The Hard Times at the Office

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It happened two years ago. I had been working in that office for four years since I finished college. I was 29 years old by the time. And those were hard days for me. My ex had broken up with me and I was almost one year without passionate sex. Yeah, I know it’s crazy, but things just didn’t happen. Along this year, all the experiences I had were paying for it. By the way, it was curious, one of the women I paid was actually a good friend from college. But that’s another story. So, at this office I met Savannah, a new temp.

Well, let me tell a spoiler so you don’t go getting any big ideas. I didn’t end up my non-passional-sex-life streak with Savannah. We we didn’t had sex, we didn’t kiss, we didn’t even touch each other except for a handshake or two and eventual hugs, all into a “workmate respect” thing. And that was because, amongst a lot of reasons, she was committed and, to be real, mostly because she was completely out of my league.

23-year-old Savannah was a blonde, blue-eyed white-skinned woman. She had a very beautiful face with pinkish cheeks and a small mouth with thick lips that, when shut, were almost heart-shaped. Savannah always had full make-up on, including hot red lipstick. Her golden hair was long and straight and her face had a naturally sexy expression. With her eyebrows, her softly crook smile and her sexy voice, she could give you a boner only by speaking.

Savannah also had a beautiful body. A little bit taller than average women, she must be around 5’6″ and her breasts were medium to big, always stuffed in blouses and shirts with generous cleavage. Sometimes those boobs would even bounce! And, of course, Savannah had a beautiful-shaped butt, or at least that’s what those skin-tight pants she was always in suggested. It didn’t get to be a real big butt, but bigger than average, for sure, and it sometimes jiggle when she walked. An instant turn-on.

Besides sexy, she was a nice girl, although some weird behaviors. For instance, she was engaged but was still in love with her ex. And that’s not the actual problem. I think many people has this kind of feelings for a former infatuation while is going to tie the knot. It’s okay, I guess. The problem is telling that to other people and Savannah told that to everybody! Some people she had just met, she would say that! “Oh, I’m so in love with my ex! I know I’m getting married but I miss my ex so much!”

Well, it was hers and her fiancé’s business only. Okay, leave it. But there was another bad behavior of her, and this one would affect not only her and her fiancé, but everyone around. Savannah was a gossip person and in a very short stint at the office, she had already found and talked about personal things of everybody. Actually, I’m pretty sure it’s related to the fact she tells everybody casino şirketleri she is engaged to one but loves another. Savannah was so into gossip she would even gossip about herself!

Now let’s get back to Savannah, the hot and nice coworker. She was the kind of woman every man would hit on. But once, and only once. Because when it came to relationship, commitment and fidelity, Savannah was a very serious person and respected her fiancé. So she kicked out every guy who approached her. That’s when she turned from a nice into an almost rude girl.

I think the fact that she would openly say she loved another guy made many think Savannah would cheat on her fiancé. She happened to be faithful to him. Or maybe not that faithful, but she would only cheat on him with men so hot like her and no one at the office filled this requirement. She was out everybody’s league.

I probably was the only man at the office that didn’t hit on Savannah. I don’t like being inconvenient. But I hit a lot thinking of her. Yeah, since Savannah joined the firm, I started to masturbate thinking about her during my working hours. It happened at least three times a day. We sat in front to each other and she just needed to look at me and lift her eyebrow. It was done, I had a boner and went to the restroom.

Her cleavage, her big butt stuffed in tight jeans, her high heels, her sexy voice, all of these things gave me hard times and I had to go to jerk off. And it was every time! Intentionally or not, Savannah would also make sexy poses like bending while taking a photocopy. She bent, she lifted that big round butt and that big round butt lifted my cock and I had no choice but to say “Excuse me, guys”, get up from my desk and go to the restroom. And that’s how I spent my days at the office.

Savannah was sexy all the time. I would enter the office’s kitchen to take a sandwich and she was there, gossiping something with a workmate, with her back turned to the door. She always had her back turned to the door, so whoever entered the kitchen would see that big butt in tight black jeans. So just as I entered, that buttocks attracted my eyes like a magnet. Savannah laughed at the gossip and hit with her hand on her thigh. It made his booty jiggle and, well, you know, I got a hard on.

Savannah was eating yogurt in front of me and I couldn’t concentrate. She started passing her finger in the nearly empty yogurt cup and licked it. That delicate fingers with stiletto red nails, smeared in pink yogurt, being licked by that soft tongue. It started to flow on her thick lips. Those lips in red lipstick… well, turn on, time to masturbate.

And it was always like that.

