Game Day

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Copyright 2013, Nicolo Parenti. No commercial use without permission.


A newly single guy gets a big surprise when a co-worker’s wife stops over.


I was roused from a Saturday afternoon couch nap by an insistent knocking on my apartment door. Rubbing my face to wipe out the sleep stripes, I glanced at the television to see a golf match. Huh. I must have really gone out. Last I remembered there was a ball game on. Who watches TV golf?

I’ve been in this apartment since my divorce about a year ago. It’s not the big suburban home we had, but it’s no hovel. Plus, no lawn chores, no snow removal, no repairs. Life’s got tradeoffs, and if this is what it costs to end a bad marriage, well, I’m doing better than her. Lucky for us, no kids.

I opened the door to an unexpected sight: the wife of one of my co-workers, Mike, nicely turned out in a slinky cocktail dress and heels. She wasn’t exactly tapping her foot, but you could see she was revving. I struggled in my stupor to figure out why she was here. I mainly remembered her because she was the hottest of all the office spouses. Had I forgotten a meeting? Did she need help?

“Marie, hey, ah, what are you… I mean, how are you? What’s going on? Is Mike OK? Are you OK?”

She eased her way past me into the apartment. From the way she scanned the room I think she’d expected bachelor squalor, but that wasn’t my style. A decorator had supplied me with ‘tastefully understated masculine’ to the tune of a few thousand, and I kept it shipshape. Well, dusted.

As she checked the place out, I did the same to her. Five-five, 110 lbs or so, styled red-blonde hair, about my age at thirty-four. Nice trim shape, a runner’s body with B-cup tits, strong calves, tight ass. Easy to see because she was dressed to show it, ready for a night out followed by a morning in. And if those pokies were any clue, not encumbered by feminine undergarments.

She stopped and half-turned to me. “John, would you say I’m fuckable?”

I was not ready for that. I mean, would you be? Plus, I was still muzzy from the doze, so my response was a bit below par. Ok, well below par. In fact, it was a gaping stammer, a slack-jawed, mumbling “Wha huh?”

She displayed some impatience. “Am I attractive, John, sexually desirable, somebody men would like to take to bed…? You know, fuckable?”

“Well, shit Marie, sure you are. You know that. Men must hit on you all the time. Lots of guys would love to be in Mike’s pants. Shoes. ‘Fuckable’ is weak, you’re better than that, but sure, you’re a ten in my book.” What the hell was this? I looked around for the crew from Punk’d.

“Then prove it.” She turned her back to me. “Zip me out of this dress, take me somewhere and fuck me.”

I’m slow sometimes, but when you get my attention I can focus OK. Marie had my attention. Why did I just obey? I don’t really know. Maybe when a sexy woman says ‘fuck me’ it short-circuits the male brain. I lowered the zipper to her waist, revealing a soft, tanned back and confirming the absence of a bra. She shrugged off the sleeves and wriggled a delectable ass out of the bottom half. And still by god, no sign of underwear.

She pivoted, took a step back, and struck a hip-shot pose wearing only her heels. Hell yeah fuckable, and of course she knew it. She had a fox-faced cuteness, with the slightly close-set eyes and direct gaze that suggested intimacy. Perky tits above a smooth torso, tapering to a slim waist that flared to hand-hold hips. Her muff was neatly trimmed and bikini waxed, a half shade darker than her head. Yep, I’d say fuckable. Damn.

I must have stared too long. “Well, John? Do I rate? Ah, yes, that bulge tells me I do. Your turn now, get out of those pants and show me your, ah, appreciation.”

She flicked open my belt, zipped me down and pulled the jeans to my ankles. No fooling, I think she’d had some practice. She was right about the bulge, the tent in my briefs could’ve housed a Tuareg caravan. I helped by yanking off my tee and tossing it aside. Least I could do. When she stripped off my BVDs she almost got slapped by the sproing of a dick. Then she stood and kicked away her pumps, and we were both as naked as could be.

“Mmm, nice one,” she said as she reached for my cock. I pulled her close and leaned down (6’2″ vs 5’5″) to kiss her inviting mouth. I wasn’t sure where this had come from, but I was now sure where it was going. She kissed like she meant it, hot and passionate, our tongues searching out and twining, lips slick and greedy. Yowzah.

Her hand never lost its grip. She stroked and tugged, working me to high arousal. I was iron-hard, blood-purple and randy as fuck. She was obviously just as hot, probably even before she knocked on the door. The scent of an aroused woman wafted up from her pussy, and a brush of my hand showed she was already way slippery.

