A Mother’s Luxuries Ch. 14

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Gregory watched as the sisters wobbled out of the store with drunken pleased expressions on their faces. Then Kelly sauntered up.

“Quite a bit of noise in there.” She smirked.

“If it isn’t loud then I’m not doing it correctly.” Greg winked.

“Tell me, how much is it for a session like that?” Kelly asked.

“Two hundred for thirty minutes. It goes up by fifty for every half an hour.”

“All things considered, that’s a good price.” Kelly said as she eyed his robe hoping to get a glimpse of his cock but didn’t.

“Gregory.” Valarie said as she walked out. “Go home. It’s two.”

Gregory waved his acknowledgment to Valarie who waved back and dipped back into the office.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.” Kelly said with a bright smile.

“Tomorrow is my day off actually. I have school.” He replied and headed to his room.

Kelly was just about to pursue him when a customer walked up to the counter.

With a frown she walked to the counter to assist the customer.

Gregory gathered up his things and pulled out his phone and texted his mother.

‘Where are you two at?’

He pulled off his robe and slipped into a pair of slacks and a casual black button up shirt. Gregory took pride in his appearance, not just because he was the partial owner of a business but also because he was the owner of two beautiful women.

He felt that that demanded he dress better. His slave and toy deserved a master who took pride in them and he most certainly did. He slipped into a pair of casual dress sneakers and assembled the rest of his belongings. Just as he grabbed his car keys, a text message came through. He unlocked his phone and was surprised to read the message.

‘At the mall right now master’ Linda replied ‘inside Ralph’s.’

‘Both of you go to the dressing room and get the furthest stall in the back and wait for me.’ He texted back.

‘Yes master’ she replied.

Gregory walked out of the room and grabbed a pair of remote controlled vibrators and hurried to the counter. Kelly looked at the vibrators and then at him.

“Looks like you are ready to have some fun.” She smirked.

“Always.” He winked and tossed thirty dollars onto the counter. With his discount of being partial owner he knew what the cost of it would be. Kelly rang him up and he stopped her from bagging up the toys.

“I’ll need them.” He said and pulled apart the plastic wrapping. Kelly noticed that he had changed out of his robe and into a very casual semi-formal outfit.

Her insides quaked with arousal as she looked him up and down. Gregory didn’t notice as he unpackaged the toys and checked their levels of charge. Both toys were three-fourth way charged.

“It’s enough.” He said and looked at Kelly who seemed very preoccupied. “Thanks. See you Wednesday.” He said and walked out. He never noticed that Kelly had been masturbating behind the counter as she visualized his cock inside of her.

Gregory stuffed the toys in his pockets and hurried across the mall. He looked in his wallet and did a quick count of his money and a quick list of the bills he had to pay. Rent was due next week and his school bills were basically paid off after he had started putting nearly a thousand dollars to them each week. In his bahis firmaları wallet he had seven hundred dollars.

The other eight hundred dollars he had made that day were going straight into the bank where he had been putting a third of all the earnings he made in. He crossed the mall and hooked a right down the hallway which was a dead end and led to Ralph’s. The retail store was a mix of three levels.

Kids and electronics were on the bottom floors. Men’s section was on the second floor and the women’s section was on the top floor. Ralph’s carried everything from skirts and formal dresses to beach wear. It was a massive retail department. He took the escalator up to the top floor and followed the side of the store to the fitting room.

Each stall was large enough for nearly four people and as he walked in he noticed that they were all empty. Except for the stall at the very end on the right. He pushed open the door to find Linda and Lisa sitting on the bench, naked and dripping wet from their pussies which were spread wide open.

“Hello master.” Linda said. “I missed you.”

“Me too master.” Lisa said.

“I missed you both too, and I got you both gifts.” He replied and pulled out the toys. Lisa instantly recognized the toys from the one that he had used on her at the store.

He walked up to Linda and began making out with her.

Tongues and lips mashed together as he rubbed her pussy with the soft silicone toy until she was dripping and the toy was soaked. He pushed it into her vagina and she made a soft moan as it set into place. Gregory pulled away and moved to Lisa who engulfed his passionate kisses and sucked on his tongue. Lisa could hardly believe how badly she wanted his attention.

He rubbed the toy along her pussy and slipped it in. He stepped away and smiled at his two girls.

“Get dressed. Let’s go shopping.” He said and they both got dressed and followed him out to the store.

“Lead the way ladies.” He said and Linda walked in front followed by Lisa who walked on his side. Linda wasn’t jealous that Lisa liked to stay close to him. In fact she found it really sweet and was glad that she had opened up to him…and her.

Linda walked over to the dress section and started picking through the dresses.

“Lisa sweetie?” Linda said. “You should try out a few dresses too. I think you’d look good in maybe a green or blue.”

Lisa squeezed Greg’s hand and went over to the dresses and picked out a deep blue dress that ruffled on the bottom and a bright green dress that flowed down to her knees.

Linda picked out a new sundress in a bright pink and a pair of pants. After about thirty straight minutes, a staff member walked up. Something Gregory had been waiting for. He pulled out both remotes and pushed the manual button and turned the vibrations up to level two. Both Linda and Lisa let out a surprised moan that startled the female staff member.

“Can I…help you two with anything?” The staff lady asked hesitantly.

“No…thank you though miss. Just browsing.” Linda said as she tried to control her breathing.

Greg turned up the vibration to level four and Lisa looked at him with wide eyes of urgency and plea. Greg didn’t relent though.

The female staff member walked kaçak iddaa off to assist another guest and Lisa fell to the floor.

