Babs Ch. 1

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Belle Knox

Her name was Barbara, but we always called her “Babs”. I’m not sure who came up with that name, but it was one of those rare nicknames that immediately stuck. As a matter of fact, I even heard another teacher call her that one day, and got a big grin out of it. It seemed we had named a teacher!!

Babs was our chorus teacher. My first year of high school (it was waaaaaay back in 1973) was her first year of teaching, so she was only about 8 years older than me. She was one of those rare teachers that has the innate ability to make a student want to do his best. It was truly a gift. Most teachers haven’t a clue how to keep their students awake, much less motivate them, but she really brought the best out of us. I know that music isn’t exactly Quantum Mechanics in the hierarchy of academics, but she took a bunch of horny, pimply-faced, high school students and made us sing like a choir of angels. She was just that good. And oh, what a voice she had. Boy, could that woman sing!! She had the most beautiful contralto that God ever put upon the earth. The Carpenters were very popular back then, and occasionally I would walk into class and she’d be singing on of their songs, and I would just about die. To this day, if I hear one of the Carpenter’s songs on the radio, I still get a boner!!! The fact that she was drop-dead, trip over your tongue while it drools, slice-your-dick-off-with-a-dull-dime-just-to-stand-next-to-her gorgeous, was merely a bonus, we’d have loved her if she looked like Quasimoto. (Of course, that would have also made this story a lot less interesting, but I digress. )

I think the thing I remember most about her was her hair. Flame red, incredibly thick, and fell down her back in soft curls when she had it down. At school, it was always put up in a bun, but on the odd occasion that I got to see it… Wow. She was nicely constructed too. She was of medium height, maybe 5′ 7″, with a slender build, and that peaches and cream complexion that only natural red heads are blessed with. Of all of her endearing physical qualities, my personal favorite was her always more-or-less erect, and apparently very long, nipples. (This is of course, of great importance to any teen-age boy!!) You could see those bad boys through a bra, a sweat-shirt, and a flak jacket if she had worn one!! We always referred to them as “Babs’ Hi-Beams”, and oh, how we all loved them.

We used to hang around at Babs’ house sometimes. One day we called her up early on a Saturday, and asked her to go to a local amusement park with us. She whined about us calling her so early, crawled out of bed, threw on some jeans, and went with us! That’s just the kind of person she was. She just had a way of making you feel comfortable around her. We’d drop by her house unannounced, and she never minded. Her husband was a pretty good guy too, and never minded a bunch of knuckleheads hanging around. She knew our troubles, our dreams and our hopes. At school though, she was very much in charge, and she knew when a good, swift kick in the butt was called for, but she also knew when a gentle word of encouragement would do the trick too.

Well, the four years of high school went by pretty quickly as they always do. (For one of my friends, it was MORE than 4 years!! The two hardest years of Mike’s life was 11th grade!!) I went off to college on an NROTC scholarship, and all of the gang that hung around together went their separate ways, as people do. I made it a point though, to never lose touch with Babs. Whenever I was home from college, I would at least give her a phone call, and once in a while, we’d go out to lunch.

Fast forward to 1985. I managed to graduate from college, and by this time was a hard charging, ready to take on the world, U. S. Navy Lieutenant. I had been through flight school and was a Radar Intercept Officer. (Remember “Goose” in “Top Gun”? I had his job, and it was a blast!) Also by this time, I had ended a rather painful, but blessedly brief marriage. I had done lot of growing done over those few years, and even better, lived to tell the tale!! One fine spring day, I found myself back in my hometown. I was working briefly with the local Navy recruiter, and managed an afternoon off. By this time, I hadn’t talked to Babs in a couple of years, and I was determined not to lose touch with her. So, I went over to the high school just as the school day was ending, and walked into the chorus hall.

There she was, and she looked great. I swear, she hadn’t aged a day in the 12 years that I had known her. I slowly opened the door, and when she heard it creak, she looked up from her desk. A big smile went across her face, and she immediately started busting my balls!!

