Danny’s Disastrous Day

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Nothing in Danny’s CV would have indicated that he was likely to be so stupid. He applied for a job as a maintenance man at the local university and one of his jobs was to look after the Ladies fraternity dormitory that had been recently erected. He was of smallish stature and almost a nonentity. This was to be a safe environment for women at all times. That was the theory – in practice they had never expected Danny to breach protocols of privacy and especially in the showers. Danny’s behaviour was impeccable for the first few months until term break. Everybody had gone away and the dormitory was empty for a short while. In that time Danny saw the opportunity to secrete a hidden camera in both of the showers.

After the break Danny would lock himself in his room which was nearby and watch as one by one, the unsuspecting girls in the dormitory took a shower. Mornings were the least interesting. The girls came in and had quick showers one after the other. Evenings were a different matter. From about 8 o’clock on the girls came in and stayed much longer with more interesting viewing.

He particularly liked the girls with big breasts who soaped themselves all over and those who were pretty and had hairy pussies and fingered themselves while they were washing themselves. They came in like clockwork at the same time every night and he could recognise each one and gave each one a letter so they could remember them.

Danny had no idea what their real names were and gave them letters of the alphabet as names. A became Alice, B became Betty, C became Christine and so on. Danny soon became used to their routine and the time that they would turn up to shower and was ready for the ones whose performances particularly excited him. Delilah was a particular favourite who delighted in using the shower extension to spray water on her clitoris and have an orgasm.

He particularly liked the way she exposed herself. Hillary and Mimi used to pop in late and put on a lesbian show. They both had very large breasts and he delighted in the way they hugged each other and then fingered each other to orgasm. The most exciting moment all was when somebody after midnight smuggled a man in and they had sex in the shower.

They soaped each other for a long time and then she played with his dick and he put his finger between her legs and this went on and she squatted and sucked his dick the next thing she was bent over at the waist and he was trying to insert his penis from behind. Several times he got in just a little way and she would react by jumping forward as if in pain until finally he grabbed her by the waist and pushed right in. He could tell by her face and her grimacing that it must have been very uncomfortable but he persisted and eventually he came inside her and she stood up and turned round and kissed him. That was probably the most exciting time of all.

Danny was in the middle of his usual evening casino şirketleri viewing when at 7.30 PM exactly the lights went out and his computer stopped. In what little light that was left in the room Danny managed to get dressed and get his kit together and opened the door. As he left the room he was grabbed by four women who, before he knew it, had handcuffs on him and were marching him towards the dormitory common room. When he entered there were only a few women around but the word went around and it was quickly full of people gawping at him.

What transpired was that the four women leaders of the fraternity had somehow discovered that there was a camera in the showers and had determined that Danny was the culprit. Rather than alert security they decided to take matters in their own hands and exact revenge to their own satisfaction.

“What’s your name?”


“You’ve got two choices. We can turn you over to security now or you can take your chances with us. I’d say you’ll get a few years at least.”

“Please don’t call security. I’ll do anything you want.”

His interrogator was Wanda, who he remembered clearly as having big breasts and a hairy bush. She was about the same size as he was, perhaps even a tad heavier. To his horror Wanda now undid his belt and pulled his underpants down revealing a long penis that was hanging its head in shame. Danny would have liked to have covered his penis with his hands but they were handcuffed and he could not move. There was an audible gasp from some of the women who had only just turned 18 and had never seen a real-life penis in their life. The others looked in amazement at what was transpiring in front of their eyes.

“You have embarrassed us and you have stolen our dignity. We are about to do the same to you. We won’t hurt you but we’re going to enjoy ourselves at your expense.”

She grasped his penis in one hand and his balls on the other and announced to the goggle-eyed throng, “I’m going to show you what he does to himself while he watches us naked in the shower. Anybody who doesn’t want to stay can go.”

Nobody left. Her manipulations had no effect. His dick remained limp.

“Florence, can you get me a washer please?”

With a washer in hand Wanda carefully washed his dick. She pulled his foreskin back and washed carefully so that he was as clean as a whistle. Then she put her lips around his dick and sucked vigorously until she could feel it grow. Most of them had never seen anything like this in their lives and they cheered as they could see his dick get longer and stiffer. The terror in Danny’s mind showed on his face as these unwelcome lips engulfed his pride and joy. It was no longer under his control but under the control of a woman who was not doing this out of love or friendship.

Sex was not supposed to be a spectator sport but something you enjoyed privately. The girls were casino firmaları crowding in and watched as his miserable prick grew and grew and grew until it was much more than twice its original size. Danny was trying to avoid eye contact with any of them – with most it was quite easy as they were concentrating on his ever stiffening dick. Some were enjoying watching his face and they could not be avoided.

