An Unforgettable Family Vacation

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One beautiful morning, Robert kissed goodbye to his wife Lisa just in a sexy way every loving husband would. He was setting out for a business trip with his colleagues.

Lisa seemed dis-heartened as this sudden plan of a business trip ruined their vacation. She expected this vacation to be an unforgettable family experience as they were taking a vacation after a long time.

Somehow Robert convinced Lisa, as the business trip was un-avoidable. His car rode down the gates of his country-sided lonely farm house.

It was four of them in their family Robert at his mid fifties (55), his wife Lisa in her late forties (48), elder daughter Anna in her mid twenties (26) and younger son Carl in his early twenties (21). Lisa returned to the kitchen, continuing to prepare breakfast for the remaining.

It was eight in the morning when Anna came down stairs in her shorts and T-shirt walking through the kitchen asking for her morning coffee. She looked really tired, as she had to send a quotation to her client within the stipulated time. “Typical job.”

Anna: “Mom, where is dad?”

Lisa: “He is out of town for a business trip, and it would take a week for him to be back home!”

Anna: “What? It was to be a family vacation, dad totally ruined it.” It has been years since we have been out for a vacation. Every time we plan for a trip; it would be either my job or Carl’s post-graduation classes, which becomes an obstacle.

Lisa: “Yes he did, I thought this vacation would be an unforgettable time for us, we would have had quality time together.”

Anna just sipping her coffee said, “I wish something surprising should happen to make this vacation an unforgettable one!”

Lisa: “I think I have to do something to make it interesting!”

Its when Carl walked into the kitchen rubbing his eyes and yawning. A handsome young man in his night pants and t-shirt.

All of a sudden Anna burst laughing just spilling a bit of coffee on her T-shirt. Lisa and Carl didn’t understand the reason for her laughter. Lisa asked Anna the reason.

Lisa: “What is so funny Anna, say to me so that I too can laugh.”

Anna: “I laughed seeing Carl’s morning wood (boner) , which has made a tent in his pants.” again bursting into laughter.

Lisa noticed Carl’s boner. She too wasn’t able to control the laughter, yet she controlled.

Carl was embarrassed by Anna’s comment and was trying to hide his boner which was of no use as he wasn’t wearing underwear.

Anna: “Carl looks like your tiny little brother is saluting. Haha…”, she again burst out laughing.

Lisa: “Shut up Anna.”

Carl: “Oho a salute, then what is it pointing hard in your T-shirt my dear sissy?” He burst out laughing.

Lisa turned around to notice Anna’s nipple growing hard which was clearly visible through her T-shirt as the spilt coffee made it transparent and that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

Soon Anna and Carl started to tease each other by vulgar statements. Lisa was growing restless by both of their behaviour.

Lisa: “Stop it both of you, enough is enough. Both of you are exceeding your limits. What kind of manners do you possess? Is this how you portray others?”

Lisa was thinking for a while when an idea struck her. She planned to execute the incest seduction story she read last night, “The black-mailing thriller!”

Within few minutes Lisa again shouted “Carl, can’t you take care of your boner before you leave your room, and Lisa why are your nipples hard?” she asked with a crooked intention.

Both of them remained silent, they didn’t know what to say.

Lisa: “This shows your indecency and lack of respect towards others. This kind of behaviour shows lack of manners.”

Lisa calmed down and thought something for a while. Loosening her apron and taking a deep breath she said,

“Its time you grownups know things! I think its time for your education.”

Anna and Carl at a same time “What education are you talking about?”

Lisa: “Sex education!”

Both of them, where shocked to hear this from their mother. While Carl replied “what has that to do with our fight, moreover we know what sex is. We have been taught in our school.”

Lisa: “You idiot, what do you think? You know everything by just watching porn!”

Carl: “Porn… What are you talking about, I never?” Carl stumbled upon his words.

Lisa: “Oho don’t act so innocent, you never delete your browser history. I know you watch porn.”

Carl was totally embarrassed while casino şirketleri Anna started laughing at Carl.

Lisa: “You are no exception madam. I know your dirty little secrets about your boyfriend and the instances you try to sneak out with him.”

Anna stopped laughing.

