Luminous Ch. 01: The PlayingField App

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AUTHOR’S NOTES: Thank you for reading my first short story! It’s been a fun and rewarding experience learning to write fiction of any sort. I’ve been a long-time lurker on Literotica and I’ve always toyed with the idea of writing something for this site. I finally took the plunge and I feel content with the results. I would appreciate any feedback or criticisms, so I can further improve my writing and motivate myself to continue.

All characters in this story are 18 or older.


I normally wore my strappy black bodysuit with jeans or some denim shorts. But on its own, it was downright sexy. I let a strap fall from my shoulder and angled the camera a bit to obscure my face. The idea that someone…a stranger would be seeing this turned me on incredibly.

I decided to be bold. I unsnapped the bottom of my bodysuit, letting the flaps fall loose. I positioned the slim fabric over my private area and leaned over seductively.

SNAP! The camera shutter went off.

Suddenly, I heard footsteps coming from the stairs. I hastily threw on some pajama bottoms and unmounted the phone, just as the door opened.

“Lumi! time for dinner,” Mom said, barging through the door.

“Umm…sure thing, be right down.”

I tapped the upload button, sending the new picture to my profile. I headed downstairs for dinner, putting my escapades on hold.


Unlike most people on dating apps, I wasn’t interested in dating or hooking up. I just found a thrill in showing myself off. I didn’t send nudes or show my face completely, but a couple of sexy shots in some cute outfits felt deliciously mischievous.

When I discovered “PlayingField,” I noticed that it wasn’t just any old dating app. It was more of an all-in-one suite. It synced up with all the popular dating platforms and put your profile, messages, and “matches” all in one place. That meant anytime you updated your profile or added a photo, it would automatically get updated across all platforms. Super useful.

There was even this handy “auto-match” function that “swiped right” on every suitor you’d come across. I totally used this feature to get as many “thirsty” messages as I could. On occasion, I’d get into some “sexually-charged” chats, but never took things further. Teasing was enough.

My parents would’ve freaked out if they discovered my dirty little hobby. Even though they weren’t super traditional for Vietnamese parents, they had their standards, which I followed for the most part. Frankly, the “me” in real-life wasn’t anything like the one online. I lacked the daring confidence I portrayed in my pictures. And the outfits and filters were nothing but a front for a shy little college girl.

After dinner, I scurried upstairs and put away the outfits strewn across the room. I dimmed the light and waited for the PF app to load. They’d release a new update in the last hour. It was optional, but the features were intriguing…midnight interface, social forums, and additional dating sites added.

“Nice,” I thought to myself.

I tapped the update button and waited a few seconds…

The new interface popped up and my heart jumped when I saw eleven new messages waiting for me.

The younger guys would typically send me a “hey, how’s it going?” or some cheesy pick-up line they’d found online, but the older guys were bolder…

An older gentleman with peppery hair wrote, “You’re so sexy in that outfit…interested in meeting up over drinks?”

I imagined the peppered-haired gentlemen taking me to some seedy motel room, roughly having his way with me. Another one came from a stocky guy that could’ve been a bouncer or security guard.

“Damn, you’re a sexy little thing…what can a guy do to get in that?” he wrote crudely.

I pictured his large boxy frame on top, crushing the air out of me. My tiny body wouldn’t be able to handle a tryst with him, but I liked imagining the possibilities.

The more messages I read, the more my imagination ran wild. I exhaled longingly and peeled off the sleep shorts, letting heat dissipate from my body.

My fingers trailed the cotton panties and I felt a dampness start to develop. I let out a soft sigh of relief and continued rubbing myself through the thin fabric. It didn’t take long before I slid those down and enjoyed the breeze on my bare lips.

Heat emanated from my core as I continued playing with myself. I sucked my bottom lip, trying to suppress my moans, but small whimpers escaped. My phone was still in my trembling hand as I read more lustful messages.

I buried my slender finger deeply, producing a shameful squishing sound.

“Mmmmm…” I softly moaned.

The phone slipped through my fingers and crashed onto the bed. I felt my legs begin to shake as a pool of moisture crept under my ass.

“Oh my god…” I gasped.

