An Office Affair

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Nina worked for me, part of the team in the outer office. I inherited her from my predecessor, and at first I found her work to be proficient, if a little perfunctory, as if she always had something better to do. But the standard of her work had less and less interest for me, as I steadily fell for the insidious spell of her sensuality. She’s twenty-six, with a sturdy, but undeniably shapely figure, Wide shoulders, magnificent, but not over-large firm full breasts that are hard to ignore at the best of times, but when she’s excited, or there’s a cool breeze from the window near her desk, her nipples pop out like organ-stops, and drag men’s eyes towards them. Her hips are a little wider than she’d like, but in fact her arse is a perfectly proportioned counterpart to her tits. A small bulge of belly, on her, just adds to the sexiness of the package.

She’s always tanned, a sun-bed aficionado, and when she wears low-cut tops, or low-rider trousers, the there is no visible line. Then there’s her face, with its vivid blue eyes, cute nose, and a teasing, cupid mouth… set in a broad heart-shape, with a hint of a double chin when she laughs. It all has a cumulative effect, and becomes stronger and stronger with repeated exposure. Her thick, straight, shoulder length brown hair is sometimes a curtain through which she peers at the world, or at me, challengingly. To begin with, I ignored her pretty much; incredibly, I thought she was just another cute-ish woman in the office, one of several in the team. I often heard her chatter above the others… her voice higher than you’d expect, girlish compared to her womanly appearance. I decided from too little evidence that her mind really didn’t attract me, too shallow, too unaware of the world around her, and that’s very important for me.

However, as the weeks past, I caught occasional, revealing glimpses of another Nina. I discovered that she read proper novels, often with a strong sexual or psychological content, as well as the airport blockbusters and gossip magazines that the other girls ploughed through endlessly. I found out that she spoke fluent French, passable Italian, that she had lived abroad for a couple of years in her early twenties, and that she’d been engaged, and broken it off fairly recently. I knew there was a new boyfriend. And all the while her beauty grew on me, steadily, sinking into the deeper layers of my psyche. When I dreamed of her intensely one night, and woke up with a raging hard on which I had to unleash in an explosive wank, I realised I might eventually have to do something about it.

One day, I came back to the office in the evening after an hour in the pub with a contact. I wasn’t surprised that the office was still open, because that was when the cleaners were usually around, working their way down from top floor. I wasn’t expecting to see Nina at her desk, staring intently at the computer screen. She didn’t hear me because she had earpieces in. I was briefly puzzled by the way that she was typing with one hand, while her other arm moved, rhythmically, at an angle that I quickly guessed meant her hand was on or in her crotch. I coughed loudly, and she heard me. The image on the screen changed immediately to a spreadsheet. I wasn’t sure what I’d seen. Flesh, just an impression, was all I glimpsed before it turned into columns of figures. She was deeply embarrassed, of course, and in a nervous machine-gunning of words turned it round so that I was accused of sneaking up on her. She was guilty as hell, of something. I let her rant, and kept my cool. When she stuttered to a halt, I just shrugged, said the first thing I could think of, in an ironic voice, which was something about not thinking it was an appropriate use of company facilities… I picked up my mobile phone, which was the reason I had returned, and while she continued to blush deep scarlet, I ushered her out of the building.

It set off a tension between us that led to minor friction, and on her part a kind of aggression, like she wanted to push me into reacting, or confronting her. We stayed that way for a couple of months. Niggling, sniping, flashing annoyed glances across the office. The dreams got worse, not helped by my conjecture as to what she had been doing when I caught her that evening. I was convinced she’d been indulging in what I had always thought of as a fairly exclusively male activity, masturbating over net porn, which was one of my own vices at that time. I hadn’t had much relationship luck lately. Not satisfied either physically of intellectually with recent girlfriends, I’d been marking time while I reassessed my life. I was just thirty-eight, and realised that I’d become rather choosy. I wanted quality, not quantity. I wanted someone who was closer to my own tastes, beliefs and ideals. The harder I looked, the less I found.

