Flesh for Fantasy

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The title is borrowed from one of my favorite songs of Billy Idol. All rights reserved by him. This title is borrowed for entertaining purposes and only, no abuse intended.



On a summer night ,getting home after some partying and some booze, two girls that have shared close friendship since their early childhood, decide to share some naughty dreams and then experiment with certain fantasies that have been keeping them wet during the night.

It was a hot June evening. College exams have just finished, and that meant the beginning of wild parties, long days at the beach, long nights of driving around the city, and all those classic holiday rituals of college students.

Alexia had gone into that summer fever a little more than her friends, because that would be the first holidays she’d spend all by herself, in her apartment near the beach, sleeping/waking up/eating/going out/coming home whenever she wanted. She had already made her wild plans for the night, including a live concert at a bar in the nearby jetty, a bonfire and night swimming at the beach, and plenty of alcohol.

It was already 6.30 in the afternoon when her phone rang.

-Hey, what ‘up lil cat?? , heard Alexia from the other line. It was Christina.

-Oh heeey, Christy, haven’t heard from you for ages! I’m cool, so excited that exams are over. How about you?

-Oh God, yeah, me too, I just came back in town for holidays… So, do you wanna meet tonight and catch up? Unless you’re already invited somewhere and have to ditch your girl…

Alexia heard a tone of disappointment in Christy’s voice. They have grown up really close. Always in vacations together, sharing their toys, going to the same primary school… And now that Alexia had moved away for college studies, literally half a day away from town, they had ended up meeting twice a year; in Christmas and summer.

-Oh c’mon Christy, I couldn’t ditch you, especially in your first days back in town. Yes, I am up for an all-nighter, but only if you come with me. How does that sound?

Alexia was a rebel; tall, slim with legs that seemed to run forever, gorgeous, with tanned skin, big brown eyes with wonderfully curvy eyelashes, long hair dyed blonde with a big blue tuft at the left side of her face. She usually wore motorcycle boots, miniskirts and shorts, fishnet leggings, black tank tops and had a cat tattoo on her forearm (Christina had been calling her various nicknames including the word ‘cat’ since the day Alex told her about it). Christy was a natural redhead, with straight hair not longer than down to her shoulders, light green eyes, white skin, and feminine curvy figure, maybe a bit of extra baggage, and some inches shorter than Alex. She was a year younger and much more the ‘princess’ type than her punk rock hottie friend. “Daddy’s little girl”, as Alex used to tease her.

Christy though agreed to follow her friend both at the concert and the beach only if they met in Alexia’s house first for some gossip. She suggested a casual movie with some junk food to complete the evening, since the concert would start at midnight.

One hour later, the doorbell rang and Alex had to give up trying to find and drag her t-shirt out of the chaos of her closet, ran down the stairs, opened the door and found her squeezed into the embracement of a shrieking, excited Christina.

-Oh God, it’s been so long hun..!! Can’t believe how much you changed since last summer, turn around, let me see you, Jesus, you lost weight! Look at that waistline… The new hottest groupie in town! Why aren’t you away for a tour or something..?!

-Gee, Christy, stop…C’mon… I’m not even dressed up yet, the longer you keep me outside the more possibilities I have to run into a neighbor while wearing only my bra, giggled Alexia. She escaped from her grip and let her inside, smiling. She missed her so much; it was like the sister she never had.

They sat down on the living room floor, leaning on the couch in front of the TV.

-I wanna hear everything about your holidays … And how’s college? Did you do well at the exams? Alex said. Christy started gabbling about anything she hadn’t already told Alex over the phone. Half an hour later, she stopped.

-Enough of me already. Movie time! Let’s open some chips and remember our childhood!, she suggested. And who was Alex to argue..??

-…You brought Anime??? The last anime I watched was Sailor Moon, with you, at your grandma’s house when we were, what, five?! , teased Alex.

-Shut up, you alley cat, the one I brought you is a masterpiece, not a breakfast cartoon. You should start watching some, I’ll make a list of the gems for you. And Sailor Moon was cute, said Christy, with a grin.

Time passed congenially, with the two girls arguing whether a character was hot or kitsch or a freak, analyzing some scenes, teasing and throwing food at each other.

-Damn, my shirt has BBQ sauce on. Damn you Alex!! , shrieked Christy.

-Hey, I didn’t do anything! You just never figured out how to eat without making a mess! , said Alex, tickling her.

-Bitch! C’mon, clean it up, I’m not gonna go out with güvenilir bahis you like this!

Alex leaned forward, just above Christy’s right breast, and started sucking and licking the fresh stain off the fabric and some of the skin.