What I wasn’t counting on was that Savannah would realize I stroked to her. I knew that because, as a gossip casino firmaları person, she always said she had to be an observative person. So it was probably easy to find that every time we interacted, I ended up locking myself in the restroom and spending more time in there than a man takes to urinate. And how did I find she realized that? She suggested it. She seemed to have liked her discovery and started to tease me.

The first time it happened, Savannah went to work in a beautiful women’s blue smart shirt and she loosened three or four buttons to leave a cleavage. Of course it was sexy, but she could have all her buttons closed that it would still be hot. She had no bra on and, as the room was cold, her nipples were hard and kept marking and pointing in the fabric of the shirt the whole time. I spent the entire morning hard and went to masturbate once.

By the afternoon, there were very few people in the office and, while staring at her computer screen, Savannah murmured.

“Damn, I hate to forget putting my bra on.”

And started to massage her nipples, each one with a single finger.

Seeing that, I got up from the desk. Without taking her eyes off of the computer, Savannah said.

“Wait, don’t tell me. You’re going to the restroom.”

She knew it! After that, I thought of avoiding masturbating in the office. But the following morning, I realized it would be impossible. Savannah was too sexy, teasing, taunting, provocative. She was having a popsicle which would be a turn-on for itself. But it seemed that wasn’t enough, she moaned and putting in quotes like “Delicious!”, “I love it”, “So sweet” in between her moans.

I rubbed my dick from below the desk, but I soon realized it would be too indiscreet, so I would have to go to the restroom anyway. There was no other way, I would keep on masturbating and Savannah knew it. Savannah liked it! And she would even indirectly interact with me while I was locked there, wanking over my thoughts of her. For instance, the restroom had two venting windows close to its ceiling. One of them to the outside, but the other one to another room, the warehouse. And soon you will understand why I’m telling it.

One day I was sitting on my desk and Savannah got up to go to the photocopier. While standing there, she had her back and her big butt turned to me. That got me hard and I knew she knew it. But she went further. While standing there, she holded her pants with her thumbs entering in it, so she was probably holding her panties too, and pulled it up. Damn! When she did that, I saw that tight jeans and even her panties, that were marking underneath her pants, entering in between her buttocks. Now her pants and panties were riding her ass.

She stood still there and now I had the view of a güvenilir casino big, fat butt with each cheek divided by a hot tight jeans. Well, I couldn’t help myself. I was trying hard to resist, but it was hard. Very hard!

While standing there and apparently doing nothing at all, Savannah looked back over her shoulder. Looked at me. Okay, that was enough. I got up and rushed to the restroom. I loosened my belt, unzipped my pants and, standing in front of the toilet, I started to jerk off. I’ve been masturbating for Savannah for weeks but I’ve never felt my cock so hard and hot like that.

Suddenly I heard a door opening and then locking. It was the warehouse next to the restroom. Through the venting window, it was possible to hear clearly to everything that happened there. And I heard Savannah’s voice. She was talking to a friend on the phone. Just listening to her while jacking off would be the hottest thing that ever happened in that office. But the content of her conversation passed all the limits. It was more or less like that.

“Hey! Elle? Bitch, you don’t know! I’m aching here! No, no, I don’t need help. I’m aching, but it feels good! Oh, why? Guess why! No! No! No! Okay, enough! No, I said enough! Stop it! Stop it! I’m telling you! He fucked me in the ass! (laughs) Yeah, yeah! I’m serious! I’m serious! (laughs) It’s hurting, I stayed the whole morning standing because it hurts a lot when I sit down! I had to sleep on my stomach because it was hurting like Hell last night!”

Liar! She stayed the whole morning sitting except for when she got up to tease me with her fat ass!

“Of course I like it. I loved it. Although it’s still hurting, it also feels so good that my asshole starts spasming when I remember it!”

When she said that, I came into the toilet. I came a lot, I think few times I had poured so much cum from my dickhead. I flushed the toilet and I heard she saying “Now I need to get back to work, I drop there later to show you my poor asshole! Maybe you take care of it for me, won’t you my bitchy bitch? Kisses, bye!”

We left the rooms at the same time and she stared at me, playing she was surprise.

“Oh, my God! I didn’t know you were there! I hope you haven’t heard my conversation, it was personal stuff!”

I said I didn’t, but of course she knew I did. I actually think she wasn’t even talking to someone for real, she was just teasing me.

I let Savannah go to her desk in front of me and I noticed she was walking with her legs a little bit opened so I stopped to watch that. When she finally reached her desk, she sat with a little bit of difficult and moaning a little, like her asshole was really hurting. I didn’t know if it was real or if she was pretending. Minutes before I had seen she pulling her pants and panties into her ass, after all!

No matter. By seeing that, my cock just got hard again and I came back to the bathroom.

It was a real hard time, working with Savannah. Even for a chronic masturbator as I am, I was living on the edge.

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