Kristie’s House

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Slave. . . That is what some might call us at first glance, but what they don’t realize is why we are here like this in the first place. If they understood that than they might have an idea as to why we let Kristie treat us like this. Like the sex starved lesbian slaves that we all so desperately want to be.

I remember how it all started for myself, I was a college student getting ready to graduate from university. I had promise, I had hope and I gave it all up for this. . . A butt plug shoved deep inside me and no clothing. Perhaps I am just a slut that deserves to live in this house pleasing and being pleased by other women. Praying for the chance to have a taste of Kristie’s ass once again. Anyways, I had been in the last few months of university and as all people do I got bored and decided to look at a few porno’s on the computer.

This wasn’t out of the ordinary, I had figured every girl my age masturbated, but I always had a thought in the back of my head that I was different. Maybe it’s because I masturbated too much or because I would get turned on by things that most people wouldn’t view as a turn on. My favorite thing to watch though was anal sex. I had never personally tried it before, but I had found the courage to buy a toy once. Truth be told when I got it I was too ashamed and nervous to use it so I hid it in an old shoe in my closet at home. That was until I went to university, I knew my parents would do something with my room and I couldn’t take the chance of them finding it.

It was at university that I first used it and I guess had my first anal experience, even if it was just with a toy I bought, I will never forget the first time it penetrated me. It sent shivers up my spine, that was until the pain caught up with me. The pain I felt back then from having something shoved into my butt, it still makes me wonder why I ever continued.

That first time was the start of an addiction. . . An addiction that has changed my life forever, whether I am happy about that or not is still unclear to me. I do feel excited being here though referred to as an anal loving lesbian bitch. It’s a sensation all it’s own to hear these words directed towards me, I guess that does make me somewhat of a bitch. . . It’s all because of that dildo and my obsession with having it in my ass.

I remember how much I used that after my first time, it quickly became daily, sometimes even twice a day. I remember doing it a few times during the middle of the night while my roommate was asleep in her bed. It was a dangerous addiction that only seemed to be getting worse and changing me.

Soon I found that certain types of porn’s weren’t really turning me on anymore, where as others that I had masturbated to now flipped my switch instantly. I loved anal sex and just even thinking of the word anal would get me wet sometimes during class. I would have to run back to my room and relieve this built of pressure, it’s like I couldn’t go on until I had stuffed my ass again. It always felt great and gave me a rush like nothing else when that dildo would slide deep into my ass.

It was around this time that I had started realizing something else though that should have been apparent earlier on. It was the fact that all this masturbation and porn watching had all been to girls. I think it was around this time that I realized I was actually a lesbian. I mean my favorite thing to watch was girls licking each others butts or butt fucking themselves silly with whatever they could find. I just find the thought of big hairy sweaty men disgusting. The silky smooth skin of a woman with the figure of a goddess is what gets me wet.

I even found myself fantasizing about my room mate using my dildo on me. This turned me on faster than anything else did and it also started a new habit. I couldn’t help myself from digging through her panties while she was gone, I just couldn’t get enough of it. I would end up masturbating while smothering my face into her usually dirty panties, I just loved it. That was until she caught me however with a dildo in my butt and her panties in my mouth. It was a few days before thanksgiving and she had left to go home for the week, at least I thought. It turned out she was leaving the next day and I had now found myself stunned and frozen completely nude on her bed doing such an act.

To my surprise she wasn’t mad, instead she just grinned and locked the door behind her before taking slow steps towards me. I was so afraid and embarrassed that I didn’t even really realize at the time what was going on. I couldn’t tell if she was going to hurt me or what would happen, I just couldn’t think at this time.

I remember well what happened next though. . .

“I knew you were an anal loving whore. . . You think you have been keeping it a secret but I know that you have stuck that thing deep into your ass while I was sleeping. After all it’s hard to sleep when my anal loving room mate is moaning from having her ass full. . . You casino şirketleri know there are plenty of guys that would love to help you fill your ass. Or is it possible that you don’t want a guy in your ass? Yes, in fact now that I think about it you always fuck this dildo like those sluts you watch on the computer, hard and in the ass.”

