A Second Chance at Love Pt. 4

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Chapter 1

Jim was distressed as he packed his bags. He had to leave for an extended trip to Europe. He was going to be out of the country for almost three weeks helping to set up a branch of his firm in Germany. The trip had been planned long before Jim met Jenny and there was no way for him to get out of it. Unfortunately, Jenny couldn’t get away to join him either.

It was actually good for Jim to be going away for a while. He really needed time to think. There was no question that he loved Jenny deeply, however, he was in a quandary. He found that he had a special feeling for Katie that went beyond friendship. Jim was confused and needed some time alone.

Jenny knew that Jim would have concerns over his relationship with Katie. The truth was that she cared for Katie as well. Their relationship was rapidly becoming very special. Jenny felt that Jim’s absence would be good for him and give her a chance to explore her own feelings.

The day after Jim left, Katie seemed shy around Jenny. She was battling with her own emotions. She felt guilty about how much she had enjoyed sex with Jim and how much she would miss him. She really needed to talk to Jenny but she was unsure how to bring the subject up.

It was near the end of the week when Jenny and Katie finally had an evening free. They were sitting in the kitchen after dinner talking about their week when Katie said that she needed to discuss some personal issues.

Jenny knew what was coming.

“Jenny, uh…I uh…I think we need to talk about what happened…you know with Jim.”

“I agree,” Jenny responded quickly, relieved that Katie was bringing the subject up.

“Jenny, I feel so guilty about how much I enjoyed being with you and Jim,” Katie said. “I cherish your friendship and don’t ever want anything to come between us.”

“I could tell that something was bothering you,” Jenny said. “But there is no need to feel bad. I am the one that encouraged what happened. If you feel bad, it’s my fault.”

“It’s not your fault,” Katie said quickly, “I participated willingly. I just don’t want you to be mad at me.”

“I could never be mad at you Katie. I think you know me pretty well by now. I don’t feel at all jealous about you and Jim together. It’s really pretty strange but because of the way I feel about you, I enjoy watching the two of you make love. Listen, I don’t know where my relationship with Jim will go, however, I’m pretty sure it won’t be your standard girl/boy relationship,” Jenny said then fell silent for several moments. “Maybe I’m a sexahololic or a nymphomaniac, I don’t know. But I’m comfortable with who I am right now. I think we just need to see where our relationship goes.”

“Jenny, I…I feel things for Jim that I shouldn’t,” Katie said in a rush, her face turning red. She hesitated then said, “The truth is that I feel the same way about you!” Tears began to form in her eyes as she looked at Jenny for her reaction.

Jenny reached over and grabbed Katie’s hand and said, “Katie, I’m glad you said that because I feel that way also. You are very special to me.”

“I just don’t know where this can go,” Katie said, tears streaming from her eyes.

Jenny got up and came around the table. She pulled Katie up and hugged her. “I didn’t know where it will go either. Let’s take it one day at a time okay?”

Katie smiled at Jenny through her tears.

Jenny took Katie’s face in her hands and wiped tears from her cheeks with her thumbs. Slowly Jenny pulled Katie’s lips to hers for a tender kiss. When she pulled back, she said, “Why don’t we have a girl’s night out. Let’s put on some slutty clothes and go out and have a little fun.”

“You’re impossible,” Katie said with a smile.

“That’s why you love me,” Jenny responded.

“I do,” Katie said seriously, looking into Jenny’s eyes.

A half hour later the two ladies met in the living room. Both had put on their sexiest dresses. Jenny had on a micro mini skirt with a skintight tank top and high heels. She had on bright red lipstick and blue eye shadow. Katie also had on a short dress with a split practically to the hips. Neither had on panty hose; however, Jenny had left her panties in the drawer.

They went to a local club that was known as a “meat” market. When they arrived it was pretty crowded. Within minutes the guys were hitting on both women. While they each danced with guys, neither let it go too far. Whenever they felt their partners getting to friendly they would burst their balloons and move on to the next victim.

Eventually the guys figured out that the two women were just teasing and began to go after the available women. That was fine with Jenny and Katie, as they had no intentions of leaving with any of them.

Later, Jenny and Katie ended up together at a booth in the back of the bar. They sat close together and watched the winners leave with their catches and the losers leave alone. They giggled and talked for quite a while until the bar only had a hand casino şirketleri full of people left.

Jenny snuggled close to Katie, placing her hand on her bare thigh. “This was fun huh?” she said.

