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My favorite color is blue. It always has been, for as long as I can remember. My eyes are blue. Girls I’ve been attracted to have blue eyes. My car is blue. I wear blue jeans a lot. Blue was always the one color that jumped out at me, more vivid than all the others.

I was a teenager before I had an eye test and learned that I was the proud owner of a severe case of red-green colorblindness. When I learned that, everything started to make more sense. Blue always stood out to me because it’s one of the only colors I can really see.

When you have a color deficiency like mine, most colors blend and look kind of the same. I can’t see shades or appreciate color like most people. Red-brown-orange-green and variations thereof tend to run together. For example, at a traffic light, the red and yellow look the same and the green is a washed-out gray. And if there is a red stop sign in front of a green tree, forget about it, to my eyes it isn’t even there.

I remember when we would play baseball when I was a kid. If a grass-stained ball got fouled off into the weeds or the woods and I went to look for it, I could search for twenty minutes and never find it…it blended right in with the foliage…while another kid would saunter over and pick it right up. It would be in front of me and I couldn’t see it. I also stepped in a lot of dog shit that the other kids would see and step around.

Most of my clothes were blue, especially if I picked them out, because I couldn’t match any other colors. I occasionally would get barrels of laughs from my friends with my creative clothing combinations. When my sister or parents gave me clothes as a gift, it was usually in matched sets.
My older sister has always been a very attractive and popular girl. When I was still in grade school I remember a steady stream of boys calling her on the phone and coming to the house to pick her up. Some of my buddies liked to come over to our house hoping to get a glimpse of her. She was four years older—quite a gap when you’re a kid—but as soon as I was old enough to appreciate the opposite sex, I could appreciate my sister Cindy. I was proud of her. She was hot.

Cindy was the whole package. Slim, medium height, ample bosom, nice butt, long blond hair and bright blue eyes. Her body would turn heads and she knew how to dress. She had a pair of tight blue denim shorts that hugged her ass like shrink wrap, and when she’d wear them with a halter or a tube top it was hard to look away. She also had a bit of a wild streak.

When Cindy was nineteen years old she started seeing a biker named Jimmy. He was always cool with me but our parents didn’t care for him right from the get-go. He was uncouth and very rough around the edges. He came from a lower-class, fatherless home, had poor manners and could be rather flip and disrespectful to people without even realizing it. Whatever attracted Cindy to Jimmy is anybody’s guess; maybe she was just being rebellious. But he’d zoom up to the house on his Harley and Cindy would hop on the back and off they’d go.

Sometimes she’d be back the same night and other times she’d be gone for days. Our parents were not secretive about their feelings about Jimmy, which probably made Cindy more determined to see him. I think they were hoping the relationship would run its course and then Cindy would find a decent man to settle down with. But all of that went out the window when Cindy got herself knocked up.

In those days, in our family, there was only one choice: They were going to get married. Jimmy started hemming and hawing, saying how he wasn’t ready and he was too young to get married and all that, but my old man put him straight pretty damn quick. Jimmy was going to marry Cindy, that’s all there was to it. And that’s what happened.

There was a hastily-arranged wedding and a half-ass reception, and Cindy and Jimmy were husband and wife with a baby on the way. I helped them move into a shabby row house in the city. I was only over there a couple times after that; it was pretty depressing. It was in a shady neighborhood and the style of furniture and décor was what I would describe as ‘Early Poverty’.
I was a senior in high school when their baby was born, a beautiful little girl they named Rachel. Those next few years I was away at college and didn’t see Cindy or Jimmy or my niece hardly at all, just when I was home for Christmas. But my mother kept me updated on their marriage. It was rocky from the start. They would fuss and fight and money was tight. They’d have a blowout and Jimmy would ride off on his bike and disappear for days at a time. My Mom and Cindy sat side-by-side every Sunday morning singing in the church choir so she got the scoop every week. Cindy was trying to keep the marriage together for the sake of Rachel. I think that they really did care for one another but that Jimmy was just too immature to live up to his responsibility for any length of time.

I went to college on the five year plan. I had changed my major in my sophomore year from engineering to computer science and needed some summer classes and two extra semesters to graduate. My parents came to the university for my graduation ceremony and took me out to dinner afterwards to celebrate. I would be starting a new job in three weeks.

It was during dinner when my mother broke the news to me that Cindy and Jimmy had separated. She had taken Rachel and left him, and they were currently staying with my parents until she could move into her new place.

“She’s rented a small house,” my mother told me. “It’s a three bedroom, but I’m afraid that things will be awfully tight for her financially. She will need to find a roommate.”

“Hopefully her deadbeat husband will pay her some money for child support!” my father chipped in.
When I got to my parent’s house the next day I saw Cindy for the first time in almost six months. She wore jeans and a white t-shirt and she looked great. The last few times I’d seen her I could sense the stress she was under. But she seemed better now, more relaxed. She hugged me when I came in the door and kissed my cheek. I put my arms around her and hugged her for the first time in a long time. Rachel was a pretty little angel. Blond and blue like her mommy, with a big smile.

At dinner the night before with my parents the suggestion had come up that perhaps I could rent a room from Cindy in her new house for a while to help her out financially. That sounded good to me. I’d be starting a new job soon and would have to get a new place anyway. I certainly wasn’t going to live at home. And it would give me an opportunity to help out my sister and get to know my niece a little better. So the plan was that I would take Cindy and Rachel out for pizza and broach the subject at that time.

“Who wants pizza?” I said to Rachel after Cindy and I had chatted for a while.

Rachel was ecstatically in favor of the idea. Cindy looked at her watch. It was a little early for dinner but what the hell?

“Really, Hugh?” she said to me. “You want to go out for pizza?”

“Sure, why not! My treat. This big first-grader looks hungry and I could eat a small horse!” I said, patting Rachel’s head. “And you’re looking kind of thin, Cindy,” I added, pinching her slim waist. “Might need to fatten you up a little. Besides, we have a lot of catching up to do!”

I drove the three of us to a local pizza parlor about a mile from the house. Cindy and I ordered a large pizza, a pitcher of beer for us and a big Coke for Rachel. She asked me about college and she briefly filled me in on what had been happening in her life. She was careful not to mention Jimmy or the separation; we could talk about that later. But she talked enthusiastically about the new home they would soon be moving to, and described it room by room.

“You know Cindy, I start a new job in three weeks and I will need to find a place. I can’t live with Mom and Dad for very long, I’d go bonkers. Would you consider renting a room to me?”

“To you? Really?”

“Sure, why not? Mom said you might be looking for a roommate and I need to find a place anyway. I’ll be working soon, and we’d be helping each other out. And if it doesn’t work, I’ll leave.”

“Why wouldn’t it work?”

“No reason it shouldn’t. We lived together growing up so we should be able to do it again, don’t you think?”

“Did Mom put you up to this? I don’t want you to do it because she asked you to.”

“No, she just happened to mention that you might be looking to rent out the extra room, that’s all,” I said. “And I need to find a place anyway.”

Cindy turned to Rachel and said, “Would you like have Uncle Hugh live in our house, honey?”

Rachel nodded enthusiastically with her mouth full of pepperoni.

“Well, it works for me if it works for you,” she said. “Thank you. First of the month can’t come soon enough.”

“Okay, good, that’s a load off my mind.”

“Mine too, plus now I have some free labor to help me move. But right now I need to go to the Little Girl’s Room.”

Cindy rose from her chair, turned, and I watched her walk to the restroom. Her ass looked fine inside her tight jeans and her thin t-shirt was tucked in snugly showing off her firm chest. My new roommate may have been my sister, but I had to admit she looked pretty damn hot.
A couple weeks later we moved in. I asked my old friend Leon to help. Leon is a six foot six, very physical black dude and we had both played on our high school basketball team together. He had a truck, which we needed, plus I thought he might come in handy if Jimmy decided to give Cindy any shit when we went to pick up her stuff at his row house. But we were lucky. Jimmy wasn’t even there, he must have been out cruising somewhere. Cindy let us in with her key, and we loaded her stuff onto the truck and drove off. We had to make a couple runs from our parents’ house too, moving clothing, furniture, beds and cartons full of numerous odds and ends.

It was dinnertime by the time we were all moved in and everything was in its place. It was a Friday and Leon didn’t have plans for the evening so we invited him to stay for dinner and hang out for a while. Rachel was spending the weekend with her grandparents while we settled in and set up house.

I went out and picked up some take-out food and some beer and wine. When I got back Cindy and Leon were unloading boxes of kitchen items and storing them in the cabinets. Leon and I hit the beers immediately and Cindy drank wine, and over the next couple of hours we all got half-lit. Then we ate the food and drank some more. Leon and Cindy seemed to be laughing a lot.

