Broken Birds, Part 22, Misha

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Part 22

John McDale’s body was shipped back to the US, accompanied by his wife. Kat, now very pregnant, stayed at the compound.

By forcing them to focus on John’s last moments of happiness, Michael had unknowingly relieved their grief. In the last days, John reconnected with both his daughter and wife, giving them lasting memories of laughter and courage.

His oldest daughter delayed too long, her life more important than spending John’s last days with him. Privately, Tim told Michael he was pleased she’d delayed. She gave new meaning to the word “bitch”.

The funeral was taped for television. Nobody cared. It never aired.

John may have been a drunk, but he was also a skilled lawyer. He’d revised his will after his diagnosis. His large estate went to his beloved wife with small trusts to each of his three children. If they contested the will, they got nothing.

His oldest daughter, Angela, railed against him. She needed more money. She confronted her mother.

“I need more money. Why did Daddy do this to me?” she demanded.

Looking up to summon one of Tim’s men, Misha said quietly, “Because you’re a spoiled little bitch who wouldn’t change her plans to see her dieing father.”

Her daughter pulled her arm back to slap her mother and felt a vice clamp on her arm.

“I wouldn’t miss,” he said in a neutral voice, “If you hit your mother, your trust voids and you get nothing.”

John had known his children.

When she visited her lawyer, she received a letter with a copy of his will.

My Darling wife

I love you. I love you more than life. I’ve done many things wrong, but loving you was the one thing I knew was right from the day we met. I remember the first time we made love. And the last.

Because I love you, I am letting you go.

In Australia, you were alive in a way I haven’t seen since Robert was born. Go to them. They want you and need you there.

They made my last days wonderful, filled with laughter and joy. It is a gift I will cherish for eternity.

Please let Robert go. He is a depraved sociopath. Angela has love only for herself. Kat though, is an extraordinary, loving woman.

I am sorry that I left you so soon and with so many problems, but if you will go to Kat, you will find happiness. I know it in my heart.

Your loving husband.

Tim came to her. He helped her arrange John’s affairs. It took several months. In Australia, Kat, Rafaela and Alice gave birth. Misha bitterly resented not being present, but “things” kept her in the States. Their e-mails, pictures and videos kept her connected.

She used the time to go through an array of plastic surgeries. She could never compete with the other women in Michael’s life, but she could be the best a mother of three could be. She even had vaginoplasty and labiaplasty surgeries.

Robert was missing. The investigation speculated that he’d gone missing shortly after the rape of a teen girl, the clear implication that he’d either gone into hiding or that backwoods justice had been meted out. She loved Robert as a mother, but if he had become the monster the reports suggested, he should roast in hell.

Finally, on one fall day, Tim called. “He’s dead, Misha. I’m sorry.”

“Did he hurt that little girl?”

“I think so.”

“How did he die?” she asked remembering Beth’s face.

“You don’t want to know. But, he’s gone.”

She cried that night for her lost son and for Beth who would blame herself for the little girl’s pain.

Two nights later, Tim received a satellite call from Michael.

“Got a wild hair. What if Rafaela turned all Miguel’s money over to the feds? Think they’d drop all pending charges and searches? They could announce it as a major find. They’d probably also get Miguel’s safety deposit boxes. They could say it was on a tip from the Lista cartel.”

“Would she give away that much money?”

“I’ll ask.”

Rafaela eagerly agreed to Michael’s plan. It would eliminate her as a threat to the Lista cartel and eliminate the threat to her from the US government. If they got Miguel’s safety deposit box, the distribution system would be compromised. She and her family would be much safer.

Misha brokered the deal through John’s connections.

Misha’s older daughter found a lawyer to challenge the will. Misha and Tim crushed her. She got nothing.

Finally, Misha could leave and go to her new family. Cold December wind and snow urged her to go.

Tim saw her off.

The reunion was understated, but warm.

When the helicopter touched down, there was still a bit of the summer sun shining. The entire harem stood, waiting to greet her. In her heart, she thanked John for building a world where she would be happy.

The blades had barely stopped being dangerous when she exited.

Kat flew into casino şirketleri her arms, hugging her close.

“Mom, I missed you so much.” Crushing hugs and lots of tears.

Beth thrust their child, Victoria, forward, “Meet your granddaughter, Vika.”

