Another Afternoon Delight

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After numerous attempts of trying to get together we finally made it. We met noonish at a local no-tell motel. It had been over three weeks since we’d met, and I was especially horny. And, I assumed my friend was too.

He met me at my car and gave me a welcoming kiss. I suppose you all have a hunch that I had to restrain myself from attacking him. We walked into the motel and up the stairs to our room. Then the fun started.

Once inside he stepped to me, took my face in his hands and gave me a luscious, sensuous kiss. Then we fell back on the bed entwined in each other and commenced to do some heavy necking.

Of course with all of this kissing, as usual I wanted to feel skin on skin. Unbuttoning his shirt, I started touching and caressing his chest. My lips moving with my hands down his chest. He quickly unbuckled his jeans and pulled them off. I did have to take a few moments to gaze at his muscular body. Nice tight ass, sculpted arms, muscular chest, flat abs and a delicious looking growing cock.

“You’re way overdressed” my friend said and proceeded to pull off my shirt and cover my chest with little kisses. He reached behind me to unfasten my bra, only to discover that today I was wearing a black lacy front hook one. With some assistance from me he did manage to undo it, then planted his lips on one of my nipples.

I’ve mentioned that I love wearing lingerie and it makes me feel very sexy. But, my friend would rather have me totally naked. So, he unbuttoned my jeans and pulled off my pants. Then moved his mouth from my breasts to my dripping pussy. I could hardly wait, he does eat pussy so well.

He covers my clit with his mouth and flicks his tongue around it. He starts sliding a finger into my pussy, I am very wet, so his fingers easily probe my cunt. My pussy is making slurping noises as he rams casino şirketleri his digits into me.

I can feel my pussy muscles begin to quiver, his fingers and mouth are going to take me to orgasm land. That familiar pleasurable feeling starts in my cunt and floods out over my entire body. My upper thighs are twitching as he continues to lick my pussy.

He keeps plunging his fingers hard into my sopping pussy. I raise my hips up and grind my pussy onto his mouth and fingers. My hands are on my breasts pulling and stretching my nipples. There is a direct line between my nipples and my cunt. Doing this, my pussy explodes and detonates feelings of gratification and pleasure over my entire body. And, I drench his mouth with sweet pussy juice.

He raises his head, moves up my body and slides his cock in my still quivering pussy. I take his face in my hands and lick my juices from his mouth, chin and face. As I do that, he says “oh baby, your pussy tastes so good.” And I did have to agree with him.

His hard cock fills my pussy, and I can feel his cock throbbing in me. I work my vaginal muscles to squeeze on his cock. (Something I’ve been perfecting over the years.) He responds by driving his cock harder into my pussy. I’m moaning “yes, yes.” As I’ve mentioned before I’m a moaner, but I didn’t mention I’m also a mutterer.

By that I mean words come out of my mouth, but they’re not understandable. In my mind I’m saying “Oh, god, that’s so good, fuck me more, don’t stop, I love your cock.” But, what comes out of my mouth is “Oh ga, more, don’t, good.”

Those feeling of pleasure are still radiating over my body, and I want them to continue.

My friend is a quiet lover. He does moan some, but not a lot. Sometimes the only way I know he cums is by the warm feeling of his cum flooding into my pussy.

Today casino firmaları is one of those days. As my pussy is pulsating and I’m having a huge vaginal orgasm, I can feel his cum rush into my cunt. This is the icing on the cake, I just fall over the edge. Every part of my body is electrified and nearly humming.

He stops pumping, and falls against me. While he lays against me, I start having aftershocks. My inner thighs tremble, my pussy twitches and I can feel my abdomen vibrating. It’s a heavenly feeling.

He turns off me, and we both sit up. It’s time for a drink and a smoke. (Yes, I smoke. Don’t send me feedback on how bad it is for me. I already know.)

I finish my cigarette before he does, and he’s sitting on the edge of the bed. I scoot toward him and sit behind him with my legs on either side of him. My hands start to massage his shoulders and I run my hands up and down his back while scattering soft kisses on his neck.

My hands slide around him and I begin to caress the inside of his upper arms. Not a spot that’s considered an erogenous zone, but, just try it you’ll be surprised. (In my opinion any spot on the body is an erogenous zone when touched the right way.) My hands drift down his arms to his wrists and I lightly skim over the inside of his wrists.

I wrap my arms around his body and gently apply soft strokes to his chest. My hands caress his torso and lightly pinch his nipples. Then, I glide my hands to his thighs. Using my fingernails I stroke the inside of his thighs, making an effort not to touch his cock yet.

By now, his cock has started to get hard again, which was my plan. My hands now concentrate on his growing cock. One hand surrounds his cock, the other captures his balls. Stroking, I run my thumb over the tip and feel the wetness of some precum. I think it’s time to güvenilir casino change positions.

“Baby move back and lay down, I want your cock in my mouth.” He gladly complies with my request. I position myself between his legs, take his cock in my mouth and begin licking and sucking. While doing this, I move myself and sort of straddle his leg so my pussy rubs against his leg. Hey, I’m selfish, I want some pleasure while I’m sucking a cock.

With his cock deep in my mouth, I rock my hips against his leg and my clit is stimulated. My tongue roves over, up, down and around his cock. I move my mouth up and down. I pull nearly off his cock and my lips and tongue concentrate on the tip. Then I plunge his cock deep in my mouth and take it all in. Bobbing my head I do this over and over varying the speed, depth and intensity of my sucking. My tongue licking around his shaft as I consume his cock.

My clit is nearly in flames from stimulation against his leg. I need to have his cock in me now. I move up his body and impale my pussy on his rock hard cock. “OOOHHHH baby that feels so good” I moan while his cock fills my cunt.

I place my hands on either side of his shoulders and knees alongside his hips and start to move my hips up and down on his cock. I can feel his cock touch the top of my cunt. My friend who is usually quiet during sex is groaning and moaning in pleasure. His hands are on my hips helping me to grind on his cock.

His cock is throbbing in my pussy, my cunt is tingling and convulsing on it’s way to orgasm land. “Yes, yes, so good, don’t stop!” Are all the words I can get out. A few more pumps and I explode. My pussy muscles contract around his cock which induces just what I want. His hot cum gushes into my spasming pussy.

I am in heaven. That warm pleasurable feeling engulfs my entire body. I lean down to him and place my lips on his and whisper “thank you baby, that was wonderful.”

“Believe me, it was my pleasure.” He replies as we roll in unison, his cock still buried in my pussy, onto our sides and snuggle down together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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