Can’t Get Enough Ch. 04

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“Mmm…” Dani moaned. “What a great way to wake up.”

Steven could only agree as his tongue lavished her hot wetness, tasting her salty sweetness. Lifting her hips slightly to spread her thighs more open, Steven turned onto his back and slipped his head beneath her – guiding a thick digit insider her as he teased her swollen clit with his tongue.

“Mmm…” Dani moan again, louder. Steven thought he might never climb out from beneath her silky thighs again as she began to slowly slide her hips forward and back, rubbing her bald cunt over his lips and tongue. “Mmm…oh yessss.”

He continued to lick and finger her, her moans and rubbing increasing with each thrust of his finger or lick of his tongue against her clit.

Sensing she was about to come, Steven withdrew his finger and grabbed onto her hips to steady her as he put more pressure against her clit and sucked it hard. Dani jerked in his arms, clamped her pussy over his face and screamed out her orgasm. Steven moaned against her pussy, his tongue buried as deep insider her as he could get, relishing the spasms of her pussy on his tongue. It took everything in his power to not blow his load inside his jeans.

Spent, Dani rolled off of Steven and gasped, “Oh honey…”

Steven chuckled as he sat up and lick her juice from his lips, loving the taste of her. Standing, he took off his jeans and climbed onto the bed, his cock hard and throbbing; aching to be insider her. Just as he spread her thighs and placed himself between them, Dani’s cell phone on the nightstand rang.

“Don’t answer it,” he groaned through gritted teeth. Then he put his cock to her pussy and thrust hard inside her. Dani grunted at the intrusion but relished the feel of his thickness inside her. She wasn’t sure she would ever tire of him being insider her. He was insatiable and she had a momentary thought that she should have tried sleeping with a younger man a long time ago.

Her phone continued to ring. Steven grunted as he pulled back and slid home again. Home. Because surely that’s what it felt like to be inside her. Dani looked at the phone and her eyes grew wide.

“It’s your mother,” was all she said in barely a whisper.

Steven froze mid-thrust. “Answer it.”

“What? Are you-?”

“Answer it or she’ll get suspicious. She thinks I’m here painting some rooms and will wonder why you’re not answering.”

“Okay but pull out.”

“Not in a million years,” he groaned as he slid back deeply inside her but then stilled again.

Dani reached for the phone. “Hello? Oh hi, sweetie. No, sorry…I was in the shower.” After a pause, “Yes, Steven is here. He’s painting the spare bedroom. casino şirketleri No, no he’s not bothering me at all. I love having him around here, helping me.” As Dani listened, Steven got a wicked smile on his face and slowly slid out of Dani but not all the way. She gasped in shocked, trying to not make a sound as she focused on her friend’s words.

“Ah huh, yeah…really? That sounds nice. Are you sure, though?”

Steven slid deep inside Dani again, harder this time and Dani bit her tongue to keep from moaning. She slapped at his chest and he only chuckled deeply as he started to thrust insider her, daring her with his eyes to keep quiet.

“Well…ah…oh…okay. That would be…ah…so…ah…good,” she said struggling to keep from crying out as Steven fucked her hard and deep, not caring that his mother was on the other end of the phone. Dani could swear the sounds of their slickness slapping together could be heard through the phone but Becca didn’t seem to hear it. “Ok, sweetie. I’ll talk to you later about the details. Bye.”

Dani hung up and tossed her cell across the bed, latching onto Steven’s arms. “Oh god!” She cried out just as her orgasm rolled through her. “Fuck!”

“Yeah baby, that’s it. Let go. Squeeze that big cock with your hot little cunt…” He grunted and thrust faster, his hips a blur as he sought out his own release. A couple of more thrusts and as he watched Dani come down from her orgasm and lick her lips, Steven thrust deep and exploded, coating the walls of her cunt with his seed.

“Oh fuck!” he cried out, thrusting twice more, shooting till his balls were drained. Collapsing atop her, he bit the soft tissue on her neck and moaned. “Jesus, I can’t get enough of you.”

Breaking from her post-orgasmic bliss, Dani pushed Steven off of her enough to slide out from under him. “Are you crazy, Steven!? Your mother could have heard you…us. Do you want us to get caught?”

“Of course not, Dani. I’m sorry. It was just so exciting. I couldn’t help myself. The idea of being insider you, fucking you…all the while her on the other end of the phone having no idea that you’re getting that sweet cunt plowed by her son. Such a fucking turn-on.” He had the audacity to look somewhat sorry and sheepishly shrugged his shoulders. “Sorry.”

But she could tell he really wasn’t. And frankly, Dani had to agree that what they had just done was made all the more a turn-on under the circumstances. But she’d be damned if she ever admitted that to him lest he do something so reckless again.

