Forced Slutty Transformation Ch. 02

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Once I got there, I walked up the front path to Roy’s house. It was the biggest house in town, a total mansion. I rang the doorbell, and Roy opened the door with a smug look on his face. He was wearing the same clothes as the day before, minus the football pads.

“Come on in, fag. We have the place to ourselves, since my parents are gone for a couple weeks,” he said, like we were friends hanging out. “Good thing, because we can use the whole house for our photoshoot.”

“I just want this thing off me, man,” I begged.

“And it will be, if you do what I tell you to.”

He led me upstairs to what appeared to be his parents bedroom.

“Okay, fag,” he said as he opened a drawer. “Which panties do you want to use first?”

“Panties? I’m not wearing fuckin’ panties!”

“Do you want it off, or not?”

“Fine,” I said, and grabbed a pair of blue lace underwear. “Let’s get this over with.”

He smirked, and made me strip right there.

“Yup, take all off. Now put these on and go pose on the bed.” As I started dutifully walking over, I heard the repeated sound of him taking pictures on his phone.

“Aw fuck, Carter, man, your ass looks better than my ex’s!”

“Fuck off, dude, and fuck you for making me do this. It’s hella gay!” Roy didn’t respond, but kept taking photos and muttering about how hot my ass looked. He made me pose like a model on the bed, and smile at the camera like a slut. I felt dirty, and wrong. I couldn’t believe I was doing this. Then, he pulled a lollipop out of his pocket, and tossed it to me.

“Here, slut. Suck on this for the camera.” And he moved closer, taking photos from above me on the bed. I unwrapped the lollipop (cherry flavored) and put it in my mouth. He posed himself so his cleats and shorts were in the shot, and pushed my head towards his crotch. He smelled like day old sweat, and a manly work out musk that I hadn’t smelled very often because I was a swimmer

“This is so gay,” I muttered around the lollipop. “And you stink.”

“Hey, you’re the one doing it,” Roy snarked back. “And you’ll grow to like it.” I didn’t have a response for that.

After an hour or casino şirketleri so of taking photos, Roy seemed satisfied. He had made me pose on the bed, in the shower, in the pool, and on his truck in the garage. That one was the weirdest, because when I laid down in the bed, I started to get hard but couldn’t because of the cage. I didn’t know why, but then Roy noticed and laughed. He told me he had laced the lollipop with Viagra, just to see what would happen. I called him an asshole, but he just laughed.

Eventually, he finished with the photos.

“Okay, fag, we’re done. You can leave,” he said.

“Wait, what about our deal!?” I asked.

“Oh, yeah. I don’t really feel like unlocking you yet,” he said, with that grin I was growing to hate.

“Fuck you man! You said you would.” I yelled.

“Sheesh, calm down,” he said mockingly, “You could probably persuade me.”

“How?” I demanded.

“Just suck my dick.”

At first, I wanted to say no. I wasn’t gay, and I wasn’t going to suck his fucking dick. But then I thought about how shitty my day had been, and how I was really pretty horny, and knew I would do almost anything to be unlocked. Before I knew it, I was agreeing.

“Fine,” I said, “but no cumming in my mouth.”

“Nice!” Roy said, fist pumping the air. “I knew you were a cocksucker.”

“I’m not,” I protested, but as he began pulling his shorts down, I realized that was exactly what I was.

He put his hands on my shoulders, and pushed me down roughly into a kneeling position. I offered no resistance. He began rubbing his jockstrap all over my face, and the smell was awful. Like sweat and cheese and day old musk, just really sour and pungent. It had brown and yellow stains on it, and was being rubbed all over my face. As it was, I realized what this scene would look like to an onlooker. Me, with a locked cock in blue panties and nothing else, on my knees in front of some clothed stud rubbing his bulging jock all over my face. Thinking about how dirty the scene was, and how taboo this was in my small town, started getting my cock hard again, to my horror, and only to be frustrated by the cage.

