Aaron’s Special Doctor Visit

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Aaron Burks sat down in the leather chairs of the waiting room after checking in, careful to stay well away from the other waiting patients. He had recently fallen ill, and with a moderate fever and violent cough, his parents had made him schedule a doctor’s appointment to be safe.

Aaron’s right leg was tapping nervously as he scanned the room. A mom with a facemask and two crying children sat far away. A man with a white tank top sat nearby. The clinic was surprisingly empty, especially considering the virus craze going through the United States. Aaron was pretty sure he wasn’t showing any virus symptoms, but he was bothered by the nagging fact that his test today might turn out positive. Additionally, he was going to see his new doctor for the first time, as his 18th birthday a month ago ended his time with his pediatrician.

A nurse entered the waiting room from behind the receptionist’s desk, holding a clipboard.

“Aaron Burks for Doctor Mendez, Aaron Burks?” she called.

Aaron stood up and made his way over to her, stifling a cough. He didn’t want to raise any alarm. “Hey, that’s me,” he said to the nurse.

The nurse didn’t smile. “Good morning. I’m Rose, and I’ll be helping you today. Is this your first time with Doctor Mendez?” she asked.

Aaron nodded. “Yeah.” The nurse guided him into an open room and instructed him to sit on a blue leather bed.

“Doctor Mendez will take great care of you,” said the nurse, handing the clipboard and a pen to Aaron. “Fill this out right now.” The nurse closed the door and crossed her arms. This already seemed strange to Aaron, but it was a new doctor’s office, so he decided to go along with it.

When he filled out the sheet a couple minutes later, he handed it back to the nurse. She reviewed it and made a few disapproving noises as she read his responses. Though Aaron was in good health, he did use alcohol and drugs and mildly, and regretted telling the truth about those things on the questionnaire.

The nurse filed away the paper and turned to Aaron. “Remove your clothes now.” Aaron was surprised. “Give your clothes to me and I can put it in this drawer to get it out of your way.” She motioned to a drawer in a cabinet on the other side of the room, underneath some medical supplies.

Rose watched Aaron as he reluctantly began to shed his clothes. Aaron removed his shoes and socks and set them next to him on the bed. He slipped his t-shirt off and immediately felt exposed. Though he was in great physical shape and had a body envied by many of his friends, Rose’s cold, business-like attitude made him feel like a specimen being observed by scientists. He slid off the bed and dropped his pants, trying not to make eye contact with Rose, who couldn’t have been more than 10 years older than him. Aaron held out his clothes for Rose to take, painfully aware that he was clad in only his light blue briefs.

“All of your clothes, Aaron,” said Rose, still watching him. “It’s nothing I haven’t seen before. You’re going to have to get naked for your exam, you know.” The young nurse seemed a little eager for Aaron to remove his underwear for her. But it was probably just standard procedure.

“Am I going to get a gown to cover myself?” asked Aaron, to which the nurse shook her head.

“Can I at least ask why I need to do all this now? I thought the doctor was supposed to perform the exam.”

Rose replied. “Doctor Mendez will be performing your exam. As I’m told, you’re here for a virus test, and Doctor Mendez will be checking on your health and performing the test. For all first-time patients, however, we have to perform a preliminary physical examination. I’ll be taking your measurements and vitals since Doctor Mendez is swamped with patients today. You can remove your underwear now and hand it to me, and we can begin the examination.”

Aaron understood. He was a little nervous to show Rose his penis, but he reminded himself it was just part of the checkup. Aaron turned away from Rose and quickly slipped off his briefs, then turned around again to face her. One hand cupping his genitals and the other holding out the last shred of clothing he had to Rose, Aaron felt his cheeks flush. The young nurse deposited his underwear in the drawer.

“Let’s start by getting your height and weight,” said Rose. Aaron shuffled over to the scale, still concealing his privates with his hand. He stood on the scale and stepped off when four green digits blinked on the screen. 159.3 pounds. Aaron was pretty lean for someone of his age. Rose measured his height and recorded it. 6 feet 2 inches, a respectable height. She led him over to a chair and sat him down, then tested his hearing, blood pressure, heartbeat, and vision. All satisfactory.

“Let’s have you stand up, Aaron,” Rose instructed. “We’re going to get some thorough body measurements here.” She inspected his head and neck, and marked some notes down on a paper. “Hold your arm out for me,” she asked. The nurse measured the thickness and length of the outstretched arm, casino şirketleri and measured Aaron’s hands.

