Aaron’s Apples Ch. 06

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Finals were over for Aaron and he was happy to be home. He just hoped that things would work out better than they had at Thanksgiving. He thought they had too. Surely his dad and Mr. Peacher weren’t going to be in the way for the whole month of Christmas break. He looked forward to fucking his mother and Mrs. Peacher.

If nothing else maybe Candy, the Peacher’s daughter, would come around and they could have some fun together. He was spending his first day resting as his Mother was hurrying about getting ready for Christmas. There was to be a welcome back party for Candy tomorrow after her 30 weeks of study abroad so Virginia Berrybush was baking goodies. She came to Aaron’s room and asked, “Would you return these supplies to the Peacher’s for me. I’m done with them now, and thank them for me. You might also ask what time Candy will get in.”

“Sure, mom I should let them know I am back.” He was happy to go over as he knew his mom was so busy that he wouldn’t be getting in her pussy for awhile. He thought maybe Felicity Berrybush would be horny for his cock. This thought gave him an instant erection so he ran out the door without even putting on a coat.

He rang the bell and waited a bit for someone to answer. Meanwhile, Cherry Peacher, Candy’s grandmother and Felicity’s Mother in law, peaked out the door wondering if she should answer it. It took her a few seconds then she recognized the neighbor boy and went to answer it. “Mrs. Peacher I am Aaron from next door. My mom sent me over to return this stuff she borrowed.”

“Well, come on in Aaron from next door and take that stuff into the kitchen, please.”

“Yes Ma’am I am supposed to ask when Candy will be in”

“Her plane is due right now but has been delayed at least two hours. Felicity and John were already at the airport when they found out. So with this weather and how far north the airport is from here they decided just to wait there for her.”

“I will let my Mom know,” he said as he carefully placed the bowls, pans, and utensils on the kitchen counter.

“How about some hot chocolate before you head back in the cold. You wouldn’t mind keeping an old woman company for a bit would you?”

“I guess I could,’ he said simply. Actually he did not mind at all. Cherry Peacher had always been very nice to him. Even when he was seven she didn’t treat him like a kid. She always made him feel as if what was important to him was also important to her. Besides, for a 62 year old lady she was a fox. Here she was in the middle of a Kansas City winter wearing a short skirt and a V neck blouse and looking good in them. She didn’t have any of those blue casino şirketleri veins along her still sexy legs. She was just a little stocky as she had put on a few pounds since her Husband died just over a year ago. Aaron could not believe that a tent was forming in his pants as he watched her large boobs bounce slightly and her massive ass jiggle as she walked around preparing his drink.

Cherry caught Aaron giving her the eye and then noticed his excitement. This caused stirrings in her as she had only recently started going out again and had sex only a couple of times since her husband, Freestone’s death. Freestone had always kidded that she was going to fuck him to death. Which is exactly what happened as they both came he had a heart attack while squeezing her tits as she rode him like a cowgirl. Cherry was flattered at Aaron’s attentions and decided to see if it was her that made him hard.

So, as she went from place to place in the kitchen she brushed up against him four times. Each time the contact was a little harder and lasted longer. The last time she stayed in contact, their hips pushed together, while she handed Aaron his chocolate. As he drank Cherry moved her hip slightly and kept doing this until she was directly in front of the boy. “Don’t just stand there young man. Do you like what you see on this old woman’s body; if so, how about taking a closer look and see if it still intrigues you? You might actually like the experience.”

Aaron thought this family was crazy. If Candy is as horny as her mother and grandmother he might have a chance after all. Even after his experience with his Mom and Felicity he was nervous. Cherry was more than 40 years older and he was a little worried about what he would find inside her panties.

He was so horny that he decided to take a chance. Still behind her, he reached for the buttons on her blouse and slowly unbuttoned each one as he kissed the nape of her neck. Aaron pushed the blouse off of her shoulders and began kissing there until she stepped forward to let it fall to the floor between them. As she did this Aaron unclasped her bra which Cherry made sure quickly fell to its spot next to the blouse.

Aaron trailed kisses down her back as he squeezed her boobs. It was not long before all he could see was that big ass. Her womanhood smelled every bit as nice as any lady he had been with so he went for it all and dropped both her skirt and panties to the floor. “Aaron, aren’t you a little overdressed for this. Why don’t you get naked and meet me on the couch.” she whispered.

He almost made it to the couch before she did, not because she was older but because casino firmaları Aaron ripped off his clothes that fast and practically ran into the living room. He sat down beside her giving her a good once over. He was enthralled with her huge jugs they hardly sagged at all. She pulled him into her arms and sucked his face strong and wild. In seconds her hand was pumping his cock lightly. Her other hand guided his head to those jugs of joy.