We were all pretty tired from the active day and the drinks, so we started fading pretty soon after that. First Cindy said she was turning in and left to go get ready for bed. Leon was in no shape to drive so I fetched him a pillow and some blankets so he could crash on the couch. Then I went to bed, which was a bare mattress on the floor. I’d decided I would put the beds together tomorrow.

I quickly nodded off, but it was a brief, fitful sleep. I woke up around midnight to go to the bathroom and get a drink of water. I heard noises coming from inside the master bedroom at the end of the hall. I looked in the living room and the sofa was empty. I stood outside the closed bedroom door and heard a low chorus of moans and groans and a steady, wet smacking from inside. I listened for a little while and there was no mistaking Leon’s guttural grunts and Cindy’s murmuring responses to his thrusts.

I was cursing under my breath when I went back to my bedroom and closed the door. I was pissed off. It was nice of Leon to help us move, but where does he get off thinking he could fuck my sister as a bonus? I was seething—I don’t know why I was so mad, but I was—and I didn’t like the visual of Leon stabbing his licorice stick in and out of my sister. Cindy was vulnerable, separated from her husband, just moving into a new home with her little girl, and Leon takes advantage like that. I steamed for a while before finally falling back to sleep.
I woke up early with a headache. I was hoping Leon would be gone, and he was. I didn’t want a confrontation with him. I took a shower and some aspirin and then started rummaging through the kitchen for coffee, of which there was none. I drove to a convenience store and bought two large coffees and some breakfast biscuits. When I got back to the house Cindy was standing against the kitchen counter in her robe. Her hair was wet from the shower.

“I got us some coffee and biscuits,” I said, as I put them on the table.

“Thanks, Hugh. I can use some coffee and biscuits. I’m hungry after what turned out to be a pretty wild night. I’m not used to drinking a whole bottle of wine!”

“Yeah, it looks like it was a wild night in more ways than one.”

“Huh?” Cindy said.

“For you and Leon,” I said.

“Oh,” she said, laughing. “Yes, that was unexpected.”

“Why did you do it?”

“Do what?”

“You know. Why did you have to fuck him?”

“Well, that’s getting a little personal isn’t it?”

“Cindy, I asked him to help us move, not to come put the moves on my sister.”

Cindy crossed her arms and glared at me. “Oh, come on, I can’t believe you. What nerve you have. And for your information, I seduced him!”

“You did? Why?”

“Why? Because I felt like it, that’s why, not that it’s any of your business. And because I had a little too much to drink. And because I have needs. And because I was horny. Anything else? Jesus Christ, Hugh, why are you so upset? You sound like you’re jealous.”

“Oh, fuck it,” I said, and left the house. I drove around and gradually cooled off and I really couldn’t put a finger on why I was reacting the way I was. I filled my day with meaningless activities until I felt it was safe to go back to the house with my tail between my legs.
I stopped to pick up some sandwiches on the way home. When I entered the house I noticed that Cindy had decorated and arranged the furniture and it really looked like a home. I took the sandwiches into the kitchen to put them in the refrigerator. Cindy had stocked the kitchen with staples and there was a pot of soup on the stove. I felt like a heel because she’d worked hard all day while I was out sulking.

Cindy’s bedroom door was slightly ajar so I lightly knocked and looked in. She was wearing a thin, white silky robe and was reclined on her bed with her back against a pile of pillows, reading a book. The TV was not hooked up yet. There was a scented candle burning on the nightstand. Cindy looked up at me but didn’t say anything.

“Can we talk for a minute?” I asked.

“Sure,” she said and closed the book.

I walked over and sat on the edge of the bed.

“The house looks great,” I said. “You did a good job. It looks like you did a lot of work today.”

“Not too bad,” she said with a shrug.

“Look Cindy, I’m sorry. I don’t want to fight. I was so wrong, completely out of line. I behaved like an ass. I don’t know why I reacted that way. I’m just over-protective of my big sister, I guess.”

“It’s okay, Hugh. It was wrong, I shouldn’t have done it. But I was drunk and horny. It had been a while.”

“Well, I hope it was worth it,” I said.

“I just needed to get off.”

I slid close and hugged her. She put her arms around me and squeezed me tight.

“Sometimes I get lonely,” she said softly as we hugged.

When we broke from the hug she looked in my eyes and asked, “Will you stay and hold me for a little while?”

“Of course,” I whispered, and moved in beside her on the bed. As I put my arm around her she scooted down and our heads rested on the pillows. She snuggled closer and pulled my arm more tightly around her so my hand was just below her arm pit. Her head was on my shoulder.

We lay there for a while in silence, our bodies touching from top to bottom. My cheek was flush with the top of her head. I could smell the scent of strawberry shampoo in her hair and could feel the gentle swaying of her upper body as she inhaled and exhaled. Every so often she would sigh and change her position ever-so-slightly, and would nestle closer. After several of these subtle movements her left breast was resting in the palm of my left hand, and her fingers were splayed on my stomach and would rise and fall with my breath.

I didn’t want to move my hand, but it took all of my will power to restrain it from trying to cop a more comprehensive feel. Her tit felt firm and smooth through the thin fabric but I dared not proceed to the point of doing something I’d regret. This was my sister, as well as my new roommate, and I didn’t want to screw things up.

But of course, after a few more apprehensive minutes, I couldn’t resist. I shifted my body and damn, wouldn’t you know it, my left hand shifted too and my whole hand then surrounded and cushioned her glorious breast. I gently massaged it and Cindy let out a peep of a moan and thrusted her tit deeper into my hand. I felt her nipple stiffen in my grasp and her fingers began to wander over my abdomen.

I kissed the top of her head and lightly caressed her arm with my other hand. We went on like this for many minutes: My hand kneading her yearning breast, my right hand stroking her arm and brushing her bosom, and the occasional kiss on her head. I became bolder and ran my hand along her thigh just inches from what I imagined was one sweet pussy.

Then, unexpectedly Cindy let out a loud, breathy sigh, lifted and turned her head and placed her lips to mine and we kissed. And we kissed and kissed and kissed.

I slid down so we were face-to-face. Her tongue was delving into the reaches of my mouth and I sucked her into me. It was the longest sustained kissing session I had ever experienced, and it went on and on and on. My dick felt like a lead pipe between my legs. I slipped my hand under the bottom of her robe and clutched her naked ass.

As we continued our marathon kiss, our tongues never stopped dancing as I moved more onto my side and Cindy more onto her back. I loosened the sash and opened her robe, her slim, sexy body naked underneath. My thumb and forefinger tinkered with her rigid nipple before I slid my hand down across her flat belly to her sultry pussy and slipped two fingers into her. Her hand found my groin and she rubbed my bloated bone.

After a number of strokes through the fabric of my shorts, her fingers started fumbling with the snap and zipper. She opened my pants and took my hot, swollen rod into her hand. She stroked me up and down while we put the finishing touches on our lip-lock.

When our lips finally parted Cindy smiled and planted a final, dainty kiss on the tip of my nose, like a cherry on top of a delicious dessert. Then she moved down, shoved my shorts to my knees, and wrapped her lips around my anxious cock. I moaned with pleasure and raised my groin to her face. I took off my shirt and tossed it aside.

She fondled my ripened walnuts as she sucked me, taking more and more cock into her mouth with each bob of her head. I fingered her hair and massaged her scalp and I watched with wonder as my swelled shaft slid in and out of her mouth.

Cindy was into it, she seemed to really like giving head. And she was good at it, I’ll give her that. Up and down, she lipped and tongued my dick from the tip to its base. She gagged slightly when my full length reached up into her throat, but that didn’t slow her down. She rotated my balls in her fingers and squeezed my ass hard with her other hand, roiling my sperm and coaxing it upward.

I gently swung my tough meat into her, fucking her pretty face, eager to shoot my thick liquor deep into her beckoning mouth.

She sensed when I was nearing my ejaculation. She half-moaned, half-hummed as she sucked me harder and faster and she scrunched my stony balls and butt in her nimble hands. I screeched and held her head in my hands when I came, shaking violently as her mouth remained plastered around my cock and absorbed spurt after spurt of my stored-up cum. Once my quivers were quelled her head rose up and my satisfied cock reappeared from within. I put my mouth on hers and plunged my tongue into her cum-filled mouth and she swallowed as we kissed.

I lowered her onto her back and sucked her mouth and we launched into another extended muscly kiss. I took my time kissing her neck and shoulders, licking her cleavage and armpits and sucking on her tits. Her nipples looked like enlarged, hardened Hershey Kisses, begging me to eat them, and I latched onto them with my hungry mouth right quick. Cindy oohed and aahed as I suckled and nibbled and chewed on her swelled vesicles and she dug her fingertips pointedly into my casino şirketleri neck and upper back.

There was no longer a thought in my mind that this was my sister. I’d just had the most intense blowjob no matter who it was. And I was determined to return the favor.