Lisa: “This shows your lack of proper sex education. Sex education teaches to accept sexuality and respect each other. I never expected I would be telling these things to you.”

Both Carl and Anna were silent. Lisa walked out of the kitchen dragged a chair from the dinning table and sat down in the dinning room.

Anna and Carl walked towards their mom, they were little bit ashamed by their actions and wanted to make up for everything they had done. With their heads down both of them said “sorry mom… sorry for everything.”

Anna: “What do you expect us to do mom? We would do, what ever you want us to?

Carl: “Yes mom… Please forgive us.”

Lisa: “Ok then, I want you both to co-operate with me, for this sex education session”

Anna: “What? You mean now.”

Carl: “Who is goanna teach?”

Lisa: “Its my duty as your mother and it would be me re-teaching you sex education.”

Anna and Carl were surprised. Lisa continued. “Before I start I would like to know the level of your knowledge.”

Lisa: “Carl, how much do you really know about women’s body?”

Carl with a bit of embarrassment replied “I… I… Uh…”come on Carl its just me and your sister there is no reason for shyness feel free and respond to my question.

Carl was still hesitating which was clearly visible from his expressions. Lisa all of sudden pulled Anna towards her making Anna stand beside her. She pointed at Anna’s breasts and asked what are they called?

Carl again with a bit of hesitation replied “Boobs.”

Lisa: “Boobs! Oh my god, this is what porn has done to you. These are actually called as breasts.”

Anna stood there without uttering a word trying to control her laughter. Seeing this Lisa turned towards her and asked “what is making you laugh so much.”

Anna: “Sorry mom.”

Lisa: “I have a solution for your laughter. I think a visual demonstration would be better than a verbal lesson. Anna remove your T-shirt!”

Anna was totally surprised listening to it.

Anna: “No way, I’m not removing my T-shirt.”

Lisa: “It has to be a proper sex education. It’s an order Anna, come on remove your T-shirt.”

Anna: “Mom, I’m not even wearing a bra.”

Lisa: “It doesn’t matter, anyway he is your brother. We are family. Now go on remove your T-shirt and show your breasts to your brother, this way he would better understand.”

With a lot of hesitation Anna removed her T-shirt flashing her milky white breasts to Carl. Lisa gripped Anna’s tiny, little breasts and started squeezing them with her hands.

Lisa started to run her hands above her shirt. Carl was dumbstruck he was out of words, he was starring at his sisters milky white tits.

Lisa: “Carl… Carl… Hmm for better understanding I would show you mine too,” saying Lisa started unbuttoning her shirt. Her huge milky white tits were trying to reveal themselves, soon they were out.

Carl wasn’t able to believe what was happening, his mother and sister were half nude and were flashing their tits. Soon everyone was out of their embarrassment and started to respond positively.

Lisa: “Carl, have you ever seen them before?”

Carl: “Yeah mom, in porn.”

Lisa: “No I am asking in real, have you ever seen these?”

Carl: “No mom, it is my first time.” Anna was grinning to Carl’s response. Lisa started to play with her breasts.

Lisa: “Carl… can you see the nipples getting hard?”

Carl: “Mom… can I touch them?” Asked in fear.

Lisa: “Why not, come on touch them.” Carl approached Lisa and started pressing her boobs. Anna too joined them and squeezed Lisa’s boobs.

Lisa held both of their heads by her hands and pressed it, forcing them to suck on her nipples. With a little moan out of pleasure.

Now Anna and Carl were licking Lisa’s tits while Carl was caressing Anna’s breasts with his hands. Lisa and Anna’s nipples grew hard. Suddenly Lisa pushed away both of them.

Lisa: “Carl, are you feeling your penis growing hard?” Carl’s penis was rock hard pumping through his shorts.

Lisa: “Anna, go and remove your brothers shorts.” Anna quietly followed Lisa’s orders. She slowly approached Carl. She gripped Carl’s shorts and slowly slid it down casino firmaları kneeling on the floor.

Soon Lisa too knelt down, now both of them were kneeling on either side of Carl’s pulsing rock hard penis. Lisa could sense Anna’s lust growing through her eyes. She held Carl’s rock hard penis with one hand, and said.

