Amy: Experiences Ben Wa Balls

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When Jerry calls me on Tuesday, I refuse his invitation. After two days of internal struggled, I call him back and agree. The temptation is just too much for me. I think to myself, “Fuck therapy; I can’t take it; I’m a junkie.”

Although Jerry isn’t specific, I know that it will be one of those sexual experiments like those that I deviate into at least once a month. It’s the dark, sick, and contradictory side of me.

The date is for next Sunday’s football party at his house. I get there about fifteen minutes before I am suppose to be there and Jerry, in his rough and obnoxious manner, chews me out. It is part of his game.

The small party has already started. Justin and his white bimbo hard body girlfriend from the health club, Liz, are here. Dennis, another health club friend and running partner of Jerry, is here along with his friend Tom. Several other guys and girls are here and they are well into the alcoholic refreshments. There is another woman, Annie Marie, whom I had not met before. Although she is probably twenty years older than me, she seem more like me; not part of the clique. She is very pretty but not in athletic shape as the other. She is dressed in a conservative skirt, blouse, and jacket. She appears shy. She has on a wedding ring but doesn’t appear to be with anyone.

Many thoughts crossed my mine — I am not as well built as many of the girls there; most of whom where well conditioned tri-athletes or aerobic instructor types. I don’t have normal relationships or dates; in fact most of the time I don’t let my regular dates touch me very much and most relationship break off since I am so cold and impassionate.

Jerry doesn’t introduce me but leads me upstairs to the bedroom. Liz, Justin’s girlfriend, follows us and curiously stands by the door. Jerry verbally abuses me by reminding of my perverted behaviors and calling me his usual names like “bitch in heat”, etc. “Take off those shorts,” he commands. I slip off my loose fitting white shorts and sit on the bed. He pushes me back “Show me some skin you whore.” I pull up my light blue silk chiffon camisole to the base of my breasts; it is low cut and I do not wear a bra. I pull my matching string bikini panties down to my slit.

He takes some shiny metallic balls from his pocket and rubs them over my abdomen and ribs. “Do you know what these are?” he asks.

“No,” I shake my head.

“These are Ben Wa balls. They go in your pussy; they rub against your ‘G’ and make you really excited. You think you will like these?”

I nod my head “Yes.” The very thought fascinates and excites bahis firmaları me.

I become more excited as he rubs the balls up against the bottom of my breasts, which is a particularly strong erogenous zone for me. He then rolls the balls along the elastic of my panties and then along my parting slit over my panties. He reaches for the jell, puts some in this hand, and stick it in my panties. I look over at Liz, exchange some brief eye contact before she turns away from watching me and takes a sip of her beer. I take a deep breath and grunt as Jerry pushes the balls inside of me.

As I walk nervously into the room, Jerry introduces me, “Well, everybody this is Amy, our hostess who will serve us today. She’s a good whore.” Emphasis is placed on the ‘serve’ portion. Here I am, a $140k a year management consultant, serving drinks and wanting a sex trill from a bunch of jocks. I am really fucked up and addicted. Several jeers are directed my way along with eyes examining my body. Although the jeers bother me, the eye examinations send a tantalizing tingle through my body. I stand, hiding behind a chair, knowing that I am already wet from the balls. Jerry grabs me and pushes me out in front of them. I nearly fall. The group is shocked. “Look, she’s already cum,” he jokes. In a way, I am relieved as the introduction is forced and I know the worst part is over. “Go get us some more beer, you bitch.”

I serve the beer and I am actually proud of my wet pussy showing through the bikini panties. The balls keep me in a constant mode of stimulation. Sometimes when I go to kitchen, I pull my panties up tight; trying to show the outline more; other times, I pull them down a bit showing more pubic. I like it when the guys try to touch me but Jerry immediately stops them.

A beer accidentally spills and I am blamed. Jerry grabs me by the arm and pulls me into the kitchen. “Get down on your hands and kneels; you dog,” he shouts. He places a collar around my neck and attaches a chain to it. It scares and excites me. He reaches in through the back of my panties and fingers me. I feel his fingers moving the balls and a juice streams form. Taking my juices, he finger fucks my ass. It is only seconds before I start back-fucking his fingers. Just when I am about to anal-orgasm, he withdraws. “Nice, huh baby?” he says.

I shake my head yes; almost ready to cry. “Yes,” I sputter.

He takes a butt plug and shoves it into me. “Roll over Muffy; I want to do your tits.”

I lie on my back and he lifts my camisole and puts cloth cover rubber bands around my breasts. He puts little ties on my kaçak iddaa nipples.

“Let’s go to the bedroom,” I whisper. Then “Please fuck me.”