“I really must speak to those security guards about güvenilir bahis keeping the riff-raff out!!!” she said as she got up from her desk and ran over to give me a hug. “Riff-raff”? Is that how you speak to one of the defenders of your country??” I replied , and we both laughed. She looked down up and down at my uniform. “Jeez, Steve, look at you. All dressed up like an Ice-cream man!! (I was wearing my Whites. ) And where did you get those Gold Wings? The claw machine at the county fair”!!?? We were both laughing. “Such a wise guy, you are. It’s a miracle I learned anything in your classes!!!”

“Well, as I recall from your grades, you didn’t learn very much!”

“Jeez, Babs, I said. If you’re done busting my butt, let me take you to a late lunch… and then I looked at my watch… or an early dinner!!”

“I’d love it, she said. Let me drop off this stuff at the office, and then go home and change. How about I meet you somewhere??”

“Sounds like a plan”, I said, and suggested a nice Italian restaurant we both knew. “Let me go home and get out of my Ice cream outfit too,” I said. “Wouldn’t want to spill spaghetti sauce on it, eh?” She replied. “Hey, Darrell is welcome to come along as well,” I said, meaning her husband. It was at that moment her face fell. “Well, she said, Darrell and I are in the middle of a divorce. I don’t think it would be such a good idea for him to come along”. “Oh my God, Babs, I said. I had no idea. I’m so sorry. “

“Shit happens” she said, and had a look on her face, such as I had never seen before. And hope never to see again. “Ok, I said. I’ll see you in a couple of hours. “

“I can’t wait,” she said.

At eight o’clock sharp she walked in to the restaurant. God, she was beautiful. She was wearing a soft emerald colored dress that accentuated her luminescent green eyes. There was the same beautiful hair, flowing down her back. Every head in the room turned when she walked in, she was absolutely radiant. I was in the bar, waiting for our table. She saw me and smiled, and then walked over, hugged me again, and sat down. I ordered her a glass of wine, and we started making small talk. I wasn’t sure if she wanted to talk about what had happened between her and her husband, so we both talked about everything else. Finally I said, “Babs, I’m so sorry about what happened between you and Darrell. “

“Yeah, me too. She said. I really thought he was the one”. “So did I, I said. Look, you don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to, but maybe it’ll help to get it out. “

“That’s what I keep telling myself, but saying it out loud seems to hurt too much. “

“I know it does, Babs, but you gotta vent, you know? Keeping that stuff in is not good for you. It’ll eat you up.” She took a deep breath. “There’s not much to tell, I guess. About 7 years ago, he came down with Diabetes. They’ve got it under control with medication,” she said. “But unfortunately, one of the side effects of the medicine is impotence in some men. “

“Ouch!” I said, as I involuntarily crossed my legs. “That has got to suck!”

” Steve, she said, when the minister said for better or worse, I understood, and I would never leave Darrell just because he can’t get an erection. We’ve been to the doctors, and there is nothing they can do for him with regard to that. But, when he found he was impotent, he completely cut me off emotionally, as well as physically. He moved to the other bedroom, and he never touches me. I’m not even talking about sexually. He never hugs me, or holds my hand, or even kisses me. He hasn’t told me he loves me in years. He says he doesn’t want to start something he can’t finish. Her voice started to break…. I can live without… intercourse”, she said, turning her eyes away for just a moment, ” and there are certainly other things that we could do, but I just can’t live with him without any emotional love either. “

“Wow! I said, completely stunned. I had no idea! How long has this been going on”? She took another deep breath… “5 years. “

I just sat there for a moment. I had absolutely no clue what I could do or say, to make the hurt go away from this wonderful woman. In the long term, she would have to work things out on her own, I guessed, but on the short term, I could see that she had a wonderful evening. I made it my mission, right then and there. She had given me so much, that if I couldn’t help her in any other way, I could see that she had a good time, for this evening, if nothing else.

And so we did. The restaurant was splendid, and we ate entirely too much, and drank too much wine. There was a club right next door that had a great little jazz band. “Say, Babs, I said. Let’s go next door and listen to some jazz. türkçe bahis You don’t have to go to school tomorrow, so you can stay out past 9 o’clock, can’t you?” I teased. She just laughed. “Yep, my mom and dad said I could stay out as late as I want!!!”