“Perfect,” she said. She inspected his torso and took a measurement of his chest and waist, then used a caliper to measure his body fat. “Raise both arms up for me,” she said. Aaron put both arms up behind his head. The nurse felt his armpits and pressed them with a gloved hand to check. She took a quick glance at Aaron’s exposed penis as she wrote down her observations. Aaron quickly covered himself up again, wishing the real doctor would come in right away.

Rose measured and felt Aaron’s legs and feet, and, when satisfied, turned him around and inspected his butt. It had seemed she was saving the most uncomfortable part for last. As Rose finished jotting down her notes, she spoke to Aaron. “I am going to be taking some measurements of your male organs now. I’m not trying to make this awkward, but we’re both just gonna have to get through this. Just place your hands on the back of your head and feel free to look away as I do this.”

Aaron did as told and felt the cool air on his dangling organs. He saw Rose staring at his nude crotch for several seconds before getting to work, but he couldn’t blame her reaction. He had a thick, veiny penis that sported a heavy pink mushroom head at the end. Even more startling to the nurse was the teenager’s massive testicles. Even though Rose had seen countless pairs of balls in the clinic from men of all ages, the set dangling between the legs in front of her was one of the largest she had seen. In Aaron’s low-hanging, fleshy sac were two enormous testicles that swayed underneath him like some overripe exotic fruits. The teenager was visibly uncomfortable, and Rose didn’t mean to come off as a pervert by gawking at his notable organs, but they begged attention.

Rose pulled out the tape measure and knelt down in front of her nude patient. Aaron shifted uncomfortably as Rose measured the length of the flaccid penis. She stretched out the tape measure and pressed the tape against his penis, stretching it from the tip to the shaved base of the shaft. Six inches, a great length for a soft dick. “Doing okay?” Rose asked. Aaron nodded. “I’m going to be measuring your testicles right now. Remember, this is just a first-time thing that we need to do.”

The nurse took out a small scale and brought it over to Aaron. “Can you lift up the penis, Aaron?” she asked. Aaron lifted up his flaccid penis, exposing his balls. “Great.” Rose placed the scale underneath his crotch and positioned his testicles on the scale. His balls felt a bit heavy in her hands as she felt them before weighing them. Rose looked at the scale and recorded the weight, pulling away the scale as Aaron’s testicles swung back into place.

“One more thing, Aaron, we’re going to need a measurement of your erect penis. Just to make sure everything is working properly.” The teen was red-faced now.

“What do you need me to do?” he asked, confused.

“Just do whatever you need to get it erect,” said Rose. “If you need help I can help you.”

“It’s fine,” he stammered. Aaron turned away from her and began to jerk his cock as Rose watched. He had a fine body, with a muscular back and butt. The nurse didn’t want to admit it, but she enjoyed working with patients like Aaron. He turned around after a couple minutes, sheepishly hiding his boner.

“Okay Aaron, just a quick peek at your penis, and I’ll be gone. Doctor Mendez should be here soon.” She knelt down once more and held out the tape measure. “Whenever you’re ready, Aaron.”

He moved his hands out of the way and Rose stifled a gasp as his erect dick sprang out. It was huge, the thick, meaty head standing out in front of his body on a curved, veiny shaft. Aaron’s balls were slightly drawn in but were nonetheless impressive, even in comparison to the monster dong in front of the nurse’s face. She measured the length of the shaft at 8.5 inches, and measured the girth.

“Thank you Aaron, that’s all,” said Rose as she made her final notes. “Just sit up in the bed and Doctor Mendez will be here shortly.” Aaron climbed up on to the bed and sat there naked as the nurse slipped out of the room. He waited for about 10 minutes until he heard a light knock at the door.

“Can I come in?” a voice said from the door.

“Sure,” said Aaron, scrambling to cover his dick. He wished they could have let him keep his underwear on, or at least a gown so he wasn’t buck naked. His thoughts were interrupted as the doctor stepped in. Doctor Mendez was a tall, 40-something Latina woman. She was pretty and had a confident demeanor. Underneath her white doctor’s coat she wore a green top that revealed the full curves of a probably-fake set of breasts. Doctor Mendez had a black skirt on and heels that showed long, slender legs. Aaron felt his cock press against his hands as it began to stand upright.

“Hello, Aaron, good morning!” she said cheerfully. “I’m Doctor Amia Mendez. I know this is your first time seeing me, but I casino firmaları promise this’ll be fine.” She had an alluring voice that set Aaron at ease.