After an extended period of sucking on her turgid titties, my mouth went south. I slowly kissed every square inch of her stomach, her torso squirming with delight, and licked her navel clean. I ran my tongue around her neatly-trimmed, V-shaped bush, pointing like an arrow to her open cunt. I lowered my face to her crotch and she barked like a seal when my tongue split her slit and entered her. My tongue stayed in her for some time.

Her hands were on my head pulling it into her and she ground her mound into my face. I clenched her ass with both hands and pulled her pussy tight. I surrounded her clit with my lips and my tongue kept diving. She gripped her legs snugly around my neck, melding us into one fleshy mass. She’d been a gymnast in high school and she obviously had not lost her agility. I ate her pussy like it was the last one on Earth.

I was down there for a while. Eating her. It went on and on, it was so good I was getting a cramp in my tongue. Then she came. Jesus did she come.

She screamed like a peeved puma and sprayed me like she was marking her spot. Her hands stayed clamped to my head and she continued to mash her cunt into my face as I sucked her. With her tumid clit firmly in my mouth, it felt like I was sucking on a peach pit and Cindy’s rhythmic grunts told me she liked it. She kept grinding on my flooded face even after she’d emptied her bucket. But my cock had again risen to stiff attention and I could feel my blood boiling against its thin skin.

Gradually her throes slowed. I detached my mouth from her clit and kissed it. I licked her cum from her lips and thighs. I rose to my knees and she saw my engorged, glistening cock pointing at the ceiling. I looked in her eyes for a moment. She licked her lips and nodded.

I leaned forward and atop her. The head of my cock touched her slippery gash. I kissed her and instantly in a synchronized flash her tongue sprung into my mouth and her hands grabbed my cock and fed it into her. Her hands gripped my buttocks like a vise so I squirted my hands under her and did the same. I started fucking her and then her groin got back into the swing and she was fucking me back, and soon we had a strong, steady throb going on. Next I felt her fingertips in the crack of my ass, spreading me, and this made me fuck her harder, so she fucked me harder, and I fucked her harder still, and she stayed right with me. I was fucking her like I was trying to knock her bottom out.

After a few minutes I slowed down and fucked her nice and easy for a while, pacing myself, wanting it to last and delay my release. But then our speed picked up again, as did our breathing, as did our moans and groans, and soon we were fucking like two love-starved animals.

When I started to come I thrusted into her as hard as I could and I cracked my head on the headboard. I came like a suddenly-unkinked hose; I could feel the intense surge in my penis as my cum rose up through my shaft, once, twice, and again and again.

I was just about done when Cindy began. Her mouth let out a high-pitched howl and her nails dug into my back and she had another shivering orgasm and her cum mixed with mine. I felt her warm, fluid discharge surround my cock and seep out of her onto my shrunken nuts. I collapsed on top of her and kissed her and held her, and my cock remained inside her for a long time.
We were lying arms-in-arms, basking in our love light and pleasantly pooped, when I realized that not a word had been spoken between us since Cindy had first asked me to hold her. It was as if once my arm was around her everything that came after was automatic and the most natural thing in the world.

“Cindy, I don’t know how that happened,” I said. “But it was beautiful.”

“I know. I can’t believe it,” she said.

“I never would have imagined that the best fuck I ever had in my life would be my sister.”

“Did we do something terrible?” she asked, her voice breaking.

“No, we did something wonderful,” I replied.

Cindy looked up at me with glazed eyes and said, “Well, you’re a pretty good fuck yourself, little brother.”

She kissed me and our tongues did a brief swirly mosh in our mouths.

“I hope Leon doesn’t find out and get jealous and try to beat me up!” I said with a grin.

Cindy smacked me on the rump. “No more about that! That’s unfortunate ancient history. But this made up for it,” she said, squeezing my dick.

I caressed her waist and said, “I like being your roommate already.”

“Yeah, me too; Siblings with benefits.”
Cindy wrapped her robe around her and I slipped on my shorts. We went into the kitchen to eat soup and sandwiches. Then we cleaned up, went back to the bedroom, got naked and fucked again. Cindy rode me this time, her slick pussy slithering up and down and all around my cock, and I aided her lift with my hands. She came first this time; she moaned and her body shook and she poured her hot buttered cum all over me. Then, she did a flawless dismount, took my prickly pecker into her mouth and sucked me off. I came in thirty seconds and scored it a perfect ten.

We slept nude with our bodies blended, getting used to each other. In the early morning I woke and heard her fumbling around in a dresser drawer. She had her back to me and in the dusky light I saw her hand come behind her to her ass. She was rubbing her hands together when she turned and came back to bed.

“Good morning,” I said, as she crawled in beside me.

“Oh, good morning, I didn’t know if you were awake,” she said, and kissed me. Then she touched my half-staff member and added, “Is this big guy awake yet? Let me say ‘good morning’ to him.”

She went down and sucked me for a minute or two until my cock had risen to its utmost morning glory. She rubbed my cock up and down several times with oily hands, then used it as a handle to pull me on top of her as she lay back on the bed. She lifted her torso and guided me into her. I shoved and it slid slowly in. God, it felt incredible, but different, tighter, my cock clamped with a firm cushioned friction surrounding its girth. It took me a moment to realize that Cindy had put my dick into her ass.

I started drilling that asshole pretty good. My cock slid in and out and I could feel the drag of the cave of her ass on the thin skin of my cock. I held her shoulders in my hands and pumped faster, her ass expanding and fitting to my cock like a glove one size too small. I could feel the walls of her ass scrunch down on my meat. Cindy put her hand between her legs and worked her inflated clit.

“You like this?” she rasped.

“An unexpected pleasure,” I said.

“Come in my ass.”

We got into some swift swinging then. Her eyes never left mine as I reamed her; the bed was rocking and her fingers flew like lightning over her enlarged sweet spot. My mind possessed only one dogmatic thought: fuck that ass. The head of my cock had tunnel vision as, minute after lecherous minute, it glided in and out of Cindy’s buttery hole.

“I’m gonna come big,” she finally said. I gripped her tits like I was holding on for dear life and rammed her harder.

She wheezed and groaned and I felt her heated outflow ooze onto my cock and thighs as I moved. I kept right on rutting, so near but so far.

Once her spasms diminished, Cindy gripped my thighs with her slimy hands. She wanted to ram a finger up my ass but she couldn’t quite reach. But just the thought of her long sexy finger jolting my asshole was all it took, and I soon felt my cum rising to climax. It was now my turn to groan.

“Here I come…” I croaked.

“Yes!” Cindy said, smiling and nodding her head enthusiastically.

And I let it rip. She squeezed me with the walls of her inner ass. I felt it caving in around my dick, pinch after pinch, as I discharged my cum into her.

When I pulled back out, her rim was widened and winked at me as it slowly returned to its more natural size and my cum seeped out and onto the bed.
“I have to get ready to go to church,” Cindy said.

We’d been lying in bed recovering for twenty minutes or so.

“Tell Mom I said Hi,” I said, and we laughed.

“Yeah, right,” Cindy said. “When I sit down next to her in the choir loft I’ll say, Good Morning Mom, and by the way, Hugh says Hi too, and he fucked my ass this morning!”

We laughed again. Then I said, “Cindy, that was truly amazing. You were truly amazing.”

“Yes, it was. And it will give me something to think about during the sermon.”

While Cindy showered, I stayed in bed and thought about what had happened, and relived it. When she came out of the bathroom I watched her get dressed.

“Hugh, I’ll be bringing Rachel home after church. We can’t have any shows of affection when she’s around, okay?”

“Of course, I understand,” I said.

“What happened is between us.”

“I know.”

“But maybe if you are available next Saturday night, we could make a date.”

“Really? What would you like to do?”

She came over and sat on the bed beside me. “Oh, just more of the same is fine with me,” she said, grinning. She kissed me and our tongues wrestled for a minute.

“Jimmy will be taking Rachel on weekends,” she said. “He will be alternating between picking her up her Saturday afternoons and dropping her off at church on Sunday, or picking her up on Friday and bringing her back Saturday. So I’ll have either a Friday or Saturday night free each weekend; next week it’s Saturday.”

“Sounds like we just made a date,” I said.

“Good,” she said. “I may have to get an ass plug though. You know, to keep it ready for you. Bye.”

She kissed my lips and was off.
The following week we were like two ships continually passing in the night. Cindy worked days and was a doting mother at night. I made myself scarce most of the time. I think we were both anxiously awaiting Saturday night. I know I was.

On Wednesday I bought her a butt plug, wrapped it and left it on top of her dresser. The next morning before she left for work she stuck her head into my bedroom and thanked me for the gift. She said she had it in and it felt pretty good and she’d probably be grinding her ass into her desk chair all day.