Nina’s truculent but sensual image played on my all too available libido, and I indulged myself in increasingly lurid fantasies of the two of us, the sex as hard core casino şirketleri as my limits and tastes allowed me to go, and shamefully, I allowed them to go further than ever before, into S&M fantasies, where I would taunt her, chastise her, and then convince her that our needs were shared…

One Friday evening, not long ago, it all came to a head. After what I guessed were several glasses of wine at lunchtime, she had been slacking through the afternoon, chatting too much to the girls, distracting them from their work. And I surely wasn’t imagining the looks she kept on casting in my direction. It had been like this for a while; she knew my eyes were often on her when I looked up from my keyboard. Again, I could swear she was testing me, teasing me subtly to make sure I had really noticed her. The level of office discipline was crumbling, and she was the one instigating it. Around five o’clock, as my staff became more raucous towards home time, she looked up and caught me frowning at her, and gazed straight back into my eyes, as if to say ‘what are you going to do about it then?’ I felt a hot flare of anger, and with it, an incredible wave of desire. She looked so damned sexy like that… lips slightly parted, eyes flashing, and her nipples, I couldn’t help but notice, were so tumescent they were almost burning through her bra and white top. She seemed to lag behind a little as the girls prepared to leave the office. She was rummaging in the depths of her capacious handbag, as if looking for something vital.

“I’ll catch you up,” she told Louise, Katie, and the others as they left.

It was now or never…

“Nina, I want speak to you for a moment.” The words were off my tongue before I could even think.

I had no idea what I really wanted to say. I knew I should reprimand her severely for pissing me about. She looked at me obstinately, but obeyed. She swayed her hips noticeably as she walked into my office.

“You’ve been up to your games again, Nina,” I began. “This is a place of work, not a not a kiddies playground.”

Nina’s nipples were starkly at attention. I couldn’t force my eyes away from them.

“I know which playground you’d like to be in,” she retorted.

For a moment I didn’t get it.

“What do you mean?” I asked, even then realising what she meant.

“You’re looking at my tits; you’re always looking at my tits.” Nina looked fierce, and even more beautiful.

“That’s not true,” I said.

“Yes it fucking well is; you’re always at it! You’re doing it now!”

The devil seized my tongue.

“It’s not true; sometimes I look at your arse.”

We glared at each other, while the corners of our mouths began to twitch. We knew that we’d crossed the line. Nina snorted with laughter, and I followed suit. And I was still staring at her fantastic tits.

I stood up, and was suddenly aware that my cock was straining the front of my trousers.

“I suppose it’s fair enough actually, Alan, after all I do look at your package whenever you walk by.”

“I want to fuck you Nina… I want to fuck you right now, right here.”

I was never usually this blunt.

“About sodding time too!” Nina exclaimed. We laughed again. It was easy. We knew that we were going to do just what we wanted. It was instantaneous, simultaneous. Blood was pounding through me. I felt incredibly alive.

Nina crossed her arms, and scooped her tight tee shirt over her head. I could clearly see her bullet nipples and their aureolae through her thin white bra. She had just the right amount of flesh to be the trim side of voluptuous. Her belly curved a little over the hip-hugging waistband of her jeans. Mmmmmm… I twisted the rods and closed the Venetian blinds, and then I did something I’ve always longed to do. I swept everything from my desk onto the floor. Except for the monitor and keyboard, of course. There’s reality and fantasy! Nina took her cue. She tugged down her jeans, and unable to wait, I dropped to my knees, and helped her, dragging the stiff fabric over her ripe arse, exposing her thong, the neatly trimmed triangle of brown pubic hair, and the frondy moistness of it at the lips of her cunt, just visible through black lace.

As she stepped out of her jeans, I grasped her buttocks, pulled her me, and inhaled the scent her feminine arousal. Hooking her thong to one side, and roughly smacking her thighs apart, I buried my face in her groin, my nose rubbing against a sizeable clit. Her labia were fleshy, almost rubbery… I rolled and held them back with my thumbs, exposing a slick, coral cunt of exquisite beauty, and incredible promise! Pointing my tongue, I delved into her for the first time, and heard her moan of pleasure. She edged back until she was sitting on the edge of the desk, she opened her thighs wider and her fingers began to massage my closely shaven scalp. I tongue-fucked her deliciously, savouring her taste, the silky surfaces of her cunt.

“Oh yes… that’s soooo casino firmaları fucking good!” She groaned. I looked up at her, and saw a devilish smile on her face. I rubbed my thumb over her clit, and she shuddered. She liked sex. She loved sex. Maybe she’d enjoy having me teach her some more.

