Daddy’s Nasty Kitten Ch.1

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NiteWriter & Kitten

This is intended for adults 21 and over only. If you are offended by graphic descriptions of a sexual nature, please, don’t read this or download it. If this is illegal wherever you are reading stop now.

This story is written by NiteWriter and a very special friend.

* * * * *

I have a girlfiend, well, I guess you’d really say I have a hot looking young girl. We met a few months ago and hit it off pretty good. Christine is quite a bit younger than I am, actually I’m 52 and she’s 30 years old. I can’t tell you what a tremendous turn on it is just thinking about her. My friends know I have a younger girlfirend and after the couple times they’ve seen us together, they tease me allot about it. In reality I just think they’re jealous of me having such a pretty young girl living with me.

I’m trying to remember how it all started, but Christine likes to call me “daddy.” The age difference just makes it seem so natural and it’s real arousing when we are in bed together. I call Christine, “Kitten.” She likes that name and honestly, I love calling her that. Sometimes I just call her “my little girl.” She’s so cute, pretty, beautiful…what can I say, she’s my little kitten, my little girl.

I’m probably giving you the impression that she’s a prim and proper 30 year old living with an older man. She’s nothing of the sort. Although she is a very intelligent young woman, when we’re together, she can be the nastiest little girl you’ve ever seen. She’s literally insatiable in bed. But you’ll hear more about that from her. Kitten will tell you more about us. I’m sure you’d like to hear from her too.

Well, one evening after work I had invited some of the guys over the house for a game of poker. After a while, Christine began flirting allot, not only with me but with the guys. And I was really getting mad about how she was teasing me in front of my buddies. Her lovely body is pretty private to me but I have to say I did like the idea of my buddies being jealous of my hot looking girlfriend. But deep down I knew she was mine and no one else’s. But now she was getting me pretty angry.


When daddy told me his friends were coming over I was just going to stay in our bedroom until they left. But for some reason tonight, I wanted to hang out with them. Well, hang out with him. He’s much older than me and when we met I told him how much I wanted a daddy. He seemed to get turned on by the idea and even more so when I asked him to call me Kitten. His kitten. When I got home from work I went to the bedroom to change and he couldn’t keep his hands off me. I kept telling him to stop because his friends were going to be here soon, but he kept caressing my ass and cupping my pussy and talking dirty to me. He was getting me so hot I wanted to fuck, but he said we’d have to wait till later after his friends left. So I thought, ‘I’ll show him.’

I went to the closet and pulled out this really sexy short black lace dress. The kind that rises up and you can see everything when I bend over. You can see through it but not quite. I’ve tried to wear it out before, but daddy usually gets so horny looking at me we never make it out the door. I was toying with the idea of not wearing anything underneath, but I know daddy would get really mad. He shaved my pussy bald last night so I decided just to wear a black lace thong. I quickly reshaved my legs so they were nice and smooth. I let my hair down and gave it a quick finger comb so it looked full and wild.

I casino şirketleri put on a little make up and black patent leather baby doll heels. As I stand in the mirror looking at my body I can’t help but pinch my own nipples and rub my pussy through my thong. My nipples harden and I get wetter. I pull the lace dress over my head and it barely covers my cunt. I wonder what daddy’s going to do when he sees me.

I can hear the guys starting their game. I put on my favorite perfume, the one that daddy knows means I feel really sexy and want to fuck. I check my reflection one last time bending over and seeing my lace thong pulled tight between my lips. And there’s a wet spot.

I want to tease him in front of his friends. I’m going to walk in and sit right on his lap. His friends all know about our Daddy-Little Girl thing anyway. They are all probably jealous they can’t have me. I feel so slutty acting this way in front of daddy’s friends but he should have fucked me before they got here. Now maybe Daddy will get so hot he’ll spank me for being such a naughty girl. I love being over his knee and his big hand making my ass hot. I can always feel his hard cock on my tummy. I know he likes spanking me and dominating me…after tonight he’ll have an excuse.


