bahis it that’s a Yes.” Craig grinned.

It didn’t take the two friends long to get undressed. All Craig had been wearing anyway was his shorts and a jock. Matt hadn’t much more, just his own shorts and a matching T-shirt. It would be a tight fit in the small tin shower, but neither of them seemed to mind. In fact, they seemed to enjoy the fact that it was so cramped.

Experience showed as Craig’s hands explored every part of Matt’s body. He stroked the firm flesh, marking each touch with a gentle kiss. What Matt lacked in practice he made up in enthusiasm as he duplicated Craig’s motions.

A thin layer of soap soon covered each of them, which, coupled with the steady flow of hot water, washed away the grime of Craig’s earlier exertions. The firm touch of his friend’s hands felt good to Matt as the powerful fingers massaged his neck and shoulders. He felt Craig playfully slide his hands down the length of Matt’s back and onto his backside. A moan escaped Matt’s lips as he felt his friend’s hands slide up under his balls and close around his already hard-cock.

“Relax and just enjoy it,” Craig whispered into his ear as he playfully jerked Matt’s cock back and forth.

Enjoy it Matt did as the shorter teen closed his eyes and leaned back against his friend. A broad smile came to his lips as he felt the hardness of Craig’s cock pressed up against the cheeks of his ass.

Matt knew that if Craig kept this up much longer, he’d shoot his load all over the shower wall. He didn’t want this new experience to end so soon. He reluctantly pulled Craig’s hand away from his cock.

Turning around, with Craig’s arms still around him, he kissed his first-time lover once more. Then he began to work his way downward, his kisses tracing Craig’s smooth, well-defined chest as he bent lower and lower.

When he reached his goal his face was only inches from his friend’s erect manhood. He took a few moments to study what he quickly decided was a classic example of male perfection.

Matt reached out and stoked the underside of Craig’s balls, working his fingers up to the base of his cock. Almost reverently, he extended two fingers and ran them up and down the full seven-inch length.

He leaned forward and replaced the touch of his fingers with that of his lips as he kissed his way up and down his prize.

Matt closed his eyes as he opened his mouth and took in Craig’s hardness. He wanted to enjoy every nuance of the sensations he was feeling. Matt could feel his heart racing as the hot flesh slid in and out of his mouth. The salty taste of Craig’s pre-cum on his tongue added a further excitement.

Now it was Craig’s turn to lean back against the cool tin walls and close his eyes. He’d had better blow jobs, but none had ever meant more to him. It wasn’t hard for him to lose himself quickly in the pleasure Matt’s mouth was bringing him. For someone who had never done this before, except in his dreams, the guy was damn good. It wasn’t long before he was on the verge of an orgasm.

“I think I’m going to come…” he said as he closed his eyes even tighter.

That was music to Matt’s ears. He doubled his efforts. Back in senior year, on one of his few dates with girls in his class, Cathy Bond had given him a blow job. Even though he felt it had been missing something, he had to admit she knew what she was doing. Now, on his knees, with his best friend’s cock buried between his cheeks, he tried to remember everything she’d done.

Matt clamped his fingers around the base of Craig’s cock, preventing him from ejaculating. Every lick of his tongue, every time he mouthed him whole, caused Craig to feel like he was going to explode. But that feeling paled next to the one that filled Matt at this moment.

Matt’s own cock was rock-hard between his legs. He let one hand drop down so that he could play with it. He let it slide between his fingers in a gentle motion, giving it just enough attention to bring him some relief from its hardness, but not enough to distract him from the task at hand.

Deciding that he had held Craig back as long as he could, Matt released his hold on his ball sac and felt the rush of hot cum erupt – a second before it began to shoot into his mouth and throat. He deep-throated Craig’s cock one more time, catching every spurt of salty cum. He savored both the taste and the knowledge that this was the first blow job he’d ever given.

“Oh God, that was fan-fuckin-tastic!” Craig exclaimed as he reached down and lifted his friend up from the floor of the shower. “It’s a fucking crime that we never did this a long time ago.”

Matt couldn’t help but agree as he rested his head against his lover’s chest. What would the last few years have been like if they’d only known the feelings they shared? But neither wasted time in regretting what the past might have been like. They both knew it was better to see what they could make of the future.

Stepping out of the shower, the two young men quickly dried each other off. Neither really said anything, but it was all either of them could do to keep from giggling. It was like a great weight had been lifted from their shoulders.

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