Misha hugged them both, but took Vika into her arms.

“Misha, let’s go home” Michael said softly yet firmly.

In the living room of the main house, Misha relaxed, Rachael at her side. Misha was tired. The flight had been long. The disposition of John’s estate had taken far too long.

“I’m sorry I missed Vika’s birth.”

“Mom, you also missed Michele and Liz’s birth.”

“I know, Honey, I know.”

Michael signaled his women to stop.

“Misha, do you want to get cleaned up or maybe swim?”

She looked a Michael thankfully. “I’d like to swim. You’ll make sure I won’t drown?”

He promised. She went with Rachael to find a suit.

Stopping at the pool entrance, it took a moment for Misha to take it all in.

The deck surrounding the lap pool held three playpens. Michaela sported a life jacket as she ran to the pool. Scabbed knees showed that it was not her first time to run on the pool deck.

Kat and Beth played with Vika, while Maria played with Rafaela’s child, Liz and Alice nursed Michele.

Jennifer swam the length of the pool effortlessly to beckon Misha in.

Misha was clothed in a one-piece suit that clung to her body, clearly showing every curve and indentation, her light brown hair in a ponytail. Kat looked up, “Mom, you look fabulous!”

Misha smiled warmly, rewarded for the months of pain and exercise. She knew she looked good, but still reveled in the praise.

She started when Michael placed his hands on her bare shoulders, not knowing he was behind her. “You look better than fabulous.” He leaned down, kissed her behind her ear sending bolts of electric excitement through her, causing her nipples to harden noticeably. Unconsciously, she leaned back, her shoulders touching his chest. She closed her eyes momentarily. Reality was proving far better than her dreams.

They played in the pool for an hour, champagne flowing freely. Misha hit the wall of exhaustion.

When she woke, she was disoriented. The room was dark, the curtains drawn. A clock beside her bed read 3:30. She was dressed in silken pajamas, beneath which she was naked. She tried to remember when she had collapsed, but could not. A faint light led her to the bathroom. Her cosmetics, hairbrushes and toothbrush were carefully laid out on the sink counter. She began to prepare to meet the beginning of her new life.

After showering, she went to her bags, preparing to unpack. They were gone. Instead, an outfit of shorts and blouse were laid out on the dresser with her underwear and sandals.

She dressed quickly, driven by increasing hunger. She hated airline food. She hadn’t eaten in two days.

When she opened the door, bright sunlight assaulted her eyes. The bright afternoon sun filled the main house living room from windows set in the canted roof. It was afternoon.

In the main living room Nita sat in a recliner, gently snoring.

Misha tried not to disturb her as she walked through the room to the kitchen. As she crossed the room, she looked out through the thick, large windows that overlooked the party pool and the sea. She found her new family. They were spread along the shaded pool deck with Rafaela in the shaded part of the pool, playing with Michaela who was dressed in a typical yellow Australian sun suit.

Michael saw the movement inside out of the corner of his eye and waved her to join.

Ignoring her growling stomach, she happily joined the group.

She smelled the grilling meat as soon as she stepped though the door to the deck. Michael walked directly to her, taking her into his arms, kissing her tenderly.

“Want some food?”

“I’m ravenous!” she smiled into his eyes.

“That could be taken several ways,” he said leading her to the grill, chuckling.

She cocked an eyebrow, “I know. That’s how I meant it,” she said with laughing eyes.

They ate, swam and laughed through the remaining afternoon. Michael marveled at the ease with which Misha fit in.

As the sun kissed the horizon, they went inside. Since they had eaten throughout the afternoon, they did not have dinner.

Kat and Beth took Misha aside. That she would join the harem was no secret. “Mom, how do you want this to happen?”

Misha had been dreaming of this since she had gotten John’s letter. It had removed the last obstacle to her happiness.

“What do you think about an “Alice” night?” she giggled like a little girl.

Alice had been initiated in a group, harem night.

“We were hoping you’d say that!” Beth said, giggling, giving an exaggerated fist pump to the others.

Once casino firmaları the babies had been placed in the hands of their nannies, the girls began to prepare, thanking Michael for the foresight in having so many bathrooms. Still, they were planning to expand the main house, given the expansion of the harem.

