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Well, Robbi Jo went off to college. It was time to find a new sitter for the kids. I searched around town, interviewing several applicants, when Brandi came to my door one day for a scheduled interview. Her voice sounded good on the phone, but one can never tell by voice. While I did have visions of what Brandi might look like prior to the interview, I had NO IDEA she would look like she did!

I was wearing summer shorts and a large t-shirt. When I opened the door, Brandi was wearing a dark summer dress that fit her tight, petite, black body perfectly. I always had a passion for petite red-heads (Robbi), but I have an infatuation for petite black women more so. Brandi was no more than 5’4 and 105 pounds with a perfect “C” cup. YES!

We introduced ourselves and Brandi came through the front door. As she walked past me, I saw her toned body, eye-catching breasts, and perfect round ass outlined by her summer dress. My summer shorts began to get tight as I hardened up immediately.

She turned around as I closed the door and we began to discuss the basics of the position for which she was applying. Brandi was not from an agency (babysitting). She was an independent who applied on her own through separate advertising. Her questions to me were very similar to an agency’s candidate as she obviously had done her homework on what to ask. As we talked, we began to feel comfortable with each other.

I invited her to my living room where we both sat down on my comfy sectional sofa. She even commented how comfortable it was and how the entire home was comfortable with her. We began small talk at first, and as we talked, I could see she was getting more and more comfortable with me. She asked if the kids were here and I told her that if she made it to the next round of interviewing, she would meet the kids. She then sat back deeper into the sofa and hiked her summer dress to her toned black thighs. She noticed that I noticed that, and we shared a smile. However, she did not reposition her dress at all.

I asked Brandi if she would like something to drink (water, juice, soda).

She replied, “Sure. Do you have any wine?”

I recollected her profile/resume which suggested she might be under age, but I didn’t question her.

I responded, casino şirketleri “I have Cab, you ok with that?”

“Absolutely! Cab is my favorite.”

I poured us each a glass of Clos Du Bois Cab and we sat, relaxed, and talked for at least an hour or so getting to know each other. During that hour, she finished off two glasses of wine to my one. The more we talked, the closer we got to each other on the sofa. We were laughing and began joking around about people in general (pet peeves, etc) when I noticed she was now starting to flirt with me. I asked her if she wanted more wine. She obliged, but also asked if I was trying to get her drunk.

“Why would I want to get you drunk?” I asked.

Brandi replied, “Because I do things I shouldn’t do when I get drunk, that’s all.”

And that was ALL I needed to know!

Her statement led to a path of extremely sexual connotations and overtones in our conversation from then on. Before she even began to sip from her third glass of wine, she was touching my legs often and as time went on, left her hand on my legs for long periods of time. This girl was definitely getting aroused and I knew it.

“What time do you need to get home, Brandi?”

“I’m in no hurry. I live with roommates, so it’s up to me now.”

I then asked, “Would you care to go out and have some dinner before it gets too late?”

“Sounds great,” she replied.

We went to one of my favorite local Italian restaurants. Brandi ordered a glass of wine. The server asked her for her ID. She presented it, and he was satisfied. Of course, he did not ask me for MY ID! Then I began thinking she was older than I thought. She must be 21 at least!

While waiting for dinner at a table in the corner sitting across from each other, I felt one of her feet on my right thigh. She giggled. Her foot began to crawl up my shorts with her toes feeling around for my crotch. She sunk down into her chair to dig her toes and foot in deeper. Her toes found my crotch, and then her entire left foot gently pushed down on my crotch! I smiled back at her and grabbed her leg underneath the table with my right hand to guide her in even better. I also rubbed her smooth leg and ran my hand up as far as I could reach before the table casino firmaları stopped me.

We ate dinner while flirting with each other even more. Patrons at tables nearby were noticing our behavior and tried to ignore us. We ended up sharing a chocolate mousse dessert while feeding each other, then headed home in my car afterward.

While driving home, Brandi reached over and grabbed my crotch. We were less than a mile from my home, so I raced to my house as fast as I could.

Once inside my house, Brandi asked if we could talk a little more. So, we went back to the sofa and sat down.

“I’m not 21,” she said. I just turned 18 a few months ago.”

I responded, “I thought so as I remembered your profile. How did you get past the waiter at the restaurant?”

“He knows me, duh!”

I laughed. “So why did you tell me this?” I asked.

“So that you knew it was at least legal for you to fuck me!”

At that moment, I stood up, asked her for her hand, raised her up from the sofa, and escorted her to my bedroom.

Of course, she went to the bathroom shortly thereafter, so I went to a second bathroom to brush my teeth and “get ready.”

I waited a few minutes on my bed with the television on when Brandi came into my room. “Do you have a long t-shirt I could wear to bed?” she asked.

I hopped up and found one of my favorite long, orange-colored, cotton baseball jerseys for her in my closet. Brandi slipped her dress off, and with the just the light of the television, I could see her tight, toned, black body right out in front of me as she shyly teased me with her pajama request. Her breasts were definitely perky “C” cups that looked like two scoops of chocolate ice cream with Hershey Almond Kisses right on top! Her ass was the epitome of a perfectly- tight apple-bottom without any width! Her waist was narrow and it looked like I could touch my thumbs on the backside of it while all fingers could almost touch each other on the front side! Her tummy was flat and toned as were her legs! She was well-manicured! It looked like she had a narrow, golf-green-cut landing strip down under!

Brandi removed the bed covers from one side of the bed and slipped inside. My cock was ragingly hard now! I moved into güvenilir casino the other side and we met in the middle to an embrace. I asked her if she was okay with this, and she said she wanted me from the moment we first met! I told her I felt the same.

We began to kiss and make out. I ran my hands up and down her body until I found a weak spot in her neck. She moaned. I then ran my right hand up her orange pajama top and gently held one of her breasts. She moved her left hand over on top of my right hand and helped me squeeze her breast. I pulled the jersey up near her neck and put my mouth and tongue to work on her tits. She writhed and quivered as I felt her pelvis moving closer to one of my legs. I reached down with my right hand to explore her nether region. I felt the landing strip which pointed my fingers into the right direction. She was sopping wet, and two of my fingers plunged inside to find her clit. I worked on her perfect tits with my mouth as long as I could while my fingers did the walking down below until I felt it was time to kiss and suck my way down her body to taste her once and for all.

My tongue and cheeks dived as deep as they could go, and I gorged myself on her until she began to wriggle with excitement and bounce her tummy up and down.

“Oh, my God. Ohhhhhhhhh…….fuck……..oh that feels good! I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum! I’m cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmingg! AWHHHHHHHHHHHH!”

Right before she came she turned over on her tummy.

“Fuck me from behind, Gary! Fuck me hard!”

I immediately plowed my cock into her black-covered pink pussy from behind HARD! I didn’t want to cum too soon as I wanted this to last a long time. I put mind over body and fucked her for at least 10 minutes. Brandi was multiple and it was hard for me not to cum when she did the first, second, third, and fourth time, but I blocked her out so I could focus on my business! After 10 minutes of fucking Brandi’s perfect apple-bottom, I EXPLODED inside her for what seemed like forever!

Brandi stayed over that night, and we fucked the next morning in the bed and again in the shower. “No worries,” Brandi said, “I am on birth control”

Ouch! I cannot believe I didn’t ask her beforehand! Whew! Apparently, she wasn’t worried that morning or the night before. Should have guessed, I suppose.

“Did I get the job?” she asked before leaving the next morning.

“Absolutely,” I told her. “See you bright and early tomorrow morning?”

“What should I wear?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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