I tensed up before relenting to an orgasm that engulfed my entire body. The sudden release washed away my desires and left me satisfied for the night. I drifted off, knowing the urge would casino şirketleri surely overtake me once again.


The sun rose and I felt heat rays peeking through the blinds.

The alarm hadn’t gone off yet, but I awoke feeling refreshed from last night. As usual, I grabbed my phone and checked my notifications. A smile crossed my face as I saw thirteen new messages on PlayingField!

I wanted to check them right away, but I had a tight morning routine. I hopped in the shower and washed away the lingering residue from last night’s antics. I threw on a pair of faded jeans and a bright tee, before making my way to the bus stop.

On the ride to campus, I kept seeing more and more messages pop up in my notifications. I kept from looking at them and tossed the phone in my gym bag to avoid temptation. I had a long day of classes…four of them back-to-back with a lab period sandwiched in-between.

In the afternoon, I had a bootcamp at the school’s gym, which was something I was looking forward to. It felt more like an opportunity to let off some steam after a heavy day.

The hours ticked by without any form of excitement, but I managed to get through it with enough energy to work out.

The bootcamp was a full circuit of strength and cardio exercises. It definitely helped me keep my slim figure. The thumping music blared through the sound system and grunts and groans could be heard throughout. The musky smell of sweat and gym equipment permeated the air. And the trainer, Tina, made sure we weren’t slacking on her clock.

She was this tough no-nonsense lady with a toned body to kill for. I couldn’t help but admire her sexy confidence. During the session, Tina pushed us to the brink of collapsing.

“Keep it up Lumi!”

“Marcos, ass to grass on those squats!”

“C’mon people, make this hour count!”

By the end of the workout, my face looked like a cherry tomato, and beads of sweat rolled down my chest and lower back. Tired and exhausted, we huddled in a circle for a pep-talk.

Tina addressed the group in her tough but caring tone.

“Unlike this bootcamp, life isn’t a circuit. When you go home today, think about what you want out of all of this,” she continued, “Whatever it is, take the chance and seize it… Life is too short to sit on the sidelines.”

It was a little campy, but the ideas resonated with me.

I was doing well in school but that was about it. My high school friends were either out of state or dorming at other colleges. My only source of excitement was what I was doing on the PF app each night.

I caught the bus back home. The nightlife was getting prepped as my bus drove by the bars and clubs downtown. If my friends were around, we’d probably put our fake IDs to use.

Once home, I had dinner with my parents and we talked about our mundane days over some spicy pork noodles and K-Dramas. They valued “family time” and it was pretty important to me as well. Despite being away sporadically, we were pretty close and talked about most things together.

Our family ran a small chain of Vietnamese grocery stores, so business trips were a regular thing for my parents. Mom was more of the negotiator while Dad ran the operations. In a way, I became more self-sufficient because of them and I didn’t mind the afforded freedom.

After dinner, I went back upstairs for some much needed alone time…

The lights were off and the bedroom was dark besides the illumination from my phone. I felt sexy as I laid down in my oversized tee with nothing else underneath. Next to me was a stuffed Winnie the Pooh, watching me get ready for my salacious self-love.

As the app loaded, I was giddy with excitement, thinking about all the steamy messages I’d received. Throughout the day, I heard the tiny vibrations go off, making it hard to focus in class. My notifications were bombarded with anonymous “new messages” that I’d plan to save for later. I ran my fingers over the soft shirt, feeling the contours of my breast and the rigid outlines of my nipples.

It took a moment for the messages to populate, but when they did I was shocked at what I saw.

“Oh my god…” I said quietly, under my breath.

Over thirty new messages…all from women.

I refreshed the app, making sure it wasn’t my imagination. I felt a sense of panic as I realized my profile and pictures were being broadcast across various lesbian apps! Maybe the update switched my preferences around, like a glitch or something. I didn’t have the capacity to figure it out. I took a couple of deep breaths and reassessed the situation.

“What was so concerning?” I thought to myself, “They’re just messages…lesbians weren’t going to jump out of the screen or anything.”

Sure, I never thought about girls romantically, but I didn’t have anything against women who did.

Frankly, I was a little curious about the messages. Why would any girl or woman be interested in me? The idea sounded impossibly foreign and that alone was enough to pique my interest. casino firmaları My finger scrubbed through thirty or so messages catching a glimpse of the content.