And at that moment a small miracle occurred. She had dropped her bag when she took her top off, and the contents were spilling over the carpet. When I glanced down at what my hand was touching, it was a small flat tin of Vaseline… My imagination soared in several directions, and in the end, I couldn’t resist the temptation. I picked up the tin, and with my tongue still thrusting rapidly in her slit, I fumbled it open, and scooped some lube up on my fingers. Slipping my tongue out, I slipped two fingers straight in. I felt the heat, the tightness, and swirled my fingers to spread the lube around inside.

“Oh fuck yessss…” Nina hissed. She lifted herself onto the desk, until she brace her bare feet on the edge. Almost as an afterthought, she shucked of her thong, and then splayed her legs wide. She looked incredibly sexy, laying back on her elbows, tits lolling just a little to the sides, nipples pointing skywards, my fingers pinioning her, digging deeper, feeling her meeting my thrusts… Soon I pulled out, took some more lube, anointed her labia, and then tried her with a third finger. She edged back a little further, her eyes taking on a hypnotic intensity. I had to go on. She lifted her hips a little as I thrust, and I felt her cunt relax, tighten, and relax, letting me in steadily.

I had fist-fucked quite a few women before, usually after long persuasion and patient weeks of stretching. Occasionally everything fell into place at once. Something I can’t explain but felt deep inside, told me that Nina had been there before too. From a brisk fingering, my caresses became something else. For the moment she seemed content to let me proceed as I wished. I smiled at her reassuringly, and added yet more Vaseline. When I added my fourth finger, her grin widened too. Her hips rose and fell, winding out a sexy slow dance of welcome. Her flesh felt so good, so warm and slippery from the lube and her ever-increasing flow of juice. I worked my fingers in the tightness, stretching her walls apart, twisting and turning my hand until the base of my thumb was hard against her clitoris, the side to side swooshing making her gasp and shake.

Without even thinking about it, I made a decision. I pulled back, and stared into her eyes as I lubed up my whole hand. I saw no sign of protest. She was panting, lips parted and expectant, her excitement was palpable. Mine was almost overwhelming. I had made the right choice. We didn’t say anything, not daring to break the spell. I couldn’t believe it. I had found a woman who actually wanted to be fisted!

This time my fingers formed a cone, my thumb tucked neatly into my palm. I was glad I always paid attention to my nails, and Nina would be too. She actually licked her lips as I parted her swollen labia with my fingertips! I thrust firmly, with a long, steady twist, and buried half my hand in her first time. It felt glorious.

My fantasies about Nina had been more or less like this, but I couldn’t have imagined that they would come true quite so quickly, or so graphically!

“I’m going to push… my big fist… right up inside… your cunt, Nina.” I gasped thickly, relishing each word as I began to screw my hand from side to side, leaning into her at the same time.

“Aaaaaahhhhh Yeeeeeeessssssss duh… do it! FIST ME!!”

It wasn’t the first time I had heard a woman say that, but at that moment I understood that part of the challenge in Nina’s eyes had been because we had unconsciously recognised something in each other, a knowledge, a need. She leaned forwards, grabbing my arm in a vicelike grip.

“GGNnnnhhh Gnnnnhhhh…. UURRRRRRR!!” She cried, jamming my fist hard into the painful tightness, and at the third pull, assisted by my shove, I felt the magic moment. Her vulva spread right around the full thickness of my hand, and then slid, slowly, stunningly down the other side. Her cunt was swallowing my hand! I could feel her milking it in with a slow peristaltic action. She knew exactly what she was doing, even better than I! The sensation around my knuckles was incredible. So tight, so hot… each ripple and whorl of her inner flesh clearly transmitted through my skin. We didn’t stop until I was wrist deep inside her. She let go of my arm, rested on her elbows again, threw back her head, and juddered rapturously, her hips jacking against the naturally curling, folding fingers that caressed her cervix as I made a fist.

“Mmmmm… yeaaa… oh why did we wait so long!!!” She growled, and I could only agree. I began to fist-fuck her, pushing hard into her because she obviously liked that, pulling back until I stretched her vulva, and she liked that too. I couldn’t stop smiling, I was exultant! güvenilir casino For as long as I had known about fisting I’d been craving a partner who loved the noble art as much as I do.

“I can’t believe you…” I panted, amazed at the way my hand was plunging ever more easily into Nina’s horny body. My knuckles rubbed hard on her cervix, then on her g-spot as I twirled and rotated my fist. Her fingers splayed and trembled. Her eyes rolled back.