On Saturday afternoon I was out when Jimmy picked up Rachel. When I got home around five o’clock Cindy was standing at the kitchen counter chopping vegetables. She turned to face me and came into my arms and we kissed like it had been six months instead of six days.

“I’m making us a big salad,” she said. “For energy!”

She was barefoot and was wearing a denim dress with a long zipper in the front from the neck all the way down to the hem just above her knees. I pulled the zipper all the way down and opened the dress wide. I put my arms around her naked skin and kissed her again.

When we were done with our kiss I was already hard. I looked at her beautiful body and grinned. All she wore under that dress were two pasties on her nipples and the scantiest G-string I’d ever seen. It was skintight, barely covering her split lips and her cameltoe was inviting me. And all three pieces were gleaming, neon blue.

“Wow!” I said.

“I remembered!” she giggled. “I didn’t want you to miss anything.”

“Fat chance of that.”

I knelt before her, pulled her bright blue postage stamp aside and dove right in. I ate that luscious pussy right then and there with Cindy leaning with her back against the counter. She put one foot on my shoulder, opening herself, giving me total access, and guided my head with her hands. My lips and tongue worked together doing everything they could to stimulate her hot button. I reached behind her and held her ass in my hands. I found the butt plug, snugly in place, and I twisted and grinded it into her, and did the same with my face and her cunt.

She came right there in the kitchen, with her dress open wide and my head in her crotch. Her spray was profuse and it ran over my face and into my mouth and onto the floor. We didn’t even wipe it up—we left the puddle for later. We made our way to her bed and fucked and sucked all night. And on Sunday morning she again had to wash my cum out of her ass before she left for church.

For the next six months or so—twenty-seven consecutive weekends to be exact—we were lovers. We were ravenous. We were animals. We were cum machines. But then it had to end.

Over the previous couple of months Jimmy had been contacting Cindy more and coming on pretty strong, urging her to get back together with him. He loved her, he said. He loved Rachel, it would be best for her to have a Dad around. He had changed and would make things right. Cindy at first was torn, but the guilt trip Jimmy laid on her worked. She gradually weakened and agreed.

Our last night together was a Friday. It was great as always, and even more intense. We fucked harder and louder than ever. It was as if we both wanted to be feeling it for a month. Soon Jimmy would be moving in and I’d be moving out.
I moved cross country for my job. I had gone to a convention in California and met a girl named Josie and we hit it off really well. We kept in touch and it seemed like a relationship with a future so I ended up moving out there. It seemed like a good idea; it was a better job, better pay, plus it got me away from Cindy and any temptations that I would have certainly had.

I married Josie. Our marriage was better than Cindy’s, at least for a few years. We made it work for a while but it eventually turned to shit. Josie was a good person but we were a mismatch; wrong person, right time, I guess. And the sex was unremarkable, but then after Cindy, who knows, maybe anyone would have come up short. Somehow we made it almost ten years, but the last three or four were not fun. Fortunately we had no children so we only had to divide our assets and move on. After the divorce I figured I would move back east, but with promotions and steady salary increases I stayed put another four and a half years. My life during those years essentially consisted of two things: working and trying avoid getting involved with women.

I stayed in touch with my family of course; my mother kept me in the loop. Cindy and Jimmy had separated and reconciled three different times before splitting up one last time and divorcing. Rachel had grown into a wild child, into drugs, rebellious and uncontrollable and doing her own thing. She moved out of the house on the day she graduated high school and the family only saw her around the holidays.

I learned that my old friend Mel would be getting married in a few months. I had been thinking about moving back, and when I heard about his wedding, it became a no-brainer. The time was right. So, I applied for some jobs, went on some interviews, and the timing worked out. I moved back and started my new position three weeks before the wedding.
The bachelor party was a week before the wedding. Mel’s best man was a guy we’d gone to school with. His nickname was Rocket, so that might tell you something about him. Rocket was the kind of guy who was always first into the pool, afraid of nothing, spared no expense and never let a dollar bill burn a hole in his pocket. We all knew that if Rocket was in charge of the bachelor party, it was going to be a doozy.

He didn’t let us down. Rocket was divorced but he’d managed to keep the house, a big one out in the burbs, with a large great room on the ground floor. There was music playing, subdued lighting, comfortable furniture and a loaded bar. There were a dozen guys altogether and all showed up within a few minutes of the specified time. Drinks started flowing and Rocket filled us in on what to expect.

“Okay, guys,” he said, “Listen up, this is very important. I got a couple girls coming over in about an hour. They’re gonna give us all a little show and then they’re gonna give Mel a little show of his own, and then maybe even the rest of us if we’re lucky. BUT: You can’t touch ‘em. They can touch us but we can’t touch them. So you all gotta promise to behave yourselves, all right? And being drunk is no excuse because we’ll all be drunk and we’d make lousy witnesses. Everybody got it?”

We all nodded and agreed and continued to consume various alcoholic beverages. The doorbell rang at the prescribed time and Rocket ushered in two fine-looking young women. They both wore white lab coats and four-inch heels. One was black, kind of tall with a thin face, long black wavy hair, and she carried a black leather doctor’s bag. The other chick was white, a couple inches shorter with a cute face, gold earrings and shoulder-length blue hair. I liked her already.

A deep-cushioned love seat had been moved to the center of the room. This would be their ‘stage’. The other furniture was arranged in a circle around it, giving all a good view. Except one chair was front and center: That’s where Mel sat.

The black girl handed a CD to Rocket and he put it in the player and turned to us.

“You ready, Mel?” Rocket yelled. Mel held up his beer and shrugged.

“We ready, fellas?” We all roared.

“Ready girls?” he asked. They nodded and got into position, and put the doctor’s bag off to the side.

The music was a pulsating funk with an earthy feel, a swampy laid-back groove that the girls were instantly moving to, and they both had good moves. They danced around each other for a moment or two, running their hands over their bodies through the white fabric of their coats. The guys whooped when they embraced and had a long, extended kiss, and they clutched each other’s asses under the back of their coats. As they kissed and shook their butts to the beat, Blue Hair started unbuttoning Ebony’s smock. The boys hollered again when it came off and was tossed aside. She was gorgeous, long and lean with smooth, dark chocolate skin and athletic abs. She wore a skimpy black bikini top and a skimpier black thong that matched the color of her skin, and if I hadn’t been so close I would have sworn she was already naked.

Then Ebony returned the favor and unbuttoned Blue. When her coat came off there was a soft gasp of surprise. She had a killer body too, and a blue bra and panties to match her hair. But what caused the surprise was on her body itself: She was completely covered with myriad tattoos from her shoulders to her toes. She was a human inkpad; It was hard to spot a square inch of naked flesh. There were all kinds of images big and small, blanketing her shoulders, her arms, her back, her stomach, her ass, legs, ankles, feet. Flora, fauna, snakes and spiders and lizards and cactus and words and arrows and mountains and birds and God knows what else, you’d need half a day to see it all, her body was like a travelogue of the grotesque. Her navel was the center of some flower and from her belly button dangled a gold chain. And most of the ink was darker, and much of it blue, at least to my eyes. They started going at it.

Ebony was suddenly behind Blue, kissing her neck, and peeled off the blue bra. And damn if those big firm tits weren’t smothered with tattoos as well, and her pierced nipples displayed shiny gold hoops. After they faced each other again and kissed, Ebony started sucking Blue’s tits.

As Ebony sucked on those pierced, adorned nipples, Blue reached behind her, unhooked her bra and tossed it on the love seat. Ebony then slipped her long black fingers inside the back of the blue panties and wiggled them down, revealing Blue’s cunt, its lips also pierced and decorated with hardware. Ebony pushed those puny panties all the way down to the floor and her head wasn’t far behind. She was quickly on her knees eating white pussy.

Then they did a little switcheroo and Blue started doing Ebony, and for the next few minutes went to town on some black pussy and tits. The boys were enjoying the show and yelling encouragement to them, often with lewd and obscene suggestions for their act.

The girls paused while Blue picked up the doctor’s bag and opened it. First she took out a large glass tip jar and placed it on a table. Then she took out a flexible double dildo, perhaps nine or ten inches long, and they played around with that for a while.

Most of the guys probably already had full-blast hard-ons by this time, but if they didn’t, what came next would have certainly done the trick. As their coordinated bodies bent to the beat, those girls ran that dildo between their legs, into their pussies and in and out of their mouths. Ebony then wrapped her lips casino firmaları around one head of that elastic cock and took it in an inch at a time. I watched her jaws and neck muscles working in concert as bit by bit she took it into her throat. The boys went nuts when she had deep-throated almost all of it and only the other dickhead was left exposed.