I was too stunned to even say anything, she had known all of my secrets, down to the fact that I even got off from watching other women shove things in their asses. She had figured me out well and told me that if I didn’t want anyone to know about my secret that I would have to do something for her. This something turned into sticking my tongue as far up her butt hole as I could, it was my first time with another girl. Just the sight of her beautiful asshole made me tremble, I couldn’t help but finger my own ass while licking hers.

From there on I served as her stress reliever, which I think she thought I hated at first. Little did she know at the time that all I could think about was the next time I would be able to tongue fuck her butt again. I loved everything about doing this to her and it only made my sexual cravings worse. Soon I found myself uncaring if she was in the room, I would have that dildo in my butt almost constantly when we were alone. She even took control of it now and again which had me moaning like crazy.

This went on for most of the year, me being a personal servant to my room mates butt hole. I barley ever touched her pussy, though one time she did have me lick it clean after she masturbated. I didn’t mind though because after that she demanded I lick her ass again. I did happily, but all that would come to an end as the year came to a close and we got ready to graduate.

At least that is what I thought at the time, but now I find myself tongue deep in another girls ass and a butt plug in my own. It was a daily routine that could occur up to five times a day depending on the other girls.

I wasn’t the only one in this house nude and living about like a slave to sex. No there were eleven other women excluding Kristie. All of them had similar stories to mine, but none of them were as into anal as I was. Some enjoyed eating pussy, some enjoyed fisting, and two of them enjoyed water sports. Those two seemed to take a liking to me, because if I was willing to tongue fuck their butt holes than surely I wouldn’t mind being pissed on. I mean it makes sense, I guess. . . Either way I got used to this and eventually I found enjoyment from this. I was just a bitch in heat that loved to get pissed on by the other girls. It was a very big turn on when I started thinking of it that way.

How I got to that point though was actually through my room mate I was talking about. Towards the end of the year she had asked me if I wanted to lick her one last time before getting ready for our exams which would take most of our time. Of course, I didn’t even hesitate and within the next five minutes I was yet again feeling her tight asshole wrap around the tip of my tongue. It probably looked like I was french kissing her butt hole honestly.

Regardless it was the best licking I’ve ever given her and as a reward for doing so well she gave me something to think about. Then again she knew I was enjoying it at this point and probably would have told me regardless. . . Anyways, she told me that she knew a woman, mid twenties, blonde, slim waist, perfect tits, and an ass to die for. To say the least I was intrigued so I decided to listen. She told me that this woman might be interested in someone like me. I was told that this woman had payed attention to me for quite some time now.

Of course, I was just thinking a girlfriend finally! Little did I know that this girl knew what an anal loving slut I was. I wouldn’t find out about that until I met her in person over at her place. It was about thirty minutes from my campus and I was surprised when I saw the house. It was a pretty modern looking home with two floors, but what surprised me was that this beautiful girl owned it. I decided not to ask how for now and instead just enjoyed getting to know her. She expressed that she was a lesbian also and that she had indeed contacted my room mate to meet me.

I was already hooked after the first day and I didn’t even realize it. This meeting had really been an interview of sorts, she had never planned on dating me. Instead she was getting to know me to see if I was a good fit to live with her. I went back to my campus and when I got their I told my room mate all about her, I was as happy as could be. Especially the next day when I woke up to a text message from her asking if I was busy the following Tuesday.

I knew I had really important exams coming up, but one day wouldn’t hurt anything, so I replied with a simple, “no.” The next few days flew by as I anxiously anticipated my date with Kristie. Even then I still found time to lick my room mates ass. It was exactly cheating because I wasn’t really casino firmaları in a relationship with Kristie and I didn’t want my secret getting out.