I mean…there was no harm in reading them, right?

I tapped on the first message belonging to a Latina woman in her early thirties.

“You’re such a cutie…wanna get to know each other over some drinks?”

Okay, innocent enough. She was attractive but in a cute and bubbly sort of way. I felt a little more reassured and decided to open up the next one.

The second message came from an androgynous woman with short-cropped hair.

“You got such a tight sexy body…let me know if you want some companionship or a little fun.”

I felt a little flushed after reading that one. I was flattered by her forwardness, but I felt a little strange as well. I reached for the stuffed Winnie the Pooh and held it tightly against my stomach.

The next one came from an mature school teacher in her forties.

“You’re so adorable. I know I’m a little older, but I would love to teach you a thing or two.”

I felt butterflies in my stomach. I moved the stuffed bear lower, innocently squeezing it between my thighs.

What was I doing? Why was I feeling this way?

I began gently rocking back and forth, feeling Pooh’s face pushed against the fabric between my legs. The friction provoked a sigh of pleasure I didn’t expect. I clutched its head tighter, pressing the bear’s face hard against my sex, feeling its nose rub against the clit through the fibers of the t-shirt.

Meanwhile, my eyes were glued to the screen as the messages got progressively sexual. These women were seducing me just as aggressively as men.

One woman yearned to “taste every inch of my body,” and another boasted her expertise with a “strap-on” and how she’d use it on me…

I felt chilled from those propositions but aroused at the same time. There was no pretense in their words. Many of them were looking for a “plaything” for the night and I was an ideal candidate.

I was grinding more vigorously, feeling the dampness seep through the shirt and onto the stuffed Disney character. My breathing was scattered, and I was reminded of my bare sex as a summer breeze blew under the hem of my shirt.

I hiked the oversized tee to my stomach and shoved Pooh’s face against my leaking honeypot.

“Ohh…mmmm… ” I moaned.

I continued humping the inanimate object. It’s nose directly flicking against my hard clit. I felt a rumbling in my lower abdomen and knew I was close. Putting my phone down, I clutched Pooh’s head with both hands, crushing his features into my lower lips.

“Oh my…god,” I cried out.

My body jerked erratically before letting go a delicious treat for my midnight companion. Like a sponge, the plush toy absorbed the sweet juices, and I took a moment to catch my breath.

What did this mean? Was I…?

I cleared my mind for a moment and wrapped my arms around Pooh. I felt the dampness on my chest and could smell the aroma coming off of the bear.

I had the sense neither my fingers nor Pooh were going to satisfy me much longer.


During the weekend, I didn’t change my preferences on the PF app. I even updated my profile with new revealing photos.

One thing I found out was that the new update integrated a plethora of niche dating sites; some of which catered to more “casual encounters.” This explained why I was getting so many explicit messages.

The more I kept this going, the more curious I got. There was an itch I couldn’t reach. An urge I couldn’t comprehend. I knew the only way forward was to finally go on a date. Luckily, I wasn’t lacking in eager admirers…

I had a long list of interested women since the night of the glitch. However, there was one woman who stuck out from the pack.

Her name was Taís, and she was this shapely Brazillian woman in her mid-thirties. Her auburn hair cascaded down her dark features and she had these gorgeous full lips. Personality-wise, she seemed fun, flirty, and knew what she wanted.

For me, Taís was the ideal person to go out with on a first date. I wanted someone, a little more experienced, who could take the lead during a conversation. I was worried about fumbling over my own words or making the wrong move. She just seemed like the right person to have an enjoyable evening with.

Monday morning, my heart fluttered when a message from Taís came through. Instead of waiting for tonight, I decided to check what she wrote immediately.

“Hey sexy, I’m loving your new pictures…among other things,” she wrote flirtatiously.

“Thanks, I’m glad you like them…what other things?” I replied.

“For one thing, those delicious legs and cute ass of yours…I’d eat you up if I had the chance.”

I got a little excited, reading her words. The bus felt like the least appropriate place to get hot and bothered, but I was already engaged in this flirty exchange.

I replied to her, “You’re güvenilir casino embarrassing me but you’re pretty gorgeous too,”

“You’re sweet. You have class today?” she asked.

