Boss with Mother-In-Law Fun

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I’m Candy a twenty three year old English woman and for the past two months I have been the PA / Secretary to Mike who is thirty two years old. We have been enjoying a very good working relationship and recently we have become closer on a more intimate level. Often flirting, kissing and touching. A couple of weeks ago Mike informed me that I would be accompanying him to Dusseldorf on business. He suggested that one double room would be adequate for us and wondered if I agreed. I agreed immediately as having Mike was something I hoped would happen as I quite fancy him

A few days after this I received a phone call at home from Di, Mike’s wife, inviting me for lunch on the Saturday. I arrived at Mike’s house at about twelve o’clock as arranged. I rang the doorbell and was greeted by a woman who I thought looked in her middle to late thirties. She welcomed me and introduced herself as Sue, Di’s mother. I was shown into the house and I found out that Di, who is a hospital doctor, had been ‘on-call’ and had had to respond to a request, within the last half hour, to attend the hospital and was therefore not at home. It proved to be no problem and I joined Sue and Mike in an excellent lunch. After lunch Sue and I went into the lounge whilst Mike tidied up the kitchen. As we were talking Sue mentioned Mike’s business trip to Dusseldorf and asked if I was going with him. I told her I was and then I had quite a surprise when she informed me that Mike usually slept with his secretaries when away from home. She informed me that she knew but that it was kept secret from Di. She wanted to know if I would be sleeping with Mike. I didn’t know what to say as I didn’t want to get Mike in to trouble. Sue could see I was uncomfortable and told me not to worry and that Mike would tell her. Mike eventually joined us and true to her word Sue asked Mike if he was going to sleep with me in Dusseldorf and he had no hesitation in confirming the fact. I couldn’t believe Mike was openly discussing this with his mother-in-law. Sue then commented that she thought I was a young attractive girl and could see why Mike wanted me.

This bizarre conversation, which was mixing up my mind, was interrupted by Mike’s mobile phone ringing, he answered it. It was Di phoning from the hospital. She was obviously enquiring about lunch and about me. When he had finished talking he informed us that Di was having to go and assist in theatre and would not get home until at least seven-thirty at the earliest. Sue said it was a pity that I wouldn’t be able to meet Di but it did give Mike the opportunity to be naughty and take us both upstairs for some enjoyment, if I didn’t want to wait till Dusseldorf. I didn’t know what to say. I was very bemused by the whole situation, being given the chance to have someone I really wanted but being accompanied by his mother-in-law. I tried to avoid the question.

“Sue, you’re being very mischievous,” I said.

“Am I,” Sue replied. “He’s actually very good in bed, you won’t be disappointed.”

“Is that the voice of experience or what Di tells you?”

“It’s both. Mike has taken me quite a few times and Di never complains about his performance with her.” She went on to inform me that it had all begun with Mike about eighteen months previously. The family were on holiday in Greece and one day everyone except Mike and Sue had gone sightseeing. It started off with Mike rubbing sun tan cream on her back and legs but continued with him massaging her and eventually some caressing and fondling leading to him taking her on the sun-bed out on the patio. He had her once again, in bed, during the fortnight. She has continued to be pleasured by him, fairly regularly, since their return.

“You’re certainly a randy pair. What about Di?”

“Di doesn’t need to know and it’s just fun.”

“So who’s for fun then?” Mike asked.

“You know I’m always ready for you Mike. Come on Candy join me in enjoying him and I might enjoy you as well,” Sue said moving towards the stairs. I said nothing, but the thought of it all was getting me excited, as I moved forwards and ascended the wooden steps following Sue’s lead.

“I’ll follow you up, let me just check the kitchen,” Mike shouted behind us. I could see that Sue had very good looking legs and a sizeable but very tight looking bum, for someone her age. I later found out she is forty-six. She showed me into a bedroom containing a large king-size bed. “Plenty of room for the three of us to play on there,” she said. Once inside she proceeded to get undressed. I followed suit and when Mike arrived we were both lying on the bed in our panties and bras. “Ladies you’re keen. Candy do you enjoy ladies?”

“I’ve had a few in my time.”

“Why don’t you both undress each other and get a little more intimate.”

“I’d love to. Candy’s got a very fit young body it will be a pleasure.”

“Older women have their good points as well. I’ve always enjoyed female sex ever since being encouraged in the delights of lesbian activity by my godmother.”

