Case Closed

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This story, as is all stories, isn’t written for everyone. If you enjoyed it, thank you very much and you’re welcome. If not, thank you for visiting.


Here we were, the middle of July. Our son, Neil, turned 18 six months ago. John and I had a nice birthday for him. More of a reception than a party. Neil preferred a reception. He gave us a list of people to invite he liked. Some young and some older. It was far better than I thought it would be. Lots of fun and great conversation and family. Everybody thought we surprised him but he was a part of it from the beginning. He even helped clean up.

John was out of town for a few days. It was Saturday afternoon. We lived out from town so no close neighbors like right next door. A block or so away. Neil was set for college, everything was arranged. He was a steady guy and thought a lot. We were out on the back porch, chatting. Out of the blue I said, “How’s your sex life?”

Neil gave me the classic “Are you out of your mind?” look. We’ve never talked about sex or anything like that. He’s seen me in a swim suit but nothing erotic looking. He hasn’t spent a lot of time with girls that I know of. None brought home or dates but I did find some condoms he had. I don’t know if he actually used any. I left them as found. I wasn’t searching his room, I cleaned there sometimes. He knew I would see them.

“Neil,” I said, “You’re an adult. I’m going to be more adult with you. Private but adult. What we say is between us. I’m not going to say a word to your dad. Are you having any good orgasms? You should you know and besides it’s a lot of fun. I try to have a few good orgasms each week. Sometimes more than one or two a day. It depends on how horny I get.”

“Mom,” he said. “What’s gotten into you?”

“Well, other than your dad, nobody,” I said. “How would you like to go in and we can see if we can have a couple. You might like it. If not we can get dressed and back out here. We don’t have to get it on. We can use each other to help us with some good orgasms.”

Smiling I stood up and reached my hand out for his. He wasn’t smiling and was probably dumbfounded but he stood up and gave me his hand. Good for him. He finally smiled at me going through the kitchen. I held his hand all the way to our bedroom, John and mine. John got me pregnant with Neil in this bedroom but the furniture has been changed a couple of times. I was sad when they took the mattress out. It was kind of a memento.

I fully remember those events. Getting pregnant and delivery. I somehow knew I was going to get pregnant when John let go. I was probably seeded before he got out of my vagina. “Neil,” I said, “This is about sex so do your best to be sexy and do erotic things. Turn me on as much as you can and I’ll do the same for you. Let’s undress each other, one thing at a time. Me first.”

I took off his shorts. Pulled those suckers right down his legs barely leaving his briefs in place. Getting them off his feet I could see him pushing down his leg, stretching his briefs. He was up going down. I kicked my floppers off and he did too. I held my hands out a little and said, “Your choice. What do you want to see first?”

Now he was smiling widely but still unsure. I did a hip wiggle and turned around giving him a view of everything. He took my top off and got an eyeful of my bulging bra. Great cleavage too, no nipples showing. I got his top off, slowly with a little breast touching and he started on my shorts. That wasn’t easy for him. He spent some time working them down my buns and did a stutter slide down my front.

My pants were loose in the crotch and my patch was quite visible through the fabric. They were a little low, really open at the legs. I forgot about that. We were both getting into the mood. It was my time. I went around in back of him and slipped my arms around his waist. Running my fingers around the top of his briefs I played down below the band inside with my fingers. Hooking the back I pushed them down his buns.

They hung up in front. This was the perfect position. I couldn’t see his front and it was easier for him to let me take his briefs down and off. I slipped both my hands down in the front, one wrapped around his dick. I absolutely loved, beyond reason, the word ‘dick’. It’s one of the best words invented. It fit. It was a hard word. It was almost as good as ‘pussy’. Pussy is a girl word. If you say it slow you can have an orgasm before your get to the ‘y’ which is almost like where the thighs get together and squeeze it when you walk. It also looks like what you do when you have to pee in a hurry.

Neil took one of those chest breaths when I got around his dick. I held on and used the other hand to push his briefs down his thighs. Once I switched hands so I could use the other one for the briefs. I briefly, haha, had both hands around him. He’s big like John. I wasn’t sure but he is. Big around too. I haven’t had time to check out the head yet. I know he still has his foreskin. Of course in getting his briefs down I wound up jacking his dick up and down a casino şirketleri number of times. He liked that, I could tell.