“Well, they know they can trust me, right?” I said, laughing. “I hope they can’t trust you too much”, she said, and gave me a look that sent my heart into flip-flops! Could it be? Was this possible? My mind was racing as we walked over to the club, and asked for a table. I slipped the maitre d’ a twenty spot, and got a booth not too far from the dance floor. We sat down, and ordered some more wine. After a moment, she excused herself. Much to my happy surprise, when she came back, she sat down next to me, instead of across. “Hey Sailor, she said. Are you going to ask me to dance, or are you going to make a girl sit here all night??”

“I’ll do my best, I replied, but I was definitely absent the day they taught graceful!!!!” She laughed, and we started dancing. I’m not a great dancer. Actually, that’s not true. I absolutely SUCK as a dancer, but she made it seem so easy for me. I then found out that she had majored in music in college and minored in dance. We laughed a lot, and talked about everything in the world. I made her laugh a lot, and it made me feel happy to see her smile. Not nearly enough smiles in her life, I thought. She asked my what my Navy “call sign” was. “Scooter”, I replied, explaining to her that your squadron mates bestow a call sign upon you based on some physical characteristic, or some personality quirk that you exhibit. “Why do they call you Scooter?” she asked. “Because I’m always trying to do everything fast”, I said. And the guys all kid me about it. “

“Well, she said, as the music segued into a slow song, I hope you don’t try to do EVERYTHING fast”. And she looked up at me and smiled.

Now, I’m probably not the sharpest tool in the shed, but by now I was getting some pretty strong signals that her interest in me was more than just as friends. Not that I didn’t think that was a seriously fine idea, (I am a man after all!!!) but I realized that she was going through a pretty bad time emotionally, and I didn’t want to take advantage of the situation just so I could get laid. Well, I did, mind you, I said, laughing, hoping to break the tension of the moment, but a few!”

“Steve, Darrell and I are separated. As a matter of fact, He is in the process of moving out of the house even as we speak. I did my absolute level best to try and keep things together, but I couldn’t do it alone. I have made my peace with all of that, and I think you should too. So, shut up and enjoy, you big idiot.” So I shut up and enjoyed.

We finally went and sat down in our booth. After a moment, I leaned over and kissed her, and she kissed me back. It was absolute magic. Our lips parted and we kissed some more. Long, and hard and deep. When we finally came up for air, I said, “Oh…. My…… God”. “What? She said. What’s the matter?”

“Not a thing, I said, but it just occurred to me that I may be about to realize a boy-hood dream, and I wanted to stop and savor the moment is all.” She started laughing and said, “I always knew you had a crush on me”. “I’m sure that was news….. me and all the rest of the boys in the school by the way”. “Well, did you think it would ever turned out this way?” And with that, she looked me in the eye, gently took my hand and moving ever so cautiously under the table, moved it up the inside of her leg, and into her dripping wet pussy. I now knew why she had gone to the ladies room earlier, her panties were missing! I thought I was going to die from sheer happiness at that point. I slowly inserted my finger and started gently rubbing her clit with my thumb. Almost instantly, her face flushed. Then, she looked at me and smiled. When I managed to regain my composure, I answered her question. “Never in my wildest dreams”. “What do you say to us getting out of here”? I asked. “Deal”.

Well, by now, I realized I was in a predicament. Her soon-to-be-ex-husband was at her house, and I had already checked out of my hotel, and had to be on a plane for Key West (my duty station) in about 3 hours. It had been many years since I spent an evening in a car with a woman, but we were out of ideas and altitude. We got in the car and as soon as I closed the door, she attacked me. Fortunately, we were in a secluded area of the parking garage. I have never seen a woman in that sort of a sexual frenzy, before or since. We started kissing again, hard and fast. Out tongues were dueling in each other’s mouths. I ran my hand up her dress again, and inserted two fingers in her dripping pussy. She started moaning, and kissing güvenilir bahis siteleri me harder. Her hands began rubbing the huge lump in my pants. One of my hands started rubbing her breasts and gently pinching those incredible nipples, the other was up her dress, and deep in her pussy. I started to move my fingers in and out, rubbing her clit, and just generally doing my best to turn her on. After just a few moments, she started to breathe harder and faster. As she did, I started to concentrate on rubbing her clitoris, and she broke her kiss long enough to hug me ferociously, and breathe in my ear,

