Alice was a Seaside Favourite Pt. 03

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I am Mike, and I had retired to a small Suffolk, seaside village. I’d met Alice, and become one of her conquests. I’d also got friendly with Jim, the pub landlord, his sister, Lora, and, without her knowledge, I’d had sex with her daughter, Rachel. Finally, Lady Carstairs, or Fiona, had taken a bit of a liking to me.


Fiona’s text a few days later got my pulse racing.

‘Rupert away now. Come round tomorrow morning for coffee. 11am. Fiona xx’

Alice had warned me about Fiona, and her sexual appetite, but I wasn’t sure how her evidence was gathered. Perhaps just gossip. However, Fiona had seemed slightly troubled at Alice’s lunch party.

Fiona lived at Millport House, about five miles inland from my village. It was a large, rambling house, built in the eighteenth century by Rupert’s ancestors, on the back of a fortune made from the woollen industry.

I drove up the imposing drive, lined by oaks, and parked on the gravel outside the steep steps up to the front door. It was opened by a suited male servant, who showed me into the drawing room.

“Mike, thank you so much for coming,” Fiona looked absolutely stunning in a long flowing cotton dress, pinched in at the waist, and cut quite low, showing off her plump cleavage.

As she kissed my cheek, I took in her perfume, and briefly held her slim hips. Immediately she took my hand and led me into the next room, a much smaller room, with a huge, well worn leather settee.

We both sat down and the servant, who Fiona called Giles, brought us mugs of coffee.

“Oooooh I was expecting the best china,” I joked.

Fiona punched my arm, saying, “Watch it, or I’ll have Giles put you in the dungeon.”

“I’ve only just arrived, and you’re wanting to get rid of me!”

This time Fiona reached out, took my hand, and lifted her legs up beside her, cuddling up to me.

“I want you to stay Mike, I told you at Alice’s that I was having a hard time, I hope you won’t think I’m too needy.”

“No, but this is all rather sudden, and I was thinking I might be a bit out of my depth. A beautiful woman, and a ‘titled’ lady.”

Fiona looked closely at me.

“Mike, I just feel an empathy with you, and I’m attracted to you as well. I hope I don’t intimidate you, I want us to be friends.”

I sat there briefly silent, taking it in. Here I was, sitting in this almost stately home, with a beautiful, married woman, almost offering herself to me. All I could say was, “I’d like that too, Fiona.”

I was expecting a kiss, but there wasn’t. Fiona pressed a finger up to her lips first, and then mine. With no words casino şirketleri spoken, she stood up, still holding my hand, and led me out into the large hall.

Giles was there, and as Fiona led me to the wide, oak staircase, she said to him, “Don’t let us be disturbed Giles, I’ll be in my room.”

His face showed no emotion, and he just nodded deferentially.

As I climbed the long staircase, trying to take in the paintings, the furniture, the ornaments, my eyes kept coming back to Fiona’s ass, as it moved beneath the cotton dress.

Nothing was said until we’d entered a huge bedroom. Oak panelled, the centrepiece was a four poster bed, opposite a large open window overlooking the hedged lined lawns leading to a lake. Long net curtains billowed from the warm breeze entering the room.

Fiona turned towards me, and just before she kissed me, she said quietly, “Mike, I want us to make love, no rushing, slowly so that I can savour the moment.”

The kiss was soft, long, and passionate. Stepping back, Fiona’s eyes anchored on mine, as she unzipped her dress and let it slip to the floor. All she wore under the dress was a skimpy bra, and a thong. She unclipped the bra, and stood on one leg to slip off the thong.

At first I just stared at her wonderful body, soft curves, full breasts, shaved pussy, but then I’m not sure if my gasp was audible.

“Fiona, those marks, who…how…?” My question, and my voice drifted away.

On her buttocks were four red weals, and then I noticed two bruises below her breasts on her rib cage. Both the stripes, and the bruises were turning yellow, so they were not totally new.

“Please Mike, I will explain, but later, let’s make love now.”

She stepped closer, and pressed her nakedness against me.

Straight away I felt the excitement in my loins. My cock was starting to react to this desirable woman.

“Get undressed and let me feel you properly.”

Fiona backed over to the bed, watching me disrobe. She sank back into the bedclothes, making the most alluring shapes with her body.

Finally naked, and feeling strangely odd with my cock erect, I moved to kneel on the edge of the bed. Holding one of the ornately carved posts I leaned over her, and lowered my body on top of hers.

The feeling of flesh on flesh was so good, my chest pressing down on her perfect breasts. My cock somehow rested against her lower body, and the kissing began.

Everything moved into slow motion, but as my fingers felt the raised skin on the weals on her buttocks, there was one more surprise to come.