Standing back up I brought my free hand up the inside of his thighs and got it up under his balls and put as much of me as I could into his buns. I whispered in his ear, “Would like to take off my bra next so my tits can bounce out and my nipples jiggle around or would you like to take of my little sexy panties so you can see my pubic hair and clit and pussy? I like the word pussy. You can say it all you want.”

I let go of his dick and slowly turned him around and got us together. Neil was right up my pussy, hard, hot. I put my arms around his neck and waited. He was around my waist. Up or down? It was only a moment and he started on my bra hooks. I felt instant relief when my bra opened up. All women feel that. I pulled back slightly and raised my arms. He took of my bra, just like that. We both smiled widely when that happened and I put what I had right in his chest.

For being a son he had my nipples pretty hard. He was a sexy influence. I said, “Well, I guess you’re going to have to go for the pubic hair, clit, and pussy. Your dick seems to have found them already.” I gave him a kiss. Not one of those, just a small peck. I knew he had thoughts to process right now and I didn’t want to lead him astray.

I think he knew I was having some fun and giving him some too. He was accepting us messing around. He hooked my panties on both sides and got one side down a little then the other, teasing. I pumped into him, not too fast or often, and got a couple of moans. His sex life was looking up. Mine too.

I stayed standing and not looking down when he slid them down my legs. I wanted him to have a look. I raised one leg so he could take that side off, bringing my knee up and out sideways. I could see his head tilt back and up. He looked. Then we did the other. Same thing. He stood up and I got around his neck again, not tight. His dick was poking around right where it should but he wasn’t trying to thrust. Wow, was that a moment. What a feeling.

I very much didn’t want to leave this position unexplored but I said, “Ok. Orgasm time.” I climbed on the bed and got my big pillow. It’s one of those that your head stays high up and doesn’t sink in. I pulled up my knees and opened my legs. I said, “Slide right in between and slide your legs under mine and up close. You get the full effect and I do too.”

Neil climbed on and slipped his legs under mine and levered himself so close he could push his dick down and rub it in if he wanted. Normally Neil was quite chatty but this had him kind of lost. He was doing the sex thing but in a catch-up way. It was new. I was confident he would loosen up once we got going.

“I absolutely love to see a man ejaculate,” I said. “When you orgasm just let go right on my stomach. I can’t get pregnant in case it lands short. I like that too. Don’t be shy just do your thing and I will too. I like to work my clit mostly but do like some fingers down in. This positioning gives both of us a lot to work with. I’ll save my vibrators for when I’m by myself.”

Neil had a hand around his dick about middle ways already. I slid both hands down, one on my pubic hair up top and the other starting on the top of my hood. I always used my vagina lube.

Just then the doorbell rang and we both looked at each other. “It’s probably one of those being Saturday,” I said. “Don’t go way. I’ll be back in a few minutes.” I got on my long, highly covering up robe and put my high house slippers on and went to the door. When I opened it there stood Sondra and Milne.

“Good afternoon judge,” Sondra said. “Really sorry to disturb your Saturday.”

“Its ok Sondra,” I said. “How are you today?” I looked at Milne, a rookie just starting out and nodded at him. He nodded back.

Sondra said, “Just fine, thank you. We have a PC we need to proceed.” She handed me the Probable Cause application and I started to read, turning and walking in. They followed. A familiar routine from being here before. I sat, reading and asking a couple of questions and went behind my desk and signed the document.

Handing it back I said, “Very well done Sondra.” She knew that meant it would pass muster in a trial. It got a nice smile.

“Thank you judge,” she said, “Have a pleasant afternoon.” Sondra’s nose caught the scent of sex at the door and she caught more in the house. She knew the judge was having a tete-a-tete. Why not, judges are people too but she wasn’t going to tell the rookie. You don’t let that kind of information about judges get around.

“You too,” I said. They left and I closed the door quietly and padded back to the bedroom. Neil grew up with these interruptions and odd meetings from when I was practicing law, before getting my judge position. He rolled with the punches. It was a way of life around here. It wouldn’t be a problem in our afternoon’s activities.