Anyways when Tuesday hit I met her at her house like promised and we went out for our first date. We went out to dinner and a movie. When they were done though we still wanted to be together so we decided to go back to her place and have a drink or two. . . This is how girls pass the test. We sit on her couch thinking we have just possibly scored a wonderful girlfriend only to be put to sleep for an hour or so. Just enough time to wake up in the basement completely naked surrounded by other naked women and her, who is always still fully clothed.

I remember looking around the room and trying to move which was impossible as my hands and legs had been tied together. To say I was scared was the least of it, but Kristie assured me that everything would be alright. . . What did she say again. . .

“Shh, shh, everything is fine, we aren’t going to hurt you. . . In fact we are going to do quite the opposite. You see I have been talking with your room mate quite a bit, I did have my eyes on you. Just look at this video of you licking her ass in your dorm room. Never even thought the web cam could be running. . . Don’t worry though this video is in only my possession. Think of it as a way for your room mate to repay me.”

“The reason I have brought you here is because I think you will be a good fit. You see I find girls who can’t function right in modern society because they are sluts and give them a home. And you my dear are a very rare find. A lesbian who is really an anal loving whore. . . Now that being said I don’t keep girls here as slaves, it’s quite the opposite. All these girls want to be here because they can be what they truly are here without consequences. . . I am extending you the same offer that these girls have had, so take a good look around. All these girls want nothing more than to fuck your ass and let you eat theirs. . . So the decision is yours, do you want to walk away from this all and carry on with your boring life that quite honestly doesn’t suite you. . . Or do you want to be who you really are…an anal loving lesbian whore. The decision is yours.”

I think that is what she told me before cutting the ropes around my feet and wrists. I remember looking towards the door and looking back at all those girls bent over and ready for me. I wasn’t sure what to do, this whole situation was just so weird.

“Even if you choose to stay for now you can always leave later, but trust me when I say I have the money and videos to ruin your life if you expose us. Our family here doesn’t want to be exposed, these girls live here free of charge and are given regular meals. Think of this more like a shelter for lesbian sluts.”

I could leave whenever I wanted? I remember that playing over and over in my head as I looked around the room seeing all those exposed and horny assholes. I knew from the moment I stopped walking towards the door that I wasn’t going anywhere, I had what I truly wanted most in this room and before I knew it I was taking slow steps back towards the girls. Right when I got into the middle of the room Kristie spoke again.

“That’s right, this is what you want, all these girls butts smothering your face. . . There is a few rules though for a slut like you. The first which goes for all girls here is that you hand over all of your clothing. It will be embarrassing at first but soon being the whore that you are you will find pleasure in it. I will keep your clothes locked up in my room until you decide you want to leave. Second, you will have to wear this at all times. There a bunch of different ones, but I warn you that most of them have been used.”

I remember looking over to what Kristie was holding, it was a butt plug and just thinking of wearing it all times made me a little hot.

“So what do you say? Will you join our family for now and see if you fit in with the rest of your kind or will you leave now never to return?”

I blinked a few times as I looked back towards the door before turning back to the girls, it was at this point that I realized my hands had moved on their own. I was taking off my own clothes one piece at a time until I was completely nude and handing my clothes to Kristie. Once she had all my clothes she told me to bend over and I did nervously. It was only then that I had for the first time had my own asshole licked even though it was just once.

She made me spread my butt cheeks to gain better access to my slutty asshole so she could shove this rather large butt plug into me. My whole body quivered as it slowly entered it’s new home and once it was in I was instructed to stand. It felt weird moving with this thing in me, but it was kind of satisfying at the same time.

“There that is a perfect fit! Now I’m going to take your clothes and put them in my room, if you want to leave ever just tell me. We will talk about güvenilir casino when you can leave to visit your family, we wouldn’t want anyone to think you’ve gone missing. . . For now though, just enjoy what you really want. . . Girls, make sure our new slut gets what she wants. Cover her face with your asses, I will be back in a few hours.”