Anna: “Is his penis small or huge mom for a 21 year old?”

Lisa: “He is huge, its bigger than his father’s dick.” Both of them burst laughing.

She continued, “Look, Anna it’s getting bigger.” Saying she pinched Anna’s right nipple with one of her hand.

Lisa then bent in front of Carl’s cock and licked of the pre-cum oozing out of his hard cock. She suddenly lifted Carl’s cock straight and immediately kissed Anna, sharing the pre-cum through her lips. Carl was not able to believe his eyes. His mother was french kissing his sister while she started to gradually stroke Carl’s cock.

Lisa broke the kiss and started to teach on ‘how to give a proper hand job’. She took Anna’s left hand placed it above her hand which was already stroking my cock. It was a totally unforgettable sight, as both of them were stroking him at the same time.

Lisa: “Anna, listen… Women’s mouth has a great role in pleasing a man.”

Saying she slowly started to lick Carl’s dick sideways. She then pulled Anna towards Carl’s cock. Now both of them were licking Carl’s cock from side ways.Their tongues were combating on Carl’s cock. Suddenly Lisa broke the spell.

Lisa: “Anna, this penis head arouses men, do you want to try?”

Lisa then ordered Anna to bend and suck Carl’s balls while she started to play with my cock’s tip teasing it. All of a sudden she thrusted her mouth and took the whole of my penis in her mouth.

“Ah…” Carl moaned in pleasure. Lisa stayed as it is until she gagged on my cock.

Lisa was surprised to see her mother take a whole cock in her mouth. Lisa released Carl’s cock and coughed, while saying “Come-on Anna switch over now it is your turn for the blowjob.”

While Anna positioned herself in front of Carl’s cock, Lisa caught hold of Anna’s hair and tied it into a pony tail so that it doesn’t disturb the blowjob. Anna put her tounge out and started to play with Carl’s dick head. Lisa with a naughty smile,

“That’s it, Anna, thats how you treat a man by arousing him first.”

Anna started to blow Carl with her wet mouth. Anna’s eyes were filled with lust, she with her wide open eyes was staring at Carl as she continued her blow job.

Suddenly Lisa pushed Anna’s head such that Carl’s cock was totally inside Anna’s mouth. Immediately Anna gagged and pulled out. Bit of tears rolled out her eyes. “Men like it rough Anna, don’t you my dear,” Lisa asked Carl.

“Oh… yes mommy.”

Lisa started to increase the stroking rate, Carl wasn’t able to control and shouted, “I’m goanna cum…”

Lisa and Anna positioned themselves in front of Carl’s cock, in few seconds Carl painted their faces with cum and then tiredly sat on the chair.

Lisa and Anna started to cum swap, soon their play was finished. They both stood up. Carl’s cock grew small dripping little bit of cum.

Lisa: “Oh, my dear Carl this is the right way to treat your boner. Ok now it’s your turn to please us my boy. Where is your manly power?” Lisa teased Carl by words.

Carl in a tired voice replied “What should I do?”

Lisa and Anna climbed on the dinning table and lied on their back, they were half nude. Anna was about to remove her shorts while Lisa stopped her and said “Carl, come on get up show your manly power tear of our clothes.”

Carl started by tearing his shirt off and approached the ladies. He gripped Lisa’s skirt and tore it off showing her underwear. Then he tore off Anna’s shorts she wasn’t wearing any under wear. Her pussy was little hairy.

Carl was about to fuck Anna, Lisa got up and struck his cock hard saying this is not how you show your manliness.

Carl: “Then what?”

Lisa: “Any women would like their man to suck their pussy first. Now bend down and undress my underwear using your teeth.”

Carl followed her orders. Then Lisa asked “Carl, do you even know how to lick a pussy?”

Carl laughed and said, “Why not, here I go.”

Carl started to suck her pussy in an amateur manner.

Lisa immediately slapped him. “You pornographic idiot, this is not the right way,” saying she guided Carl first to her clitoris saying,

“This is the main spot of a woman, its how they get aroused. güvenilir casino Now slowly suck it and play with it using your tongue.”