I had my robe and house slippers off going in the door and was back in position in a flash. I scooted closer to casino firmaları Neil over his thighs and sat right up against him. I wanted to get us back to the overly excited state we were in. This would do it. I put my arms around his waist so he had to go around my neck. I got my nipples right into his chest and his dick plowed up my clit. His balls hung against my pussy. I slid my hands down to his buns and rubbed him all over and pulled him right in.

Once he was in tight I got my hips circling around. He was hard as a rock in short order and breathing slow and deep again. Didn’t take long. I got a hand in front and down on his dick and started slowly jacking. I said, “Neil, have you ever contemplated fuck kissing your mom?”

Through his slow deep breaths he said, “What is that kind of kissing?”

“Fuck kissing,” I said. “You can say fuck when we’re in bed nude. It adds to the atmosphere. Fuck kissing is when you kiss with your mouth open and use your tongue to fuck the other person’s mouth. The other person will close their lips some so your tongue can act like a dick. It’s really fun. Want to try it? You’re showing the other person what you want to do with your dick and the other person is showing you what she wants your dick to do.”

Before he could answer I got my lips on his and after a moment or two opened up and got my tongue going very slowly then pulled back waiting for him to tell me what he wanted to do with his dick. I felt the tip first, on my lower lip. It slid in about half way and back out. He skipped a beat and got in again then further and more rapid but not high speed. I closed my lips down on his tongue and it got very good. I even squeezed his tongue some and he pushed right in as far as he could and kept it up. Neil wanted to fuck.

After about a minute or so I got my tongue going and he pulled back and I did the same as he did and he did the same as I did. He absolutely knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I was telling him I wanted his dick fucking me in my pussy. I kept that up about as long as he had and we broke and I lay back on my pillow. Getting my fingers going on my clit again he followed on his dick and we were off to the races.

Sometimes he closed his eyes. That was probably a habit and not because I was wide open right at his dick. He played with the head too, just like John. His thumb on one side and two fingers on the other with the foreskin up. He twisted and pushed the foreskin down and around and back up. John said it felt like his dick sliding up and out a vagina, very erotic.

I started my pussy pushing up and over a little. Neil felt it and got himself out towards me more. Pretty soon I was fucking up into his balls. It wasn’t long before he depressed his dick so it was riding my ridges when I thrust up. He and I knew all he had to do was drop his dick down and back ever so little and he would be engulfed in a very hot wet pussy.

Neil grunted and I opened my eyes and he let go, a white string up and over my pubic hair. The next one landed right on. The next one about the same place and the next one a little lower, on my fingers on my clit. That one put me over the edge and I had an excellent tongue biting orgasm. Way over my normal one and I pulled my heels around his butt and pulled him right in to me.

Neil was still jacking and his knuckles were riding my ridges and his dick was rubbing my fingers but I kept at it and got through mine. We got stopped. Looking right at him I got some of his cum on my finger and tasted it. I said, “Tastes like your dads.” Neil broke out in giggles and lay down beside me and actually put his arm around me.

“Mom,” he said. “When we have time you have got to explain all this to me. It was great and I would love to do it some more. What are you going to tell dad?”

“I’m not going to tell you dad anything,” I said. “This is my sex adventure, let him find his own. Other than me I mean. I think he would really like to get in bed with someone your age. It would do him a world of good too. I wouldn’t mind. It isn’t easy to do with our professions. We have to be so careful. Anyway, this is a nice outlet for me if you don’t mind. We can keep it super private.”

“It certainly exceeded what I though was going to happen,” he said. “I’m a convert. Whatever you’d like to do. You have a beautiful vagina by the way, and breasts and nipples too. And that butt. Now there’s a playground if I ever saw one. If you ever want someone to play around with your bottom let me know.”

“Done a lot of bottoms have you,” I said. “I hadn’t considered you a bottom guy.”

“There was this one girl that didn’t want to get pregnant,” he said, “so she let me play with her bottom. Turns out it super turned her on. She would rub vaseline all up and down her crack and let me play with her bottom. As soon as I touched her she almost impaled me pushing backwards. She absolutely loved it and knew how to relax so I could get in. Tremendous turn-on. Very erotic orgasms. Her and me. That was two months ago. I haven’t seen her since.”

We rubbed güvenilir casino bodies against each other and talked and showered and got dressed and cleaned up the bedroom. We soiled the sheets you know. It was one of the best Saturdays in a long time.

