The Fan

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The anticipation was driving me wild. After talking on the net for the past 6 or 7 months, we were finally going to meet. I ran through the house one final time to make sure that I had everything just perfect, the swing connected properly, the candles in place, the music in the stereo, etc. I’d never met such a small woman before, so I was really looking forward to this, especially since she seemed so damned sexy whenever we spoke. Even though I was extremely excited, I wanted everything just perfect, I didn’t want to disappoint her in any way.

After the 3rd or 4th time of circling around the house, the doorbell rang. I opened the door to see one of the prettiest, shortest women I have ever met. She was dressed in a tight halter-top, her perfectly shaped breasts jutting out noticeably, her nipples straining the fabric, her short but gorgeous legs reaching below a tight miniskirt. She looked a little nervous as I invited her in, so I took her into the living room and offered her a glass of wine to calm her nerves.

We sat on the couch for a while, making small talk, listening to some soft music on the stereo. I started with touching her hair, long, soft, silky in my hand. She smelled slightly of strawberries, my favorite scent as well as food. I gazed into her eyes as I leaned forward, interrupting her by softly kissing her on the lips. She froze at first, startled, then kissed me back, her tongue dueling with mine. We explore each other for a few minutes, running our hands over the other’s body, my excitement showing plainly through my shorts.

After a few minutes of tasting each other, I stood up, took her hand, then guided her into the dining room where I had the swing hanging from the ceiling fan over my dining table. As we kissed, I picked her up and set her on the table, feeling her breasts through her top, her nipples hardening under my touch as she felt my throbbing tool, squeezing and stroking it gently.

I pulled her top off, her firm mounds perfectly shaped, then bent over her, making her gasp aloud as I took first one, then the other into my mouth, her nips swelling even more under my tongue as I took her skirt down, feeling her core beneath her lace panties, her legs parting when my fingers slipped inside, feeling her walls grab me. I stood up for a moment, gazing at this small bundle of excitement, her eyes glassy with desire. casino şirketleri I pulled her to the edge of the table, then kneeling down with her legs over my shoulder, gently spread her folds, gazing at a perfect treasure, her button nearly dancing under my watchful gaze.

I lightly circled her near hairless mound, her moans of pleasure growing as I gently took her throbbing clit between my teeth, flicking it with the tip of my tongue. She yelled out as I slipped a finger deep inside, her walls grabbing tightly, her cries getting louder as I pumped a little faster, tasting her sweet juices running down my chin, her lags clamping around my head, her hands guiding my face to where it was most needed as she screamed with her first climax.

I stood back up, as she watched with her body still quivering with release, took off my shirt, then freed my swollen pride from it’s confines. I then picked her up, kissed her hard, our tongues tangling, and slowly impaled her on my hard shaft, her legs clamping around my waist as her slick tunnel milked my throbbing cock. I then pulled her off, stood her up on the table, and helped her into the special swing I had prepared just for her. It hang from the ceiling fan over the table, and needed only a few adjustments. I then grabbed a remote control, scooted underneath her, lifted her up, and dropped her onto my tool, forcibly entering her tight box, causing her to yell out as I sank to the hilt.

After giving her a moment to catch her breath, I hit a button on the remote, turning the fan on it’s lowest speed. She held onto the swing for all she was worth, moaning in pleasure as her quivering twat spun around on my cock while I thrust into her. I turned the fan up a notch, her cries getting louder, my prick swelling even more. Suddenly she tensed up, I could feel her cumming through her box spinning on my tool, her moans becoming screams of pleasure.

I turned off the fan, helped her off the swing, laid her back on the table, then directed my manhood towards her mouth. She took me as deep as she could, working her mouth and hands as I could feel myself getting closer to the brink, my balls rumbling, my cock getting harder. I pulled out just as I started spraying all over the table, getting some of my hot sauce on her lips which she licked off.

