A Surprise Visit

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I have such plans for this afternoon. I have spent the morning thinking about you and the things I want to share with you, and I can already feel the tingle of excitement starting to stir deep inside. I took a long, indulgent shower, pampering every inch so I would be smooth and silky and soft for your touch. Soft, clean, shiny hair has been pulled up to show my neck, with just a few loose tendrils trailing down. Tanned, toned legs in sandals with heels need no stockings at all. My short, soft dress caresses my thighs as I move, a hint of feelings to come. I grab my long coat and head to your house.

As I pull up to the curb I have to take a deep breath to try to pull myself together. I am excited and nervous and turned on, all at once. I get out of the car and run my hands over my dress, smoothing the silky fabric that clings gently to my breasts, waist and hips. My thin white lace bra does nothing to hide my taut nipples, and the feel of my satiny panties as I make my way up the walk sends sparks of heat to my private places. As I reach for the bell, I pull my long black leather coat tighter around me and feel a little shiver of anticipation.

I have a secret smile for you as you open the door and stare at me in astonishment. “Can I come in?” I finally have to ask. You drop back to let me by, shocked that I am there, and I step in, almost brushing against you but not quite. “Surprise” I say as I stop just out of your reach and let my coat fall open. Your appreciative stare starts a slow burn and I can feel my body beginning to react. I wrap my arms around your neck, pulling your face close to mine and you respond forcefully, crushing me against you. We kiss deeply, with passion that has long been held off. You reach back to close the door and lead me in.

I wander to the stereo and turn it up a notch or two, feeling the pulse of the music, rocking just a little with the beat of the song. I slide my coat first off of one shoulder, then the other and let it fall away to the floor. As you stare, I sway just a bit with the music, moving my hips just a little, rocking back and forth. I turn my back to you as I lean over just the slightest bit to adjust the music, offering you a glimpse of the casino şirketleri pretty lace panties I have on. I am made bold by the way you are staring at me, and I move and sway, dancing slowly, just for you. I am so turned on by your eyes watching my body move, and it feels so sexy that I slide my fingers slowly down my neck to my breasts, circling my nipples just once.

I come to you and nudge you gently to sit on the couch and I start to slowly and rhythmically move my hips again, moving away a bit, my dress hinting at the curves underneath, my eyes holding yours. My breathing is deep and deliberate, making my breasts swell and rise against the fabric. My tight thighs are peaking out from under my dress and I dance closer to you, my tummy at your eye level. You place your hands on my hips, feeling the rhythm of my moving, making me hotter just by the weight of your touch on me. The heat of your stare ignites me as you pull my body close to you, planting small kisses on my belly, my hips, my bare thighs. The rough yet soft scrape of your fingers on my skin is setting me on fire, as you move your hands up my thighs to cup my bottom, feeling me sway, feeling toned muscles tighten and relax under your touch.

I slide my fingers up into my hair, removing the pin and letting it fall down around my face and onto my shoulders. Your thumbs are grazing the inside of my panties, touching but not quite there, driving me crazy with the teasing. I step closer and you know what I need. You slide my dress up and kiss bare skin, my belly, my inner thighs and start to move under the satiny cloth of my panties, already damp with longing for you. Your hands on my hips are all that is keeping me on my feet, I am so weak with want. You pull my panties aside and bury your face in me, hot tongue and hot breath making me shiver.

My own fingers dip into my bra, pinching my nipples while your tongue dances across my clit. Thumbs and strong fingers run up my thighs, kneading deeply, reaching higher, sending shocks right to my core. The low moan that escapes my lips lets you know I am close to the edge, and you press in deeper with your tongue, sucking and flicking my clit. My hips press my sex into your face and casino firmaları I am starting to climax, my fingers dug into your strong shoulders and my head thrown back in ecstasy. You plunge a finger into my wet pussy and can feel me gripping you there, your tongue never stopping as I ride that sweet wave.

I step back and sit down hard on the coffee table behind me, my knees weak from the power of the orgasm that has just swept through me. You are as pleased with the result of your attentions as I am, and I know we are just getting to what will be the best part of this afternoon. You come forward and drop down to kneel in front of me, and we share a long, deep kiss. The kiss trails away and you and I are holding each other’s gaze as you start to unzip my dress. My fingers reach for your shirt and soon I can see that beautiful hard chest, and I bring my hands to it, feeling your heat and strength. My dress slides down to reveal my pretty bra with my hard nipples pushing against the lace, and you lean in to kiss them and tease some more. My hand is on your hard length and I work the buttons to free you from your pants. I push my dress to the floor and your pants to your knees, as our mouths connect and explore, tongues seeking, lips pressing. Your fingers rub my nipples, rolling them and pinching them as my hand tightens on your cock, slowly stroking, loving the hardness of it.

Then you stand, so suddenly, pants kicked away, pulling my panties down, laying me back onto the table and then you are entering me, with a force that rocks me and I cry out. The heat of it is so intense, this sudden connection, and I can feel myself already starting to go over again. You grab my wrists and pin them over my head, driving and thrusting, hard, purely animal and I am powerless to stop the sweeping orgasm that rocks me as you pound into me, hard and fast. My body is rigid from the fury of feeling and it drives me to cry out again. I sink fingernails into your back, running them to your butt, pulling you deep into me so you can feel the power of the shockwave running through me.

As I come down, I begin to sit up and with hands on your chest, press you back, away from me, onto the couch again. We are sharing güvenilir casino the stare, the one that makes me hot without a single touch. I reach for you, lean over to you, kissing your ear, your neck, your chest, flicking my tongue on your man-nipples and giving little bites down your belly. I take your so hard cock into my mouth, as deeply as I can, working my tongue over the head of it, pulling you in. I can feel your body tense, muscles tight as I scrape fingernails over your thighs and draw you deeply in. I give you all of my attention, rolling my hot tongue over you, lips tight around you, sucking you.

You are almost there so I slow for a moment, little licks and nibbles on your shaft, feather light fingertips on your balls and butt, holding off the release you’re close to. I come up to sit astride you, lowering my hot self onto you, gripping you with muscles still so tight from climax, wet and smooth and snug. I start to rock my hips back and forth, sliding you in and then just a little bit out. It’s agony to tease this way, we both are moving against each other, wanting more. I move with more force now, riding you, deeply in and out, driving your hard staff into me and then pulling it out, gripping it with the tightness of my pussy. Your hands reach up to my breasts, rubbing them as they move with the rhythm of my thrusts. As we both get near to orgasm, I stop again, prolonging it again, and slowly rise away, moving down to take you into my mouth one more time.

My hand encircles your hardness and I take you deeply in once more, knowing that I want to take you there this way. I feel your hands making fists in my hair, crushing me into you, moving me faster and deeper and I can sense it won’t be long now. My hands and my mouth work together to take you over, and I feel you tighten up, legs hard, hands fisted tight, grabbing my head and I take all of you as you let go, licking, sucking deeply, my tongue never stopping.

Your body bucks and shakes, and I take every bit of your orgasm, fingers sunk deep into your thighs. As it subsides, I give light kisses, little licks and nibbles on tender skin, making you shiver, my tongue touching places that can hardly take it, lips grazing thighs and belly. You collapse over onto the couch, and I’m sitting on the floor with my head resting on your wonderful stomach. We trail light touches over each other’s bodies, sharing the stare again, knowing that this day is far from over.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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