Kat and Beth shared a bathroom with Misha. They examined her closely. Faint lines showed the last of her surgeries. Misha had been waxed several days earlier and was baby smooth. Her skin glowed.

“OK Mom, out with it. What did you have done?” Kat asked giggling, holding her mother’s firm, soft breast.

“Oh just a little tuck her, a little nip there…”

Kat swatted her mom’s now firm ass.

“Owww. OK. Eyes, nose, neck, breasts, tummy and ass. I took a week at a skin clinic. I even had my pussy tightened and made to look young again.”

“Hopefully not too tight. Michael’s pretty big.” Kat remarked.

“Did it hurt a lot?” Beth asked, searching Misha’s body for scars.

“Like a bitch. I want this to be perfect, so let’s get ready.”

Kat and Beth shaved each other carefully, rubbing in soothing gels to prevent irritation. They took enemas, showered and applied makeup and perfume and brushed their teeth. Misha slipped into a thick white robe.

Finally, Beth handed her a small ring box. Misha gratefully put the ring on her right ring finger.

Dressed in bathrobes, the other girls waited for Misha outside the master bedroom carrying several bottles of champagne and champagne flutes. They knocked gently.

Michael opened the door, not knowing if it would be just Misha or a harem night. 11 sets of eyes told him the answer.

Michael took Misha’s trembling hand and drew her into the room, handing her a flute of champagne.

“Nervous, Honey?” he asked softly.

“It’s been more than twenty years since I was with a man other than John.”

“Then why the harem?”

“You’ll see,” she said giggling into her champagne glass.

Finally, Michael understood. Misha was very bi.

She put her glass on the side table, her arms around his neck. He did the same and bent to kiss her. It started gently, but quickly became strident with passion. It had been so long for her. She could feel her lubricant begin to dribble down her thigh.

She broke the kiss, her eyes flashing with pure lust.

She shrugged out of her robe, desperate for the feel of her skin against his. His robe hit the floor simultaneously. Another kiss and her legs began to tremble. He picked her up and placed her on the bed. She scooted to the middle of the giant bed. Michael followed her. She slid on top of him, her breasts squashed against his chest, her mouth ravenous on his.

“Now!” She said desperately.

He rolled her off and levered himself between her splayed legs. A strange hand grabbed his cock and rubbed it up and down her leaking slit, positioning him. She bucked to get him inside her fiery tunnel.

“Go slow,” a whisper in his ear.

He controlled his desire to impale her in a single thrust, gently pushing only the head past her inner lips. Her eyes snapped open. He felt huge. He waited for her to adjust. After a moment, she began to wiggle he hips, demanding more. She was incredibly tight. They began a rhythm of hip gyrations while moving forward in miniscule increments. When he finally felt his cock head kiss her cervix, she surprised him.

“I want to be on top now.”

He rolled them over and she looked down at him with both love and lust. She slid off him and then back on in a reverse cowboy position. Helpful hands lay her back against his chest. Michael placed his feet inside her legs and spread them both wide.

Michael felt hot breath near his balls. Mouths engulfed her nipples, sucking hard. Other hands caressed her body. Michael swept her hair away and began kissing the sensitive spot behind her ear as his hands caressed her shoulder.

“Oh God, that feels so good.” Misha exclaimed, feeling the probing tongue caressing her stretched labia. She was already getting close. The tongue continued to slide around the stretched labia. Misha’s legs began to shake; her hands gripped the hair of her female lover between her legs, pulling her closer. The mouth closed around Misha’s clit, sucking it hard, slowly licking it. The suctioning mouths on her nipples pulled harder. They bit down. Misha exploded and sat bolt upright, driving his cock along her g spot, deeper into her than any man had ever been.

“Yes” she screamed, again and again, still holding her female lover to her clit.

She came over and over again, her long abstinence fueling her need.

Finally, the circuit breaker in her heat tripped and she collapsed back onto Michael’s chest. She looked down to see who had given her such incredible pleasure.

“You taste great, Mom,” Kat güvenilir casino giggled, her face awash with Misha’s juices.

Helpful hands moved Misha to the side. Nita took her place as Maria took Kat’s.

Last was Jennifer. She danced on his cock until he was close to cumming. She rolled off him and lay on her back, pulling him between her legs, guiding him into her.