“Master! I’m cumming!” She said in a loud whisper. “Oh god I’m cumming!” She nearly shouted. Warmth spread across her thighs and a small puddle of dark spread over her jeans. Linda could feel her climax building but she had a much stronger tolerance to teasing after so many years.

Greg turned off Lisa’s vibrator and she sighed in relief. Greg turned up Linda’s vibrator two more clicks without warning and her climax shot up. She looked around to see if anyone had heard her moan but there was no one nearby.

“Master.” She whined. Her orgasm was creeping up too fast and she had a feeling it would be too much. “Master…please I-“

Gregory leaned into her ear and whispered;

“You will cum when your master says to cum” and turned up the vibrations one more click. Linda lost control and leaned into her master for support.

“I’m gonna squirt! Oh fuck me master, I’m gonna squirt.” She said a little too loud and her legs shook and she let out a loud uncontrolled moan as a steady stream of cum poured straight down between her thighs and into the floor.

Linda’s eyes rolled back and she collapsed into his arms. A couple people a few rows back hurried away. Linda breathed against her master and just enjoyed his touch as she recovered from her squirting orgasm. Lisa stood up and grabbed her dresses and grabbed Linda’s dresses.

“Let’s go to the dressing room.” Greg said and they made their way.

Linda’s dripping pussy left a small trail of cum drops on the tiled floor. Once Gregory shut the door to the stall it was Lisa who got into position first. She sat on the bench with her mouth open wide.

“I am at my master’s use.” She said.

Gregory unzipped his pants and pulled out his massive swollen cock and pushed it into her mouth. Lisa moaned as she felt his cock press against the curve of her throat.

Greg groaned as he desperately wanted to push more in but he knew she might not be able to handle it. Lisa started sucking the four inches of his cock with eager lust. She pulled and swirled and pushed her tongue up and over and around his cock as she slurped up his thick precum. When she pulled back, it was Linda who rushed in and instead of sucking his cock she took in his testicles.

She sucked on his left testicle and then the right. Lisa didn’t waste any time as she started sucking his cock again. She opened her mouth and started fucking the four inches of his cock the best she could with her mouth. Thick strands of saliva infused precum fell from her open mouth and plastered onto Linda who didn’t seem to even notice as she fondled his balls with her tongue.

Both Linda and Lisa pulled away and Gregory smiled down upon them.

It was that smile that gave them all the reason, all the joy to be his slave and toy.

“Let’s see about those clothes now.” Greg said and sat down as he watched them strip out of their clothes and then try on the new clothes. The dresses hugged Lisa in a way that she hadn’t anticipated enjoying but she liked it.

Linda enjoyed the choices of color that she picked out. Once they had tried on all the clothes, they walked out and paid quickly kaçak bahis and then left the store. They walked across the mall and sat down at a bench that overlooked the center courtyard. Dozens of people walked to and from stores and just wandered about.

As they sat there, Greg reached into his pockets and without warning he turned on both vibrators and turned them both up five clicks. Lisa’s eyes went wide as she shrieked in surprise. Linda managed to stifle a moan but neither could prevent their heavy breathing from leaking out into soft whines.

“Oh master.” Linda breathed heavily.

“Master please…” Lisa whined.

“It’s because I love you both.” Gregory said and turned up the vibrations two more clicks. Lisa collapsed sideways into him and couldn’t contain her moan as she orgasmed again. Her damp thighs thickened with fresh cum that soaked into her jeans.

“Master!” Linda whined into his ear. “Master! I can feel another squirt. Master please! I…”

Gregory turned off her vibrator all at once and she sighed in relief.

“Go to the bathroom and get changed. Both of you.” He ordered.

They both leaned over and kissed him on the cheek and then hurried to the bathroom. When they came back out he couldn’t help but stare.

He had never seen Lisa wear something that showed off her slender figure in such an attractive way. Linda’s sundress held her breasts and hips and ass perfectly, making sure every curve was visible.

“What do you think, master?” Linda asked.

“I think I’ve never seen something more beautiful in my whole life other than you two right here.” He replied.

Lisa blushed and filled with a warmth she could hardly understand.

“How about we go to a special store now.” Greg asked.

“A special store?” Lisa asked.

Without giving a response he held out his hands and they each took a side and walked with him. On the opposite side of the mall were a series of shops that were different.

There was a uniform shop and an alternative health shop but what he wanted was the cosplay shop. They walked in and realized that neither Lisa nor Linda had ever gone in.

“I want you both to pick out two outfits. Two that you will want to wear at home. I want it to be of your choosing. I’m going to sit right here.” He said and sat down in a chair at the entrance and smiled.

Linda and Lisa took off together and started walking up and down the aisles. They looked at nurse costumes and pet costumes. The first outfit that Linda found pleasing was a whole set of black lingerie with clip on garters. She grabbed it and continued looking. Lisa on the other hand found herself enjoying the look of an outfit that was a mix of a maid and a school girl.

It had a short frilly dress with a cut off top and a pair of knee high socks. She grabbed it and looked some more. After nearly forty minutes, Linda decided on a second outfit which was a pair of shorts that had the middle section of the crotch cut out and a top with a large split down the center that pulled apart the breasts. Lisa decided upon something that was not in her normal scope of wear but she wanted it.

She picked out a pair of all black leggings which had the crotch taken out and a top with suspenders clipped to the bottom with the nipples cut out. Once they walked up to the register Greg paid without looking at their purchases and they walked out.

“Thank you master.” They both said in almost unison.

“You’re very welcome.” He replied.

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