Wanda motioned a few of the other girls to come in and enjoy the fun and the thrill of touching a man’s dick. From somewhere she produced some oil and put a few drops on his shaft until she could feel the tell-tale signs that he was about to ejaculate. At this point she produced a little paper cup as a receptacle.

“After a man does that it takes a few minutes for him to get stiff again so we’ll just wait. Come on girls. I need some help.”

Danny’s mind was a blank. All he could see was that he was surrounded by young girls and as he looked at each one he remembered their name and the image of their tits and pussies crossed his mind and then he looked at the next one and the next one. Terror and embarrassment and shame all flashed back and forth in his brain. I can’t flee. I can’t resist. I can’t cooperate. I’m in the hands of terrorists and nothing has prepared me for this. Before he could even get another thought into his mind a small warm hand grabbed his balls and began juggling them. Oh God. What indignity.

“If you want to get him stiff again the best way is to play with his balls.” A hand began to play with his dick again and he felt a few drops of oil as a hand slipped back and forth up and down his shaft, pulling his foreskin back and then releasing it. When is this going to stop? I don’t want to get stiff again. I can’t control my own dick. It’s getting hard again – they’re probably going to make me come again.

“Go a bit faster. That’s it. You can see it’s getting stiffer. Just a little bit more and he will come again.” She brought the cup up close to his dick and he spurted into it. Some of the girls gasped – whether in horror or joy Danny did not know. There was a short break to allow him to recover and then another pair of hands began jiggling his balls and another hand began massaging his penis until it was fully hard.

Wanda had brought a small mattress into the common room and pushed Danny down on to it. She stood towering over him and took her top off and then pulled her pants down revealing her hairy pussy. She stood astride him with her legs open so that he could look straight up at her crack.

“You wanted to look at our pussies. You might like this one.” Wanda lowered herself so that her open pussy was just a few inches from his face.

“How do you like that? Take a good look because it is going to gobble you up in a few moments.”

What should have been the most interesting thing he had ever seen appeared in his mind as a large hairy maw güvenilir casino which could swallow him whole. A large hairy spider was hovering above him with open lips and he could see into its mouth and he would soon be vacuumed up and disappear. Oh God. Her little tongue is sticking out and is going to lick me before she swallows me. She moved her bottom back until her vagina was directly above his stiff penis and lowered herself down and moved up and down for a few minutes until she could feel that he had come inside her.

Danny could only look in horror as she separated her lips and exposed the entrance to her vagina and then guided his penis with her hand into it and he could see his crown disappearing from sight at the same time as you could feel the wet warmth of her pussy engulfing him. Oh God. I can only hope I don’t dissolve in there. No it can’t happen. I’ve seen porn and it never happened to anybody. Oh God it’s nearly all in. This is all happening in reverse. I’m supposed to be on top, not her. It feels nice and warm. Oh God, she’s sliding down again. I wish I could see her breasts. Oh no, she’s sliding down again.

“Danny, you’ve got a nice big penis. I hope you are enjoying this as much as I am. Don’t come until I tell you to. Don’t be afraid – I haven’t got teeth in there. Girls – I hope you are taking a video of this. Make sure you put his face in the video as well.”

Danny looked around him in horror to see so many of the girls taking videos of his embarrassment. There should be a law to stop people taking videos of people against their will. It was at that moment that he suddenly realised that that was exactly what he had been doing. No, what they were doing was worse. He had only been taking videos of their bodies. He would remember this conversation with himself for a long time.

Wanda was enjoying the moment. Wouldn’t it be nice if I could have an orgasm right now? He would see that I’m enjoying it while he is suffering. She began to rub her clitoris vigorously so that she would have an orgasm. Just when she was getting close, she placed her finger against her clitoris and wiped it against his nose and it did the trick. They had a simultaneous orgasm.

“Well I enjoyed that. Normally a man takes a woman’s virginity but I’ve taken yours. They say a woman always remembers the moment when she loses her virginity. I’m sure you’ll never forget the moment you lost yours.”

All Danny could think was, “I’m being raped and nobody is helping me. Don’t these girls have any consideration for me at all? All I did was look at them in the showers. This isn’t fair.”

All the girls who watched this performance were stunned. You only ever did things like this in private.

Danny looked like he had been hit by lightning. The girls lifted him up and put his pants on and escorted him back to his room. One of them deleted all the images on his computer and they left.

Danny had gone before dawn the following morning, never to be seen again. He wanted to put as much distance as he could from the dormitory so that he would never be reminded of the worst experience that he had ever heard happen to anybody.

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