“Fine, but we need to be careful. Your parents drove past the house last night and saw your truck.”

“What was my mom casino firmaları calling about?”

“What? Oh…I guess you guys are all going up to your cabin at the lake next weekend and she invited me to join you. She thought I could use a nice little relaxing retreat.”

Steven pulled her down next to him and kissed her. “Oh yeah…that should be fun,” he said with a smirk and a wink. “I heard my mom on the phone with you this morning. What did you tell her? I only heard her side of the conversation.”

“Oh I had to think quickly so I told her you were interested in the Wilson girl across the road.”

Steven tried to picture who Dani was referring to and then blanched. “Ah, her? What’s her name…Tiffany or Amber or something? No way.”

“Brandi. It was the only thing I could come up with for a reason you to be out there so late.”

“No, you’re right. It was quick thinking. How my mom would think I would ever be interested in that girl is beyond me.”

“Why, what’s wrong with Brandi. She’s a lovely girl.”

“Oh yeah, she’s cute but she doesn’t do anything for me. She’s way too skinny, blonde and too young.”

Dani laughed. “She’s eighteen, Steven.”

“Yeah, like I said…” He kissed her again, his tongue sliding into her mouth, teasing her tongue as his hand cupped her full breast. He pulled away and chuckled. “Too young for me. And too ‘vanilla’.”


“Yeah, I want to be buried in someone who’s as hot as a firecracker in bed. A nice shapely body, tight bald pussy and a mouth like a Hoover!”

“Steven!” Dani said in surprise before slapping him as his fingers pulled on her nipple. “Oh Mmm…”

“Yeah, just like that.”

“And…ah…” Steven was now nibbling on that nipple, making it harden in his mouth, distracting her. “How…how…do you know Brandi is vanilla?”

Steven lifted his mouth and smiled, “She isn’t you.” And with that, he rolled over, pulling Dani on top of him, his cock already hard and waiting. Lifting her hips, he poised her pussy over his cock and slide her down, moaning as each thick inch of him slid deeper insider her hotness.

“Oh Steven…” Dani sighed in contentment. The things he said to her. She knew he was just saying things like that to keep her interested in sleeping with him but he always seemed to say the right thing at the right time.

“Giddy up, baby!” he said, lifting his hips, encouraging her to ride him hard.


Dani and Steven managed to get together a couple of evenings during the week when his parents thought he was visiting Brandi Wilson across the road from Dani’s. They were insatiable with each other; unable to keep güvenilir casino their hands from one another for more than a minute.

Dani worried about the idea of them being so close to each other while up at their cabin; afraid that they’d lose control and be caught. It scared her enough that she even mentioned to Steven that she might decide to not go after all, to which he begged her, promising to be on his best behavior when his parents were around. But he wasn’t promising any such thing when they were alone.

In the end, she caved. Unable to get away from the idea of spending more time with him in a vacation setting.

Before they knew it, it was Friday night and they were leaving the next morning very early for the 4 hour drive. Becca invited Dani to spend the night on Friday so they could be on their way without delay and she agreed.

Dani hesitantly knocked on the front door, anxiety suddenly creeping in. This would be the first time that she and Steven would be in the same room with one or both of his parents since they’d started this…whatever this was. She was nervous and excited all at the same time.

John answered the door and greeted Dani with a short hug, pulling her into the house. Becca emerged from the kitchen and also greeted Dani with a hug.

“We’re so glad you could come with us, Dani,” Becca said to her dearest and oldest friend.

“Thank you for inviting me. Are you sure it’s okay? I don’t want to intrude on your family time.”

“Don’t be silly, you are family.”

At that, Steven walked into the living room and smiled. “Hi Aunt Dani.”

“Hello, Steven.” Even though they’d seen each other several times during the week, his parents didn’t know that so Dani hesitantly approached him and offered a hug. “It’s good to see you. How are you?”

Steven felt himself harden a bit when her breasts rubbed against his check during the hug and he fought it from growing any harder. “Good. Do you like the new colors in your rooms?” He stepped back but kept his back to his parents as he willed his cock to go down.

Despite all the time they’d spend fucking, Steven actually had managed, along with Dani’s help, to paint some of her rooms – mostly to keep up appearances should Becca go over and notice the walls. “They look amazing. I really appreciate your help.”

“Anytime, Aunt Dani. So are you excited about going up to our lake cabin? You’ve never been there before, have you?”

“No, no I haven’t. I’m really looking forward to it. A nice relaxing vacation near the lake sounds wonderful.”

“Well then,” Becca spoke up. “We’re so glad that you’re going to be joining us, right Steven?”

“You bet. I’ll see you guys in the morning,” Steven said before winking and leaving the adults in the living room to go to his room and get himself under control.

Tomorrow would be an entirely new adventure with Dani and he couldn’t wait.

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