A Forbidden Triangle

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Morgan had developed a crush on Amber almost from the time the two coeds started working as bartenders at the All American Sports Bar to help put themselves through college. And why not? Amber was a dark-eyed beauty, tall, but with a voluptuous figure that included wondrously full, yet firm breasts that could only belong to a young woman barely in her 20’s.

Her eye-popping figure and dazzling smile allowed her to generate almost unprecedented tips from the male customers—a fact that fanned a few competitive flames in Morgan when they first met.

But Morgan certainly held her own when it came to looks, with shiny brunette hair framing a lovely face and eyes that that made you feel warm just to gaze into them. She was shorter than Amber by several inches, standing barely over five feet. But her own breasts, though smaller than Amber’s, were full and round and looked almost as large on her trim body.

Once they realized there was no reason to be competitive with each other, the two comprised a formidable team behind the bar, attracting men (and certainly some women, too), selling drinks, and raking in the tips.

When Morgan first found herself attracted to Amber, she wasn’t even sure Amber was interested in women in a sexual sense. Morgan knew Amber went out with men and that she had a special male “friend with benefits.” But there was something about the way the two brushed against each other behind the bar that made Morgan think Amber might, indeed, be interested.

Morgan had already enjoyed several relationships with women and found them to be a wonderful complement to an active sex life with men. She had her own special friend, Tom, who always performed ably in response to a late night phone call.

As the two worked together over several weeks, the flirting and teasing increased, and then turned to little touches as they passed each other. It was becoming more apparent that the physical attraction was mutual, and it was just a matter of time before the friendship would take on a sexual dimension.

Finally, one Saturday night about two months into their friendship, Morgan and Amber had been out on the town with a group of friends, drinking, dancing and generally enjoying a relaxing weekend night. Most of the group returned to Morgan’s house, where the drinking continued. It was not a drunken orgy or anything like that, but quite a few inhibitions had been checked at the door.

It was then that Amber, though usually a little more reserved than Morgan, made that oh-so-difficult first move to let Morgan know that she was, indeed, interested. And from that point on, the girls were both friends and lovers.


Over the long Thanksgiving weekend, Morgan left Amber behind and made the 250-mile trip south to see her parents. It was a rare visit home, not only because of the distance, but because Morgan was a busy college student trying to work her way through school while carrying a full course load.

She missed her parents a lot—especially her mother, Kellie. The two were especially close. Morgan had an easy relationship with her mother, and the two could talk about almost anything, including sex. The two of them had been discussing sexual things since Morgan was quite young.

Morgan’s parents were young, her mother only 40, and her dad just a few years older. They’d never tried to hide the sexual side of life from their daughter. They’d had a swimming pool as Morgan was growing up, and her parents hosted plenty of parties there that Morgan could observe and even participate in to a degree. So she had a good feel for how her parents enjoyed themselves.

Kellie was a young 40–a very attractive woman who worked hard to keep her body trim and fit. She had brown hair and eyes like Morgan. And seeing her mother, it was easy to tell where Morgan got her wonderful breasts.

The two times Amber and Kellie had been together, the women liked each other immediately. There was an ease between the two of them that Morgan really enjoyed seeing—the two most important women in her life getting along well.

The second time the three of them had gotten together for lunch at a little pub near campus during a visit by Kellie, Morgan noticed a special animation in Amber—a little extra laughing, more touching. And Kellie joined in the spirit, frequently reaching over to touch Amber when making a point or telling a story.

Afterward, when the two were alone, Morgan kidded Amber about flirting with her mom. Amber denied it, but she wasn’t laughing.

Because Morgan had always been so open with her mother, she’d been feeling the need to tell her about the new relationship with Amber. And she vowed to make the revelation over Thanksgiving break. On Friday evening, Morgan found her mother sitting alone in their quiet living room and decided it was time.

“Mom, you like Amber, don’t you?”

Kellie looked up from her book and smiled. “Of course, she’s a wonderful girl. And so cute. Why do you ask?”

“Well, we’ve been spending canlı bahis şirketleri a lot of time together . . . working together . . . partying some, too, you know.”