-Ewww! What are you doing?! Phhh, I don’t even know how it is possible that we are besties… There’s something called a laundry machine, you know. , teased Christy.

-I can’t help it; I’m a hardcore girl, as you say, and I adore BBQ sauce. Now take this off, I’ll wash it and you’ll go upstairs to my closet and choose a true concert t-shirt.

Christy took off her grey sleeveless shirt; she wore no bra. Alex couldn’t help but notice her breasts. Christy had a couple of extra pounds that looked good on her, especially on her tits. Her curves were fabulous to Alex. As she was ready to walk away, Christy took some BBQ sauce with her finger and licked it, spilling some on her naked left breast.

-Hey, hardcore chick, this drop of sauce is a pity to get wasted, too… Are you too much of a preppy lady to clean it up?, Christy clearly provoked Alex. She simply sat back down next to her and gave one good, short and hard lick to the sauce drop and slightly wiped it with her finger. For one millisecond, her red long nail accidentally brushed against Christy’s nipple.

-Wow, someone ain’t got hesitations… That’s rock n’ roll I guess. , smirked Christy.

-Don’t challenge me baby girl…, Alex smirked back. Lowering her glance, she noticed that the nipples on Christy’s naked tits have hardened and swollen. Trying not to comment on that, she got up and headed upstairs to the bathroom.

She got on her knees, opened the laundry machine, threw the shirt inside and started the washing program. Then, she called Christy to her bedroom to find her a shirt.

-Now don’t start mocking me when I try out your tank tops… I’m a bit chubby for them. , said Christy as she walked in.

-Gee… You gotta stop being so shy! C’mon, show off a bit; you’re going to a concert after all. A girls’ night out at a concert equals a manhunt. And that requires some treats for the men’s eyes..!! , replied Alex, trying to force Christy into a leather tank top.

-Uh, no, I AM NOT wearing leather! I never had and I never will.

-There’s always a first time for anything, baby girl…, smiled Alex.

Christy, still trying to make the black leather fit properly on her breasts, blushed a little, but without losing the smile on her face walked towards the mirror next to the wardrobe where Alex was still looking for clothes to choose for herself.

-Speaking of first times…have you ever had a rather weird dream you never expected you’d see?

-Dunnow, are you talking about signs and messages in dreams or something..? , said Alex a little bit confused. Alex was not the type of person that over-analyzes every simple dream, unlike her “brain-dead” (as she called them) college friends.

-Hmmm, no… Not exactly. You know, maybe it’s stupid, forget it.

-Hey, you started it, now you have to tell me!

-Well…it was sexual.

-Oh my god, you had a wet dream?! Christy, I had no idea you’ve been having naughty thoughts at night… How improper of a pristine young lady like you! , teased Christy.

-Shut up! Don’t call it a “wet dream”, I’m embarrassed… And no, I didn’t have any naughty thoughts in general, it just…sort of…happens.

-“Happens”..?? You mean, you keep seeing naughty dreams lately? Well, well, well, the princess is not such a sparkly angel any more…, laughed Alex.

-Well, well, well, bitch for a best friend, just so you know, I’m not the daddy’s little angel you think I am. , said Christy and she playfully gave a small pinch to Alex’s butt cheek.

-Huh… If not, start confessing, kid.

-Never! Well, at least not now…, hesitated Christy.

-Whatever suits you, hun. Don’t think you’re getting away with this though; I’m cross-questioning you in the exact minute we get out of the concert. We gotta run, by the way! Grab your purse.

As they got in Alexia’s car, Christy noticed Alex’s clothes. Her grey ripped jean shorts ended right under her tush, making her thighs look sexy under the low lighting; her skin was flawless and her thin calves were perfectly highlighted by her high heel boots.

-How could someone resist…, she whispered.

-What now? , asked Alex while trying to deal with the traffic.

-Nothing… Hey, why do you sound nervous?

-Is that a question?! Some idiot decided to park his motorcycle in the middle of the street, caused a traffic jam right before the coastal avenue and we’re gonna be lucky if we don’t miss the band’s intro!

-You look sexy when you’re mad. , teased Christy. Subconsciously, she meant it. For a second back there, she was afraid Alex heard her comment and connected it with their previous conversation. Christy didn’t know what has gotten into her, but suddenly she started to grow a strong urge to talk to Alex about her dreams, to tell her everything…

-Alex… I’m gonna tell you. , she stated.

-Tell me what?

-About my dreams.

-Ha! türkçe bahis I seriously thought you wouldn’t confront yourself so easily. Save the chat for later, though!

