A Lesson Much Overdue

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(This story is purely fiction)


When I was young, I was frequently left with my aunt for around 4 days a week so my parents could work. She had long thick dark brown hair. A decent pair of boobs, the kind that jiggled, but slightly sagged due to her being 41. She had a large ass due to diet, big hips, and skinny everywhere else. When I turned seventeen, my hormones were raging. I was sexually attracted to every girl I saw. Back then I was confused because I grew up in an extremely conservative family and didn’t know much about sex, and especially not what a female’s body looked like under her cloths. The one girl I became interested in more than any other, was my aunt. See, we had nicknames for all the family members at the time, because the younger kids had trouble pronouncing the names. My aunt’s name was Dinah, so we called her Di Di. That summer, I left for Michigan to live with my grandparents for a year.

I returned the next year, and everything had changed. One of our dogs even died. My aunt had had surgery and the medicine she was on messed with her hormones. Her boobs grew a size, which eliminated the sag, and she was more hyper and happy it seemed. Over the next few days, I also noticed her covering her crotch frequently. I put two and two together and realized that she was horny as hell.

The next week, she invited me to spend the night with her in a purely family way. We used to do this all the time since she was like a second mother to me. I entered her house at 7:00 p.m. I tiptoed back to her room to scare her, but I heard a noise. I stopped bedava bahis at her doors, which are folding doors allowing me to see slightly in and hear the sound. She was moaning, and rocking her legs back and forth. I didn’t know what was going on. All I saw were her legs moving but she sounded in pain. I thought to help her, but she didn’t have any pants on so I decided to leave. Right when I got ready to leave, the moaning stopped. I entered the room forgetting that she wasn’t wearing any pants and said hello.

“Oh, hey bud!” I asked if she was ok and told her that when I was coming back to the room, I heard moaning. She looked surprised and said, “Yeah, my stomach was hurting but it is better now. I looked down and remembered that she was only wearing panties and a t-shirt.

“Oh, sorry. I didn’t know you didn’t have pants on!”

She replied with, “Who cares, I see you in your boxers all the time. Who cares if you see me in my underwear?” They were cotton Victoria’s Secret, white with thin blue stripes about every inch. “Climb on up,” she said. I shed all but my boxers and climbed into the bed just as always and sat about a foot away from her.

We turned on The Notebook. When it got to the part where they have sex in the unfinished house, she leaned on my shoulder. About 2 minutes later I looked down to see her boobs were a few inches from my face, and I had full view into her low cut white t shirt.

“Enjoying the view?” she laughed. I stuttered trying to say sorry. She laughed and said that’s ok. I then noticed that her panties bedava bonus were soaking wet. And I could see her hair and a vague mound underneath. “Would you stop staring at my pussy!?” she laughed again.

“Sorry, it’s just that I’ve never seen a woman’s vagina before!”

“Well, we’ll have to fix that now won’t we?”

She pulled me up right against her side and opened her computer. She searched vagina on the computer and it came up with a blurry pic of the anatomy of a vagina. That looks weird, I said but that’s just a drawing, can I see yours. Her eyes got big.

“Well, I would say no, but your 18 now and so I guess its ok. She pulled down her panties and said, “Sorry, that sex scene got me all wet. Se rubbed her hand on her pussy and licked the juices off her fingers. “Mmmmm, that tastes great. Want to try some?”

“Sure,” I said. She rammed a finger in her sex and pulled out a big glob of white pussy cum. “Mmmmm, that one will taste great!” She jammed her finger in my mouth and told me to suck on it. I sucked every last drop off her finger and complimented her. She said that since I’d seen hers that now I had to show her mine. She pulled off my boxers revealing by 8 inch dick.

“Oh, Baby that’s a big fuckin cock!” she moaned. I was pointing straight at the sky. She told me to head to the bathroom and jack off. I asked what she meant and she laughed and said it was how I could lay that big boy down. I asked her to show me how.

She rapped her hands around my cock and beat it up and down slowly and then gradually faster. deneme bonusu She started breathing heavy and so did I. “Oh, yeah that feels fucking good!” I yelled.

“Let’s give that big boy a treat!” she moaned. Before I knew it my cock was down her throat and slime was coating my prick. She grunted and moaned loudly as my prick plugged her throat.

“My balls are tickling Di Di!” I said. She pulled out and said that I wasn’t allowed to cum yet and told me what it was. She turned around and said,

“You poor baby. You want to cum so bad and aunty won’t let you. Don’t worry, you’ll be filling my fuck hole soon enough!” She kissed my lips passionately and said, “I’m gonna fuck your cock off you little horn-dog!” She pulled her shirt off and said, “I’ve been lactating, so if you get thirsty, you know what to do.” She looked straight in my eyes and grinned and slowly buried my cock in her cunt. She screamed in ecstasy. She started bouncing up in down quickly on my cock. She constantly said things like, “Oh, yeah, I’m gonna fuck you dry. Fuck me. Fuck your aunt’s pussy. Fuck yes. And Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.”

I got lost in my own pleasure and before I knew it I was about to cum. “Di Di, I’m cuuuummmiinnnngggg!” I shouted.

She responded, “Oh, yes. Fill your aunt’s pussy with your hot spunk. Mark my pussy as yours!” I squirted streams of cum into her pussy. I filled her up and when she realized I was still cumming, she pulled my cock out and sprayed it over her face. “Oh, baby that was soooooo good she moaned! As she started to lick the cum from her face. I couldn’t hold back. I buried my face in her pussy and sucked every drop of my cum from her cunt. She moaned loudly as we traded our mixed juices from mouth to mouth.

We fucked the rest of the night. This was a lesson much overdue, and it did not end that night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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