She then started to guide Carl as she pleased. While this was going on Lisa asked Anna to rub Anna’s pussy on her face. Carl became an expert and started tounge fucking Lisa.

“Oh… my… god… Carl, you are so… good at this.”

Lisa wasn’t able to control and suddenly squirted all over Carl’s face. She was violently vibrating for seconds.

Anna rolled over besides Lisa. Now Carl moved over to please Anna. Lisa ordered. “Carl, every woman like their own style and believe, they will guide the way it arouses them just follow their orders.”

Carl followed Anna’s guidance. Anna was soon screaming in pleasure.

“Ah… amazing… I have… never experienced it… Oh my god…”

Lisa was down sucking Carl’s cock. Soon Anna squirted a large load of squirt, which fell partially on Carl’s face and the floor. She was vibrating like a devil. Her breath started to deepen.

Lisa: “Ok my dear, now its time to get into real action. I have already made your cock nice and wet for our pussies. Now do as I say.”

Lisa: “Anna, come and lie over me.” Anna followed Lisa’s orders, now Anna was lying over Lisa. It was as their pussies were stacked.

“Now start to insert your cock slowly into my pussy,” ordered Lisa with a struggled voice as Anna’s back was crushing her breasts.

“Stop…” shouted Lisa.

“Anna rush to my room and pick the blue bottle of lubricant oil in my draw, it is a blue colour bottle.”

It was a pleasant sight to see Anna running, as Anna’s tiny breasts and plumpy ass bobbled up and down as she climbed the stair.

Anna’s hair was waving as she ran, soon she reached her mom’s room, she started to search but wasn’t able to find it so she called out for her mom.

Lisa woke up held Carl’s dick with one hand and walked towards her room. Lisa reached the room along with Carl and picked the lubricant from the other draw. “Can’t you even find a lubricant?”

Saying she squeezed some lubricant on Carl’s cock and stroked it all over. She lied down on her bed and applied the lubricant on her pussy, then she asked Anna to get back in the previous position (stacked) as they were on the dining table.

Then she applied some lubricant on Anna’s pussy and fingered it.

Lisa: “What are you waiting for Carl? Start with my pussy.”

As Ordered Carl started with his mothers pussy, he kneeled and slowly inserted his dick head. It slid easily into his mother pussy.

Lisa was moaning loudly and was caressing Anna’s boob with one hand and fingering Anna’s pussy with the other. Now Carl removed dick and tried to insert into Anna’s pussy it was tight. With little effort he got half way in.

Suddenly Anna shouted “Slowly, you idiot I’m a virgin.”

“What about your boyfriend?” asked Carl while continuing to thrust in his hard cock.

“We never went past kisses!” said Anna.

“Oh… so is it. Now take this you virgin.”

Saying Carl pumped his whole cock inside Anna. Tears started to roll out her eyes.

Lisa: “Slowly you idiot.” Hearing this Carl pulled out his cock and inserted into his mom’s pussy. He was increasing the pace. She was screaming like a devil.

“Oh… fuck… fuck… fuck… faster… son… faster… fuck the whole through which you came through.”

In order to tease he again inserted his cock into Anna’s pussy, now she was ok. She too started screaming “Oh… fuck me brother… fuck…ah.”

He was fucking them alternatingly in a stacked missionary position. After few minutes Carl shouted that he was goanna cum. Lisa shouted, “Don’t cum inside our pussies, it might lead to pregnancy. Pull out immediately.”

Carl pulled out and cummed all over Anna’s belly. He breathed heavily. Suddenly Anna got up and pushed Carl against the wall. She planted a deep kiss on Carl’s lips, her tongue was throbbing through his mouth.

Carl wasn’t able to breathe. She then in a fierce voice said “You are the best brother and the best fucker ever.”

Saying she kneeled and started sucking the cum dripping on his retreating cock.

Carl just managed to take a breath when his mother planted a french kiss, again making struggle for a breath. She then kissed all over him and said “I see. My sex education session has made you the best fucker.”

She then started licking cum off Anna’s belly. This wasn’t an end to their family creampies. They tried all possible positions even anal, though it required lots of lubricant and plenty of strokes.

They even tried under-water sex in the swimming pool. This became an unforgettable family vacation which turned their lives.

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