“Make a baby with me!” she begged. She knew his ejaculation would be epic. They came together, uncertain whose orgasm triggered the other.

Twelve naked people toasted each other as they recovered. They all knew the night would last many more hours. There was no need to rush.

Shoshana knelt in front of Michael, taking his cock into her mouth and then her throat, savoring the taste of her sisters and her man. Her skill at pleasing Michael came from her extraordinary empathetic capability that was attuned to him. Her mutilated tongue helped a bit. He looked into her eyes as his cock disappeared into her mouth. His cock hardened, became rigid, and then steel. Time for round two.

Rachael, Shoshana and Lynne took Misha to the bed, having her lie face down. Rachael spread Misha’s legs wide and knelt between them. She began to caress Misha’s ass cheeks. Lynne began to knead her shoulder muscles while Shoshana began caressing her feet.

Misha felt in heaven, the pleasure starting as non-sexual, but quickly changed. Rachael kissed the small of Misha’s back, her tongue darting a quick lick. Her hands squeezed each ass cheek in turn, trailing her tongue down to Misha’s ass crack. Rachael slid her body lower so she had a clear view of Misha’s labia. Rachael’s tongue began a thorough exploration of her lips and labia, tasting the essence of her old friend and lover.

His tongue darted upward, caressing Misha’s pink starfish, Rachael almost laughing at her friend. She’d obviously used ass-lightening cream as part of her makeover. Her tongue and fingers caressed and finally penetrated her asshole. Alice lubed Misha’s asshole, stretching the tight orifice with one, then two fingers.

When she was finally satisfied her friend was ready, Alice motioned Michael over. As they had been preparing Misha, Beth and Maria had been giving Michael a very wet blowjob.

They lifted Misha to her knees. Michael positioned himself behind her. Rachael aimed his cock lower. Michael thrust forward, into Misha’s pussy. After three strokes, he withdrew and Rachael positioned him at her puckered hole. Slowly he pressed forward. With all the preparation, Misha’s sphincter relaxed and allowed the head of his cock to pop through, into her hot depths.

Rachael moved to Misha’s side, noting the clenched fists. Seeing her friend, Misha relaxed a bit. Her eyes clouded with lust. Rachael understood and moved above Misha’s head. Rachael leaned against the headboard and opened her legs. Misha levered herself up, allowing Rachael to slide her pussy directly beneath Misha’s mouth.

Rachael squealed with pleasure as Misha’s practiced tongue began exploring a pussy she’d known for more than thirty years.

Michael continued to move slowly and in very small increments, stretching her until he felt his balls on her pussy. His arm wrapped around her waist, pulling her to him, and rolled over. Once again, she was on top, fully exposed. The girls feasted on her. And then on each other as each took their turn on Michael’s cock.

The sounds and aroma of sex filled the room. Misha tasted each of the women at least once. She found Nita’s aroma and taste invigorating and exotic; Jennifer fresh and slightly tangy; Rachael womanly. Misha’s head spun as the orgy danced around her.

Finally, the girls helped Maria off his cock. Michael was visibly frustrated. Shoshana appeared with a soapy wet cloth. She lovingly cleaned his cock, just in case there was anything that could cause a vaginal infection. Usually Beth had his last ejaculation, but this was Misha’s night.

As Rachael tried to bring her to Michael, Misha whispered something that caused Rachael to laugh. Rachael nodded to Beth who immediately swung a leg over her father, facing him. Kat guided his cock into his daughter. Time seemed to slow as Beth carefully lowered herself, swaying in time to music only she heard. Though in the midst of ten other women, they were really in their own world. Michael’s hands and fingers found her nipples and twisted. She screamed in pleasure.

His hands dropped to her belly and then to her clit. Screaming, “Daddy!” over and over, her orgasm washed over her. Her fluttering tunnel muscles caressed his cock.

“I’m CUMMMMMMMING,” Michael yelled, totally forgetting their audience.

His pelvis bucked in time to his ejaculation, string after string of come shooting into his daughter.

She collapsed on top of him, totally spent.

“Wow, that was hot,” Nita said to Maria.

“Mom, what did Misha say to you when you giggled?” Lynne asked

“She said she needed to practice more before she took that monster back in her pussy! I told he we’d help her practice.”

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