My Kitten just kept grinding her ass in my lap and I’d get more turned on and I’d get even madder because I couldn’t just rip her clothes off and take her right there and then. She kept whispering in my ear, “Do you think your friends know what we’re doing?” And then she would giggle. My friends keep staring at her looking at her hard nipples through her almost see-through dress. She kept wiggling her ass on me and I’d wind up losing track of what I was doing in the poker game. “Kitten, will you stop please,” I whispered to her. “We can do this later.” Before I knew it, I’d lost all my money. “Now look what you made me do, Kitten.” I whispered again to her. “You made me lose. Now how the fuck do you expect me to play?” She giggled and laughed again.

“Well I guess the game’s over?” The others commented. “No, not yet.” I exclaimed. “One more hand. But you’ve got nothing to bet,” they all replied. “Yes I do, I’ll tell you what. If I lose this hand, I’ll have Christine strip in front you. Want to see her naked?”

Kitten looked at me in disbelief. I told her, “You made me lose.”

“You’re not really going to make me strip for them are you,” she quietly asked me. “You’re the one being the big tease.” I replied back. “If I lose, then they get to see you naked.”

Quickly the hand was dealt. And before I even realized what happened, I lost. Christine was just standing there quiet, stunned when I lost and realizing what was about to happen. “Listen guys, Christine’s a pretty nice girl, don’t you think?” I asked.

Everyone agreed. “Yeah, she’s real nice. Are you kidding, she’s the hottest piece I’ve ever seen.”

“Instead of just seeing her naked, you guys want to fuck her? Let me recoup some of my money. Give me twenty bucks each and she’s yours to fuck.”

Immediately Kitten got this look of shock filling her face. I don’t think she believed I just said that. I got up from the table and led her away saying, “So you want show off and fuck around in front of my buddies, huh? Well you may as well fuck them too. You want to be a whore, well I show you what it’s really like to be a whore. I’ll make sure you have plenty of cock tonight.”


I can’t believe my ears. I casino firmaları wanted to get fucked but I had no idea daddy would do this. Despite my shock, I can feel my cunt get wetter. I have always wanted to be gangbanged and I know I have mentioned this to daddy but as a fantasy. And he’ll be watching me get fucked. I wonder if that excites him. Judging by the bulge in his pants all night I think he’s pretty aroused. I don’t really think he’ll let his friends fuck me. Would he? Suddenly, an image forms in my head of lots of guys cocks sliding in and out of my three holes even at the same time. I will really feel like a slut and a whore. I guess the idea of other men fucking me shouldn’t arouse me but that coupled with my daddy watching is very erotic. And he’s going to take money from them to do it. He’ll be standing right there as his friend’s cocks slide in and out of my wet pussy. I am a little afraid but the wetness between my legs is too overwhelming to ignore.

I wonder if I should pretend to be scared and upset. I wouldn’t want daddy to think it’s not him I love and desire. Maybe it will excite him to see me beg him to stop them. I wonder if seeing tears in my eyes would make him want to fuck me more. I wonder if he’ll be disgusted with me. He always does extra naughty things to me when I’ve been a dirty girl. So I decide I should resist.


I grabbed Kitten by the arm and pulled her into the bedroom. I pushed her down on the bed. Then I tugged her lacy black dress and black lace thong off. I tied her hands over her head to the bedposts and left her there naked and helpless to defend herself. “Okay, guys, go ahead have your fun with her. She’s yours. Fuck her.”

John, a medium build guy about 5’7″, was the first. John’s cock was already hard just from seeing Christine’s naked body. “Look at her. She’s gorgeous.” He had his clothes off in an instant. He quickly climbed up onto the bed and pushed her legs apart. As Christine protested he slid his cock right into her cunt. “Oh, she’s so fuckin’ hot.”

“No, please no. Not like this.” She cried out. John began fucking her and I could see tears forming in my little Kitten’s eyes. John slammed his hard cock into her over and over as he grunted out. “Your cunt… is…is… so hot. Ohh…you’re so… fuckin hot,… I’m…I’m… finally he began cumming inside her, filling her cunt with his sperm. He pulled out and she cried to me with tears running down her cheeks, “Daddy, please don’t let them do this to me.”

“I thought you’d like this kitten? You’re such a tease showing off all the time. Maybe this will teach you a lesson.”


