Dr. Valdez Humiliates a Patient

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It’s a sweltering 95 degrees outside and you’re sitting in a high-backed, wooden chair in the crowded waiting room before your appointment with renowned new prostate specialist Dr. Velma Valdez. You’re scared shitless. You’ve heard stories about her and how she likes to humiliate her patients in all kinds of sick and dirty ways. You’re terrified that if she does that to you it’s going to turn you on and you’ll end up embarrassing yourself. You can’t stop thinking about the things you’ve heard she might do to you and you’re starting to feel a bit aroused. You cross your legs. Your palms are sweating. You’ve got a churning feeling in your gut. You’re looking at the exit thinking how you’ve still got time to get away. Just as you’re about to get up and head for the door, the nurse, a really hot brunette with a massive rack straining against her tight, white uniform, calls your name. “Oh fuck!” you think. “Just take a deep breath, it’s only a routine exam, what could go wrong?”, you say to reassure yourself.

You step into the blindingly white exam room and see a tall, curvaceous woman standing by a desk with her back to you. She’s wearing a white housecoat, black stockings and high-heeled black sandals with criss-cross straps. Her thick, dark hair falls in loose waves halfway down her back. She turns around, shoots you a smile and holds our her hand. “I’m Dr Valdez, you must be Max?” You hold out your hand weakly, trying hard not to focus on her see-through chiffon blouse which reveals the outline of her exposed nipples underneath. She grabs your hand firmly and gives it a tight squeeze. “Delighted to meet you Max”. Small beads of sweat start to break out on your forehead. “No need to be nervous Max, this is just a routine exam. You know the drill. Nothing that a man like you hasn’t seen before.”

In the corner of the room is an examination bed and next to it a small illegal bahis trolley with a variety of instruments which you can’t quite make out. A curtain, drawn to one side, divides this area from the rest of the room. She gestures to you to step over to the exam area. “Remove all of your clothing Max and lie face up on the bed.” You’re not sure you heard her correctly. Did she ask you to remove all of your clothing? That wasn’t the drill you were used to. You usually only had to strip to your boxers. Mind you, you’d only been in for a routine exam twice before and both times it had been carried out with perfunctory efficiency by Dr. Feldman, a professor in his early seventies. You draw the curtain around you and begin to remove your clothing. You unbutton your plaid shirt, pull your t-shirt over your head, slip off your trainers and socks, unzip your fly and slide your jeans down and finally slip off your boxers. You shiver, even though the sun is blazing through the huge window in the office and you can feel the heat burning through it. You sit gingerly on the edge of the bed, shaking with anticipation.

At that moment, you hear the snap of rubber as Dr Valdez slips a glove deftly onto her right hand. She draws back the curtain without warning and stands right in front of you, staring at your fully exposed cock. She laughs and wets her lips. “I hope you don’t mind, Max, but I have a group of visiting medical students today and I promised them that they could sit in on one of my exams. They’re 8 female students from King’s College London. Are you down with that Max?”

Before you have a chance to answer, the door opens and 8 beautiful young women file into the room, wearing white coats draped open over a variety of diaphanous clothing. They form a semi-circle around the bed.

You start to feel both intense arousal and panic as you see the women staring at illegal bahis siteleri your gently unfurling cock. You try hard to think of something mundane to make it go down, but all you can see are the women barely suppressing their laughter and staring relentlessly at your expanding cock. You feel yourself blush deeply with embarrassment and shame.

Dr Valdez barely conceals her delight at my predicament. “Lie back onto the bed Max and put your legs up in the stirrups. I would offer you a modesty towel to cover yourself, but as you can see, my girls are getting a lot of pleasure from looking at your hard cock and so am I.” She reaches down to put her ungloved hand up her tight, hip-hugging skirt. She inserts a finger into her pussy, pulls her hand back down and rubs it along your lips. “So you have some idea of just how much pleasure.” The girls laugh openly now and one of them, a voluptuous redhead, reaches out and starts playing with you, slowly rubbing her hand up and down your throbbing shaft. You feel a spasm of pleasure shoot through your entire body. The girls laugh as a white trickle of pre-cum starts oozing out of your cock. The redhead scoops it up with her fingers and inserts her fingers into your mouth, ordering you to suck it off.

Dr Valdez sits down on the stool between your raised legs and squirts some lube onto her gloved fingers. “This may hurt a bit, Max. I just want you to relax.” She begins to insert two gloved fingers into your ass, slowly going deeper. You moan with pleasure. At this point, one of the other girls has started flicking her tongue over the engorged head of your cock and begins sucking enthusiastically. You feel completely helpless. A girl stands on either side of you and each grabs one of your hands and puts them up her skirt. You feel your fingers slide simultaneously into their warm, wet pussies, being sucked up deep inside canlı bahis siteleri them. Yet another girl rips off her skirt to reveal that she’s wearing a harness with a big, purple dildo. She lowers herself onto you and makes you take it all in your mouth. “Suck it” she shouts as she thrusts it rhythmically in and out of your mouth. “Take it all the way in slut boy!”

Just at that moment, Dr Valdez picks up a dildo from the trolley next to her and starts sliding it in and out of your ass. Your whole body goes into spasm. It takes all your willpower to stop yourself from squirting a gallon of cum all over the room. The girl removes the dildo from your mouth and steps back, as do the other girls. Only Dr Valdez stays where she is, fucking you in the ass with her dildo. You can see her erect nipples poking through her chiffon blouse as she slides the dildo in and out. It’s almost too much to bear. “We want to see you cum, Max, like the slut boy you know you are. We want to see you play with yourself until your cock explodes.” She removes the dildo from your ass, turns around, lifts her skirt up over her waist and bends over to reveal her big, rounded ass cheeks. You sit up and kneel on the bed on all fours. One of the girls slowly inserts a plug into your ass. You are out of your mind with excitement now. You start milking your cock in a frenzy, faster and faster, until you reach the point of no return. You groan as you shoot what seems like endless spurts of cum all over Dr Valdez’ ass. She spreads her cheeks apart until it drips down into the crevice surrounding her tight, small asshole. “Lick it clean, Max” she commands. The other girls are slow-clapping and shouting “lick, lick, lick, lick”. You bend your head down and lick every last drop of cum off of Dr Valdez’ ass, including the small puddle that has amassed over her asshole. You lap it up willingly. As you do it, you can feel yourself starting to get hard again.

“Well, well Max” says Dr Valdez, “who would have thought that you’d turn out to be such a cum slut. We’ll definitely have to get you back here the next time we have any visiting students….”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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