“Yea, it was good to get out, but I think I had a few too many,” Katie said leaning into Jenny.

They fell silent as both watched Jenny’s hand move slowly up Katie’s thigh.

Katie sucked in her breath as Jenny’s fingers brushed her already wet panties.

“Take your panties off,” Jenny whispered.

“Jenny!” Katie said, her eyes opening in shock.

“Please,” Jenny said.

Katie looked around to make sure no one could see before she lifted up and slipped her panties off. When she started to put them in her purse, Jenny stopped her, taking them from her hand. Katie watched as she brought them to her nose and inhaled. She felt a shiver run though her and her pussy quiver.

“You smell good,” Jenny said.

Katie just moaned.

Jenny placed her hand on Katie’s thigh again and slid it up until her fingers felt her wet swollen pussy lips.

“Oh God Jenny,” Katie moaned as Jenny slid two fingers into her pussy. Katie’s hips had just begun to move on Jenny’s fingers when she pulled them out.

“Let’s dance,” Jenny said as a slow song started to play and the lights dimmed.

“We can’t do that,” Katie whispered, “they’ll think we’re lesbians.”

“So what!” Jenny said and pulled Katie from the booth.

Katie moved into Jenny’s arms tensely. When she felt her new lover’s soft breasts and warm body, she relaxed, letting her pull her close. Suddenly she felt overwhelming love for her friend. She looked into Jenny’s eyes as their lips met. Their bodies stopped moving as their tongues dueled.

There were a number of eyes in the room on the two women kissing in the middle of the dance floor.

Jenny pulled away breathlessly and whispered, “Let’s go home.”

A short time later the two lovers were on the bed naked in each other’s arms. Their lips and tongues couldn’t get enough of each other. Suddenly, Katie stopped and looked into Jenny’s eyes. “I want to eat your ass,” she whispered, almost embarrassed.

“What?” Jenny asked thinking she had not heard her correctly.

“I want…to uh…eat your…ass,” Katie said again, her voice failing her.

“Oh God Katie,” Jenny whimpered and turned over onto her stomach. She moaned again when she felt Katie’s hands on her ass cheeks, spreading them to expose her little hole. “Ohhhhh,” she whimpered as Katie’s tongue touched her sensitive little rose. “Oh God, oh God,” Jenny moaned as Katie used her tongue like a cock to open her ass. Jenny moved her hands under her body and began to rub her clit. Within seconds her body was tensing, ready for climax. “Suck my ass,” she screamed as her body began to convulse. “Ohhhhh God, I’m cummmiiiinnnngggg!!!”

Katie was relentless with her lover’s ass, kissing and sucking it until long after Jenny’s shuddering stopped. She continued to kiss her lover’s soft ass cheeks until Jenny finally turned over.

“It’s my turn,” Jenny said.

“You don’t have to do…you know…do what I did,” Katie said.

“Just try to stop me,” Jenny said, pushing her friend over on her back and raising her legs into the air. The neighbors could have heard the scream as Jenny’s mouth descended to Katie’s tiny hole.

The two lovers spent the entire night making sweet love. They even took the next day off and stayed naked in bed, barely getting out to eat. Over the next several weeks the two spent almost every night in each other’s arms. They explored everything two women could do to one another.

Chapter 2

Jim was very happy to be home after his grueling trip. He walked in the door Saturday afternoon and was almost bowled over by Jenny and Katie. God he was a lucky man he thought as he walked into the living room with his arms around two gorgeous women.

Jenny and Katie acted as excited at two teenaged girls at a rock concert. They barely gave Jim time to talk, filling him in on all the happenings while he had been away. They left out their confession of love for each other and that they had spent almost every night making love. That confession could wait.

They talked for two hours before Jim said he had to unpack and needed to take a nap after the long trip. He had been on a plane for almost twenty hours and was exhausted.

Jenny told him that she and Katie had a special dinner planned for him. She asked Jim to sleep in a spare bedroom after he unpacked because she wanted to get the room ready for their special evening.

Jim smiled broadly, knowing that look in Jenny’s eyes.

Later that evening when Jim awoke, he found a suit and tie on the chair next to the bed. There was a note from Jenny telling him to put the suit on for dinner. It also said that Katie would have a drink ready for him downstairs. Jim had no idea what Jenny was planning but he wasn’t about to complain. He had missed casino firmaları their sexual activity and couldn’t wait to see what Jenny had conjured up.