Ignoring my pleads, “Roll over,” he commands. “Come on. Let’s go for a walk; you whore dog.”

My breasts are tiny and this makes them elongate as I crawl back into the room. I feel my nipples rubbing against the loose camisole. “Here everyone is my new dog, Muffy. Isn’t she pretty? Look at her tail. Anyone want to butt fuck my dog?” Jerry points the end of the butt plug pushing out my panties. “Look at her tits too. Isn’t that a good boob job?” My camisole barely covers me and it is easy to see my breasts. My nipples have been hard all afternoon and I have enjoyed bending over and having people peek at them.

Robert immediately pipes up “I’ll fuck her. I fucked her good a couple of months ago and she was really great. She even did my younger brother. She would do the dog if I would let her.”

“Well, have at her,” Jerry volunteers as he leads me over to Robert. “Just leave her panties up.”

Robert pulls and pushes on the plug several times before Jerry stops him. “Whose next?” Jerry queries as he leads me around to all the guys.

“OK, now you women,” he clamors as he pulls me over to Liz who is getting plastered. Liz yanks my panties back and meanly jabs and twists the plug causing me to jump in pain. Jerry yanks my chain and the group laughs and cheers. The next bimbo treats me real nice and gets booed. She joking kisses and licks my rump and gets jeered.

The last person is Anne Marie. Anne Marie has been extremely quiet and by herself the afternoon. When Jerry pulls me over to her, she is pail. Surprisingly, she pulls down my panties in the back and fucks me smoothly with the plug. I feel her fingers slip between my legs reaching for my pussy. Jerry jumps up and scolds her intently. He motions for Dennis and they lead her from the room to one of the larger bedrooms. I think to myself that the games have begun and she is next.

In no time, Jerry returns to the room and turning towards me commands “take out those balls and bands you undeserving cunt.” I sit down, take off my panties and reach in for the balls. All eyes are on me. I take off my top and undo the bands. My breasts are red, indented, and oddly shaped from the bands. The blood rushes through them causing me to wince in pain and ecstasy. The group has been indiscreetly making out all afternoon but by now it is fairly overt. Jerry does not allow any of the couples to leave or go to the bedrooms.

I hear moans and cries from Anne Marie who kaçak bahis is in the bedroom. Jerry brings out a two-ended dildo and hands it to me, “Here take this.” I start to masturbate with one but he stops me. “Get back on your knees you blonde headed hound.” I crawl on my knees; it is difficult with the big dong hanging between my legs.

“OK, now get up. You’ve been a good mutt today,” he proclaims. He cuffs my hands behind my back and leads me by the leash to the bedroom where Anne Marie is still moaning. The group follows. Anne Marie is tied spread eagle on the bed; clamps are on her nipples and her vagina is spread wide with clamps. Dennis and Tom have been teasing her with a feather for the last forty minutes.

“Amy, here’s your prize,” Jerry says to me as he tells Dennis and Tom to undo the clamps on Anne Marie. I turn and want to bolt, as I have not done this before. Jerry takes the dildo and strokes me and pushes against the front of my vagina causing me cringe. Robert takes a feather to my hardened nipples.

I hear Anne Marie crying out to be fucked as the clamps on her are released. Liz says, “I’ll fuck you Anne Marie.” She takes a wine bottle and tease-fucks Anne Marie with the top section of the bottle.

I can’t take any more and move to the bed. With my hands cuffed behind me, I mount Anne Marie. Dennis helps me with the dildo. As I ease into Anne Marie, our mouths, tongues, breasts and hips are join. Someone undoes my cuffs and collar and I take her head in my arms passionately kissing and squeezing her. I break to undo her wrist straps and received her soft arms firmly around me as we kiss like new lovers.

When I stop to release Anne Marie’s ankles, I notice Liz leaning against the dresser. Her blouse and bra are off. Her breasts are big and round. Jerry has the zipper on her jeans partially down. His hand is in her pants and she is methodically fucking his finger. She seems to be enjoying it as hers arms are wrapped tightly around Jerry’s head and their tongues intertwined. Justin is nonchalantly rubbing her breasts. Liz seems much more interested in Jerry as evident by the passionate kissing and the headlock she has on him. Justin appears dismayed.

Anne Marie and I had several intimate dates after that Sunday. On one occasion we were able to get away for a weekend when her husband was on a golf outing. I especially like it when he husband leaves for business trips. I spend the night sleeping with Anne Marie in their bed. I sleep on the side he normally sleeps on and wear one of his white or blue starched shirts. When he calls late at night, I put my head against her shoulder and listen to their casual and intimate conversations and then I enjoy fucking her and sleeping against her.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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