His mouth gave her tits a workout as he quickly kissed from one to another while squeezing them roughly with both hands as she rubbed them against his face. Aaron snuck one of his hands away to investigate her lap. Still a bit nervous to see if an older woman’s pussy is any different than that of a younger lady. The rumor around school was that the older women got the looser their cunts became. As he played in bush he was happy to find no surprises as Cherry had a beautiful soft bush. He pushed his finger between the outer lips and found her little clit and stroked it lovingly before dipping his finger into her cunt.

Her cunt walls instantly grabbed his finger tightly. Cherry had always been proud of her muscle control down there. That is what her husband like so much about her.

She had Aaron lay down on the couch and his cock disappeared into her mouth. She didn’t want him to cum in her mouth. She liked to suck cock until it shot in her mouth but right now she had a higher priority. Aaron was just getting into it when Cherry suddenly stopped. But, he was not sad for long as the woman straddled his waist. She took him into her in one stroke. She bottomed out against his pubic bone and she squeezed his cock so hard that Aaron thought seriously that she might squeeze his cock so hard that he would pass out. Her strokes were magic. Aaron was glad he was young as he came in less than a minute the first time. Cherry kept on going. Thankfully he was as hard as ever.

She frigged her clit as she rode his joystick. Aaron was tugging on her massive 46D’s as she urged him on, “That’s right yank my boobies, harder. Slam that cock up my pussy. Come on, you bastard. Make me cum, oh fuck, oh my god.” Aaron could not believe how much stamina she had. Some of the girls at college would not be able to keep up with Cherry Peacher. Finally they both came in one large eruption.

“I fear you made a mess in me. Now, you need to clean it up,” she demanded as she lifted off the boy and sat her cunt right on the boy’s face. Except for a few gray hairs among the blonde Aaron thought her pussy was as gorgeous as any he ever seen. He had no trouble digging in. As he ate her delicacy he pulled apart her ass güvenilir casino cheeks and gave both a hard squeeze. This also allowed him to get a whiff of her asshole’s mighty stench causing him to dig in even further.

“Eat up kid, Damn it! Eat everything down there. Get your fucking cum out of my pussy.” Aaron had forgotten that his jism was in amongst Cherry’s fluids but reluctantly went ahead and ate it all up. He decided he didn’t want to eat his own cum again but was glad he did this time as He really tasted the full strength of his spunk Cherry’s head went down onto his cock.

They were now very much into a full sixty-nine and Aaron gently poked a finger into her asshole. She jerked just a little but continued sucking his shaft. Aaron came up for air, “That’s you old bitch suck me. Make come in your mouth. Oh, fuck yes.” Aaron shot a load into her mouth as he felt a huge shudder from Cherry’s body.

She rolled off of him, sitting on the floor beside the couch, and talked for awhile. When Candy’s name came up Cherry told him that he should keep trying to get her to go out with him. After all, in college the rules weren’t the same as girls could date younger guys without being outcasts. After all both her husband and her son, John, were younger than the woman they had married. This gave Aaron hope and something to think about.

Aaron teased her and said with her sexual talents and good looks she could easily get any man she wanted and even keep him if she wanted to. She thanked him for the compliment and then asked if his Grandpa Berrybush was still single. This got a laugh from Aaron and a resounding, “Yes he is. It would be more than weird if you hooked up with my Grandpa and I married Candy! Talk about your close knit families.”

Just then the phone rang. Cherry came back and told Aaron that it was Felicity and Candy’s plane was in and they were getting her luggage and would be right home. The odd couple kissed a couple more times as Aaron got one last grope of her tits and ass. They agreed that this was a one time thing as they would pursue other lovers. Cherry felt more alive than she had since Freestone’s death and Aaron was happy to experience the love of a mature lady.

Aaron ran home after one last hug. Virginia was there to greet him, “What took so long? Did Felicity get in my boy’s pants?”

“No mom, she wasn’t there. Candy’s grandmother was the only one there and I guess she was lonely as she wanted to talk so, I stayed awhile.”

“That was nice of you. When is Candy coming in?”

“They’re leaving the airport now.”

About a half hour later the Peacher’s car pulled into the driveway and Aaron thought tomorrow will be an interesting day. Maybe Cherry Peacher was right that Candy could be persuaded to date or even have sex with him; the erection was already building in his pants and wouldn’t go away.

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