Kissing her deeply as I picked her up off the table, I carried casino firmaları her to the bathroom, a plethora of scented candles surrounding the large tub. I put her on the mat, giving her a quick kiss, then ran the water, adding some bubble bath as well as lightly scented oils to the hot water. As the tub was filling, I turned on the jets, bubbles filling the air. I picked her back up, gently sat her in the tub, and sat on the edge.

Grabbing a soft sponge, I started gently cleansing her soft skin, marveling at the beauty before me, her long soft hair floating in the bubbly water. Her eyes closed, lips slightly parted, she moaned softly as I soaped her twin treasures, her nipples swelling in my hands. I slid down behind her, turned off the water, then faced her toward the jets, spreading her legs.

She gasped, feeling the current against her throbbing core, my hands gently caressing her body with quiet intimacy. I then placed her legs over the side of the tub, scooting her closer to the jet, kissing and nibbling her neck, licking behind her ears, turning her face towards mine to taste her sweet breath. Her excitement growing, she started bucking her hips as I spread her folds, placing the full force of the current against her quivering opening, her cries growing louder with pleasure. She yelled into my mouth with the force of her peak, her legs clamping around my hand, her arms around my neck, her tongue dueling with mine.

After she calmed, I got out of the tub, grabbed a soft towel, helped her out of the tub, then gently began drying her precious body, kissing her in her most sensitive areas. After she was dry, I held her close, smelling her natural perfume under the scented oils, my manhood betraying my want. I picked her up as we kissed, then entered her slowly as I started carrying her toward the kitchen, her slick walls grabbing me with each step. I sat her on the kitchen table amidst the dinner I had prepared. She cried out dejectedly as I pulled out from her moist, soothing heat.

I laid her back down on the table, calming her with a touch. I stood at the head of the table, picked up a bottle, and placed a few drops of dark brown syrup upon her swollen breasts, smearing the chocolate with my fingers, her breathing getting rapid. I bent over her, licking the sweet stuff off, gasping as she took me into her mouth. I poured some güvenilir casino of the syrup onto her glistening slit, pulling her legs up under my arms, barely able to contain myself as she took me even deeper into her throat, my tool swelling under her touch.

She grunted as I leaned down, tasting her juices mingling with the chocolate, her body starting to shake. I pulled away from her, moving around to the end of the table, sitting in a chair before her precious offering of a feast, placing her feet on my shoulders as I reached over grabbing a bowl. I pulled out a bunch of grapes, plucking a few of the plumpest, firm fruits, I slid them insider her moist opening, causing her to gasp aloud as I bent down, sliding my tongue deep inside, feeling and tasting the sweet fruit mingling with her own sweet flavor.

She cried out as I sucked the fruit out, greedily swallowing as she bucked her hips against my face. I looked up to see her glazed eyes watching me, her hands kneading her breasts. I reached back into the bowl, pulling out a large strawberry, dipping it into a bowl of chocolate, then offering it to her slightly opened lips, letting her take a small bite before I inserted the red treat into her quivering hole.

She reached down, spreading her lips for me as I licked all around her throbbing, swollen clit, crying out as I once more placed my mouth against her opening, sucking at the treasure I had put there only moments before. I reached for the last time into the bowl, pulling out a large, peeled banana. She still held herself open for me, occasionally rubbing her button, her hips thrusting as I placed the pale fruit at her core, slowly sliding it deep until just the tip showed.

She yelled out, grabbing my head as I took her gently between my teeth, flicking her clit with my tongue, then literally screamed as I started sucking the banana back out one bite at a time, the juices flowing down my chin, her legs clamped around my head as she hit her peak once more.

Scooting my chair back, I pulled her of the table, then carefully sat her in my lap, impaling her on my rigidity, her slick walls milking my tool like a machine as she rode me, slowly at first, then with increasing tempo, harder, deeper, our mouths pressed against one another, our tongue tangling, tingling with the building excitement, her voice muffled into my mouth as she bounced even harder, my cock going deeper, swelling with each thrust, her hard nipples rubbing against my chest, her throbbing clit against the base of my prick, our voices uniting with the moment of our climax as I shot my own juice deep inside…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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