Christy was ready to insist, when she looked outside. They were almost out of the venue.

Christy was not a huge fan of concerts. As soon as they got in, Alex started greeting some friends of her, walking around, checking out some faces in the crowd, trying to rush herself to the front rows to have a better view… Christy felt more like drinking, so she headed at the bar. After two minutes, she was trying to make way towards Alex with two bottles of cheap whiskey.

-Oh god, I don’t believe you!! What are these?? , shouted Alex, grabbing her bottle.

-A treat from me, we haven’t got drunk together since high school!

-That’s my girl! , winked Alex.

-Told you, I’m not such the sparkly angel you think I am. , she bragged.

-I must say, I’m impressed. I thought you weren’t a fan of cheap drinks!

-Not quite a fan… My liver and stomach can’t handle them well, unlike yours, which have whiskey for breakfast. That’s why I prefer good quality wine, if you remember. But, as you suggested, there’s always a first time for lots of things. And tonight I want to cross some stuff off my to-do-list., winked back Christy.

-That sounds a little more promiscuous than the usual you!, Alex giggled.

-The night is young, said Christy softly with a smile Alex noticed for the first time. That smile, along with the look in Christy’s eyes, was hiding an urge.

Suddenly the purple, green and red lights went on, the crowd went crazy. Drums, bass, guitars… Alex felt like home. She headbanged and screamed every lyric out loud, jumped up and down, air-guitared… That concert worked for her as the first liberating “pressure valve” of the summer. Christy, on the other hand, was trying not to get too squeezed between the “mosh pit freaks” as she portrayed them, though she couldn’t deny she started to enjoy it. All that wild lifestyle and attitude… These kids seemed too full of themselves, unflinching, living in the moment, carefree… She could never adapt to such a situation if it was an ordinary night, but today she felt she could. She felt her adrenaline rush, and half the blame was on that cheap alcohol she had chugged. At some point, the frontman shouted in the microphone “A shout out to all the ladies!! Next hit is dedicated to ya, rock chicks, so dance for us!!” Girls wouldn’t wait for a second invitation. Several climbed and stood on some stools or tables, even some flat monitors and floor speakers. Christy stared at them for a while, along with most of the boys in the venue, and she turned around to check for Alex.

Her mouth dropped open when she saw her; she had removed her top and was swinging it in the air while moving her hips to the rhythm of the music, the sweat on her tanned skin made her cleavage gleaming under the lights and the thin fabric of the white bikini top she wore instead of a bra, pointed up the bouncing of her tits more than it should. Christy squeezed her way in the crowd, reached Alex and gently wrapped her arm around her naked waist, just above the back of her crotch.

-It’s their last song!! Dance with me!! , shouted Alex near Christy’s ear.

-No! I don’t do concert dance with most of my clothes off!! , refused Christy, trying to get heard over the ear-blasting music. They were too close to the stage, and had the guitarist’s monitor right in front of them.

-I thought you were gonna get wild tonight..!!

-I did!! Look, my whisky bottle is half empty! I’m not gonna dance though; I don’t like being stared at. Just so you know, I promise to do the next wild thing you ask me. , she said and pulled Alex onto her playfully.

-I’ll bet you another bottle that you won’t! , retorted Alex, continuing to dance, her body onto Christy’s.

Just in time, between flashing fireworks, guitar shreds and some cannon-blast sounds from the drums, the band greeted goodnight, thanked the owner of the club, prompted the crowd to drink some Jack Daniel’s with them and disappeared backstage.

-Are we gonna stay and greet them at the bar? , asked Christy.

-Well, if you want, ok. But I’ve already joined their last meet n’ greet. I have their autographs on their last big gig’s ticket.

-So what are we gonna do now? I can’t wait for a walk on the beach, it’s so hot in here and I’m all sticky… I want some clean sea breeze.

-Are you in for that bonfire I told you earlier?

-Yeah, sure! But let’s just not light a fire, it’s too hot already, plus we’re gonna attract more people…, said Christy with a slightly disturbed tone in her voice.

-What’s bugging you about people?

-Nothing specific. I just thought how nice it’ll be if it’s just you and me tonight. I mean, we haven’t been out together alone for a whole night for three years.

-Ok, if you don’t wanna hang out with my friends and a bunch of other guys tonight, it’s cool. I get to see them every day; you’ll get to meet them some other day, no problem by me. Let’s catch up, just the two of us. , smiled Alex.

