Bound: Late One Night, 2010

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Late one night, her pussy tingling with the images of a story she read about a young girl who had been tied up by her older boyfriend, her wrists bound, blindfolded, as they role-played a scene of his having taken her hostage, eighteen year old Linsey came like she had never cum before.

The girl in the story called him her Daddy, and outside of her own fantasies Linsey had never read anything like it, and she was surprised how wet the story made her, how hot it made her.

From that moment she was determined to replicate the scene for herself, at least the part of being tied up.

The idea of being bound, semi-naked and helpless was a fantasy that had given her so many late night orgasms alone in her bed, and this added a whole new twist to her fantasies. She wanted to be caught doing naughty things, and then made to do even naughtier things.

She liked to hear her own breathing her own whimpers and moans when she would wrap her legs tight in her bed linens. Sometimes she would wiggle her arms together down one sleeve of her long sleeved cotton nightshirt, and touch herself, thinking of an older man, one of her teachers, him holding her tight from behind, his hand over her throat, him rubbing his cock against her wet panty covered shaven little pussy.

Sometimes she would take one of her father’s belts from his closet, to smell the leather, to swing the belt, hear it whir through the air, to feel and hear the pop of the leather on her bottom. She wanted to be told she had been a bad girl, a naughty girl, that she needed to be punished. The mere thought made her nipples hard, and her belly hum.

One night she even snuck her father’s lycra full-body swimsuit into her bedroom, and slid both her legs into one leg, and both her arms into one sleeve. Her torso, nude and glowing in the street light illuminating her bed, rose and fell with her thrusting little hips. The suit retained the sweaty smell of a man, and with her eyes closed, her fingers strumming over her sopping wet pussy, she could almost hear the man’s voice, deep and penetrating and growling as she mewled and moaned her fingers so lightly so delicately strumming her pink swollen creamy wet sex, lightly rubbing little circles over her clit.

Sometimes she would see images of a man holding her down, and taking her. Sometimes he would hold her tight from behind, so she couldn’t move. She could hear him saying, “you like that, don’t you? You like being fucked, don’t you, baby? That’s my good girl, spread your legs, that’s it, yess, good girl. Ohh yes, baby, mmm, your little cunt is giving you up, little baby, so wet, so fucking slippery wet. Feel my cock slide inside you. Mmm, big, aren’t I. You’re fucking loving this aren’t you? My little girl is so hot and wet, yes, good girl, fuck back, kitten, fuck my big cock, yesss, good girl.” She didn’t want to admit she wanted it, that she liked it, that his fucking his big hard cock into her as if she didn’t made her so hot, so wet, but he would know, and that turned her on even more.

She would see herself in her tiny, little bikini, a much older man approaching her on the beach, and letting herself be touched, his fingers under her bikini top, his delicious fingers in her bikini bottoms. Her eyes closed, his kneeling over her, his shadow blocking out the sun as he watched her hump her bikini covered little pussy into his big hand, as he’d whisper, “Good girl” as he watched her writhe, her legs open, pressing up on her toes, thrusting her pelvis up to him, under his long fingers.

She’d imagine him behind her, holding her hands against the wall, him reaching around her and sliding his big hand under her bikini top, fondling her breasts.

She held her breath when she pictured him pushing her bikini bottoms down, his big hands touching her all over, her whispers inaudible to anyone but herself. “Ohhh, Mr. what are you, what are you doing to me?” she’d murmur under breath, “you can’t” she’d struggle, as she imagined his fingers pressing against her vulva, his fingers slip down between her tender thighs, forcing her legs open, his deep voice telling her to do as she was told, or he would have to get rough with her, is that what she wanted? as she said, yes, as she spread her legs for him, as she cooed and rocked her hips, fucking the man’s fingers.

She’d imagine him using his knee from behind her to spread her legs, her skirt pushed up over her hips, her bare bottom against the hard thing in his pants. She imagined feeling it suddenly between her spread legs. Him take it in his hand and rub it along her pussy, his suck in his breath when he realized she’d shaved, him sliding through her exposed, bald little slit, getting it wet with her, getting ready to enter her. His growling voice, “Be a good girl for me. Just like I showed you. That’s my good girl. Be quiet, baby. We don’t want anyone to see, do we? We don’t anyone to see how much you love me sliding my big, thick cock inside you, do we little baby?” His growling, “that’s my good girl” as his huge cock spread her open, as Linsey humped her little cunny against casino şirketleri the plastic cock her friend Melissa had given her, as she slid it deeper, and deeper. “Nooooo” she feigned crying out, secretly loving the man’s cock filling her.