When Kristie was gone I remember becoming very nervous as all the girls stood and started coming closer to me. I was a little scared but more excited than anything especially when they started playing with my nipples and feeling the rest of my body. One of them knew what I wanted though and started moving the butt plug around causing me to bite my bottom lip. I didn’t want to moan in front of the rest of these girls.

I must have been pretty obvious with my struggle to hold back though because some of the girls giggled a little. They were reassuring though that everything would be fine. It was here that I had my first kiss with another woman, I felt her tongue swirl around mine as we exchanged spit. I loved this taste and feeling and soon found myself giving into this kiss. When she finally pulled away I opened my eyes and was pushed down onto my knees before her. I had a shaved pussy inches from my face, I could feel the heat from it and looked up nervously.

She laughed and said “you don’t really want that do you?” I glanced back down to her pussy for a second before watching her turn around and bend over. She asked if this was what I wanted and I just simply nodded as she spread her butt cheeks exposing her tight little butt hole. “Well what are you waiting for?” That is what she asked me after a moment of remaining still.

Those words flipped my switch and without hesitation I licked from the bottom of her pussy to the top of her ass crack taking all of her flavor. It was delicious and before I knew it I was teasing the entrance to her ass hole with my tongue. I was lost as I licked back and forth, her asshole was amazing, I could lick it everyday if given the chance. When I finally pushed my tongue into her butt hole she let out a moan and started saying things to me.

She called me a dirty ass licking bitch and told me that I was only good for cleaning other women’s assholes. She said I was the only bitch in the world who could so easily eat another woman’s asshole. It didn’t stop their either because the more and more I got lost in her butt, the more and more everyone spoke to me.

They instructed me to finger my pussy while I eat out her butt because that was what ass loving sluts like me did. I swear I came faster than I ever had through all of this. It was such a turn on to be treated like this, an ass loving whore who gets off from licking girls butts.

This went on until the girl I was eating was satisfied and turned around to have a taste of her ass on my tongue. It was the first time a girl has sucked on my tongue, especially after being in her ass for so long. Once she was done though I didn’t even get time to think before my head was pulled into another girls ass crack.

The smell was different and the taste was strong, but either way I did what I loved to do. I licked her ass crack clean with my tongue before diving tongue first into her butt hole. I was truly a bitch in heat at this point. The only thing I cared about was having my face smothered with these women’s assholes and that was all they wanted me to do.

This went on for hours being called an anal slut or a butt licking whore along with various other things. I didn’t care though, they could call me whatever they wanted because it was true. At this time I only cared about having my tongue buried in their asses.

By the time Kristie had gotten back I was still busy making out with another girls butt hole. I don’t even know how many times I had licked this one in particular, but I didn’t care it tasted great.

When Kristie instructed the girls to leave I was left on the floor breathing heavy and swaying back and forth slightly. I was fueled by pure ecstasy at this point and wanted more, the only thing I wanted right now was to dig into Kristie’s asshole. She was so beautiful and her ass was perfect, I couldn’t even imagine what it tasted like. She must have known this though because she could only giggle and ask if I wanted a taste.

Without even a hint of hesitation I nodded and crawled on all fours towards her. She smiled and unbuttoned her jeans before bending over and pulling them down just enough to expose her asshole. It was tight, clean, and perfect. I just wanted to have it, I needed it.

“Look at you, you’re such a horny slut right now you’re practically shaking. . . Do you really want to eat my butt hole that bad?”

I could only nod before she went down onto her knees and spread her own butt cheeks. My eyes focused only on the one thing I wanted and when she gave me the go ahead, I dug in. I must have licked her ass crack maybe four or five times slowly before getting to her butt hole. Everything tasted so good, I just couldn’t even imagine living without this. When I stuck my tongue inside of her finally I almost came. I had to have been eating the best asshole on the face of the earth.

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