Blue got back into the act. She put her mouth around that exposed head so she was kissing Ebony’s lips. Then we watched as their lips and mouths and throats worked in unison and their four hands groped their flesh. Their heads and bodies writhed together for another couple minutes and when their lips at last parted the dildo was completely embedded in Blue’s mouth and throat with only the other dickhead sticking out of her mouth. The whole crew erupted in applause and screams of delight when Blue pulled that long rod out of her mouth slowly, inch by inch. She held it up, and it looked massive in her feminine hand. The girls took a bow and then switched their focus to Mel.

The party was in full, erotic swing. Mel got two salt-and-pepper, buck-naked lap dances, and then Ebony and Blue took turns blowing him. He was sucking on a black tit and Blue was doing the hand jive with his pecker when his cum flew out into the air, rope after rope.

The girls then starting flirting and mixing with the guys and pretty soon more and more dicks were coming out, and soon the girls were on their knees sucking them. I was hoping to give Ebony a taste of mine, and she was working my side of the room.

But the more I looked at Blue, the more I wanted to look at her. She was almost appalling to look at but it was hard to take my eyes off of her. She had a great body but it was difficult to appreciate it…I couldn’t understand why she would want to cover it with all those tattoos. I was sure she’d regret it someday. And her piercings were also over-the-top. She had jewelry decorating her ears, nose, nipples, navel and cunt.

Ebony finally got to me and started rubbing my cock, and then she took it out and went down. But even as I was enjoying her experienced mouth around my soon-to-be-emptied custard launcher, I was still watching Blue. She was just a few feet away sucking one guy and jerking off another. She looked incredible, primitive like some animal or native in the jungle, almost repulsive. But I couldn’t look away; she drew my eyes like a magnet.

After about an hour and they had satisfied everyone, Blue and Ebony put on their lab coats, and stuffed their clothes, heels, dildo and teeming tip jar into the doctor’s bag. I was watching Blue as she was wrapping the coat around her blighted body when she glanced at me. She caught my eye but quickly looked away. Both girls’ eyes were heavily made-up with big fake lashes and eye shadow so I couldn’t read anything into it from across the room.

After they left the party went strong for another hour or so, then quickly petered out. I drove home to my new townhouse, took some aspirin and went to bed. But I couldn’t get the image of Blue out of my head.

When I had briefly caught Blue’s eye I thought I had seen a glint of the beginnings of a smile for an instant before she looked away, but I couldn’t be sure. There was an atom of recognition in there somewhere but I couldn’t for the life of me place it. It nagged at me for days and narrowly eluded me like an evasive word on the tip of your tongue. Then one night I was lying in bed reliving it for the umpteenth time, and it hit me. Blue was my niece.
I hadn’t seen Rachel for years. From what I’d been told, several years back she’d left home right out of high school, did her own thing, and had made herself scarce ever since. But I was now sure it was her, something about her eyes and her almost-smile had triggered a years-old subtle recollection.

I got Rocket’s phone number from Mel and called him. I asked him about the girls from the bachelor party.

“They used to be strippers down at the Hoochie Coochie Club,” he said. “The black chick goes by Crystal Ballz, with a Z on the end. And the blue hair is Dixie Coxxx, with three x’s. I have no idea what their real names are.”

“You said they used to be?” I asked.

“Yeah, but they quit. Now they’re massage therapists and they do their little act on the side. Pretty good act, huh?”

“Yep, sure was.”

“What’s up, you gonna hire them?”

“No, but I know someone who might.”

“Well, they both work at that salon in that strip center on 8th across from the mall.”

I knew the place. I thanked him and we ended the call. I looked up the number and called it. I didn’t know which name Rachel would be using so I tried to play dumb, as if someone had referred me but I’d forgotten the girl’s name. The receptionist went through their roster and when she got to the name Rachel I said, ‘That’s it’. I gave her a name and booked a one-hour session for Friday afternoon.
I walked into the salon Friday at four p.m. Even though I had no idea what I was doing or what I was going to say, something was drawing me, and I figured it would be a relaxing way to end the work week, if nothing else. I checked in with the receptionist and she had me fill out some forms and then showed me to a room. She pointed to a partition and told me to strip to my shorts and lay face-down on the table and Rachel would be with me shortly.

I glanced at the door when Rachel entered. Her hair wasn’t blue, it was her natural blond, in braids. She wore scrubs and no makeup, her blue eyes sparkling. I couldn’t help but look through her clothes and imagine her inked skin and pierced nipples and cunt lips underneath. This was my niece, I kept telling myself, I must be crazy; but here I was.

She didn’t say anything at first. She washed and dried her hands at the sink and then fiddled with some bottles of oil. She came to the table and poured the warm liquid onto my back.

“So, how have you been, Uncle Hugh?” she said. So much for the element of surprise.

“Oh, I’m okay. Nice to be home again. How about you?” I replied.

“I’m fine. Long time no see, huh? At least until that bachelor party, right?” I agreed with her.

She smeared the oil evenly over my neck and back and then dug her fingers into the base of my scalp.

“I am going to start with your head and work my way all the way down to your feet, okay? Then we’ll flip you over and work our way back up. Let me know if there are any areas you don’t want me to massage.”

“Okay,” I said. I started to relax as her skilled fingers kneaded my head and neck. “How did you come to be a massage therapist?”

“Community College,” she said. Then after a moment added, “So, when did you figure out it was me?”

“A couple days later,” I said. “You looked familiar but with the blue hair and the eye makeup and the poor lighting, plus it had been so long since I’d seen you, it totally eluded me. You’ve grown into quite an attractive young woman.” Her hands dug into my shoulders and upper back with extra oomph when I said that.

“I hope you weren’t disappointed,” she said.

“Not at all,” I said quickly. “Although it was a surprise.”

“A pleasant surprise, I hope; and not too much of a shock.”

“It was a hell of a show you two girls put on.”

“I’m glad you liked it.”

“Oh, everybody loved it, that’s for sure,” I said. “That dildo thing you all did was amazing.”

She was moving from my lower back and pouring oil all over my thighs. She again schmeared it liberally over my skin and I felt a shiver when her fingernail flicked the crack of my ass.

“How did you get into doing it?” I asked. “How often do you do a show?”

“It depends,” she said. “Most weekends we do one or two, sometimes three. Freddy, the bartender at the Hoochie Coochie Club books us. We used to work there as dancers but we got sick of the hours and the way we were treated and having to work the crowd of drunks afterwards. Private parties are much easier and safer. We work a couple hours and make a lot of money.”

I was savoring the pressure of her strong fingers rubbing my buttocks and the back of my thighs. Then she poured more oil on my calves and ankles and feet.

“You can skip the feet,” I said. “Ticklish.”

Rachel laughed and pummeled my calves.

“Okay, flip over,” Rachel said.

I did as I was told. She ran her thumbs along my oily shins.

“So, Uncle Hugh,” she said after a moment, “Why are you here?”

“What?” I said. “For a massage.”

“For a massage, right, I know that. But you’re not here for anything else? Like to talk some sense into me? Or to tell me how to live my life?”

“Oh no, nothing like that. I could tell at the bachelor party, you’re all grown up; your life is your own. At first I was attracted to the black girl, but then I found I couldn’t take my eyes off of you. That was long before I knew who you were.”

“I was watching you too,” she said. “I recognized you. When we started mingling I really wanted to go over to where you were but I was afraid. At first I was embarrassed for me, but then I didn’t want to embarrass you, or make you uncomfortable. Then when I saw Jen going down on you I was a little jealous.”

This surprised me. “You were?” I said, as she worked my thigh.

“Yeah,” she said. “Sounds pretty sick, doesn’t it? I guess when I’m sucking a bunch of strange cocks there is some safety and reassurance in sucking someone I know.”

I listened to Rachel’s incredulous words. My cock did too. It had grown in my shorts and was stiff as a two-by-four. She noticed and put her hand on it and stroked it gently.

“Maybe we should take this out,” Rachel whispered. “Is that okay with you?”

“I didn’t know this was that kind of establishment,” I said softly.

“It’s not. But my uncle wouldn’t squeal on me would he?”

It was a rhetorical question. I lifted my butt and she grabbed the elastic waist of my boxers and pulled them off. She poured oil into her hands and gently pumped my erect tool over and over and I moaned softly. She did this for a minute or so, driving me giddily to the edge.

“You have a nice cock,” she whispered, and took it into her mouth.

She maneuvered her mouth up and down over my shaft and every single stroke of her bobbing head felt like a mini-orgasm. I then realized that Rachel had an additional piercing I had been unaware of until that moment: her tongue. She had some kind of magical stud protruding from the top of her tongue and every single time it dragged along the length of my cock it felt like my cum was rising up through its shaft. I came like Krakatoa with my own hot lava fighting to get out of the crater on the head of my dick. When my ejaculation was finally over Rachel let my cum drip slowly from her mouth over my stomach and chest and she rubbed in it, and finished my massage. Then she kissed my lips and slipped her slick tongue into my mouth and I tasted semen and mint. She washed her hands at the sink.

