A Missouri Summer Ch. 03

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The Fourth of July was nearing, but neither Ryan nor his Aunt Kimberly was in any sort of patriotic spirit. In fact, they were both too wrapped up in their sexual escapades that they didn’t even notice the approaching holiday. By now, Ryan had memorized Kimberly’s modeling schedule and was often waiting at the front door for her to return home so they could pick up where they left off.

In the beginning, it was all about Aunt Kimberly’s big breasts and Ryan’s erect cock, but now they seemed to focus more on the intimate portion of their sexual adventures. Making out was taking longer and longer, and lately, they spent more time kissing than sucking and squeezing. During their most recent encounter, Kimberly and Ryan made out passionately for over an hour. Her lips were so soft, it was almost impossible for him to pull away!

The Independence Day mood came rushing back when they received an invitation to Kimberly’s modeling boss’s party. The event supposedly was a big deal, so Ryan was forced to wear a suit. It was uncomfortable, yes, but Kimberly had mentioned that there’d be a lot of other models there, so he wanted to look his best.

When the night had arrived, and Kimberly and her nephew had managed to pull away from their fondling and such, both went off to prepare. Ryan donned a brand new formal suit complete with a distinguished-looking blue tie, and Kimberly decided to wear an elegant and highly revealing dress. Her nephew begged insistently for a quick make-out session, but he was refused until after the party. Disheartened and very horny, Ryan got in the passenger seat of Kimberly’s SUV and they drove off.

From miles away, Ryan could hear the loud music and see the flashing lights. Limos lined the narrow, busy streets, but they somehow managed to snag a spot near the front gates of the mansion in which the event was being held. Kimberly led her nephew up the steps and past the security checkpoint, where the snooty-looking guard gave him a nasty look. Immediately, a man in a flashy tuxedo and a pair of designer sunglasses canlı bahis planted a kiss on Kimberly’s cheek and hungrily looked her over.

“You look absolutely stunning, babe. Come on; let me introduce you to some people.”

The man ignored Ryan completely and instead ushered a very confused-looking Kimberly off to a group of other rich men, whose eyes were immediately drawn to her protruding chest. Ryan sighed and wandered off to the bar, where he picked up a glass of what looked like champagne and downed it in a single gulp. After drinking a few more glasses, Ryan was feeling lightheaded and took a seat on a nearby couch. He closed his eyes and rubbed his aching head, wishing that he was at home when a tall, dark-haired woman sat beside him, placing her hand on his lap and moving closer.

“Hey baby, wanna have some fun?”

He looked at her. She was obviously one of the models, as she had a full head of flowing black hair, gorgeous green eyes, and what were, without a doubt, a pair of enormous implants. She flashed a sultry grin and led him off, not waiting for a reply. They went up the stairs and into a huge, empty bedroom. The woman guided Ryan to the bed and pushed him down. She began to undo her green dress and run her hands over her giant boobs.

“My husband just paid for me to get them bigger. What do you think?”

Ryan smiled stupidly and hiccupped, reaching out to grab them. She laughed and allowed him to continue, straddling his lap and unbuttoning his shirt. He moved his hands all over her naked tits and gently pinched her rock-hard nipples. They didn’t feel anything as good as his aunt’s naturals, but he was very drunk and could barely tell the difference. As she began to kiss his neck, she cooed softly in his ear.

“My husband is 84 years old. He’s loaded, of course, and gives me everything that I ask for, but he just can’t please me in the bedroom.”

If he was sober, he’d detest this woman, but in his intoxicated stupor, he didn’t care. She jammed her warm tongue into his mouth as she undid his pants and bahis siteleri grasped his rigid shaft, positioning it right under her wet pussy. Peeling off her thong and shoving him inside of her, the lady groaned in pleasure and bounced up and down on his lap, as Ryan lay there, content and tired. It didn’t take her long to finish, and she didn’t wait for him to orgasm, but instead gathered up her clothes, kissed him quickly on the forehead and rushed off to the corner to dress, breasts jiggling like crazy.

Disgusted at himself and wanting to go home as soon as possible, Ryan pulled up his pants and began to clumsily button his shirt and fix his tie. When he approached the door, it flew open to reveal a muscular and very agitated-looking man, who shoved Ryan against the wall and began to yell at the lady.

“What the hell is this, Natalie? Who’s this kid?”

She looked frightened as he neared, and quickly covered up her naked tits.

“He…he forced me to…I didn’t…I love you, Gunther!”

Gunther turned to face Ryan, his face red with rage.

“I’m the only one who can have sex with Natalie when her husband is on business! I’m gonna teach you a lesson, you little bastard!”

He picked up a nearby lamp and smashed it against the wall. Unfortunately, the loud music downstairs drowned out the noise and no one could come to Ryan’s aid. Gunther had a maniacal smirk on his face as he readied himself for a fight, allowing Ryan time to get up from the floor. He swung at him, and missed narrowly, but the second time, Gunther managed to punch him square in the eye. As he crumpled to the floor and Gunther prepared to finish him off with a swift kick, he was stopped short by a sudden knee in the groin by Aunt Kimberly, who had wrestled past Natalie and jumped between them. Gunther moaned and fell back onto the bed. Kimberly seized Ryan’s hand and quickly led him down the stairs and toward the door, when the man in the sunglasses from earlier jumped in front of them, accompanied with a short man, with a camera.

“Where do you think bahis şirketleri you’re going, baby? This is Xavier; he wants to take a few pictures for his website. Come on; let him see those fat titties of yours.”

He reached forward in an attempt to rip Kimberly’s dress down, but she was quicker and decked him right in the stomach.

“Don’t bother waiting for me tomorrow.” She added coldly as they raced off to her waiting SUV.

As they drove off in the direction of Kimberly’s house, Ryan fell asleep on the window and woke up in Kimberly’s bed, with her lying next to him in a big t-shirt. She smiled comfortingly, but it was obvious that she had been crying. Ryan gently pecked her on the cheek and held her close as she rubbed his leg.

“I knew I shouldn’t have brought you there. It’s a bad crowd…”

He swallowed as he remembered the incident with Natalie.

“Yeah, it was…yeah…”

She took his hand and placed it on her chest, smiling seductively.

“Well, we’re alone now. What do you want to do?”

Ryan, still slightly drunk, squeezed her breast softly, jiggling it around in his palm.

“Ooh, Ryan, that’s what I thought.”

She giggled and quickly found his dick beneath the blankets. Grabbing it and gently massaging the head, she shook her boobs in her nephew’s hands.

“I love you.”

They embraced tighter and Ryan kissed her passionately on the lips. They rolled around under the blankets, as Kimberly continued kneading Ryan’s stiff cock, getting faster and more powerful by the moment. While they were shifting positions, Ryan managed to grasp a handful of tit and shove it into his mouth, sucking it delicately and striking his tongue at her nipples. By now, Kimberly’s hand had worked him to an orgasm, and as he climaxed, he gripped one of his aunt’s slippery tits while he groaned in pleasure.

Heaving deep breaths and burying his face into Kimberly’s soft chest, he sighed and closed his eyes. He was glad that this night was over, but he knew that one month with his aunt had already passed and he was thirty days closer to going back home. He didn’t want to leave his aunt, who he had grown to love more than he had expected to, so he was determined to make the rest of his time in Missouri as memorable as possible.

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