Kellie smiled a little, remembering a few parties of her own at Morgan’s age. “I can tell you’re working up to something. Just spit it out. You know you can tell me anything.”

“Well, Amber and I have sort of been seeing each other . . . you know, dating.”

Kellie was quiet for a long time. Then finally, “Morgan, you know I want what makes you happy, and I can tell that you’ve been very happy lately. I guess Amber must get a lot of the credit for that.

“But, please promise me you won’t get into this too deeply until you know this is what you really want.”

“I won’t, Mom. We’re still just getting to know each other. And besides, we both still like men, too.”

Kellie looked at Morgan with an expression her daughter hadn’t seen before. It was a sort of far off, wistful look. “Okay, Morgan, now I’m going to tell you something. But first you have to promise not to repeat it—especially to your dad.”

“Sure, Mom, I keep all your secrets.” They both laughed, knowing there really weren’t any other secrets to keep.

“Well, when I was your age, I had some . . . a few . . . girlfriends, too.” Kellie studied Morgan’s face to gauge her reaction.

This time it was Morgan’s turn to be quiet—and she was for a good long time.

Finally, before Morgan could come up was an appropriate response to her mother’s revelation, Kellie leaned over and kissed her on the forehead and headed for bed without saying another word.

Both women went to bed that night with a lot to think about. But above all, Morgan was thinking that she must have the coolest mother in the world!

On Saturday, Morgan and Kellie had some more time alone, while everyone else in the house was watching football. It was Morgan’s last day at home, and though she was eager to get back to school to see Amber, she was reminded of why she missed her mom so much.

This time Kellie spoke first. “Morgan,” she started tentatively, “you know I’m only interested in your happiness.”

“Sure, Mom. Why?”

Now it was Kellie’s turn to drop a bombshell. “I was just thinking . . . wondering . . . I mean I’m only interested in what’s right for you . . . “

“Yeah?” Morgan was getting a little nervous.

“What I’m asking is . . . how is the sex between you and Amber? You know, are you fulfilled . . . satisfied?

Morgan blushed crimson at the question. She had never been that open with her mom about her sex life. But after recovering from the shock of it and after seeing that her mother really seemed very interested, Morgan decided to tell her.

She began slowly, tracing the development of their relationship and how they made love for the first time. How Amber had taken her lovely large breasts and caressed Morgan’s with them, their erect nipples making sensuous love to each other. How they pleasured each other with their hands, their fingers, bringing each other to wet, wonderful orgasms that first time together.

Then Morgan told how their relationship developed, how the next time they were together, she and Amber gave each other orgasms with their lips and tongues, giving and receiving that beautiful oral pleasure only one woman can give to another.

“We just can’t seem to keep our hands off each other, Mom. We play behind the bar when no one’s looking, then race home and ravish each other,” Morgan explained breathlessly.

“Sometimes when we get home, we can’t even wait to get to my room. One time we made each other cum right there in the hall! Amber actually had me pinned against the wall and fingered me ’til I had the most fantastic orgasm!”

Suddenly, Morgan realized that she was going into far too much detail. And when she stopped talking, she became acutely aware of a familiar dampness between her legs. Her nipples were hard and erect, pressing sensitively against the fabric of her bra.

“My god,” Morgan thought to herself. “I’m actually getting turned on just by talking about this!”

She thought about it for another second, and then a very disturbing thought occurred to her. “Or am I really turned on because I’m talking about it with my mother?”

Morgan cleared her head a little bit and noticed that she was not the only one who had been turned on by the conversation. Kellie’s eyes were half-closed and dreamy. Her lips were slightly parted, and Morgan could make out the outline of her two hard nipples pressing through her natural cup bra into the thin fabric of her white top. Kellie seemed lost in her own thoughts and not even aware that Morgan had stopped talking for nearly a minute.

Finally, Morgan broke the silence and apologized for going into so much detail. “It’s just that I’m so happy . . . and Amber’s so great . . . and things are just really good right now!”

“I know, babe. I can tell you care for her very much. And I’m happy that you’re canlı kaçak iddaa so happy.”

There was a bit of an awkward silence between them, and finally Morgan excused herself and went to bed. But before she went to sleep, she thought a lot about the conversation with her mother—especially about why it turned her on so much.