“Damn, Rachel, that was beautiful,” I said. “Thank you. That was the best I’ve ever had!”

“You’re welcome,” she said. “Bye.”

‘How often can I come here without raising suspicions?’ I thought to myself as I was getting dressed. I felt great. That young lady is not only one hell of a masseuse, but she gives one hell of a BJ too. On the way out I set an appointment for the next Friday.
Over the following days I constantly thought of Rachel. I was anxious for Friday to come, not just for the massage and the chance of another blowjob, but to see Rachel. I thought about the defaced body underneath those scrubs, the piercings, the grotesqueness of it. I wanted to see that body again, naked. I wanted to touch it, to feel it, to taste it.

I knew it was wrong, she was my niece for Christ’s sake, but since I used to fuck my sister all those years ago, it didn’t seem so scandalous to me. All I could think about was Rachel and the stud in her tongue and how I felt like I was coming every time she licked along the skin of my cock.
I had a dream about Rachel. I don’t remember my dreams very often, and when I do they are usually colorless, like an old black and white movie. But my dream about Rachel was full of color; blue, of course.

We were naked in bed. Her hair was blue, her eyes were blue, her body was covered with blue tattoos, and her numerous loops and chains dangling from her various body parts sparkled in contrast. We were kissing and my hands were active all over her colored flesh, and my dick was long and hard. Then I was on top of her and she spread her pussy for me, inviting me in, and the inside of her cunt was a bright, liquid blue. But when I tried to enter her my cock turned into a snake and started squiggling around and darting back and forth, and as hard as I tried to put its head into her blue lagoon, it evaded me, and I would miss her open gash by an inch or two. She let go of her pussy lips and they closed and the gold hoops fastened to them turned into a prison gate, locking her cunt, and my snake head kept banging on the gate, locked out and unable to enter. I awoke in a sweat with my stretched and swollen rod aching. I jerked off hoping it would relieve the pressure and help me get back to sleep.
I showed up to the salon the next Friday more relaxed than the week before, but still a little anxious with anticipation. Rachel gave a great massage of course, and our conversation was freer and covered many topics. I asked her about her blue hair and she said it was to help keep her two lives separate. I asked about the tattoos and how she had come to acquire so many. She told me she didn’t really know, she had gotten one, then another, and another and pretty soon she was addicted. Same with the piercings: once she got started it was difficult to stop. ‘Do you like them?’ she asked. I told her that after the initial shock I found it hard to look away.

I was hard as granite when I flipped over and Rachel didn’t waste any time. She took off my shorts and stroked me and sucked me, and dragged her tongue stud up and down again and again, each pass like a climax in itself. I was sighing with pleasure, and I wanted to put my hand between her legs and feel her hot twat, but I didn’t. I chickened out, not wanting to surprise her or ruin anything. When I came it was a major load, and Rachel kept her mouth clamped around my meat until my body stopped vibrating. She swallowed what must have been a hefty mouthful of cum, and then she kissed me and I held her as our tongues did a slippery dance, a much longer kiss than the week before.

As Rachel was finishing up she asked me if I’d be coming in the next Friday. I told her I would like to.

“Why don’t you come at five?” she said. “That’s my last appointment of the day. Maybe we could go out for a drink, or something, afterwards.”

“Sounds like a great idea,” I said. I didn’t know what she meant by ‘or something’, but I liked the sound of it.
Rachel was in the lobby when I arrived the next Friday. She greeted me and led me to the massage room. As soon as the door closed behind us she planted a kiss on my lips and told me to undress. I went behind the partition and disrobed.

“May as well leave your boxers back there too,” Rachel said.

So I did. She watched me with a flirtatious smile as I walked naked the few feet to the massage table with half a hard-on. I lay face-down on the table and Rachel started doing her thing. I was totally relaxed, the stress of the work week fading away, and anticipating what was to come. But she still had a surprise for me.

She poured oil on my ass and legs and I felt some of the warm fluid ooze into the crack of my ass. She spread my buttocks apart with her fingers and I felt it drip inside. She deep-rubbed my butt muscles for a minute. Then I hissed when I felt her finger dip into my asshole.

“I want to massage all of you,” she whispered in my ear.

Her finger glided easily in and out of my ass a number of times and my prick was hard against the thin matt of the table. I stayed that way over the ensuing minutes as she massaged my legs. When I rolled over my cock stood up at full mast.

Rachel pretended not to notice. She oiled my legs and massaged them from the bottom up. When she was working my high thighs her fingers came within a centimeter of my cock and balls, but she didn’t touch them. I was gripping the edge of the table tightly with bare knuckles, hoping that she would grab it and start going to town, but she did not. She just moved on to my upper body.

We hadn’t said anything for a while. I thought maybe there was something wrong that I was unaware of; my mind was wandering and I was thinking that maybe I wasn’t going to get the royal treatment this time. Then I squawked when her fist tightened around my engorged balls. Rachel was standing even with my chest, her eyes were blue fire.

“Now I’m going to deep-throat this bad boy,” she rasped.

She bent over and I watched her mouth descend and surround my distended dick. It quickly disappeared into her and then her lips were kissing the top of my balls. She still had one hand on my scrotum and the other was clamped on my ass.

She gagged a couple times but she didn’t come up for air right away, she kept me in her mouth and throat and worked my ass and balls. When she did come up she sucked on my balls and licked my shaft, dragging her pseudo-orgasmic tongue stud along my thin, taut skin, and then sucked the head of my dick like a syphon. Then with what seemed like no effort she enveloped me with her mouth and once again the head of my cock was in the back of her throat.

I put my hand on her ass as she sucked me, and then I snuck it between her legs.

Within Rachel’s energetic fingers my sack was about to explode and send its payload skyward. I tried to muffle my groan with my upper arm, but it was loud enough to signal to her that I was about to come. She whipped her mouth off of me, her teeth briefly pinching the tip. Instantly she squeezed the shaft of my cock in her hand and placed her thumb over the hole, locking in my cum. She started licking me, dragging that stud up along the skin of my cock, from base to tip. She did this over and over, simulating my orgasm, but not allowing my cum to escape. When she finally did, I was like a bottle rocket blasting off, my sperm launching out of me into the air, onto Rachel’s hand, and her face, and my body.

Rachel licked some of my cum off her fingers and wiped her face with a towel. “Well, now that there is one happy camper,” she said.

I pulled her to me, put my arms around her and kissed her, my tongue diving deep for the spot where my dick had been. It was a long kiss and she used my cock as a handle.

“Where do you want to go for a drink?” she asked.

“I don’t care,” I said, “How about Harold’s? It’s right down the street.”

“Uh, how about Bella’s, on 12th? In about an hour? I used to date one of the bartenders at Harold’s; it didn’t end too well.”

“Really? What was his name?”

“Sheila,” she said.

“Oh,” I said. “Uh, okay, no problem, Bella’s it is, see you in an hour.”
I got to Bella’s before Rachel did. I took a stool at the far corner of the bar facing the door. I wanted to see her make her entrance.

The bartender had just put my beer on the bar when she walked in. She looked pretty hot, as expected. Her blond hair was down on her shoulders. She wore skin-tight black jeans, black pumps and a soft cream sweater with the sleeves rolled up to her elbows, exposing her tattooed forearms. She spotted me and smiled and I felt a little tingle in my loins as I watched her walk over. She kissed my lips and took the stool to my left.

“Sorry I’m a little late,” she said, and ordered a glass of merlot.

“No problem, I saved your seat,” I said.

She looked and smelled fresh from a shower, emitting a lemony scent. She was braless: I could see the impression of her nipples and gold rings through the thin fabric of the sweater.

“Well, I hope you didn’t have to fight off too many people to save my seat,” she said. “Because after the massage you had, you must be much too relaxed to put up much of a fight.” She smiled and squeezed my thigh.

“You got that right,” I said. She winked at me and took a sip of her drink.

She seemed a little high. Her pupils were dilated and the baby blue of her eyes was shoved to the edges.

We talked for a little while and ordered another round. We talked about our jobs and I was careful not to ask too many questions about her double life even though I was curious as hell.

“Have you talked to my mom?” Rachel asked.

“No, not for quite a while,” I said.

“Me neither,” she said. “You know, when you came in güvenilir casino for your first massage I wondered if she’d put you up to it.”

“Really, why?”

“I don’t know. It seemed like something she might do. We haven’t been close for a while. Although she did call me on my twenty-first birthday.” She sighed and took a gulp of her drink.

“Are you okay?” I asked, after a brief pause.

“What do you mean?”

“You seem a little buzzed or something.”