Linsey had become obsessed with tying herself up, the image of her being held like that, at the mercy of someone else. It ignited something fierce inside her. Even at school she’d pretend to be reading, her hand under the table, between her legs, subtly touching herself, feeling her clit rub on the inside of her skinny jeans while she gently rocked her hips enough to where only she knew sitting in a cafeteria filled with people.

The mere thought of being tied up, helpless to stop someone, a stranger, made her heart race, made her tingle all over.

Being discovered, being watched, made it all the more exciting.

She imagined being made to jerk his cock for him, her wrists bound, blindfolded. She imagined being made to suck his cock, his hand on the back of her head, pushing her head to him, his whispering dirty, naughty things to her, calling her names, slapping her, commanding her to suck him harder, to use her tongue, to take him deeper. She got wet just thinking of him saying, “Let me fuck your mouth, little baby”. She quivered imagining him calling her “My hot little slut” as he spanked her bare bottom, as he slid his fingers through her wet little sex, her admitting, “I am, your little fuck toy” and if she didn’t behave, he would take off his belt, and her mewling out, “nnn, yessss.”

The mere thought at night alone in her bed, of a man laying down on top of her, her fingers already touching her wet little pussy, her on her belly, her fingers inside her panties. His weight, his legs squeezing her legs together between his, him grinding against her as he tore off her panties, forced his cock into her, fucked into her, would catapult her into a rocking orgasm.

Her legs squeezed together, her two fingers plunging as deep as she could go into her spasming little pussy, imagining his face next to hers, his breathing hotly against her, his growling whispers for her to be a good girl, for her to do like he’d shown her, to not make a sound, that no matter what she said, he was going to fuck her.

Sometimes she fantasized sitting on top of him, her saying back in a soft voice, “Like this?” as she’d work her little pussy on his thick swollen cock. Or looking up at him bashfully, being told to suck him, “Am I, am I doing it right?” knowing full well that she loved it, that she was doing him exactly as he’d shown her.

Linsey practiced on her toy, loved sucking on it pretending she was sucking on her secret strangers cock, him telling her how good she was at it, her loving it, sucking it, making love to it. That he’d spank her as she sucked, that he’d lightly slap her face, tell her to suck him right, like he showed her, even as she sucked him like no other woman ever had. She wanted to be that good at it, that good at sucking a man. She’d slide her little fist up and down his cock in rhythm with her mouth, and then slide him deep down her throat. She fantasized him holding her by her hair, fucking her hot sucking little mouth, wanting him to cum in her mouth, wanting to suck him dry.

She’d spent the day looking for just the right materials to tie herself up. Decided what she’d wear. Prepared everything for after her father had gone to bed. By that night her entire being tingled with erotic anticipation.

She went in and said goodnight to her father, his good night kiss and smile warming her; he’s such a sexy man she thought to herself, I need to help him find a new girlfriend, it’s been way too long as she returned to her room and excitedly, secretly, pulled out her two robe belt-sashes she’d tied together and hidden in her closet.

It was almost midnight when standing on her desk chair, after a few tries, she tossed one end of the sashes over the opening in the vaulted decorative ceiling in her bedroom. Stepping from the chair and pushing it back to her desk, she slipped her wrists through the slip-tied loops in a pair of her long white tube socks she’d practiced with that afternoon. Her father had shown her how to tie a slip knot, and she had no idea at the time how she’d use them.

Silky soft to the touch, she hurriedly cinched the first loop around one wrist, and then the other, her little pussy already slippery wet, her nipples tingling. She then slipped the end of the robe sashes draping down from the ceiling between and through the socks wrapped around her wrists. She thought about how warm her Daddy’s lips were as she kissed him goodnight. He smelled good.

Reaching as high as she could, she pulled the sashes tight, and tied a knot in the sashes before lowering herself from her tip toes, the sashes pulling her makeshift cuffs tight around her wrists.

