Bisexual Black Farmer

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The sun rose on the landscape of Newton, a small town in Nevada. Already, the locals were wide awake and at work. In the wooded warren surrounding the small town, animals could be heard making their usual morning cacophony. Stanley Moore had gotten up with the dawn. It was his usual routine. Just an ordinary day about to start for the residents of this backwards little town.

He stood six feet tall, broad-shouldered and muscular, with dark brown skin and pale gray eyes. A good-looking African-American male in his forties. He had lived in Newton his whole life and was a farmer there. His parents, John and Lisa Moore were both farmers. These days, Stanley lived there with his longtime girlfriend, Nancy Adams. They met twenty years ago, back at the state college, where Stanley earned himself a Bachelors degree in business. He thought about continuing his studies and getting into corporate America but he loved farming too much to trade it for a downtown office.

Nancy Adams was a farm girl too. Five feet ten inches tall, lean, with bright red hair and pale green eyes. A third-generation farmer. Like Stanley, she went to college and earned a Business degree but soon decided that the business world wasn’t for her. Her ties were to the land. The two of them moved in together after a brief courtship and had been together ever since. Nancy loved Stanley very much but there was a lot more to the man she adored than the world knew. Stanley Moore, the hard-working Black male farmer was attracted to both men and women. He was a bisexual man. This would have proved too much for just about any woman to handle. But not Nancy.

Nancy loved Stanley, even though she didn’t always understand his desires. She knew that although he cared deeply for her, sometimes he needed something that she could not give. They worked out an arrangement. Stanley would go to bars sometimes and hook up with gay hunks he encountered. Nancy made him promise to always be safe and discreet with the men he slept with. Stanley honored their deal. He had sexual relations with quite a lot of men but Nancy remained the only woman in his life. For a while, Nancy was okay with their agreement. Stanley was faithful to her in that she was the only female in his life. But she began to worry that he might encounter the wrong gay man and end up either dead or acquire a sexually transmitted disease.

Stanley tried to work things out with güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri Nancy, who was growing increasingly depressed every night he left home to sleep with other men. She would lie down in their bed at night, waiting for him to come home. When he did, they would make love and she would pretend that everything was alright but there was only so much she could take. Part of her understood his needs and tried to be supportive, but another, stronger part refused to accept that she would never be enough for him and fulfill all of his sexual needs. Nancy was growing scared and paranoid. She was in a bad situation. Any woman who lives wants a man can at least hope to compete with another woman to get him. But Nancy didn’t know how in hell a heterosexual female was supposed to compete with a gay man for the affections of a bisexual man. She hadn’t read the manual on that one.

Nancy lay down one night, looking at Stanley as he slept. They made love before he went to sleep. If only she could find a way to make him completely hers. She wondered what he was like with men. With her, he was strong and masculine. All energy and all power. Was he like that with men? She had a lot of questions that she never asked. Did he do the men or did he let the men do him? Did they take turns? She told him to always use protection and that was it. But her natural curiosity didn’t stop there. One day, she went to the bookstore and bought several books on the subject of bisexual men and their wives. It was very informational.

While online, Nancy also did research about bisexual males. She read articles and went to websites. On one site, she watched two bisexual men having sex with a woman and each other. In spite of herself, Nancy was turned on. The following night, she gathered up her courage and asked Stanley to try something with her. She wanted to go to the gay bar with him and see what it was like. Stanley didn’t like the idea. He compromised by introducing Nancy to one of his male lovers, a good-looking Black man named Dudley. They talked over lunch and had a wonderful time. Nancy learned that Dudley was bisexual as well and currently single, working as a truck driver and taking care of his aging father, a retired fireman.

At the end of the conversation, they shook hands and parted ways. Nancy decided that she liked Dudley. She saw the way Stanley was looking at him. She güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri found him sexy too. A delightful idea sprang in her mind and she voiced it to her man. Although surprised, Stanley smiled and promised to ask Dudley if he was down for it. Dudley was definitely down with the idea of having a threesome with a married couple. It looked like Nancy’s fantasy was about to come true.