We got to go out to dinner about once a week average. John was a lawyer and busy. Neil was pre studying. He was going for a law degree. It was a trek and every little bit helped. John and Neil got along exceptionally well. They were connected mentally and professionally. With Neil’s exposure to the legal system he was well ahead in his analytical thinking.

John and Neil both are 5ft11 and quite well proportioned. As I found out they are about the same size man wise. I’m 5ft10 and about the same. I look good in a robe on the bench and good out of one. With or without clothes on. I work at it.


One evening Neil said, “Mom, you know when you mentioned dad might like someone my age to have some fun with. I know someone he might be able to do that with.”

All kind of flags went up but I knew Neil wouldn’t bring it up if there was any danger. “Ok, tell me about it,” I said.

Neil said, “She’s my age, almost exactly, and she’s Judge Martin’s daughter. She knows the ropes. I mean the privacy and protective ropes. I could tell you the story but it would be better if she did. If you just listen it wouldn’t be a problem. Let me know. You’ll like her. A lot.”

I nodded my head and that was it. I thought about it and Neil was right. If I only listened I was covered so I asked Neil to see if she would come over for a visit. She did. We were all three having some cold refreshments. Her name was Naomi. She was Neil’s size, height and weight. Very trim and neat but not skinny. She had a few extra pounds. Not too much. Perfect for older men in bed. Shoulder length hair, tied back but not a pony tail.

We chatted for about a half-hour and she said, “Neil and I had a conversation. As usual it was couched in nonspecifics but reading between the lines, our between the lines, I assumed another conversation. When I graduated I was really horny but I didn’t play around, hardly at all.

“I cleared all this with mom. When she was at a luncheon in another city and dad and I were home on a weekend I took off all my clothes, in my bedroom, and found dad. He was in the hallway between the rooms and he saw me and stood still and stared.

“Smiling so he wouldn’t be too resistive I got his hand and took him to my bedroom and took all his clothes off and got on the bed and pulled him on. It took a little time for us to get comfortable like that but it wasn’t long before I was on top and then he was on top and then we did oral and got something to eat and had some wine and started all over at the beginning.

“I get my sexual fulfillment and can maintain our privacy. I’ve found that I prefer older men. Not old men, just older, more settled down. They’re better lovers. Slower and more sincere, not like crazy rabbits. Dad had a great time and it was not a problem at all. We get together when the urge hits which seems to be a lot. I hope this offers a possible solution.”

It was just what I was looking for. I said, “Thank you Naomi. There are possibilities.” We talked longer about her school plans. I couldn’t help but wonder if Neil had gotten in her pants yet. She and Neil went in the house for about 15 minutes and she was social then left. Neil was smiling. I almost asked why but didn’t.


I finally got things arranged. John was finished for the day and home early. It was a Saturday, early afternoon. I kept track the last couple of days to see if he had any injuries. He played hand-ball at the gym. He didn’t. We’ve both mentioned and kidded about him and a younger me in bed. I’ve seen how it got him up. No problem there. I said, “Would you be interested in a little adventure this evening. A surprise. A sexual adventure.”

“Ah,” he said. “Here comes the judge.”

“Could be,” I said. “Could be.” Naomi arrived at 10. Bedtime was usually 10:30. She was dressed very nicely but had a kind of knit top with a fully open back with a thin knit string holding the sides together, not tight. The back bottom of her shorts was knit. You could catch an image of her pants when she was standing or turning. When she sat down her thighs were absolutely erotic. She crossed her legs which gave a wonderful view of the outside of her thigh on top all the way up under her shorts.

She would swivel her whole body left and right on the sofa, talking. She only had about half her bottom on the sofa and her shorts would push up left and right and stay there. She didn’t seem to notice. John was pushing against his pants and not really trying to hide it. I was having a great time watching. She smoothly got into conversation with John and 10:30 came and went.

Later, Naomi stood up and said, “Well, I am absolutely ready for bed. It’s always so nice to get my clothes off and stretched out. I always sleep nude.” She reached out and got John’s hand and, smiling, pulled him up, gave him a light two second kiss on the lips and led him off to bed. Neil and I watched, smiling so hard it hurt. I slept on the daybed and slept very soundly. John and Naomi were up for breakfast a little early, flittering around the kitchen.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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