“Did she tell you or did she have you?” Mike queried casino şirketleri as he began undressing.

“She had me several times during a summer holiday I spent with her. It was even before I’d been touched by a man,” I replied. Sue was above me and she lowered her head until her lips were pressed over mine. They were gentle and soft and her tongue slowly teased its way into my mouth. I responded entwining my tongue with hers. It felt good and I knew I wanted her. I felt my bra being removed and Sue’s hand starting to squeeze my left breast.

“Lovely small firm tits, just as I like them.” Sue commented. “Candy your nipples are already hard I think you really want this. I can’t wait to get to your pussy.” Sue lowered her head to my breasts and began using her mouth and tongue to tease both my nipples, in turn. I reached behind her and released her bra, it fell away revealing quite large full breasts with very dark fat nipples. I was surprised, given her age; at how taut her breasts were, naturally standing round and proud from her body. I soon had my mouth full of Sue’s fantastic nipples sucking, nipping and teasing them. I felt Sue’s hand stroking my stomach before slowly working its way inside the waist of my panties and on down towards my pussy. Her finger eased its way over my clit and down between my lips. “You’re certainly ready to be done; you’re so moist down there already. Let me slip your panties off for you.” She slid my panties over my bottom, down and off. Holding my legs she eased them apart and with me on my back she pressed them either side of my head. My pussy was now wide open to her gaze and Mike had a good view from the edge of the bed where he was standing. Sue was on her knees and lowering her head towards my pussy. I then felt the tip of her tongue gently stroke my lips from love hole to clit. I twitched with pleasure. “Someone’s nice and sensitive down there and your pussy smells wonderful. I must carry on and taste you,” Sue murmured before returning to her licking, repeating the previous action over and over. As she did so her tongue went deeper between my lips as it probed me and her hands pulled my lips apart. “Mmmm you taste as good as you smell,” commented Sue before returning her tongue to my love hole. She was now circling it at my entrance before beginning to ease it inside my cunt.

“Wow Sue! I’ve never felt a tongue so deep and hard inside me before.”

“It’s one of her little treasures that long snake like tongue. It plays havoc with me every time she works it over my cock,” Mike added.

“I’m glad you like it,” said Sue before she started to work it in and out of my hole.

“I want to taste your pussy Sue,” I pleaded.

“Let me remove her panties for you,” said Mike. “You’re ready now, why don’t you get your pussy over Candy’s mouth she certainly wants you.” Sue manoeuvred herself into a sixty—nine position and I had my first view of her pussy.

“You’re just like my godmother fully bushed and a natural blonde. It’s like being an innocent again.”

“I hope you’re not an innocent, I want my pussy eaten fully.”

“My godmother was always satisfied. I’ve learnt a lot more over the years and everyone I’ve done since has always been fulfilled.”

“That’s enough talk I think Sue needs some action on her pussy and I’d like to see you make her squirm.” I followed Mike’s instruction. I could smell the muskiness of her love scent and could see her long dark pussy lips above me. I pulled her open with my hands revealing a gorgeous looking slit and in contrast to her dark lips a very pink entrance to her love hole. I was not the only one ready to be done, I could see her pussy glistening with moisture, and I had to taste it. I encouraged her to lower herself closer and I soon had my tongue running its way along and into her slit. It tasted so good. My tongue located her clit which was quite large and already hard confirming again that Sue was as excited as me and was more than ready to be taken. I continued tonguing her clit and slit and began to get my tongue into her cunt. Sue was now rubbing my clit with her finger and I could feel another beginning to push its way inside me.

“You’re lovely and wet inside and so wonderfully tight. Mike’s going to enjoy stretching you open later I’m sure. Candy would you like to rim me. I enjoy having my bum played with and having a tongue probed inside, it also starts to get me ready for Mike later.” Sue continued to finger me and I gave some attention to her brown puckered rose. We both returned to tonguing action on clit, slit and love hole and I soon felt the build up in my stomach that signalled that I was about to come. Sue had sensed my increasingly aroused state and was now probing my cunt with her tongue whilst working my clit over with her finger. It had the desired result as I climaxed strongly, with her tongue still right inside me, I covered it with my juice as I released a large amount of cum which flooded down into her mouth. My continuing action and the taste of my cum forced Sue over the edge and she soaked my face with her juice casino firmaları as a powerful orgasm shook through her.

“Candy you lovely girl, what a lot of juice you made for me. You taste so good,” Sue commented after we’d both been completed.