Half my brain was still trying to process. Five minutes ago I was nodding, and Marie was just a nodding acquaintance, casino şirketleri someone I’d chat with (and OK, ogle) at the odd company event. Now she was here and we were naked, her pebbly nipples hard against my chest as we chewed each other’s faces off. What. The. Fuck.

She broke the kiss. “Bedroom,” she whispered hoarsely. “Now. Fuck me.”

Short circuit. So we went. I made sure to latch the door in case this was some elaborate setup. I’m not usually paranoid, but, you know? I turned off the golf game too. That shit’s just embarrassing.

We stumbled into the bedroom, which I’ll bet she didn’t even notice was as tastefully appointed and artfully masculine as the living room. She led me to the bed where she flopped onto her back, spread her legs and raised her knees in invitation.

“Do it, John. Show me how fuckable I am.” Again with the fuckable. I was starting to sense a pattern.

I almost jumped right on, and yes that would have been fine, because she’d just asked for it. But the sight of her wet and open snatch, plus some experience with women, diverted me. I knelt at her feet and lowered my face to her bush. I worked my tongue around her parts, avoiding the pearl for now, and she clamped my ears in a fleshy vise.

A low, rising growl signaled that I’d chosen wisely. Her sounds became more rhythmic when I worked two fingers into her and teased my tongue along her clit hood. I pumped in and out with a slight curl to prime her G spot as I pressed on the bud. The combination proved explosive. She made me glad I’d chosen a building with good soundproofing. Ah, Jesus loves a howler.

I eased her off the peak, diminuendo. After a few minutes she was back on earth and limp as a string.

“Holy shit, John… shit. How, where, what the fuck did you just do? Do you teach that? What did you touch in there?”

I am modesty itself. “Girl, I just took you where you were already headed. And what a tasty ride. I know you’re too sensitive right now, but I could go for seconds later.”

“Maybe way later. That was awesome, but I’m not here to find out if I’m lickable. Here, let me wet you up and we can answer the big question.”

I hadn’t lost any of my heft, but if I had, her oral talents would have revived me in a hurry. She knew as much about sucking cock as I knew about eating pussy, which is plenty. But I didn’t want to conclude things like this. I wanted what she wanted, even if I already knew the answer.

“Ease up, Marie, it’s real tempting to just fuck your face but you’ve got more to explore. Flip over and I’ll do you doggy.”

“Oh, John, in a minute. First just lay me back, pin me down and fuck me like a caveman.”

I’ve heard worse ideas. One caveman coming up.

Way less than half my brain was still questioning things. Whatever else, she was here to get laid. Clearly she had some sort of agenda (duh, ya think?) but right this second it didn’t matter one bit what it was.

I squished the head of my dick around her slit to lube it with her juices, making her squirm and thrust to get me inside. I lined up at the pulsing hole and pushed steadily in, watching her gaze turn inward as she gaped at the intrusion. She was tight, tight as any pussy I’ve ever had, but the foreplay, and whatever brought her here, made my entrance easy.

“Jesus, John, that is so fucking good. You feel huge. Is there more?”

There was a little more. I’m not big by porn standards, I’m not even the biggest guy at the gym (sure I peek. You don’t?). But I know I’m thicker than most, and anyway, once you can reach bottom, length isn’t an issue. Besides, it’s not like something you can take credit for.

I held her down at the shoulders as requested, and started a slow but increasing tempo, rotating at the hips, the motion they used to call ‘sweetback’. It allowed me to lean down and suck her lovely tits. The nips were still rock hard, with a delicious salty taste. Some women don’t care for this during sex, but Marie loved it, out loud. Plus, this angle gave better friction between our um, special parts.

She took up a grunting, guttural chant of “Fuck, fuck me,” or sounds to that effect. This kept on for five minutes or so, until we’d reached a nice combination of speed and power. Each stroke slapped our bodies together right at the critical junction, which is what she needed to reach climax.

She was still a howler. “Oh, fuck!” she shouted, redundantly, as she urged me close with arms and scissored legs, pressing her crotch up to me as she shuddered and twitched out a long, pulsating orgasm, one that clamped my dick in waves, as though milking out my seed. No mistake, that one was real.

Her pussy slowly relaxed its grip as the pleasure subsided, and I resumed a slow, steady motion.

“Christ, John, you didn’t come? That was… I don’t know… amazing, better than anything. Oh god, you’re still fucking me!”

I was indeed. As she’d noticed, I hadn’t gotten my nut, though I was close. “Flip over, honey, let’s go casino firmaları doggy for the next one. That’s it, sorry, have to pull out for a second, there you go.” Then she was up on her knees and forearms, offering me her beautifully engorged pussy. I entered her once again, going even deeper this way if that’s possible.