The 250-mile trip back to campus on Sunday seemed to take forever. Morgan was eager to see Amber, to be with her, and especially to tell her about the two talks she’d had with her mother.

Their lovemaking was intense, almost urgent that first night back. It was so good to feel the softness of their bodies pressed together again, those special touches that they had come to anticipate, to savor.

As they were lying in bed basking in the afterglow of their orgasms, Morgan began to tell Amber about her conversation with her mother. Amber was uncomfortable at first that Morgan and her mother had discussed their relationship. And she was mortified that Morgan had gone into such detail about their sex life!

But Amber was fascinated too—partly because she didn’t realize mothers and daughters could talk so openly about these kinds of things. And especially because Kellie seemed interested enough to actually ask about their sex life. Now that was really something!

As they were talking, Amber told Morgan how great she thought it was that Morgan and Kellie could talk so openly. “Your mom’s really cool,” Amber said. “No, I take that back, she’s hot!”

“What do you mean, hot?” Morgan asked.

“Well, to start with, she’s beautiful like you. She has a wonderful figure, and she looks so young. I’ll bet she and your dad have some really hot sex.”

Morgan had never actually thought in any depth about her parents’ sex life. Oh, she knew they had one, and an active one at that, from the sounds that sometimes emanated late at night from behind their bedroom door. But kids have a way of blocking those things out or ignoring them as best they can. But now that Amber mentioned it, yes, they probably did have some hot sex.

“Well, here’s the real bombshell. Mom told me that she had been with a few girls when she was about my age, too! I couldn’t believe it.”

This time Amber was the one who got silent, trying to picture Kellie Foster with her face buried in the pussy of some unknown girl, those beautiful breasts of hers bared, nipples hard. She decided she liked the picture!

Morgan and Amber were both getting turned on again by their conversation and simply by being next to each other there in bed. They were both still wet with perspiration and their own juices from their intense fuck, so they decided a shower would be just what they needed. Together, of course.

They took turns soaping each other’s backs, delicate fingers gliding over soft wet skin. And, of course, the washing quickly went from hygienic to erotic as Amber’s soapy hands reached Morgan’s tight, round bottom. Amber took her time, lingering on one smooth cheek, then the other before finally slipping her soapy hand between Morgan’s legs and leaving a white trail from her vaginal opening all the way to her tight little rosebud.

Turning to face each other, they massaged the bath gel into each other’s breasts, paying special attention to their nipples, which had grown sensitive and expectant once again. Morgan loved how she could lift Amber’s beautiful full breasts in each hand and literally feel her nipples grow right there in her palm.

As the bathroom filled almost completely with the hot steam, Morgan began caressing Amber’s nipples softly with her thumbs as she continued to cup those wonderful globes in her palms. She just stopped and admired them for a moment, then leaned closer to Amber.

“It turned you on that I told my mom about us, didn’t it?”

Amber stiffened a little. “Of course not. What are you talking about?”

“It made you hot to know that I told her how we make love together, didn’t it?” Morgan repeated, as she began to apply a little more pressure on Amber’s nipples, holding them firmly between her thumbs and index fingers.

Amber moaned softly and shook her head, but her body was betraying her. Her nipples hardened further and her breathing became quick and irregular. Morgan felt the subtle movement of Amber’s hips, pressing into her thigh.

Taking Amber’s hand, Morgan moved it to her own smoothly shaven mound. “Do you like the way that feels, babe?”

Amber just moaned again as she savored the feel of Morgan’s bare pussy.

“Well, Mom told me she shaved hers just like mine.”

“Mmmmmmm,” was all Amber could manage.

Morgan traced her hand over Amber’s flat belly, now all slick with the soapy suds, and reached her mound. She felt the nectar that had formed again inside Amber’s pussy and was beginning to ooze out. Morgan ran her finger along the length of Amber’s slit, then slid it effortlessly inside.

“You wish it was Kellie’s finger inside you right now, don’t you?”

With canlı kaçak bahis that, Amber gave out a low moan from deep in her throat and began to rock her hips back and forth against Morgan’s hand. Her eyes were closed and her head thrown back, the hot spray of the shower caressing her magnificent breasts.