“Oh God… please don’t stop. Make me cum…. I need to cum so bad…. Oh God…. here it cums… Oh god…. Oh.. Yes… GOD!!!! After a minute, her breathing returned to normal. “Oh my God, she said, as her breathing returned to normal. I came so fast. Oh God.” Then she looked over and saw the tent pole in my pants, and said “Well, that was a pretty nice appetizer, but we are definitely not through yet. I need your cock in me, and I don’t care about anything else right now.” To hear those words from a woman that I had wanted for 12 years were almost more than I could bear. In a moment, she had unzipped my fly, and had taken my pants down to my knees. She looked me in the eye, and while fondling my cock said, “I always loved to suck a cock. I’m going to have yours in my mouth. I’m going to give you the most incredible blow job you’ve ever had. “

“Wow, Babs, I said. You are rather direct, aren’t you?”

“When it involves fucking I am, she said. Does that bother you? “Oh God, no. I said. I think it’s wonderful.” I’ve never met a woman who was so direct in what she wanted from a man!! I think that’s the sexiest thing about a woman. Well, she said, “If you like that, we’re going to get along great! Because here comes some more direct talk….. I’m going to suck your cock until you come in my mouth”. And with that, she took me into her mouth. She undid my trousers, and reached in and took my hard penis out of my underwear. And then she proceeded to give me the blow-job of a lifetime. Working all up and down my hard tool, she sent me to a place I had never been before. As worked up as I was from the “preliminaries”, it didn’t take me very long to feel the orgasm building up from deep in my balls. “Oh God… Babs…. I’m gonna cum… Oh.. God… here it cums…” She just looked up at me and smiled… (or at least as much as one can smile with a cock in their mouth. ) and then reached up and began to gently squeeze my balls.

And I came buckets. I have never ejaculated that much in my life and she took every drop. After a minute or two, she sort of looked up me and smiled, and then she started sucking me hard again. It didn’t take long, because I was more turned on than I have ever been in my entire life!!

After she got me hard again, she hiked her dress up, and I had my first view of the most beautiful, neatly trimmed red haired pussy I have ever seen in my life. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. She looked me right in the eye and said, ” I need you to fuck me Steve, I need a hard cock in me. I haven’t had one in 5 years, and I need it right now. “

In a flash I was over onto her side of the seat, and in another moment, I pushed my dick up inside her soaking wet pussy as far as I could. Immediately, she wrapped her legs around my waist and started to fuck me back. Her bare feet went up on the windshield, and I was fucking her for all I was worth. Honestly, it only took a few seconds and she started to cum. Oh God…. Steve… harder… harder… fuck me so hard… I need it.. I looked down and saw that she was rubbing her clit with her hand as I fucked her, and it turned me on even more. I was so aroused that I couldn’t believe it. And then as she was fucking me, she looked at me and said, Oh God… I’m cumming… Oh yes.. harder… Oh Steve… I want see you to cum with me… please.. cum with me.. now.. oh God… now…. NOW!!! And we came together. It was the most glorious orgasm of my life, and I’ll never forget that moment.

As we came down together, I realized that the time was slipping away from me. It was sort of an unwritten rule in the Navy that if you were out somewhere and having a really good time, it must be almost time to leave. And so it happened to me. I had less than an hour to get to the airport and on to the plane. We put ourselves back together, and she went with me to the airport.

As I went to board the plane, I turned for one last kiss, and said, “When are you going to come down and see me in the Keys? I have a nice little sailboat, and you look like you could use some time off!!” She said, ‘You know, you’re fairly sharp for a Navy fly-boy. I believe I could use a little vacation, and we have spring break coming up in about a month. Maybe we could arrange a little get-together?”

“I believe we can make that happen.” And so we did. But I’ll leave that for the next story…

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