A New Sensation

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I had not enjoyed the company of a man, since my wedding 22 years ago, and the urge had eventually become overwhelming and I had decided to act on the urge.

We had met in a chat room. I had revealed my desire to have a man inside me and he cautioned me about the safe-sex habits I should develop and maintain. There was no pressure to establish a relationship, since we were located 500 miles apart. Then my business gave me the opportunity to arrange a weekend stay in a city 60 miles from his location.

This was the big step, now two weeks later, as I opened the door to my suite and invited the man who would bust my ass-cherry. He was nearly 6 ft tall, was thickly constructed with a firm handshake. He had told me that there would be no mouth-kissing between us, but I was welcome to kiss lick and worship all of his body.

I am 6’3″ and 190 lbs with little fat, I am not cut or ripped, but could not help to fall to my knees and press my face against the material of his jeans and the outline of his hardening cock. I felt his hands entwine in my hair and he guided my face around his groin until my lips were able to feel his shaft crossways in my lips and my mouth opened wide. Pulling my head back by my hair firmly, he ordered me to free his cock and show him how much I appreciated him driving 45 minutes to meet me and service my desire to give him my virgin ass. I reached up and unbuckled his belt and pants and opened the fly to reveal my lover. The fat head and six inch shaft of delicious pink man meat, with a cum-filled ball sac tightly below.

My lips opened wide and I fed the spongy head into my mouth licking and sucking the crown ridge and the pee slit. You hands controlled the flow of action with my hair and I was used totally for your pleasure, as you pulled and pushed my throat up and down your head and shaft. Holding my head down, my bahis firmaları nose pressed tightly to your pubis bone and your head lodged deep within my throat, you command me to swallow. At first I am unable to and try and back off your cock, but you push your head deeper in my throat and I begin to obey.

The rippling motions in my throat, while I swallow, are giving you deep pleasure. Your hips thrust up into my throat as I swallow and you groan your delight. I am so turned on that I begin to moan my pleasure, and vibrations through my throat drive you over the precipice of pleasure, pulsing your first jets of cum directly down my throat. You pull back and I open wide instinctively to extend my tongue as a flat pallet for you to paint with your cum. Thick ropes of cum, one after another coat my tongue and fill my open mouth, until the excess rolls out and down my chin.

You use a finger to scoop the dollop up and push it and your finger into my mouth, as I start to suckle the digit you command I swallow your seed. The flavor is superb and the texture is viscous, so I swirl the goo in my mouth with my tongue, before I open widely and show you how your cock-whore respects the cum treat he has been given. Then I latch onto your softening cock, trying to revive you immediately to fulfill my desires and satiate my hunger. Your firm hands remove me from the object of my worship and you instruct me to strip and run the shower for us, get in and await you.

I am standing under the hot water soaped-up completely by the Ivory Soap you gave me, especially the small piece you commanded I insert into my virgin ass, when you enter the shower and command me to turn and touch my toes, exposing my ass completely to your will. I feel you begin the training I will require to learn the way to give you the maximum amount of pleasure, and doing so earn my own reward.

One kaçak iddaa finger enters me and pushes in and out, sliding the soap piece deeper into me, lubricating and cleansing me for my teacher. A second finger is added and I begin to relax and allow my sphincter to stretch and expand to accept your cock. In and out as I begin to feel excitement building deep inside me, and then a third finger is added to the party and I am opened up to some pain, when the fingers are pushed in to the palm.

You sense my discomfort and stop. Slowly I feel you separate the fingers inside me, stretching the channel inside me to open. To accustom me to the thick invader I am begging to experience. You have been stretching me open and water has been running into my ass as I pulsed to the pleasure your fingers are providing. You withdraw the fingers, it was four fingers deep in me at that time, and tell me to sit on the toilet and let my ass empty for you. I hurriedly comply and empty my ass cleanly into the commode. Then I jump back into the shower, as you exit, to finalize the cleansing process and present a clean virgin ass for deflowering.

I enter the bedroom of the suite and you motion me to lie between your legs and suck your cock, so I scramble to my assigned place and attach my mouth to your cock once more. The length goes down my throat easily and you casually pump in and out as you tell me that I have done well so far and it is time to ask to be fucked.

I look up over the cock that slipped from my lips and into your eyes as I say, “Please, sir, I will forever be in your debt if you would take my unblemished ass, fill me with your magnificent hard cock. Take my virgin ass and make me your cock-whore.” That is what you wanted to hear. You roll me onto my back and pull my ankles to your shoulders and pack ultra-lube into my perfect brown pucker kaçak bahis with your thumb until ready.

Your fat cock is at my entrance and you are pushing into me, and the pain is intense but I won’t let it slow my urge and I push back upward until the head pops in with a searing pain. You are pushing a hard fat log in my man cunt and it hurts like fire, so you stop and let me breathe my way back into the now of my building pleasure.

“More”, I ask, and you comply gently an inch at a time. Slowly you bring me along in my pleasure and desire, until I ask for more and you whisper that I have it all. I am totally yours now and you begin to slide in and out of me, deliberately and slowly fucking your new bitch. You withdraw until the fat condom-encased head is gripped by my anal ring, and then plunge slowly until you are banging your ball sac into my cheeks.

You have me in a trance and I am pushing back into you, as you thrust into me. I rotate my ass and squirm when you withdraw and then pull you deeper into me when you thrust, clenching my tight ass around your fat shaft. My heels have slid down your back until they are hooked beneath your ass cheeks and pulling you in with the motion of your thrusting. The fire begins to build deep inside me and starts to crash in waves over me as you continue your assault of lust on my ass.

I am cumming now clenching and relaxing my ass and sphincter around your shaft and your pumping becomes more urgent as you crescendo approaches. There is no ejaculate spurting from my hard cock, though, as this cum is one that is deep inside and designed to satisfy the man inside me, making me into his everlasting slut. Muscles grab and hold the rigid shaft and I hump up into the captured shaft pushing deeper and spasms of lust overtake me. My breath is ragged as I continue to pulse and spasm on the shaft inside me until finally I feel his reward filling the condom. Pulses of cum start me on an orgasm inside that erupts with a geyser of cum, shooting over my stomach and covering me with globs of hot sticky cum from my navel to my forehead.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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