“I understand that you’re feeling a little sick. I’ll check up on you, and we’ll have you tested by the end of the day. Can you sit up straight with your hands resting on the bed at your sides?” Dr. Mendez asked. Aaron did as he was told. She checked his ears and eyes, and talked to him about school as she was checking up on him. As she leaned close to Aaron to listen to his heartbeat, Aaron could see her tits hanging in her blouse, the nipples barely concealed. When she had finished, she instructed him to lie down. Aaron lay flat on the bed and looked up at the bright lights on the ceiling. He felt a little better now that the nurse had been replaced by the much more charming doctor.

“Aaron, I’m going to massage you here to check for hernias. Tell me if anything feels wrong.” She proceeded to press down against his stomach and made circular motions with her hands, nearly touching his cock. Aaron prayed for his dick to stay down, but he could feel it inching upward. Doctor Mendez was certainly hotter than the average doctor, and the way she was feeling up Aaron as he lay naked on the bed made him start to fantasize.

“Can you stand up?” asked the doctor. “I need to check your penis and testicles for any issues.” Aaron’s heart jumped. He stood up and allowed her to proceed. Doctor Mendez took a look at his swinging member and laughed.

“Wow. Not to sound weird, but you have an abnormally large penis for a boy of your age,” she remarked.

“Thanks,” Aaron mumbled, to which she laughed.

“Well, I’m going to have to feel around down there to make sure you’re fine. I’m sure you understand.” She sat down in a chair and began to inspect his penis. Dr. Mendez held his flaccid shaft between her fingers and inspected the head. “Your penis looks swollen,” she said, “but I think that it’s just large. It looks fine down here.”

She reached out with a bare hand and cupped his balls. Aaron drew in a sharp breath as her cold fingers caressed the underside of his scrotum. She felt them and weighed them in her hand. “Your testicles, according to the measurements we took earlier, seem pretty heavy. Have you had any issues in the past with your balls? Any problems ejaculating?” Aaron shook his head.

“Okay then. Can you cough for me?” Dr. Mendez still had her hands on his ballsack. Aaron coughed, then again when she told him to.

“Good. Looks like there are no problems here, just a large set of balls.” She chuckled. “Aaron, when is the last time you ejaculated? You’re feeling a little heavy down here.”

Aaron replied, “Five days ago.” It had been a while since he had masturbated.

Dr. Mendez listened. “And was this during sex or masturbation? You can tell me, it’s fine. Nothing to hide here.” She gave a dazzling smile as she continued to feel his balls and dick.

“Ummm, masturbation,” said Aaron.

“Have you ever had sex before?” asked Dr. Mendez.

“No,” Aaron replied. The nurse was still touching him, and he felt his soft dick start to stiffen.

The nurse smiled. “I was going to ask if you had any issues with your erections, but it seems you’re getting one just fine now.” She pointed to his penis, which was now semi-rigid and pointed straight out. “No worries, it’s normal for my male patients to be getting erections, especially when a female doctor touches their parts. If anything, it’s a sign of good health.” Aaron muttered an agreement, but now all he was thinking about was unleashing a load on her pretty, tan face. He had never been so horny before, and the fact that he was at the doctor’s office made the situation even more strangely erotic.

Dr. Mendez stood up and removed her coat, revealing more of her beautiful cleavage. She went to a shelf in the back and brought back a plastic cup with a lid. She unscrewed the lid and set it down on a counter, then sat down holding the cup. “To test you, we’re going to need a urine sample. Can you pee in this cup for me?” Aaron wasn’t expecting to have to take a urine test, but he hadn’t gone to the bathroom in a while and was ready.

“Take your time, Aaron,” she said sweetly. “I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable.” She held the cup underneath his tip and looked intently at Aaron’s protruding cock. Aaron looked down at the cup and started to piss. The cup was about half full when the thin yellow stream from Aaron’s penis subsided. Dr. Mendez wiped Aaron’s opening with a napkin when he was done.

“Perfect. We’ll have this checked out soon.” She screwed on the cap and set the cup aside. “You’re almost all set. I’m just going to have to take a few photos for your records. Can you face me, hands at your sides?” Aaron faced her as she snapped a photo of his naked frontside. He was pretty sure it wasn’t standard medical procedure, but he did it anyway. “Alright, I need a couple close-ups of your genitals,” said Dr. Mendez. She took a picture of güvenilir casino his penis, then one of his testicles.

“Okay. You’re all set. I’ll send your results as soon as possible.” Dr. Mendez watched Aaron get his clothes and start putting them on. “Oh wait, Aaron, I need one more thing from you.”