“Every day, more like it. But yes, I’m actually on my way there now.”

“Nice, I just got into the office myself. A little downtime before work starts.”

She sent a follow-up message a few moments later.

“So I don’t suppose you have anything against older women?”

I thought about my next words wisely but ended up regretting what came out.

“No, not at all. I’m pretty open to anything,” I cringed, hoping she didn’t get the wrong impression of me.

“That’s good to hear…I like adventurous girls,” she quickly responded.

“You seem like the adventurous-type as well,” copying her flirtatious tone.

“You have no idea.”

As I formulated the next witty response, she sent another message.

“Well, are you free this Friday perhaps? We could share some of our adventures over some coffee…or dessert if you’re feeling daring.”

My heart skipped a beat. I took a breath of courage and wrote back.

“Sure, Friday sounds good.”

“Fantastic…I’ll send over the address. Wear something cute for me.”


The days leading up to Friday were agonizing. I couldn’t focus on classes at all and I skipped bootcamp to shop for a new outfit. Therapeutic shopping always remedied stressful situations. For my outfit, I was looking for something a little more playful and fun…something perfect for a coffee date.

I settled on a floral mini dress that accentuated my long legs. The dress went well with my beige heels. And right before leaving the mall, I picked out a pair of lace black panties and a matching bra.

When the evening arrived, my anxiousness was overwhelming. In the shower, I made time to shave everything below my neck. My make-up was done meticulously and I put on a darker shade of lipstick to complete the look. I looked hot and I bet Taís would agree.

I told my parents I was meeting up with some high school friends for a nice dinner. Which would explain why I was so dressed up. They didn’t suspect a thing when I walked out the door.

My heart was thumping as I awaited the Uber. Despite the hot outfit, I didn’t feel completely confident. Thoughts and questions swirled through my head. In the next hour, I’d be on a date… a lesbian date with a woman almost twice my age! How did I get myself into this? Was it too late to back out?

The Uber pulled up and I was forced to make a decision. I opened the door and stepped through the point of no return.

The ride took about twenty minutes, passing through the south cities of Orange County. I arrived a little early to scope out the area. It was a cute little main street with vintage storefronts and restaurants. A few of the shops caught my attention like a store filled with beachy trinkets and home goods and a fancy sex boutique that sold extravagant lingerie.

It was a warm summer evening, but the cool breeze made it quite pleasant. Maybe there was a reason for me to come back here another time.

She was arriving soon so I ended my stroll and walked back to our meeting spot. l felt butterflies in my stomach as I approached the doors.

Entering the cafe, I was surprised by how warm and intimate the setting was. The dim lights, mellow jazz, made it feel more like a fancy lounge. The aroma of coffee and lavender wafted through the air.

It was half-past seven so I took a seat on the plush couch by the corner. It was a little cozy little section away from the other patrons. I looked at my phone and saw a text from Taís.

“Hey Lumi, I’m sorry…I’m running a little late. I was held up at work, but should be there in ten minutes or so.”

“No worries, take your time,” I texted back.

“Save a seat for me,” she replied.

Much like before, I was bombarded with a series of questions and doubts. What was she expecting? Should I act more mature? What if she’s disappointed? What if I’m getting “catfished?”

My heart leaped as the door swung open. A woman walked through, but not Taís…

I sunk back into the couch feeling a sense of relief and disappointment.

More questions manifested as the clock ticked away. What was going to happen tonight? Was she going to make a move? My first kiss with a girl? What if she wanted more? Was I ready for that? Did I have a choice?

The door opened again… And it wasn’t her.

Just as I was getting frustrated, I was startled by a sultry voice.

“Hello, Lumi…”

Taís had snuck up on me from the side, and she looked every bit as womanly and classy as I expected. Her silk blouse was unbuttoned to show off a hint of cleavage. And her tight pencil skirt hugged her curvy figure.

“I’m sorry to have startled you! I entered through the back from the parking lot,” she said in a sexy Brazillian accent.

“Oh no! That’s okay, I was just surprised,” I stammered.

Taís sat down right next to me. There was little space between us and I could smell the faint spiciness of her fragrance. I was already getting drawn in by the older woman. Her slight accent was incredibly attractive and I was feeling so inadequate sitting next to her.

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