“YESSSSS THAT’S ITTTT!! RIGHT THEREEEE!” She wailed. I speeded up, and my cock drooled pre-cum as Nina began to orgasm. She grunted, and shockingly, fluid spat from her cunt, right into my face! I reeled back, spluttering, laughing, licking my lips as soon as I could. Nina’s teeth were clenched, eyes blazing, body jerking with each spasm, spasms that I felt on my fist, clamping it hard, squeezing my wrist until I yelped.

It took quite a while for Nina to come down, and I kept my fist in her all the while, clenching and unclenching my fingers in slow pulsations that triggered off many delicious after-shocks. It was barely fifteen minutes since I had locked the door of the office, and I had just fisted one of my staff to a mind-blowing orgasm!

The twinges eventually stopped, and I began to ease my hand out. She grasped my wrist and shook her head.

“Uh uh… I’ve wanted this too much to stop after just one!” She husked. What a slut. What a gorgeous, uninhibited slut!

So I told her she was a slut.

“You’re using me… you just want my fist… well, you perverted little slut, that’s what you’ll get!” I said. I had never spoken to a woman like that before, but I had never met a woman like Nina before!



We laughed as I jerked my hand in her cunt, pulling it back over the rim, and then thrusting it in hard. She gasped, eyes flying open. I did it again. Over the rim, and in. her hands slammed down on the surface of the desk in approval. My eyes were glued to her cunt, and the way it revealed and hid my hand. Slithering… yes, soon her cunt was slithering over the back of my hand, the flesh gliding on my skin like searing hot, oiled silk. I made a fist once more, and pushed it right into her, spreading those willing walls wide again.

She resumed her grip on my wrist, and began to work my fist inside her like a huge dildo, showing me where she likes to be stretched, where it hurts, where it feels too good to bear for long. It was quite a change to be the pupil instead of the teacher! When I leaned hard into her, I found that she was deeper now, an inch or more past my wrist, and I could feel her womb bearing down on me. She pushed me back… until I was in the grip of her vulva, and then a hard, teeth-clenching pull as she took me deep again. Fabulous. I knew what I needed to know now, and pushing her hand away, I began to gore her cunt, thrusting long, hard, bending my arm, this way and that to reach her special places, opening her wide around the tight ball of my large fist, and ramming it through… I had reached heaven, I decided. This was all I had ever dreamed fisting should be, and had so fleetingly attained in the past. Nina’s hoarse cries of happy greed were the sweetest symphony to my ears. The feel of her amazing flesh surrendering with such eagerness was inspiring in a way I had only dared yearn for. I pulled back even further, and as she held her thighs wide, piecing blue eyes maddened with desire, I forced my clenched fist into her, pulled it out, forced it in, again and again while she uttered guttural cries of ecstasy.

After the first few times, I didn’t have to force it so hard, and I was almost punch-fucking her cunt, the wet slurping slap of it so wickedly rude, the outside/inside contrast another fine sensation to add to the list of firsts. It was so astonishing I couldn’t hold onto myself. I crouched over her, pumping my fist in and out of her, pumping my cock with my spare hand. I could tell she was close to orgasm again too, her movements were fractured, uncontrolled, her voice querulous as the pleasure doubled and re-doubled. In an orgiastic frenzy, I thrashed my pulsing cock. I felt an exploding sun in my loins, and as I rammed my fist, jiggling it hard and deep, I came, all over her, feeling her spasms matching mine. Cum rocketed from my cock in long white streamers, splattering her belly, her swaying tits, painting her nipples giving her a flowing string of pearls, one massive spurt striping neatly across her face, bisecting it with a long silvery line of semen. I shook my fist inside her and she yowled, clawing at her nipples as her insides convulsed a final time, forcing my fist out with a wet, rude fart of air and pussy-juice.

“You bastard!! You’ve cum all over me!! I’m supposed to be going out with the girls tonight!!” Nina swore, her voice croaky from her cries of rapture. I stroked out the last drops from my softening cock, and shook them onto her belly. Her smile belied her words, as did her hands. They were rubbing my cum into her skin, stroking it into her breasts. She scooped up a clotting dribble and sucked her fingers like a naughty child.

“You’re not going anywhere tonight without me,” I told her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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