Jim dressed and went downstairs and sat in the living room, waiting for Jenny to get ready. He could hear Katie in the kitchen preparing dinner. He was reading the newspaper when he looked up to see Katie walk in carrying a serving tray with a drink on it. His jaw dropped in shock when he saw what she was wearing.

Katie had on a little French maid’s outfit. There was a black mini dress with white apron and a little white hat. The dress was so short that it didn’t cover her black mesh nylon tops. She even had on black garters straps holding up the nylons. On her feet she had the highest high heels Jim had ever seen. The top of the dress barely covered Katie’s breasts, almost exposing the nipples. Her hair was made up perfectly with two little curls hanging down her cheeks.

“Would monsieur like anything else?” Katie said with a cute French accent as she bent over to hand Jim his drink.

“Uh…uh…no uh the drink will be fine,” Jim stuttered, his throat suddenly parched. Jim took the drink from the tray and took a large swallow, his eyes wide, staring at Katie’s still bent over form. He could actually see the brown of her nipples above the dress top. Jim wondered if Katie had any panties on as he watched her turn and leave. He didn’t wonder long.

As Katie left the room she dropped a napkin she had on her arm. She bent over at the waist, her knees straight, then shivered as she felt her short dress pull up baring her ass.

Jim gasped when he saw Katie’s naked ass and bare pussy between her thighs. Jim turned his drink up and gulped it down.

Seconds after Katie left Jenny walked in to join Jim.

“God!” Jim said as he saw Jenny’s dress. She had on an incredibly tight and short blue form fitting dress. The top consisted of two strips of material that barely covered her breasts. The material tied around her neck. Jim could see her hard nipples poking through the thin material. When Jenny spun around, Jim saw that the dress was backless, all the way to the top of her ass.

Jenny said, “You like?” looking over her shoulder with a smile at her stunned lover.

“God!” Jim said again, starting to take another drink from his empty glass. His hands were shaking.

“I think dinner is ready,” Jenny said, taking Jim’s hand and leading him to the dinning room.

The table was set for two. There was a white tablecloth and lit candles in the middle.

As soon as Jim and Jenny sat down, Katie returned with a bottle of red wine. She poured Jim a glass, making sure she bent over in an exaggerated fashion in order to expose her almost bare tits to him. When she turned to pour a glass for Jenny she gave Jim a close up view of her now glistening pussy lips. Jim’s cock was already tenting his pants.

“Monsieur, madam, dinner will be ready shortly. Will there be anything else?” Katie asked.

“Yes, come here for a second,” Jenny said.

Katie walked over and stood next to Jenny. She couldn’t suppress a moan when Jenny’s hands reached around the back of her thighs and slid them under her short dress. Her fingers immediately found Katie’s wet pussy and slowly slipped inside.

Jim watched in excitement as Jenny lifted the dress, exposing Katie’s soft ass cheeks and her own searching fingers.

“That’s very nice,” Jenny said as she pulled her wet finger from her pussy. She looked at Jim and made a show of licking Katie’s juice from her fingers. “She’s so sweet,” Jenny said then smacked Katie’s butt causing her to scurry out of the room.

During dinner Jim was constantly hard. Every time Katie came in, his cock would throb. When dinner was finally over, Katie came in and asked if they would like desert.

“I think I know what desert Jim wants,” Jenny said and reached up behind her neck and untied her dress. She let the top fall from her breasts, exposing them to Katie and Jim. Both Jim and Katie gasped at the site of Jenny’s large soft breasts shimmering in the candlelight. Jenny got up and knelt between Jim’s legs. Without a word she opened his pants and freed his hard cock. She took his cock in her hand and squeezed a little drop of clear juice from the head. She smiled up at her lover then dropped her head took the dripping cock into her mouth.

“Ohhh,” Jim moaned, feeling his balls already tighten. He knew that it wouldn’t take him long to cum after being without sex for so long.

However before he could cum Jenny pulled her mouth away and grabbed his cock with her hand. She moved close between his legs and placed his cock between her soft breasts.

Jim’s eyes were wide with lust as he watched Jenny begin to move her tits up and down on his cock. The room was quiet except for the labored breathing of the three of them. They all watched as Jim’s swollen cock head appeared and disappeared between Jenny’s breasts. The space between her soft güvenilir casino breasts was becoming slick with Jim’s fuck juice.

“Oh Jenny, I’m going to cum if you keep that up,” Jim said, almost in a panic.

Jenny smiled up and him and moved her tits faster, using Jim’s clear juice to make the space between her breasts slippery.