Back güvenilir bahis siteleri in the car, in the silence, Christy had that urge again. She wanted to, somehow, return to the topic they left before the concert. She let out a deep, long sigh. Alcohol had certainly done its job. “Alcohol!” she remembered. She stared down, that half empty bottle was still in her hand. She gulped five sips and licked her lips. Whiskey didn’t taste so bitter after all. Alex drove several feet away from the beach. She parked near a cluster of palm trees, and as the car lights closed, she turned around to face Christy. Christy, bringing the bottle to Alex’s lips, made her swallow some whiskey several times, teasing her about finishing her own bottle so fast. They got out of the car, took their clothes and shoes off, left them in the trunk and headed towards the water in their bikinis. Strolling in the sand, Christy took Alex’s hand in hers.

-I’m going to trip, she said, laughing uncontrollably at herself. Alex put her hand around her shoulder to support her weight. As Christy was giggling and tripping, her cheek, lips and nose were practically brushing against Alex’s neck, shoulder and left breast. They sat on the wet sand and let the water splash their legs and hips for a while. Christy was wearing a dark green Brazilian bikini and had a silver thin chain around her ankle. Her gaze fell on Alex’s legs, thighs, her tiny animal print bottom bikini… Alex’s voice woke her up from her -suddenly not so naive- thoughts.

-Hey, let’s get in!

-Phhh, ok, but not too deep. We’re both drunk.

-Don’t nag, you promised me to join me in the next crazy thing I’ll ask you to.

-Swimming drunk is not crazy, it’s stupid. , disagreed Christy.

-We won’t swim, we’ll just get wet. We’re gonna get in, till the water is up to our shoulders… Naked. , ordered Alex with a devil’s smile. She got up, grabbed Christy’s arm and pulled her in. The water was cool enough to refresh their bodies from the sweat of the concert. They both enjoyed the sense of their hot skin reacting to it. As the water reached their shoulders, Christy suddenly noticed Alex’s bottom bikini strings tied around her forearm.

-You crazy cat, what are you doing? , she said, giggling.

-I’m swimming naked. It’s so cool… You feel so free. Don’t be a coward; nobody could see us over here if they tried!

She undid the strings of her top, releasing her breasts from the wet fabric. She slowly rubbed them for a while, to get the sensitive skin familiar with the water temperature beneath the surface, but Christy still caught her move with the corner of her eye.

That was hot… Her dark nipples were now hard, the skin area around them slightly reddish… She stared at Alex’s long thin fingers with polished nails rubbing and fondling her breasts with slow circular movements, then vertical, letting them bounce in and out of the water. Alex didn’t seem to notice Christy’s stare, so, fulfilled with that familiar now urge, she slowly and gently lowered her bottom bikini too. The straight contact of her naked trimmed vagina with the chilled water was more than pleasant. Her clit started tingling. Just when she was about to sneak her hand between her thighs and touch it, Alex suddenly raised her eyes upon her. Christy blushed, but Alex didn’t seem to have noticed anything, except a small suspicious smile.

-You’re starting to enjoy the water…

-Yeah, I have to say you’re right… It’s not at all as uncomfortable as I thought.

-Then you gotta remove your top too! , said Alex and winked. Seeing that Christy hesitated, Alex slowly walked towards her, turned her around and untied the string on her back. Passing her hand above Christy’s right shoulder, she caught the floating bikini top and pulled it over Christy’s head. Her forearm rubbed right against the gap between Christy’s breasts, making her shiver. That didn’t escape from Alexia’s attention.

-Are you cold? , she asked.

-Let’s stay ten more minutes, and then head back to the car. I’m not that cold.

-Ok, but if you’re cold just tell me. I’ve got some nice towels in the trunk. , said Alex and hugged Christy from the shoulders, still without letting her turn around and face her. For a moment, Christy was feeling Alex’s tits against her back, her lips next to her ear and her warm vagina on her butt cheeks. She closed her eyes and concentrated on that touch. She wanted that touch… She realized she craved it. And Alex didn’t seem to be willing to move. She pulled Christy’s hair aside and laid a kiss on her neck.

-Let’s get out of the water; I’m starting to need that towel. , Alex said, smiling, and started to put her bikini back on. Then she simply turned her back and started swimming lazily to the shore. Christy got dressed too, but couldn’t resist a brief touch on her lusting clit. That feeling was totally new to her, but as time went by, it grew stronger and stronger. She wanted, for one night in her life, to get what her wild dreams demanded. Yes, that wet dream was about Alex. And it wasn’t just one… Over the last few months, those dreams had upset her sleep more than five times. First she was kissing Alex, next time she was taking off her clothes, and then she had her against the wall fondling her thighs and ass… Then licking her firm breasts till her nipples were swollen… And now her clitoris was aroused again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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