Morgan thrust a second finger into Amber’s eager opening, then a third. She leaned close to her ear. “This is the way Kellie would fuck you, baby.”

And with that, Amber’s knees bent and she thrust herself down hard on Morgan’s fingers, drawing them deep inside her. Morgan began with slow, circular strokes, making sure she caressed every inch of Amber’s hot tunnel, especially that wonderful little bundle of nerves on the front wall. Each time her fingers pressed that magic spot, Morgan pressed Amber’s swollen clit with her thumb, eliciting little whimpers of desire each time.

Amber braced her arms against the walls of the shower and propped one leg on the edge of the tub to open herself more fully to Morgan’s invading fingers, which were now fucking Amber with deep in-and-out strokes. She urgently sought to match the rhythm of Morgan’s thrusting, and the two of them moved faster and faster together.

Amber grabbed one of her own breasts in each hand and began pulling hard on her nipples, then kneading the whole breast furiously. Morgan’s other hand went to her own pussy and began urgently rubbing her clit. She had never felt it so hard and erect.

Their orgasms overtook them at almost the same instant, and they clung together tightly, holding on to each other and to the glorious sensations for as long as possible. They shivered, they shook and finally, when their legs would support them no more, they collapsed to the floor of the shower, totally out of breath and spent.

The two lovers lay there, trance-like, for what could have been minutes or hours with the warm spray pelting down on them. They couldn’t be sure of the time, because the sheer intensity of their climax had overridden the part of their brains that deals with mundane things like time and space. The part that controls physical pleasure had taken complete charge of them.

Finally, as their faculties slowly started to return, Morgan and Amber looked quizzically at each other. Their expressions asking the same question. “What just happened here?”


Three weeks later, finals week was coming to a close, the semester was winding down, and everyone was looking forward to the long winter break. Kellie volunteered to drive up to campus in her SUV to help Morgan move some of her things home that she didn’t want to leave in her empty house during the month-long vacation. Morgan’s small car simply wouldn’t accommodate all the things she wanted to take home with her.

By the time Kellie arrived at Morgan’s place late Friday afternoon, finals were over, the semester’s work done, and everyone was looking forward to a night of celebration before heading home for the extended holiday. Kellie was barely in the door when Morgan and Amber informed her that they and their friends were going out for a few drinks to celebrate—and that included Kellie.

“I didn’t bring party clothes,” Kellie protested. “I came to help you move your things home.”

“I’ve got some things you can wear, Mom. And if I don’t have anything you like, we’ll raid Heather’s closet.”

Heather was Morgan’s roommate, who had already left for the holiday.

And, sure enough, between Heather’s closet and Morgan’s, Kellie was soon decked out in a pair of sexy low-cut jeans that showed off her firm, round butt and flat stomach, and a clingy purple pullover that hugged the outline of her full breasts.

“You’re gonna turn some heads tonight, Mom!” Morgan declared enthusiastically.

“You look wonderful,” Amber chimed in. “Guys will be asking what your major is and trying to pick you up.”

Kellie knew Amber was exaggerating—a lot—but she appreciated the compliment from her daughter’s beautiful girlfriend.

The three of them set off on foot for the Screaming Eagle, one of Morgan and Amber’s favorite bars, located just about five minutes from Morgan’s place. There they met up with a half-dozen other friends, both boys and girls.

It was a typical college hangout. The music was a bit too loud and the tables too close together. But the beer was cold, the dance floor was crowded, and the atmosphere was electric with the kind of sexual energy that only comes from young people eager to find out who will be doing what with whom at the end of the evening.

Kellie was quiet at first, but with a little time and a couple of drinks, she began to get into the swing of things. The partiers drank, danced and laughed a lot. It was a really good time.

The guys took turns asking Kellie to dance, and she readily agreed. Morgan couldn’t get over how young and free her mom looked out there on the floor, moving her sexy body to the beat of the music.

After a slow dance with her daughter’s special friend, Tom, Kellie came back to the table and whispered to Morgan, “I think he was getting turned on. I could feel him getting hard.” Morgan didn’t know for sure whether the color in her mom’s cheeks came from embarrassment or excitement.

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