I was stroking my way to heaven, forget her, this one was mine and if she wanted to come along that was OK, but not mandatory. When the doorbell rang.

Fuck! I knew it! Normally I’d just ignore it, but this re-ignited my earlier paranoia and cooled my passion right off.

“Who’s that?” I hissed at her.

“How the fuck should I know, it’s your apartment. Wait, you think someone’s here because of me? No fucking way, Mike’s out of town with his ‘fuckable’ assistant and he couldn’t care less where I am. Nuh uh, it’s not for me.”

“Shit. Shit, shit.” I’m not always as articulate as I’d like. “Well, they’ll go away if we ignore them.”

But that didn’t happen. The ringing gave way to knocking, then pounding. “John! You in there? Open up, man, it’s Tommy! C’mon, asshole, you’re the one who wanted to watch the game.” This through my solid core door. He’d have the neighbors calling the cops.

And holy hell, he was right. Tommy was a fellow ex-husband, a buddy from the gym I’d invited over earlier in the week. I’d forgotten all about it, with this unexpected adventure. “Sorry, Marie, I better deal with this. Close the door and I’ll be back in a couple minutes.”

I grabbed a robe and shouted, “Coming, coming, cool it, man.” I unlatched and cracked the door. “Sorry, Tommy, I was having a nap. What time is it?”

“Three, uh, three fifteen. Dude, what’s going on, open up and let me in, I have beer.”

My mind was a blank. I searched for a plausible reason why he couldn’t come in right now and… I had nothing. Meanwhile the door had come open more than just a crack and Tommy craned to see in.

“What the hell man, you… whoa! Who’s that?”

I whipped my head around to see Marie leaning back against the kitchen counter, all on display, bare-ass naked and looking as hot and sexy as she had just a minute ago on my bed.

“Might as well let him in, John. He’s awfully persistent. And I don’t mind.”

Crazy, she was crazy. But I knew that already. I gave her an ‘are you sure about this’ tilt of the head and received a ‘hell yeah’ nod in return. So I bought into her craziness and swung the door wide.

“C’mon in, man. Tom, this is Marie. Marie, Tommy.” I closed the door and turned back to Tommy, who was staring at Marie with frank interest and a growing trouser tent. Welcome, desert nomads.

Like me, Tommy is 6 feet plus, strong and fit from daily workouts. It’s why we came to be pals, I guess, that and similar divorce stories. Marie looked him over like a side of beef. Oh, glory, I see trouble ahead. Or maybe fun.

“Marie was wondering if she’s fuckable, Tom. I think I get it. She found out her husband is doing our assistant Jenny, who I must admit we all agree is fuckable. But it looks like Mike ignored the basic rule of ‘don’t shit where you eat’ and this is, what, revenge sex, self-doubt…?”

This last I directed at Marie. Who, don’t forget, as if you could, was buck naked and looking just-fucked in front of two guys, one a total stranger. Well, not for long I suppose.

“Revenge, I guess. I really don’t need prove anything to myself. I just wanted to fuck somebody who wanted to fuck me, and I remembered how you used to eye me when we had a picnic or something. I liked that. You’re tall and hot, and I knew you were single.” Huh. Guess I’m not as subtle as I thought. Well, not a bad thing, in retrospect. And hot, eh? Tell me mooore, madam.

Marie turned to Tommy. “John was just fucking me when you rang. Really well, too, but he needs to finish. You can wait out here and watch the game.” She cast her eyes along his frame. “Or… get naked and join us.” She headed toward the bedroom. “Time to come, John. I’m still juiced up and ready for some more doggy sex.”

Tommy was no fool, and he wasn’t shy. He shed his clothes as we followed Marie back to bed, hopping one-legged out of his trousers to keep up. The beer ended up on the counter.

Tommy was already rising to the occasion, but I’d flagged some. Marie slipped the robe from my shoulders and dropped to her knees to apply some oral spice. A few heartbeats was all it took to get me hard again. Marie popped up onto the bed, pulled me by the crank, and assumed the position. With a little wiggle for Tommy’s sake.

In the back of my mind I knew this was the nuttiest thing I’d ever done, but that didn’t slow me down. I eased into Marie, who was indeed still juicy, and picked up where I’d left off. The break had done me good. I fucked her with vigor and abandon, knowing that this time was all for me.

At first I tried to ignore Tommy. Like most guys I’m not used to fucking in front of people. But then I figured what the fuck, he sure güvenilir casino wasn’t ignoring us. He was stroking himself energetically, studying Marie and the place we were joined. So I invited him closer. She wanted cock? Well, here you go.