“Aww casino firmaları look you do like the smell,” Roy said, grinning down at me as he noticed my dick leaking precum. I protested, but then he slipped his jockstrap off and I saw his dick. 8 inches, at least, and thick like a beer bottle. His brown pubes fluffed around it, and I could see his uncircumcised head almost touching my nose.

“Sniff, it, fag,” he commanded.

“No, dude, I’m not gonna sniff your dick!”

“Sniff, or the cage stays on! Besides, you like it!” I didn’t, but I had to do it. I took a small sniff, and almost gagged. It was all the smells from before, only also with unwashed dick added into the mix.

“More!” Roy commanded. I did as I was told, practically choking on the aroma of his crotch. Then he pushed my face up in between his thighs, and made me sniff again. His ass smelled awful too. He squeezed my face between his thick, muscular thighs, and I choked, running out of air with my face pressed into his groin. I couched and sputtered, and he let me go.

“Don’t do that again!” I said, gasping for air.

“I won’t, haha, but you should have seen your face!”

“Look, assho-” And as my mouth made the O shape in asshole, he shoved his dick down my throat. I gagged, and shoved at his thighs with my hands. It was weird, but despite involuntarily deepthroating his cock, I noticed how firm they were. He put his hand back on my neck, though, and held me down for another two thrusts. I almost threw up. The taste wasn’t nearly as bad as the smell, just kind of salty and warm feeling. He let me up for some air, but then started again.

“Watch the fuckin’ teeth, or I’ll never unlock you,” Roy warned, and then continued plowing my mouth. He started getting a rhythm going, and started moaning. I was starting to get used to it, too. I was hardly gagging anymore, although tears were still coming out of my eyes.

“Aww fuck yeah, Carter, your mouth feels amazing. So warm, and wet, I could fuck it all day.”

As grossed out as I was, his dirty talk made me think of the blow jobs I’d gotten, and that in turn kept me at that vaguely hard, leaky güvenilir casino state. After about 10 minutes of humping my face, Roy started speeding up and moaning louder. I knew he was about to cum, so I expected him to take his hands off my neck and head and let me get out of the way. Instead I felt him moan, and the his whole body tighten. I pushed at his thighs, but he might as well have been rock. He pulsed once, and then again, and I felt his cum shoot into my mouth. He pulled out, letting me push him out of me, and then shot twice more on my face, getting sticky, warm cum all over my forehead and dripping into my eyes.

“Aww yeah,” Roy said.

“What the hell man!” I garbled, spitting cum out of my mouth.

Roy grinned, and said “Oh, sorry dude, I just got carried away.”

I spit out more cum, and then tried in vain to wipe the cum off my face. All I managed to do was smear it around, and then I heard the camera sound from Roy’s phone again. That asshole!

“Okay, asshole, I sucked your fucking dick. You got your goddamn pictures! Now unlock me!”

Roy grinned again, and then I knew what he was going to say.

“Mmmm… no. You’re being disrespectful. Come back tomorrow, and I’ll think about unlocking you.” I charged him, planning on tackling him and beating him until he let me free. But, Roy played football, and knew how to dodge a tackle. He also outweighed me, and picked me up like a sack of flower. Despite me yelling and hitting him, he carried me down to his front door, out of it, and tossed me on the porch. Wearing nothing but panties and with cum all over my face. He shut the door, and I heard it lock shut. Luckily, the Archers live at the end of a long private driveway (mansion, remember?) and nobody saw me. I banged on the door, but got no response. A window from upstairs opened, and my clothes were tossed out of it. I scurried around, picking them up off of the lawn.

“See you tomorrow, fag!” Roy yelled down from the window.

“Fuck you!” I yelled at him, and started pulling on my clothes. I didn’t even take the panties off, I was in such a rush. I went and knocked on his door again, but got no response. I got tired of waiting after a while, and decided to head home. I was so pissed. He made me suck his dick, and he still hadn’t unlocked my cock! I knew school tomorrow would be awful, and worse, I had another swim practice. I was so screwed.

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