Oh God, another man just fucked me right in front of my daddy. I know I should feel awful but the throbbing in my pussy is getting stronger and more intense. He came deep in my fuck hole where my daddy cums. I wish he hadn’t cum inside me, now I do feel really dirty. I can feel his hot cum dripping down between my asscheeks.

“But daddy I want your cock in me. I wanted you to fuck me and cum inside me.”

My daddy yelled, “Can you feel his slimy cum in you, you fucking slut?”

“Oh daddy please I’m sorry. I’ve learned my lesson.”

Daddy grabs a handful of my hair and kisses me so hard. His tongue is brutally raping my mouth. He ends his kiss with a sharp bite to my lower lip. I know he’s hot for me now. He pulls my head back and looks right into my eyes. “You dirty fucking whore. You want more cock? Huh, cunt?”

“Please daddy, I want güvenilir casino your cock.”


Christine was still pleading with me when George, who is a tall skinny man 6’2″ tall, climbed up on the bed next. I watched and said, “Kitten, you want to act like a slut, then this is what it feels like.”

George drove his cock into her and fucked her with all his might. I could see the tears rolling down Christine’s cheeks as she stopped fighting and just took the fucking I was subjecting her to. “You’re some hot little bitch, George commented completely out of breath fucking her. I’m gonna fill your cunt up with my hot cum.” Moments later George moaned out that he was cumming and more sperm poured into my little girl’s hot cunt. George got off and she looked at me with such pleading eyes saying, “Please Daddy, make them stop, please.”

I was beginning to feel bad that I was allowing this to happen to my sweet little Kitten. Then I saw Harry quickly jump up on the bed next. “Hold on honey, you’re gonna love this.” My friend Harry is a big black man who has at least a ten-inch cock. He quickly plunged his big hard black tool into her; only he chose the other hole. He pushed her legs up high and rammed that huge black cock right up her ass. Christine whimpered out not expecting her ass to be violated too. He fucked her hard, driving his big black shaft deep inside her tight rectum. “My god, this bitch is a little anal fuckwhore. She’s got my whole cock up her tight ass.” Then I heard him grunt and I knew his cock was throbbing and shooting cum deep inside her rectum. Harry finally got off, withdrawing his cock from her tight asshole, and she just lay there.


Oh no he put his cock in my daddy’s favorite hole. Oh God but it feels so good. And now I’ve got another load of creamy cum inside my cunt too. It feels so wet and slimy. I loved feeling their cocks pulsing inside me. Feeling them shooting their loads deep in my cunt. I know I shouldn’t especially with my daddy watching me but now I’ve got this big black cock in my ass. I never even liked fucking black guys and now one is ramming his big dick in my tight asshole. I am wondering if daddy can see it sliding in and out of my anal hole as it stretches me. God I love cock but what I really need is my daddy’s cock. He knows how to fuck my ass just right.

He knows how to give it to me. Ooh, George is fucking me hard. I think he’s going to cum in my ass. Oh god I want it but I want my daddy cumming in my rectum. Suddenly, I feel the cock in my ass get harder and bigger. I know he’s going to cum in me. I feel it push so deep and start shooting cum. He slowly pulls out and my ass is left gaping open. It feels so deliciously dirty. I wonder if daddy can see my asshole gaping and another man’s cream dripping out. I wonder what I look like?


My friends got dressed and got ready to leave for the night thanking me for the fuck. My little girl just laid there quietly, tied to the bed, watching each of them hand me twenty dollars and comment on what a great fuck she was. “You’re a lucky guy, she’s a real nasty slut. Thanks.”

“Yeah, her cunt is so fucking hot.”

“Man, you got a real sweet bitch there. And her asshole is so damn tight. You lucky guy. Living with a young little whore like that.”

And they left.


I see three 20-dollar bills in daddy’s hand. They actually paid to fuck me. And listen to them. I am a dirty, nasty slut. I start to cry wondering if daddy will still want me. My holes are filled with other men’s cum. I feel so badly for making daddy have them fuck me; all because I am a sex-crazed whore who loves to get fucked. But all I wanted was my daddy’s cock.

To Be Continued…

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