“Oh, do I? I guess it’s kicking in a little. So, tell me about your new townhouse.”

“Not much to tell,” I said. “Typical generic townhouse: Two bed, two-and-a-half bath, kitchen, washer, dryer, one-car garage.”

“When do I get to see it?” she said, turning more toward me.

“Anytime…there’s not much to see, though.”

“There’s no time like the present.”

“Now?” I asked.

“Sure, why not?”

I paid our tab and we got up to leave. I felt eyes upon us as we strode to the door; they were all probably wondering what the hell this dude in his late thirties is doing with the hottie in her early twenties.

“I’ll ride with you,” Rachel said once we were outside.

I opened the passenger door for her and she got in. As soon as I was behind the wheel and my door was shut she was on me. Her right hand molded around my cock and her tongue jabbed into my mouth. I could taste red wine and felt the stud scrape my tongue, which instantly sent me back, and my dick hardened as I imagined it tracing the long edge of it.

“Take me home,” she said. “Show me your bedroom.”

“Are you sure about this?” I asked.

“Of course, I’m sure,” she said, sounding surprised. “I’ve blown you three times already, Uncle Hugh. I was sure the first time I saw you lying ass-up in the massage room.”

“Okay,” I said, “Just making sure and please drop the ‘Uncle’. I just wouldn’t want to take advantage.”

“I want to take advantage of this!” she said, squeezing my dick again.

It was only a ten minute drive to my house. We didn’t talk for a couple minutes and then Rachel broke the silence.

“Did you ever fuck on acid?” she asked.

“What?” I said, not believing what I’d heard.

“I said, did you ever fuck on acid? It’s wild.”

“Is that what you’re on tonight, LSD?” I asked incredulously.

“Yep. It’s cool, too.” she said, touching my cheek. “I’ve seen so many faces of you already tonight. You’re beautiful. I want to explore your body and give you mine. I have a hit for you too.”

“Oh, I don’t know about that,” I said. “I haven’t done that shit since college.”

“Aw, come on, it’s cool. Let’s have some fun. All in the safety of your new house.”

I pulled into my garage a couple minutes later. While Rachel used the bathroom I pulled a can of beer out of the fridge and popped the top. I took a long pull on the beer and wondered what the fuck I was doing. The beer was nearly gone when Rachel came out of the bathroom.

“Now give me a tour of your bedroom,” she said.

We walked upstairs and into my bedroom. Rachel opened her purse and put a couple small tubes on the end table. Then she came over to me.

“Stick out your tongue,” she said.

“Rachel, I don’t know…”

“Oh, don’t be an old fart. Stick out your tongue. I want to go on a trip and I’m taking you with me. Believe me, you won’t regret it.”

I stuck my tongue out and Rachel put a small piece of blotter paper on it. It melted away by the time she had unbuttoned my shirt. I pulled her sweater over her head as she unzipped my pants. Now topless, the seductive repulsion of her tarnished flesh drew my eyes like flies. It was love/hate. She pushed me back on the bed and I stared at her gold-looped nipples as she pulled off my shoes and socks and pants. She stepped back and I gazed at her slim, inked body as it tapered into the top of her snug, black jeans. She kicked off her shoes and swiveled her hips as she opened her zipper click by click. She hooked her thumbs into her pockets, shook her ass and pushed her jeans to the floor and stepped out of them. She tore off her skimpy black thong and threw it aside. Her beautiful body, blemished by ink, and her ripe young pussy, weighted by gold, was right in front of me. I reached out for her and she came into my arms and straddled my legs with hers. I felt her pussy hardware press against my sensitive cock.

“I wanna sit on your face!” she barked, and pushed me back on the bed. Her body writhed up onto me and her crotch was in my face and just that quick I was eating pussy. I could smell and taste the strong, fresh funk of her young snatch along with the metallic seasoning of her jewelry as she grinded into me.

“Chew me,” Rachel said. “Chew on my rings. That’s it.”

I squeezed her ass as hard as I could as I alternated between pounding my tongue into her and yanking on the hardware with my teeth.

“Yes, that’s it, that’s good,” she said. “Get that cunt nice and hot and wet and ready for your cock!”

I started feeling a little queasy as I licked her salty oyster. I remembered from the old days this was the acid starting to take hold and it would pass. Rachel squirmed and hissed. I sucked hard on her clit like I was trying to swallow it raw.

“Oh, fuck!” she shouted, and pushed her shaved mound harder into my face, her cunt rings pinching my lips. “Bite me. Eat me.”

I kept munching and her clit felt large in my mouth. Rachel squealed every time I softly bit into it and I could feel the swollen pressure of it pushing back against my surrounding lips. She started bouncing up and down, increasing the tension of teeth and twat, and her pussy slobbered into my mouth. ‘Ugh, Ugh’, she grunted with each velvety rebound.

My body now felt very long and skinny, like my 175 pounds had been stretched from six feet to nine. The queasiness was eroding away and each taste of Rachel had become an ambrosial delight. Every lick, every suck seemed to last, every taste savored over. And I was now painfully aware of my cock—it felt fat and hard and heavy like a piece of waterlogged lumber.

After what seemed like an hour of energetic pussy-eating—although it was probably only a few minutes—with Rachel raving and my jaws pleasantly aching, she suddenly removed her crotch from my face.

“Fuck me!” she blurted, and rolled onto her back. She pulled my hand so I was atop her. “Put that cock inside me.”

I spread her legs and knelt between them. I looked at her body with renewed bewilderment, a garish smorgasbord of shapes and words and landscapes and animal and plant life. My hallucinations were now coming in mercurial waves of more and less intensity. I tried not to be distracted from the task at hand.

“Fuck me. And talk dirty to me,” she said.

“Talk dirty? Why?” I asked.

“So I can come,” she said, grabbing my cock.

My dick looked to me like it was two feet long and six inches wide. There was no conceivable way it could fit into the slim slit of Rachel. But just as the tip was about to touch her jewelry-clad twat, her pussy lips spread wide and opened like the mouth of a piranha…the mouth was blue inside, too…and the piranha swallowed up all two feet of me.

I started swinging into her very gently, wondering how this thin, young girl could take in a two foot cock without splitting apart, and I didn’t want to hurt her.

“Come on, Uncle Hugh, you can do better than that,” Rachel said, and she started humping me hard and fast. “Fuck me!”

I obliged and her cunt felt like a creamy delight wrapped around me. Every millimeter of my member soaked up the ecstatic warmth of her luscious, feathery vagina and every squeeze of her cunt around it and every thrust it made into her seemed to last ten seconds, although at our feverish pace in couldn’t have been more than one.

“Talk dirty to me. Call me a cunt,” she said.

I asked her why and fucked her harder.

“Because I’m an uncle-fucking slut, that’s why. Right?”


“Say it.”

“Say what?”

“That I’m an uncle-fucking slut, you niece-fucker!”

“Okay, you’re a slut. You’re a cunt.”

“Yeah, that’s it. More!” She bit my neck.

“You’re a cock-sucking whore, that’s why I have to fuck you,” I barked.

“You like the way I suck your cock, don’t you?”

“Yes, I do. And I’m paying you back by fucking your piranha cunt. And I’m going to keep fucking it until you come all over.”

“Yes! I want to come on you.”

“Well, hurry up you little whore.”

The words felt weird coming out of my mouth but it seemed to turn her on even more. She dug her painted nails into my back and smacked her cunt into me harder and pinched my cock with her inner walls.

The coral snake on her right tit coiled as if it were going to strike and then started slithering across her chest.

“Oh, shit,” I said. “There’s a coral snake on your tits.”

“I know that.”

“But it’s moving!” I said, my voice cracking.

“Harder!” Rachel said.

Then the scorpion on her left bicep started crawling down her arm with its tail raised and curled and venomous.

“Oh no!” I exclaimed. “The scorpion is crawling down your arm.”

“No, it’s not,” she scoffed. “Close your eyes and keep fucking me. I want to come!”

So I closed my eyes and kept fucking her. But I knew the deadly serpent and venom-filled arachnid were on either side ready to pounce. Then I felt my cum about to boil over.

“I’m gonna come!” I shouted out, and my semen began its rise.

“Yes!” she said, and started rocking even harder.
It felt like I was coming for ten minutes. Each surge rose up through me in extra-slow motion, and replayed itself over and over and the room was an echo of my groans and the succulent slapping of groins.

“Keep fucking me!” Rachel yelled.

I did. We kept pounding each other, for minutes which felt like hours, and then at last, Rachel squealed like a stuck pig and climaxed, releasing a river of cum out of her blue piranha and all over my emptied anaconda.
“I’m not a hooker, you know,” Rachel said.

We were on the bed and I was transfixed watching the spiders crawl around on her hip.

“I may suck a lot of cocks as part of our act, but I only give the rest of me to a man if I care about him.”