Pleased with herself, her ingenuity, everything working perfectly, she was shocked to also realize she couldn’t figure out how to now untie herself. She felt a moment of panic. She casino firmaları had inadvertently created her fantasy; she was tied helplessly to the ceiling of her own bedroom. She couldn’t get undone, and here she was, her arms stretched high above her, half naked and so horny she was dripping wet, her wrists tightly bound together cinched tighter by her struggling against the robe sashes. Stripped down to just her half t-shirt, her panties, and her socks, her t had pulled up so high her breasts were almost entirely exposed. She was truly vulnerable, and now frightened. How would she get down? Angry at herself, she tried pulling against the sashes, hoping the knots would fail. They didn’t.

She kept trying to reach the knot in the downy thick belt sashes, that pulled just out of reach. As she reached and then relaxed out of frustrated efforts, reached and stopped again unable to untie herself, each time, her t-shirt hem rubbed across her sensitive nipples. The more she twisted and squirmed trying to free herself, the more the hem brushed across her nipples, the harder and more sensitive they became.

As she struggled she realized her tiny, little panties slipped lower and lower across her smooth belly, so low, if someone saw, they would realize she had waxed her little pussy, and that she was bare and smooth all over, even between her legs.

She knew the only person who could rescue her if she couldn’t get herself loose, was her father, and her sense of embarrassment, her being discovered like this, that she would be humiliated, somehow intensified her erotic situation.

Her father was probably already asleep in his room, and she wasn’t sure what she was going to do. What could she do? Yell out? He’d be horrified, but he’d come rescue her. Even though she was in a predicament the moment was still exhilarating, frightening even, really exactly what she’d hoped for, and the more she struggled, the more eroticized it all became.

She had tied the sashes short enough she was pulled almost onto her tiptoes as she twisted and pulled, kicked and jerked, to no avail. Her breasts jiggled and swayed and had become swollen with excitement. Her t-shirt rubbing against her nipples, had now made them puffy and swollen, too, and she realized they ached, needed release, and she couldn’t do anything to get make them better. Normally she would pull on them, and even lean as far as she could and lick them suck them herself, pretending someone else was sucking on them, pulling on them, fondling her swollen aching breasts.

Out of breath and damp with sweat, she wanted to cry out, but couldn’t – in her fantasies she couldn’t for fear of alerting her fantasy kidnappers, or calling attention to herself by the dungeon guards, or being seen naked by the handsome boy down the block, or the older man next door, but all too real tonight; if she called out, the only one to hear her, was her father.

Frustrated that she couldn’t free herself, frustrated that all her ministrations had left her intensely horny, unable to touch herself, unable to now make herself cum by touching herself, inadvertent images of her father coming into the room to rescue her began to blend with images of other men, and one of her schoolgirl friends, Melissa, finding her, and, and, touching her, taking advantage of her, hanging there helpless to stop them.

The image of Melissa finding her like this, neither of them ever having even kissed another girl, made Linsey’s bald little pussy gush, a moaning cry escape her lips. She fantasized, mewling her false plea. She wanted to be touched. The image of her girlfriends fingers in her panties, her girlfriend, Melissa, standing in front of her, rubbing her too large breasts for a girl her age against hers, the heat of their soft breasts, their nipples rubbing together, her sliding the toy she’d given her insider her, Linsey bucked and swirled dangling from the beam. The thought of her good friend ignoring her plea to not touch her, taking her breasts in her warm soft hands, sucking them into her hot mouth, making her nipples ache, the vibrations shooting through her little cunny almost made her cum.

She rubbed her legs together trying to touch the ache between her thighs, that tingling that needed her fingers, her toy. She needed release, her little cunny dripping hot wet, her swollen breasts throbbing with want, her nipples hurt they were so hard. She pictured the older man of her dreams finding her like this, and she found herself grinding her pelvis at the air, trying to spread her legs, trying to touch her pussy to his imaginary hand. “Nnn, touch me, please, I need, you, to touch meee” she whined, her little pussy so wet, her breasts craving touch, her belly wanting to feel his hands, wanting to feel his mouth.

Beside herself she couldn’t stop herself from becoming more, and more aroused, that she honestly couldn’t escape her bindings, pulling on the sashes as she tried to cross her legs in such a way that might actually get her off, had gone to the background of all her carnal want. She didn’t realize how güvenilir casino much noise she was making, her whimpers of escape. She almost didn’t hear the first tap on her bedroom door.

“Lins? Linsey, are you okay? Sweetie, is everything okay?”