“Suck his cock, Marie. Suck it while I fuck you like a dog. You’re the one who got him all excited, time to make good. Go on, open up and let him fuck your face. Get right down on it. You want two cocks, don’t you baby?”

She needed no prodding, and my words and tone seemed to excite her even more. Tommy found a spot that gave him easy access, and she gobbled him like a Christmas turkey. My thrusts added a rhythm, and just like that he was unloading on her tongue. That was what, 60 seconds? Some kind of record, anyway. Not that I’m judging, this was a hugely stimulating surprise.

She sucked him clean as he softened in her mouth. He played with her swaying tits, tweaking and rolling the nipples. Then he pulled away and positioned his head to capture them with his lips. This drove her even wilder. I wasn’t sure (didn’t care, eh?) if she’d come this time, but that pushed her over.

I’d been building up, holding off, trying for that maximum tension that precedes the best orgasms. Everything was just right — angle, friction, heat — so when her Tommy-triggered climax made her pussy ripple in that way she has, I was right there. I probably roared like a jet, but all I remember is freezing at maximum penetration, deep into her cervix, as my essence boiled and my balls spasmed out a load I didn’t know I had in me. Man, if this chick was fertile she was having quintuplets.

I kept up a light stroke while we cooled out, and it wasn’t long before my shrinking dick was squeezed out by her last spasms. Tom was sort of trapped under her, but we managed to shuffle around until we were all zoned out on my king size, and now sex stained, bedcover. I probably won’t let the weekly maid service handle this one.

Marie cuddled up to me, but also reached a hand out to clasp Tommy’s shiny cock. “Fuck, Marie, that was incredible. Are you always this hot?”

“I know you won’t believe it, but this is the first sex I’ve had in two months, the first time without Mike since we got married, and my first time with two guys. I just got so damned mad when I overheard him telling someone how ‘fuckable’ Jenny was, how he couldn’t get enough of her ‘sweet ass’, that I popped a cork. What am I, unfuckable liver?

“I thought about going to a bar to pick up somebody, anybody, but then I remembered how you’d undress me with a look, and well, I took a chance. I didn’t know I’d have two cocks today, but it’s working out fine. So I guess I answered the question. For now,” she smiled sweetly.

I patted her thigh. “You did the right thing, honey. A bar in the middle of a Saturday is a lousy proposition. Uncle John appreciates your wisdom.”

Tommy concurred. “Man, your Mike is a fool to let you even think about hitting the bars. I don’t know this Jenny, but she’d have to be unbelievable to outclass you. And I’ve never even seen you with clothes on.”

“Oh, I can fix that,” she started, then laughed when we both sputtered out protests. “Ok, ok, naked it is. Listen, Tommy, John gave me three amazing orgasms, with a little help from you, which is the most fun I’ve had in probably forever. But it’s still early. I hope you recover enough to add to the count.”

She’d been rubbing and tugging at our still limp members, and I’d been caressing her flank and her tender breasts. “She’s got an amazing pussy, Tom. You do, Marie, I don’t know if you know that. Tight, slick, and when you come you have this, this rolling, milking grip.” She blushed nicely. “Hey, I’m a ways away from another go, but man, Tommy, if you can get it up, you should sample that. Definitely fuckable,” I grinned.

“I’ll help,” offered Marie, as she twisted to slurp his noodle. She worked it like a pro and soon had him up again. Meanwhile, I studied her backside and fingered her pussy, which was still oozing out my semen.

“Mmmm, John,” she mumbled around his cock, then popped him out and faced me. “There’s more, you know. Before I left the house today I… I cleaned myself completely. Inside and out, you know? I wanted to be ready for anything. I didn’t know what you might like.”

This lady was still blowing my mind. “So, you and Mike do anal?”

“No, never. He’s never asked. I tried it a few times in high school. Like, virgin sex? Can’t get pregnant, keep yourself ‘pure’ for marriage? Yeah, it was a crock, but it’s what we did. I stopped once I got laid for real. But I’m not against trying again if you want.”

I wasn’t sure how I felt about that. She went back to sucking Tommy, and I kept exploring her pussy. Curiosity got to me and I started to spread some of the ooze toward her back hole. I circled around, adding a slight push every few strokes. Her asshole pulsed, so I took it further. I let the tip of a finger penetrate, which got me a nice reaction. She jumped a little, then relaxed back into it.

In a minute that finger was sliding in and out with some ease and Marie was working it by rotating her hips. With a little more juice I tried a second finger. She gasped, but kept working it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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