“Thank you. Your cum is tasty and there’s lots of it as well,” I replied as Sue came to lie next to me.

“Now that you’ve both quenched your thirst can I join in and play?” Mike enquired.

“Certainly, get on the bed and join us,” Sue instructed. Mike crawled his way between us until he was kneeling facing us and he began fondling our breasts one hand on each of us.

“Mike’s still got his pants on. I don’t think that’s right. Candy why don’t you get them off and release his cock for us. I sat up and began pulling Mike’s boxers down.

“My god Sue what a size!” I gasped in amazement.

“Isn’t it just. Our very own nine-inch very thick cock to play with and be pleasured by. Do you like it?”

“I love it, it’s magnificent, no wonder you said I would be stretched.”

“Why don’t you get a taste of him and get it big and hard for us.” I didn’t need a second invitation and I soon had his very large head inside my mouth licking and sucking it. I had not expected anything like this. Mike is only slightly built but his cock certainly isn’t and is very much out of proportion to the rest of him, apart that is from a pair of extremely large hairy balls which I was now fondling. “Do they feel good?”

“Mmm so big and heavy,” I answered having released his head from my mouth.

“They regularly produce large amounts of juicy cream, but that’s for later. Go on suck him some more, he was enjoying it.” I returned my mouth to his hardening cock and managed to take a little more of him inside this time. My hand was just about able to fasten around his cock as I slid it up and down his length. I was enjoying sucking on such a large piece of meat and it tasted good.

“You’re enjoying sucking that long fat dick aren’t you?”

“Uh huh,” I responded through a mouthful of cock.

“I think you were surprised by Mikes size weren’t you?”

“Uh huh,” I responded again.

“Not as surprised as my first time. As I mentioned we were in Greece and I was lying naked on my front on my sun bed, having had my bikini bottoms removed by Mike who was still in his swim shorts. He was sat straddling my legs with his feet on the floor either side of the bed. He had been massaging my back and had continued down until he was working my pussy and love hole with his fingers and hands until I was very wet. He got up, removed his shorts at the end of the bed, spread my legs apart, knelt between them and slowly worked his cock right up me, whilst I was still lying down. I hadn’t seen his cock due to the position I was in and the first I knew was feeling my cunt being stretched open and him going up me. He was going slow and I couldn’t believe it, I just carried on being filled. It felt like it was never going to stop. He only humped in and out of me a few times before the surprise made me come for the first time. Mike didn’t stop but assisted me to my knees, whilst keeping his cock inside me, and began giving me a conventional doggy fuck penetrating me very deep. I received a very hard fucking with Mike setting up a relentless pace with powerful extremely deep thrusts, especially when he got to his feet to be more above me and was able to force his cock up me to the maximum. He fucked me to a shuddering climax and it was only when I changed position in order to suck his cock so that I could taste myself on him that I saw what had been giving me such pleasure.”

“Wow! What a way to find out,” I responded, having once again removed Mike’s cock from my mouth. “And you’ve continued to make use of his magnificent manhood ever since. I can see why you don’t want to stop even though he is your son-in-law and it’s cheating on your daughter.”

“Di is not deprived of Mike’s attentions and gets all the sexing up she needs from him. Mike needs more and has been finding it with other women, on a one-off basis or with Jo his previous secretary and now you. I just supplement these outlets as well as enjoying it myself. I miss my husband, who died two years ago, but when he was alive he enjoyed sharing me with others. I’ve always had a high sex drive and being taken by Mike just re-ignited my desires.”

“Do you see other men?”

“Yes as often as I can.”

“Are you two ever going to stop gossiping? I suppose the only way to stop you will be to keep your mouths busy in another way. You won’t do much talking if they’re stuffed full of cock. Both of you lie here, that’s it let your heads tip back over the edge of the bed. O.K. get your jaws open wide so that I can fuck your mouths and into your throats.” Sue was first, getting her initial taste of him that day. She was sucking and licking him and then he pushed about just over a third of his length in to her mouth causing her to gag and splutter on his cock. “That got to the back of your throat but we need to get it a little further before güvenilir casino we finish. Now for you Candy.” He transferred from Sue to me and repeated the process, allowing me time to suck and lick him and get comfortable before he pushed to the back of my throat. I gagged and spluttered on him just like Sue. He continued this process alternating between us until we had both been able to take his full length. “You were both very good girls. I know that Sue can accommodate my length in her mouth, she’s done it numerous times, but I wasn’t sure about you Candy. You didn’t mind me forcing it into your throat did you?”