Dudley showed up at the Moore farm. He was well-dressed and smelled good. Nancy and Stanley greeted him. The three of them went to the living room, where they ate some Chinese food and then got down to business. Nancy sat on the couch, watching as Stanley and Dudley began kissing and touching each other. The sight of those two handsome Black men touching each other aroused Nancy in ways she hadn’t thought possible.

Stanley got naked, showing off his muscular body. Dudley did the same. Soon, the two men were kissing again. Stanley kissed Dudley’s body, all over the place before taking his cock into his mouth. Dudley caressed Stanley’s head as the other man began sucking his dick. He thrust into Stanley’s mouth, before Nancy’s very eyes. Nancy’s hands were in her panties as one Black stud sucked off the other. Stanley sucked Dudley until the dude came, then drank his seed. Moments later, Dudley returned the favor by giving Stanley a blowjob which left him breathless and made him cum faster and more abundantly than Nancy ever had.

Nancy stripped until she was naked, then she joined the two Black studs. First, she kissed Stanley, then Dudley. She got down on her knees and began sucking on Dudley’s dick while stroking her man’s cock.. Dudley’s cock was huge, at least eight inches long and uncircumcised, just like Stanley’s very own dick. Meanwhile, Stanley and Dudley kissed passionately. Nancy looked up at them as she continued what she was doing. The sight of two hot Black men kissing was seriously hot. At the moment, she wished she had a third hand to masturbate her wet snatch with, but she didn’t. Her heart skipped a beat when Stanley’s fingers wandered to her pussy and began fingering her. Silently, she thanked him for this favor.

Dudley was thrusting his dick in and out of Nancy’s mouth. When he came, Nancy gulped it down, taking all that he had to give. Next, Nancy watched as Dudley put on a condom and began having sex with Stanley, who was now on all fours. Dudley güvenilir bahis şirketleri slid his cock into Stanley’s ass, and thrust deeply into him. Stanley winced as Dudley entered him. Nancy fingered her snatch and stroked Stanley’s dick while Dudley fucked him. Dudley began to ram his cock up Stanley’s butt, thrusting into him with all the energy he could muster. Stanley took it all without screaming.

Next, Nancy got on all fours and spread her butt cheeks wide open as Dudley put on another condom and prepared to take her. Nancy had been fucked in the ass before but only by Stanley. She wanted to know what another man’s dick felt like. Dudley rubbed some lube against her asshole and thrust into her. At the same time, Stanley came up behind Dudley and slid his own cock into the other man’s butt. The three of them began a rhythmic fucking punctuated by passionate screams.

Nancy fingered her pussy as Dudley’s hard cock rammed into her asshole. She screamed when she felt his giant prick shove itself deeper inside her, stretching her anal cavity to the limit. At the same time, Dudley himself was groaning in both pain and pleasure as Stanley fucked him in the ass. They went at it like this for some time, until Nancy begged him to double penetrate her. The two men smiled and granted her wish. Dudley lay on the carpeted floor, flat out on his back with his hard dick sticking up. Nancy lowered herself until her pussy was impaled on his cock. Stanley came up behind his girlfriend and spread her butt cheeks wide open. He pressed his cock against her asshole, and pushed.

Nancy screamed as she felt the two bisexual men’s hard cocks ramming into both her holes. Dudley’s huge cock filled her pussy while Stanley’s dick filled her asshole. The two of them began to fuck her as hard as they could, filling her up. Her screams of pleasure and pain filled the air. Neither of the men was relenting. They seemed to be in a contest to see who could fuck her harder. Nancy was bouncing up and down between them, torn by their passion. Finally, they came and pulled out of her. Sighing, Nancy rolled on her back, spent. Stanley and Dudley lay on either side of her, tired but happy. All three of them were smiling. They had a great time.

This was the beginning of spicier and more interesting times for Nancy Adams and her man, Stanley Moore. Dudley became a frequent guest at their house, always bringing his sexy body and cocky smile, along with large assortments of condoms and lubricant. Nancy finally became involved in her bisexual boyfriend’s lifestyle, and she was loving every moment of it. As for Stanley, he was happy. He didn’t have to hide what he was anymore, not when his woman accepted him exactly as he was.

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