I had reached a point where my phantasmagoric visions had subsided. At least until the next wave.

Rachel kissed my lips and it turned into another long one. Her mouth opened wide and while our faces fucked I slipped my fingers into her piranha. It didn’t bite. Again, it was probably only a minute or two, but it seemed to go on and on.

“Thanks for a great fuck,” she said. “And what an orgasm! I could get used to that.”

“What’s with all the dirty talk?” I asked.

“It just helps me come, that’s all. Makes it intense.”

She pinched my fingers with her pussy and grabbed my dick with her hand. She pushed me onto my stomach and got onto my back. She kissed my neck and shoulders and all down my back. She kissed my ass and I gasped when she spread my cheeks apart and licked my asshole.

Another wave was hitting me so I closed my eyes and focused on her fluffy tongue dancing around my rim. Time slowed to a snail’s pace, hardly moving, but her tongue did not. Each lick, each flick, each graze of her tongue was extended and resonated even as the next one began. Then her tongue delved in, filling my ass with its slushy softness and it fucked me with smooth, slow jabs, and it felt like a foot long inside me.

After what seemed like a long time she stopped. “Raise up your ass,” she said.

With my head on the pillow I scooted my knees under me so my ass was up off the bed. She reached through my legs and grabbed my stiff dick and started jerking it and her tongue went back into business on the rim of my ass.

Her hand worked my cock as her tongue worked my ass and I groaned into the pillow with each of her acid-enriched movements. My dick felt fat and wide in her fist as she wanked it and in my balls a cauldron of cum was heating up.

Her tongue slithered out of my ass. Then she tugged my cock down and back through my legs and wrapped her mouth around it. I wrenched my body in that direction to minimize the hyperextended strain on my cock. Her fingers were on my balls and in my ass and she sucked me with a loud, slurpy strength.

Eventually…and again, time lapse was inscrutable…Rachel started her tongue-stud magic, tracing it along the bent-back shaft of my penis. Each power slide of that stud up the side of my delicate dick was probably one or two seconds, but each one felt like ten, and it felt so potent I could hardly stand it. After a short eternity Rachel took it into her mouth again and sucked with a vengeance, and soon I came, one slow-moving stream after another, like a thick shake being sucked up through a narrow straw.

When I was emptied Rachel gave me back my dick and took her finger out of my ass and we slept.
When we woke in the morning the world was normal again. The spiders and snakes again were dormant on Rachel’s inky skin, and although I was somewhat groggy I was seeing straight. My dick was straight as well, and Rachel noticed.

“Fuck me,” she said, stroking it. “Until I come.”

I rolled on top. Her pussy was ready and she put me right in. Without even so much as a ‘Good Morning’, we were fucking. The bed frame screeched as I pounded her. I called her a whore and a slut and a cocksucker and soon I shot a few heavy ropes of sperm into her. I must have slowed down some as I released because she yelled at me.

“Keep fucking me!” she ordered.

So I accelerated my hammering, called her a cunt and a tramp and a few other choice words until she came at last in a loud, lengthy spasm.
We took showers and then I drove her back to where she’d left her car. She asked me what I was doing the following Thursday night.

“Thursday?” I asked.

“Yeah, I have parties to do Friday and Saturday.”

“Oh, I see.”

“Can I come over Thursday night?”

“Sure,” I said. “No acid, though.”

“Right, no acid,” she laughed.
That Thursday would be our last time. I made no more massage appointments. She came over that Thursday night, kissed me and started rubbing my dick.

“I’ve been waiting for this,” she said, and unzipped me.

I already knew we had to stop. Rachel was a messed-up young lady and I was not helping things. She’s fucked up, I’m fucked up. Hopefully I wasn’t fucking her up even more. But knowing how good it would be, I figured what the hell, one more time for the road wouldn’t hurt.

We went to the bedroom and methodically undressed. I was briefly appalled by her tattoo-marred body, but then of course, I was mesmerized at the same time.

I came three times in the next two hours; Rachel came once. My first time was in her mouth. Then I went down on her and ate her and sucked her clit until I was good and hard again. I mounted her and stuck my cock into her sloppy cunt. I banged her like a tom tom over and over, grunting with each thrust, like I was declaring war on her pussy. Looking at her disfigured flesh I felt like some primitive fucking a savage wench in the jungle. I called her dirty names, came inside her, kept fucking her, and called her more dirty names, until finally she unloaded like a willow tree blowing in the wind.

After a brief respite our fingers started walking around. Rachel was fondling my nuts when I rammed a finger up her ass.

“Ooh,” she purred. “That got my attention.” She kissed me.

“You like that?” I asked, and jammed a second finger in.

“Yeah. Fuck my ass,” she croaked.

She wiggled to the bedside and took one of the tubes she’d left on the end table. She squeezed a generous amount of lube into her hand. She fingered her asshole and coated my cock. I spun her around face-down on the bed.

Hers was no virgin asshole. She opened it wide for me. I put my purple helmet to her rim and pushed. Soon I was banging her hard from the bottom up. After a couple minutes of relentless reaming and listening to Rachel moan and groan, I sent another tankful of cum deep into her ass.

I pulled out and watched my semen backflow out of her. There was a string of cum hanging from the head of my dick.

After a minute I got up and told her I had to go to the bathroom.

“Can I come with you?” she asked.

“Huh?” I said, with a bewildered look.

“I want you to piss on me.”


“Piss on me.”

I shook my head and went into the bathroom and closed the door. I peed into the toilet with half a boner.
That was the last time I saw her. I knew it couldn’t continue, no matter how good the blowjobs were. There was no future to it anyway, we both knew that, so what was the point? It was all just suddenly too much to assimilate. The thought of fucking my niece was one thing; but fucking a world-hardened harlot who wants to be pissed on and goes out week after week sucking dozens of cocks is something else altogether. I had no idea how to deal with that.
I’d seen a lot of crazy things while fucking on the acid. But I may have realized some things too. The last time I’d been with Rachel, when I was pumping my dick into her over and over and waiting for her to come, I was thinking about my sister. I hadn’t been in touch with Cindy since I’d been back, although I’d been meaning to give her a call. So on Monday night, I called her.

When Cindy answered she was surprised to hear me on the other end of the line. Since it had been such a long time, our conversation was hesitant at first. But within a few minutes we were talking like old friends, as if hardly any time had passed.

We talked about our marriages, our divorces, our jobs and the family. She told me about all the trouble Rachel had gotten into during her teen years, and how she started stripping right after high school. She said Jimmy had gotten remarried and was now divorced for the second time. We compared notes on our love lives and established that there were no significant others. We talked for over two hours and throughout the entire call there was hardly a dead second. I asked her out to dinner.

On Friday evening after work I picked her up at her condo. It was a small two bedroom where she had lived alone for the past four years since Rachel had moved out after graduating from high school.

Cindy looked sensational. She was now in her early forties but could have passed for much younger. She was still slim and shapely and if she was trying to look sexy she had accomplished her goal. Her blonde hair was long and wavy and she wore gray linen pants and a sleeveless black shirt that showed off her hair and toned arms. As soon as I was through the door she hugged me and kissed my cheek. I told her how fabulous she looked and how great it was to see her. After a brief tour of the condo she gathered up her purse and we were off.

We had dinner at a casual seafood house. Cindy had lobster and I had a combo platter. Our conversation again was free-flowing, and we peered into each other’s eyes a few times. I wondered what she was thinking behind her baby blue peepers. As we were finishing up dinner I asked her if she’d like to stop somewhere for a drink.

“Sure,” she said. “Or we could go back to my place; it may be more comfortable. I make a mean martini.”

We went back to her place and I watched Cindy fix our drinks. Then we sat on her sofa, sipped our drinks and our stream-of-consciousness conversation picked up where it had left off. I told her how much I’d missed her, and she said she’d missed me too, which naturally led to talking about those six or seven months we’d been roommates.

“It was a mistake going back with Jimmy, that’s for sure,” she said. “But you know what they say about hindsight.”

“You did what you thought was right. You had to try. I understood that.”

“If you’d still been around when we split up the second time, I may never have gone back for thirds,” she said with a tired smile.

I took her hand and held it. Then I raised it to my lips and kissed it. That simple gesture broke through any remaining, falling-down barrier that still stood between us.

She squeezed my hand and said, “Siblings with benefits.”

Then we were kissing and I felt and tasted her once-familiar mouth again. It was just as I remembered, like it had been yesterday. Our hands roamed our bodies as we made out, and then without a word, Cindy took my hand and led me to her bedroom. She undressed me and I undressed her, and when our clothes were heaped on the floor we fell into her bed naked, and we made hot, beautiful love.

Well, almost naked, I should say. I had to peel off Cindy’s neon blue pasties and G-string first.

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