Linsey froze, her eyes wide in surprise. She could hear the concern in her father’s voice, and was mortified he would come in. Did he hear her, what she was saying? Fuck, fuck, fuck, she said under her breath. She had been so excited she couldn’t remember if she’d even remembered to lock her bedroom door. Stretched to the ceiling, her short-cropped black hair wet with sweat, her full swollen breasts pushing out from her arched torso, her lovely hips so round and wanting to be held in a man’s big hands, her nipples glowing red with the heat of the friction from the hem of her t-shirt, so swollen they pulsed and throbbed and hurt, she could have screamed.

She swayed on her tiptoes trying to steady herself, attempting to get her footing. She was so close, so close to cumming, she didn’t mean to yell.


Collin could hear the fear in her voice. He’d gotten up from bed hearing the commotion in the house, and followed the sounds to Linsey’s bedroom door.

He didn’t know what was happening, but he knew her sounds were sounds of a woman’s pleasure. He heard what he thought was Linsey breathing heavily, her panting, her moaning, “touch me, my nipples, touch my nipples. I’m so wet. Need you, to, touch me” her pleading, “help me.”

He had been in bed, the light out, his breathing ragged, his raging hard cock in his hand. It had been nearly a week since he’d cum, and his cock, his balls, were straining for release. The sensations of touching himself for the first time in a week was so fucking amazing, he was in a kind of ecstatic glow there in his bed alone.

The kind of pleasure he loved to prolong, not wanting to cum, fantasies of all kinds flooding through his imagination, images of women, of his ex, sex they’d had, her sucking his cock, her saying, “I’ll suck it hard for you” making him moan, images of her laying on her back on the couch, her hands bound, him leaning from his mouth on her breasts his arms and hands reaching across her belly, fingering her creamy wet shaved pussy, fucking her with his fingers, her cumming several times her arms tied behind her back, her pelvis thrusting up to his fingers; images of a girl he’d seen that day at the grocery, her sexy smile at him; a woman at the counter of the hardware store, her petite size making him think she was a potential partner, wondering whether she was a lil; to an image of one of Linsey’s girl friends from school, Melissa, her breasts; and, and, to his daughter, Linsey, his little girl, her in her new bikini.

It was this last image that suddenly made him groan out loud with pleasure, that made his cock surge, fatten even thicker, harder, in his hand, sliding up and down, rolling over the head, an image he resisted, fought, struggled over, that made him arch his back, point his toes, his breathing faster, his hand slowing to savor the image, to imagine it was his Linsey’s hands on his cock, her little hands sliding up and down her father’s swollen thick cock.

Images flashed through his mind, her standing in the kitchen just that afternoon in her new bikini, the black floral pattern catching his eye, her smooth belly, her glowing translucent skin, her gorgeous breasts so ripe and full in her top. “Nnn, fuck, little baby” escaped his lips into the silence of the dark room, “Daddy wants to fuck my little girl.”

He recalled how in the kitchen he couldn’t help it as his eyes traveled up from her heart shaped bottom, to her tender hips, across her belly, to her breasts where his eyes lingered before moving up, to her shoulders, her lovely sexy neck, to her short black hair, before he looked into her dark eyes, her looking back at him, as he smiled at her, as she smiled back.

He tried to think of the girl from the store, or Melissa, or the woman at the counter. He tried to re-imagine it was an old girlfriend, who loved to give him hand-jobs, how she’d tease him and taunt him, “you like that, don’t you baby? You like my little hands stroking your big cock, don’t you? You like your little baby jacking your big fat cock, don’t you? You want me to put my mouth on you, don’t you, Papi? You want to fuck this huge thing up into my wet little pussy don’t you? Mmm, Papi, so hard in my hands for me, mmmm, Papi” she’d whisper.

But the image of Linsey there in her tiny, little bikini, so fucking gorgeous, so incredibly hot; he couldn’t not see her between his legs, her sweet smiling eyes looking up into his, pulling on him, her mouth open, her breathing heated and sexual, her soft little voice asking, “Daddy, can I?” almost sending him over the edge. Her looking at her father’s long thick cock in her delicate little hands, her leaning closer to it, her breasts pressed between her arms, her sly smile, her flashing eyes, her lovely breasts pushing against her bikini top, the tops of her nipples visible, teasing him, her rubbing him on her cheek, turning, her mouth open her plunge her mouth onto his rigid manhood, in his little girl’s hands. Her on all fours on his big bed, his fucking her from behind, his little girl loving her father’s cock. ….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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