“What is it?” he asked as he put on his underwear. Aaron had caught Dr. Mendez’s eye ever since she walked in to the room, and ever since her divorce, she had been craving dick. Her young, hot patient, with his muscular body and well-endowed cock, had driven her crazy with lust.

“Well, I just want to run a couple extra tests. Just to be sure that you’re in good health. Is that alright?” she asked Aaron.

“Whatever you need,” he replied, sensing something more than just a routine checkup.

“I’m going to need a sperm sample,” Dr. Mendez blurted out. Although she didn’t need it, she couldn’t pass up this opportunity to take advantage of Aaron. He was so innocent, and she craved the taste of cock. Plus, a horny teen like Aaron was probably eager to be pleasured by a cougar such as herself.

“I can take care of this for you,” Dr. Mendez said, referencing Aaron’s underwear that he had just put on. He tried to protest but said nothing as the doctor slipped his briefs off. His dick had hardened and now sprang out, almost hitting Dr. Mendez in the face.

“Oh, shit, I’m so sorry!” Aaron exclaimed, although he knew that was what she wanted. No normal doctor would undress their patient or ask for a sperm sample unless it was absolutely necessary, but Aaron wasn’t complaining. “Should I start masturbating, or what?” asked Aaron.

“Yes, please,” she replied, eager to watch Aaron pleasure himself. The teen’s penis was now erect, pointing upward at about a 45-degree angle. The tip was bright pink and swollen, begging for a release. His heavy balls hugged tightly to the bottom of his impressive shaft. Aaron began to jerk his dick slowly, then quickened the pace. Dr. Mendez felt her hand inadvertently sneak down to her panties and immediately pulled her hand away. She was captivated by Aaron’s cock and imagined it in her hands. “Tell me when you’re about to ejaculate,” she told him.

“Almost there,” Aaron groaned, still tugging his massive dong. Dr. Mendez got a small plastic vial and brought it over to him.

“Finish in here,” she instructed. Aaron took the vial and held it in front of his tip. He began to pump his cock faster and faster until he stopped and tilted back his head, moaning. A glob of white cum shot into the vial, then more thick jets of his semen followed shortly after. When the orgasm subsided, the vial was overflowing with his seed. Dr. Mendez took the vial from him, amazed at her patient’s impressive ejaculation.

Cum dripped onto Dr. Mendez’s hand as she set the vial down on the desk. “I’ll have this tested, too, Aaron,” she said as she wiped the excess semen off her hand. The teenager was still nude, standing in the middle of the room, but his shaft was slowly softening. Dr. Mendez, extremely aroused by Aaron’s beautiful dick, leaned down next to his crotch. She felt his scrotum again with her left hand, moaning slightly at the feel of the firm balls inside the loose, soft skin.

“Aaron, I’ve never seen that much cum before. And yet, it still seems like you have some left.” She gave his hefty balls a little shake. “You’ve been such a good patient. How about I do something special for you?” Aaron knew what she meant, but was unsure if he should accept sexual favors from his doctor, especially since she was much older. But she was so hot and mature, and Aaron had never received a blowjob before. And she seemed to really want it. He was about to reply to her question when Dr. Mendez made the decision for him.

Dr. Mendez didn’t wait for a response when she put Aaron’s hanging nuts in her mouth. Aaron gave a startled yelp as he felt her wet, warm mouth envelop his ballsack. He wanted to protest, but it felt too good for him to stop. So this is what it feels like, Aaron thought, moaning as Dr. Mendez expertly slurped on his balls. “Oh, fuck!” Aaron yelled. He couldn’t hold back his pleasure. He looked down and saw the doctor’s slender hand gripping his steadily stiffening shaft as she licked his nuts. Dr. Mendez stood up and pushed Aaron onto the exam bed and spread his legs slightly. She resumed her oral assault on his balls, savoring the manly taste of his organs. The feeling of power that Dr. Mendez got from having a man completely at the mercy of her tongue was electrifying, and she had missed that feeling for a long time. Now, with Aaron lying down and moaning as she licked, she felt in control.

“Oh fuck, Aaron, I… I don’t know what got into me. Do you want me to stop?” she asked as she realized what she had done. It wouldn’t look good in court for her to have performed oral sex without consent on a boy who had barely turned 18, but she knew this special moment would stay between them. Aaron looked at her, his penis rigid and begging for her touch and taste, and shook his head. Dr. Mendez smiled and went back down, this time turning her attention to the enormous rod of hard, swollen flesh above Aaron’s testicles. The balls had had their turn. Now it was time for the main event.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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