“Not at all. I was happy to oblige.”

“Come on lets get more comfortable and you can both suck me nice and gently whilst I sample those lovely pussies.” We changed positions. Mike was laying between us, his cock opposite our faces and our pussies opposite his head. I took his cock into my mouth, gently sucking and fondling it whilst he tongued and fingered Sue’s pussy. In time Sue took over cock sucking duty and I had my pussy seen to by Mike. We continued this changing pattern for quite a while. It was really nice having one’s pussy played with, but not being tipped over the edge and then having that sensation replaced with a mouthful of cock. “You two have got great tasting and very wet pussies and Sue was right Candy your cunt is extremely tight. Having my dick sucked by such gorgeous mouths is fantastic and I could have you both sucking me all day but this isn’t getting you fucked is it? Why don’t you kneel side by side and I can take you both doggy. You don’t require a rubber do you Candy?”

“No, feel free to take me au natural.”

“That’s nice, thank you.” Sue and I were kneeling and Mike was behind us. “You first Candy I think,” he said. I felt his hands pulling my pussy open. I knew I was about to take his large cock. I was a little apprehensive but knew that my cunt was well prepared and very wet. I felt his head at my entrance, he pushed gently and slowly I felt myself being stretched as his cock made its way inside me until I could feel his large balls resting on my bottom. He’d filled me completely. “Ooooh! That’s so tight it feels wonderful, is it O.K. Candy?”

“It’s better than O.K. It feels so nice, I’m really full.”

“Good, I’m glad you’re comfortable with it. I’m going to start fucking you now. I hope you enjoy being fucked nice and deep.”

“Mmmm I’m looking forward to it,” I assured him as Mike began to stroke his cock in and out of my cunt, long slow strokes. It felt good especially on the in stroke as I felt him going deep as he’d promised.

“Right, your turn for some cock now Sue,” Mike said withdrawing his length from inside me. He moved behind Sue and was soon pushing his cock in and out of her love hole and giving her a deep fucking. My pussy was not left alone as I felt Mike fingering me whilst fucking Sue and I assume he’d been doing the same to her whilst I had cock. Mike kept switching between our pussies and seemed to be fucking us harder, quicker and deeper each time. I soon felt that unmistakeable feeling in my stomach and I knew I was building up towards a climax. Mike realised this and really gave it to me deep and hard until I was coating his cock with cum as I climaxed on his love pole. I sank to my front and lay on the bed quite exhausted but extremely well satisfied. Mike turned his attentions to Sue and before long she to was shaking and moaning as Mike made her come strongly. Mike withdrew from Sue’s hole. “Lie on your back Candy I want to give you some more,” he instructed. I rolled over and positioning himself between my legs he fed his cock up into me once again. He lifted my legs over his shoulders before starting to fuck me again. “Sue go and get your lube,” he requested. He fucked me hard and deep for five or ten minutes before making me come once again. Sue had left the room but had returned and was now lying on her front with a large tube of KY in her hand. “Let’s get you ready then Sue,” Mike said taking up a position kneeling next to Sue. He pulled her bum cheeks apart revealing her dark rose, bent down and began licking all around it and forcing his tongue inside.

“Are you going to let him fuck you annaly? I enquired.

“Mmmm that’s the idea,” Sue responded.

“But he’s so big.”

“Sue is the only woman who lets me do her like this.”

“Doesn’t it hurt Sue?”

“I’ve always enjoyed anal sex and it was a bit of a struggle and a little painful with Mike at first but it’s not bad now. It’s a very pleasant and sexual pain and he usually makes me come. Do you indulge?”

“I’ve tried fingers and a butt plug but it does nothing for me. So no I don’t.” As we were talking Mike had been pushing large amounts of lube up inside Sue and had been using his fingers to pull her hole as wide open as possible. He then coated his cock with lube and kneeling between her spread legs he placed it at her entrance and pushed his way in. Sue’s face alternated in expression between pleasure and pain and soon Mike was pumping in and out deep fucking her arse. Sue’s sighs and moans were by now definitely of the enjoyment variety. Mike withdrew, rolled Sue over, pushed his cock back inside her arse missionary style and fucked her to yet another climax. He removed his cock and went to the bathroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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