“Oh Jenny,” Jim moaned, “I can’t hold it.” Jim didn’t want to cum so quickly but could do nothing to stop it as he watched Jenny’s smiling face and moving breasts. Suddenly he groaned as his cock throbbed. A long stream of white juice leaped out of his cock head to hit Jenny under her chin. She squealed in delight and kept her tits moving, forcing more juice to squirt out. Soon her neck and breast were covered in Jim’s cum. It was obvious that Jim had waited for some time for this. Jenny’s neck and breasts were literally covered in Jim’s juice.

“There, that should take the edge off,” Jenny said and stood up. “Now I think our maid needs a little desert,” Jenny said as she moved in front of Jim and pushed the plates out of the way to sit on the table. Then she laid back directly in front of Jim. Katie stepped over, bent her head and began to lick Jim’s cum from Jenny’s neck and breasts.

Jim watched in amazement as Katie licked and sucked Jenny’s sperm covered breasts until there wasn’t a trace of his cum left. When she was done she smiled at Jim, her lips glistening with his juice, then turned and gave Jenny a very sloppy kiss. Jim’s cock was already hard again. He stood up and picked Jenny up in his arms and carried her upstairs. He felt bad about leaving Katie but his lust was too great for him to stop.

Jim pushed the bedroom door open and found the room aglow with fragrant candles. The bed was turned down and there were red rose petals strewn all over the silk sheets. Jim placed Jenny on the bed and quickly stripped off his suit then crawled between his lover’s legs. He kissed Jenny passionately and moved his cock between her spread legs, touching her wet pussy lips.

“Oh God yes, Jim fuck me. I’ve missed you so much,” Jenny said as she wrapped her legs tight around Jim’s waist. Jenny moaned as Jim’s cock slid slowly into her squeezing pussy lips. She felt every inch of him as his hard cock plunged to the depths of her open pussy.

“Oh God, you feel so good,” Jim moaned as the warmth of Jenny’s body enveloped him. Slowly he began to fuck her. He worked his cock in and out for a long time, savoring the feeling of warmth and love from his wonderful partner.

“Fuck me lover, fuck me hard,” Jenny practically screamed as she wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. She held him so tight only his hips could move. The room was quickly filled with moans of delight.

Jim fucked Jenny gently then forcefully, then gently again, bringing her to numerous climaxes before his balls tightened. “Here it cum baby,” Jim said as he pushed all the way into his lover and felt his sperm traveling up the length of his buried cock. “Oh yes, oh yes, take it, take my juice.”

Jenny was climaxing over and over as she felt her lover fill her with his thick sperm. She pulled him deep into her with her feet pressing onto his back. “Yes, yes, fill my cunt with your juice,” Jenny moaned as her fingernails dug deep into Jim’s back.

Jim didn’t even feel the pain of his lover’s nails as he emptied everything he had into his lover’s wonderful pussy.

Neither of them heard Katie’s moans of pleasure as she stood outside the door, her legs spread and her fingers deep in her pussy.

It was in the early hours of the morning when Jim awoke to Jenny’s mouth on his cock. Jim was barely awake when Jenny straddled his hips and fucked them both to another climax.

Chapter 3

Jim awoke the following morning with Jenny in his arms. He lay there for a long time, enjoying the warmth and closeness of her body when he heard a gentle tap at the door then saw Katie peek in. She smiled and pushed the door open and came into the room carrying a tray of food. She had on a white terry cloth robe. Jim didn’t think she had anything on underneath the robe.

“I thought you two would be hungry,” she said sitting the tray next to Jim.

“Katie, you don’t have to do this,” Jim said, suddenly feeling bad that they had ignored her last night. However he didn’t feel bad enough to not look between the open top of her robe to see her breasts swinging freely.

“It’s no problem. You don’t have to do the things you do for me either.”

Jenny stirred in Jim’s arms and opened her eyes. She smiled up at Katie. “Good morning,” she said sleepily and stretched her arms. “Oh breakfast in bed, how nice,” Jenny said and sat up, letting the sheet slip from her bare breasts. She saw a momentary look of lust in Katie’s eyes as she glanced at her bared charms.

“I uh…uh…I think I need to get dressed,” Katie said and hurried out of the room.

“Morning sweety,” Jim said as he placed the food tray over their laps.

“Hi lover,” Jenny answered and kissed Jim quickly. “This was so nice of Katie. She is a wonderful person.”

Jim fell silent as they ate.

When Jim didn’t say anything for a long time Jenny asked, “Is something wrong sweety?”

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