Fiona pushed me onto casino firmaları my side next to her. It allowed her to stroke my cock, while we carried on kissing. And it was as Fiona rolled me onto my back, that I looked up into the canopy of the four poster.

It hadn’t been visible from beside the bed, but there, carefully constructed between the four posts, was a super sized mirror.

And there I was lying back watching Fiona’s body raise itself up, her legs straddling me.

It was almost like watching a movie. I was fascinated by Fiona’s back, her spine flexing as she adjusted her position, and then suddenly I felt her pussy against my cock.

Quietly I heard Fiona say, “Mike, yes,” as she pushed herself onto me.

Looking up, I watched her face concentrate, her eyes close, and her lips part.

Over her shoulder, in the mirror, I could see her hips start to rise up, and then sink down. I could feel her pussy juices soaking my cock, and gradually she angled her movements so that her clit was being massaged by my shaft.

We seemed to find a slow rhythm, where Fiona was able to build her arousal in the way she wanted. We were not in a hurry, and we were enjoying the sensuality.

Time stood still, and our lovemaking went on, and on. Fiona was in control of the journey, and we were approaching our destination.

Imperceptibly, her hips moved more quickly, impatiently. When she started to cum it was almost quietly, satisfyingly, with a slight gasp, and a whimper, that for a few seconds changed to a quiet growl.

Fiona’s skin had a sheen of perspiration, as she opened her eyes, and looked down at me.

“Thank you, Mike. I want you to cum now please.”

“There’s plenty of time for that,” I replied, “Lay beside me now, tell me your story, because I know from those bruises, there is one.”

Fiona slid from my cock, and cuddled up to me, with us side by side.

“Mike, this is so difficult because it makes me seem like a poor, wretched, helpless, woman. And I don’t think I am.”

“Go on,” I said, “I’m listening.”

“Rupert, as you know is mega wealthy from his banking, and that’s what attracted me to him I suppose. We married, and very soon I realised that he was unfaithful, and had various mistresses on his business trips. When we had William I was still young, and for a while I accepted the situation, but when he went away to school I took a lover. It was an impulse affair, but he found out, and became jealous. He started beating me, and soon it became the only way he managed an orgasm. When he was at home, I dreaded weekends when he wanted sex, güvenilir casino because of the cane, and the belt.”

Fiona paused, and the tears welled up, and trickled down her cheeks. I just held her and whispered, “I understand, you poor thing.”

She went on, “It’s been going on for years, but when I met Alice one day at a social event, we became friends, and I opened up to her. Rupert in fact encouraged our friendship because he didn’t think it was a threat to him. But, and here I’m telling you in confidence Mike, you promise you won’t say anything to anyone?”

“Of course not,” I promised.

“Well we became lovers, Alice and I go to bed together, I suppose it’s a sort of catharsis, a means of having sex in a more gentle way. A bit like we’ve just done.”

Fiona smiled and kissed me, a long kiss, a loving kiss.

“I completely understand,” I said, “But now I’m going to make love to you again, would you like that?”

The answer was another kiss.

My fingers again traced over the raised flesh on her buttocks. I imagined the pain, and then the almost forced sex on this wonderfully sexual body.

With Fiona’s arms around my neck, I raised myself up, and slid between her thighs, my cock finding her still moist pussy lips, and slowly I guided myself inside her. I fekt her long limbs wrap themselves around my trunk, and grip me closer to her. When I was deep inside her I felt the muscles of her pussy gripping me, and seeking out more pleasure.

As we moved on the bed, I knew that she could look upwards and watch me slowly thrusting into her. Again she was quiet, except for soft, rhythmic panting as each movement brought pleasurable feelings.

I was gladly in full control of my urges, and after more slow, languorous movements, made all the more sensual by the perspiration on both of our bodies, we finally reached our climax.

I tried to match the soft passion of Fiona’s orgasm, but I found myself gasping, and crying out rather more loudly than I had wanted.

As I started to spurt my semen deep into her, Fiona softly cried out, “Oh Mike, that feels so good, oh god I can feel you, every drop.”

We both fell apart exhausted, side by side, looking up at ourselves, wanting this not to be the first and last time. We would want more. But Fiona brought a touch of realism when she said, “Rupert mustn’t find out about this, or you going to bed with me. Giles will not say anything, he’s completely faithful to me. But if Rupert gets an inkling he will make you regret it, somehow.”

I think I shuddered slightly, but Fiona’s body beside me made the threat fade quickly. It had been the most wonderful couple of hours I had had in a very long time.

When Giles finally saw me leave, I had began to wonder how the little seaside village was bringing my retirement so alive.

What more was to come?

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