Glory Hole Haven

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Big Tits

He didn’t know what he was getting into when the urge struck him to go to the adult bookstore on the East Side of Phoenix. Trent was in town on business and had flown in the day before. He felt a little guilty because he was finding it such a relief to be away from his wife of ten years.

They had a pretty good marriage, but since she had started a new career she didn’t have the time, or the energy, to show much interest in Trent. In fact, they had started arguing a lot and to get away for a few days and enjoy a respite from the daily haranguing was welcome.

During the past few months their sex life had diminished and yet Trent still had needs. He saw an adult bookstore with an arcade and adult theater when he was driving to his hotel from the airport. Trent had finished business early that day and had nothing more to do but sit around the noisy hotel. He decided that he would go to the adult bookstore and watch a flick or two and maybe even purchase a magazine to jack off with later that night. He really needed some relief.

He walked into the store where a young man in his early twenties was standing behind the counter. He walked up and asked for some quarters to use the arcade. The clerk handed him five dollars in quarters and directed him to the arcade. As Trent stepped into the arcade he noticed several men just standing around in the dark. He located a booth and stepped inside, locked the door and felt around the wall in the dark room in search of the coin slot.

In a few moments he felt the slot and slid a quarter in and was stunned by what started showing. On the screen was a big, muscular black man with the biggest cock Trent had ever seen. Even when he spent time in the military, where you shower with a lot of guys, he had never seen such a massive cock. In front of the handsome and hung star, was a young man that barely looked 18 years old. The young man was on his knees attempting to put as much of the ebony phallus in his mouth. His whole face was distorted as he sucked on the black man’s dick.

For a moment Trent was shocked. Never, had he ever thought of two men sucking each other off. He quickly reached up and pressed a button to change the channel. The following video showed a rather attractive young blonde woman bent over the arm of a couch while her lover was pounding casino şirketleri her well lubricated asshole. The camera angles showed every inch of the 10-inch dick as it stretched the blonde’s puckered hole beyond what should be physically possible.

This was more to Trent’s liking, yet he still kept thinking about that young man sucking on a huge black cock. He couldn’t resist. He had to see what was happening to the young man. He hit the back button and once again couldn’t believe his eyes. There was the young man, lying on his back, with his legs placed on his lover’s shoulders, getting his butt fucked good.

The size of the cock going in and out of this boys tiny ass should have split him apart, yet he seemed to be enjoying it. Every time his dark lover would ram thick cock into his bowels, the young man would grab his lover’s ass and pull him deeper inside him.

About that time Trent noticed a hole in the wall next to him. He lowered his face and looked in. There in the booth next to him was a man with his pants down. He was rubbing his hard dick and playing with his balls and then sticking his finger up his ass. Trent was mesmerized. The guy in the booth next to him was completely shaven and his dick was a big one. Suddenly Trent found he was getting strangely excited. He looked back at the screen, put more quarters in and watched as the hung black man pulled his massive dick from his young lover’s ass and plastered his face with a big load of creamy cum. What he saw gave Trent a raging hard on. The young man appeared to be lavishing in his cum bath. Rubbing it all over his face and shoving the ooze with his finger into his hungry mouth.

Trent couldn’t take anymore; he unzipped his fly to give his throbbing erection some relief. He reached inside his pants and gave his dick a squeeze through his cotton briefs. It wasn’t going to be good enough; he had to release his tool. He unbuttoned his jeans and slid down his pants and underwear, letting his cock breath in the musty air. He looked down at his cock and could have sworn it was bigger than it had ever been before. It just stuck out there, throbbing with each and every heartbeat.

He reached down and with his thumb and forefinger and gave the underside of his cock a little pinch. Then he slowly slid his hand down the shaft and squeezed. casino firmaları

On the screen, the muscular black lover was bent over while his younger lover had his face buried in the crack of his ass, obviously sticking his tongue up the hole of this firm, dark butt.

About that time Trent noticed an eye looking through the hole in the wall. At this point he couldn’t care less who was watching. His hand was steadily stroking and squeezing his cock and besides, the guy next to him was jacking off too. He continued to watch the black stud getting his ass tongue fucked and playing with his own cock and balls. Then he looked over at the hole again to see a finger sticking through and making that come here signal.

At first he wasn’t sure what to do, but his cock was too far-gone to pass up an opportunity. Trent stood up and stepped towards the hole and the finger. The hand touched the end of his cock and pulled back, only to be replaced by an open mouth with his tongue sticking out.

Immediately, the unknown lover licked the precum off the pulsating head of Trent’s cock. Then swirled his tongue around the cock. Trent was about to blow right then and there. Trent pushed his cock further through the hole and was rewarded by the feeling of the hottest, wettest, mouth completely surrounding his member.

There had been many women go down on him in the past, but none ever had a mouth so deliciously hot and moist. The sensation sent shivers throughout his body. He also couldn’t believe how deep his cock was buried into the man behind the booth’s mouth. If it hadn’t been for the half-inch plywood between them, he was certain the man would have had his nose buried in his pubic hair.

The feeling was intoxicating. His anonymous lover was obviously enjoying himself sucking on Trent’s well-formed cock. He lathered it with spit and rubbed it all over his face.

On the screen, the ebony stud was now bent over while his almost childish looking lover pounded his firm butt. It was more than he could take and he began to feel the cum boiling up in his tightening balls. The cock lover on the other side of wall sensed his build-up and quickened his pace. He could feel this cock growing inside his mouth, the veins standing out more, the constant flow of precum, all giving indication of the impending güvenilir casino explosion.

Trent took one last look at the screen. The young man pulled out of his lover’s muscular ass and started spraying a massive load of cum all over his lover’s back. Seeing the creamy white cum spraying all over the velvety smooth black skin sent Trent over the edge and his mind went into slow motion. He felt his balls tighten up against his body, preparing to launch his seed. His knees began to quiver enough that he had to grab the top of the monitor to keep his balance. If felt like the head of his throbbing cock was going to blow off it had swollen so much.

On the other side of the wall, the hot, wet mouth continued to pick up speed. Every possible inch of Trent’s cock was swallowed, only to be released and then swallowed again and with each swallow, the suction increased. His mind was spinning, reeling from the intense pleasure his anonymous lover was providing him. Then, just when he thought he couldn’t take it anymore, Trent’s balls exploded, gushing stream after stream of hot cum into “John Doe’s” mouth. Every muscle in his body began convulsing while his cock continued to pour cum. On the other side of the wall, the mysterious cocksucker was quickly swallowing all of the sperm he could. He shoved the entire shooting love tool into his throat so not to waste any of the precious commodity. He loved the taste of cum and how it felt as it filled his belly and the tangy flavor it left on his tongue.

Trent had never experienced a blowjob anywhere close to this one. He finally had to sit down to keep from falling down. His cock was still throbbing and his heart was racing. He had broken out into a sweat and his breath came rapidly.

Trent finally looked at the Glory Hole and saw the mouth of his lover whisper the word, “thanks.”

Then he heard the door of the booth next to him open and Trent knew the mysterious man was gone. “Too bad,” thought Trent. “I think I would like to try sucking him too.”

After sitting in the booth for a few minutes to calm down, he finally stood up and pulled his pants back over his half-hard cock and opened the door. He walked out into the main lobby and the desk clerk asked him, “Did you enjoy yourself?”

“You have no idea,” said Trent. “You have no idea.”

As Trent walked out the door, vowing to return soon, the clerk said under his breath, “Oh yes I do. I know how much you enjoyed yourself.” Then he went to stock the shelves while still enjoying the tart, tangy taste left on his tongue.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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